How to Make a Paper Mache Stand

The possibilities are endless when you play around with Paper Mache.  For example, I ran into a little dilemma as I was trying to place my pumpkins in our front windows for display…I had absolutely nothing to put them on.  So, you know me, I had to figure out a way to correct this.


For those of you that know us, we sell tons of seasonal items on eBay. (this is our busiest selling season with all of our Halloween props that we have) With that being said, we need boxes, and lots of them, because you just never know what size of box you need to ship your product out.  Our local KMart has been quite helpful with providing us with boxes, we keep every box from deliveries to the house, and we even have asked our neighbor to give us all of their boxes too! (thanks Steve!)  And, on top of this, I sometimes keep boxes from things that we purchase, just in case I might need them some day….for something.


I started stock-piling some nice perfectly square hard cardboard kitty food boxes and when I saw them, I knew that I could use these to make a little stand for my pumpkins.  Then I pulled out two small UPS boxes that I kept from a delivery and thought that they would be perfect for the top/bottom of the stand.  Now, I just had to get to work!


All I did was use some masking tape (do not use clear shipping tape) and taped three kitty food boxes together to make a little column, then I taped a UPS box to the top and one again to the bottom.  I went over all the seams again with another layer of masking tape to make sure that everything was good and secure.  (note: you could also use your hot glue gun to adhere them together too)  This was the perfect height for our windows for the paper mache pumpkins to sit on!


Then, I just mixed up some paper mache and went over the entire stand with a few layers and placed it in front of my little heater to dry.  Once dry, I took it outside and spray painted the stand all black.  Whala!  Now, wasn’t that easy?  This stand is so cute, that I might even stencil something on it.


The funny thing about this is, that you would never know by looking at it, that this was made from boxes of kitty food!  What have you re-purposed lately?

25 thoughts on “How to Make a Paper Mache Stand

    • Ya never know what you can come up with until you face a dilemma! I wanted all the pumpkins in the windows, but did not have any little table to put them on! Fixed that problem, eh!

    • Hi Ruby & Mommy! Half of our basement is storage. Since we sell on eBay, we have tons of shelving units with all of our 400+ items on the racks, so we have enough room to store all of these paper mache things that Mommy made! The stand is now stenciled to match the look of the paper mache fireplace that she did too! Mommy even rearranged the living room to setup all of the paper mache things together in one corner. Man, does it look really cool!

    • Thank you sooooo much! I have had a lot of fun making all of these pumpkins, the fireplace, and now the little stand! I hope you subscribe too and follow along! I might start working on things for Christmas too! 🙂

  1. So cute. It all comes so naturally to you! I didn’t build or repurpose anything today, but I did reuse the box from my new Kindle Paperwhite to mail back my old Kindle Paperwhite. Why am I returning my Kindle Paperwhite when I’ve only had it for 3 months, you ask? Because I accidentally threw it into the washing machine with my laundry last week. Yeah. That’s what comes naturally to me!

    • OH NOOOOOOOO! I wonder if you would have taken out the battery and put the unit in rice, if that would have fixed it? People do that with their cell phones and it revives them. Bummer though that this horrible accident happened. I do have a knack for these things, but it makes my creativity soar.

    • Hi Helen! Thank you so much for stopping by! I can definitely use this paper mache stand for a little table for holding my coffee cup or even for Christmas too! And today, I even stenciled on the front of it. Did you look back on some of my other posts to see my paper mache fireplace that I made too? I hope you subscribe to my blog so you can see the final post of ALL of my paper mache items….even my little Mummy! 🙂

  2. You’re just cruising thru the preparations. Good thinking on the stand Val. I’m at the airport, Alys just dropped me off. I was just reading ‘The Lonely Dogs’ at WP. They unfortunately lost their mature Sheppard ‘Moonlight’ this week. After a good cry, I probably look like your pumpkin, so thanks for the happy post. xK

    • Hi Boomie! I read about the passing of Moonlight today and I was so saddened and cried. It is so hard to lose a beloved pet and companion. I was crying so hard when I was trying to write back to the Lonely Dogs.

      • I know how much you love animals too hon, so I can imagine it was hard not to get emotional. They’re so much our family members. I know Kathryn would have appreciated your visit. xK

    • I am sooo glad that you liked the little stand idea I had! I was wondering how I could place all of these pumpkins I am making in our front windows, and that is when I had the idea to make a little stand. After I did my post, I stenciled the front of the stand to match the look of my paper mache fireplace. (you did see the fireplace post, right?)

    • Hi Kim! OMG, you are going to Feature my Paper Mache Pumpkins? That is so awesome! Thank you so much & let me know when you do! I am so honored! I have been working on these for months! ~Valerie~

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