All You Need is Love & Wood

I love working with wood and being creative. This year I am planning on building us a nice wood & steel legged table so we can dine outdoors when we cook out (which is all the time in the summer).  Once I get the table finished & stained, I will purchase four black flat-seat stools for us to sit on!  Here is the photo I found on Pinterest that inspired me:


If you have not checked out my DIY Tables Board on Pinterest, you should take a peek and see what I am pinning!

I had an old wicker table and two rockers that we used, but the years of use took their toll on the chairs, and finally the wicker table will be thrown out this year as it basically fell apart. This is what prompted me to start wondering what we were going to do without a table, and I thought “Hey, I could build us one!”  And that is what I am planning on doing.  Of course, I will do a blog post on how I build it so just in case you want to make one for yourself, you’ll have my directions!

While I was searching on Pinterest for DIY Tables, I also ran across a neat industrial side table made from wood and steel and I thought it would be perfect for my printer or perhaps a cute little table for us to use by the fire pit. The use of the metal on this table has many possibilities as you can make the table as high or low as you want, just by cutting the steel. And, by staining the wood top any color you want, it can match all of your decorating needs. When I make mine, I will definitely be adding some protective pads to the bottom so it does not scratch the floor! (this project came from Lowe’s Creative Ideas and if you visit my DIY Table board on Pinterest and want to make one for yourself, you can click-thru the link for the directions)


Now, with those projects on my list to make this year, I wanted to show you what I made for our front door. Since I love wood, and I love my Evolv Jigsaw that cuts through wood like butter, I created a wood LOVE to hang proudly on our door.

I started off by printing out each letter on an 8×11″ piece of paper then cut them out and taped them together. I then traced my design onto a piece of wood.


Next, I had to pull out my drill to cut a hole big enough for the saw blade to slide into to cut out the inside pieces like inside the “O” and a few other places.  I always cut these out first because the wood is stable and in one piece.


Then I just carefully go to town and work my way around each letter cutting with the jigsaw. Trust me, this takes a lot of time to hand cut and you have to have a steady hand doing this.


Once the entire wood LOVE has been carefully cut out, I pulled out the sander and spent about an hour or so sanding in between all the nooks and crannys.


The photo above shows the LOVE before it was sanded with all the rough edges, and the photo below is completely sanded.


For the one I have on our front door, after I sanded it, I vacuumed off all the saw dust and painted it black, then did a quick clear coat over it. I then tied some nice red tulle to the top and hung it!  


So what do you think of my wood LOVE?  I know it took me a lot of time to make this, but I really love the end results!  Oh yeah, we also left a red flood light outside from Christmas time that shines on the LOVE at night to light it up for Valentine’s Day.

Hugs & Kisses!

Happy Anniversary My Sweets


I wanted to wish a Happy Four Year Anniversary to my Sweets!  We have had the most wonderful four years together.  I owe everything to him.  We love watching Law & Order together, American Idol, and even Everybody Loves Raymond.  If our cable company only had these shows on, we would be happy.  We enjoy our time together, from playing Wii Monopoly to The Game of Life and always do our best at beating the computer players.  We enjoy gardening together and always look forward to that each year.

He always takes good care of me and makes sure that I always have my Sugar Pops for breakfast that I share with the dogs, to never ever having an empty wine glass.  He is the most wonderful provider and keeps us dry, warm and safe with a roof over our heads, food in our bellies, and a nice comfy bed to rest our weary heads at the end of a long day.

The dogs and I can’t wait for him to arrive home as we always are waiting by the back door for his arrival.  Dinner is always on the table waiting for him and he is always greeted with a nice cold glass of wine after a long day.  We share our day with each other over dinner and the dogs compete for who can see him first!

He is the most important person to us in the whole world and I just wanted to wish him a happy four year anniversary!  You mean so much to us and we love you!  Here’s to another four years of happiness!

Happy VALentine’s Day!

It only comes once a year, a day that I can call my own…since it has my name in it!  LOL  I have taken over this holiday many years ago and have called it my own which makes today only more special to me.  VALentine’s Day is the day of love, and I truly have special people to share this day with, from my Sweets to our furry children, and all of my wonderful blog friends (you know who you are) all of which bring so much joy to my heart.

Love can be found all around even when you are not looking for it.  It can be the quick glance around a room only to find your dogs snuggling together on the couch.

Bella and Nikita True Love

To the snow doggie you made in your front yard for VALentine’s Day.

Snow Dog

To the way the dogs sit by the back door every morning to watch Daddy leave for work as they wave goodbye.


To the love both Nikita and Bella have for each other, where one goes, the other is not too far behind.  Ah, true love.


To even how they patiently wait for me to sew their torn toys and put the stuffing back in.

Bella and String

Nikita and Thread Spool

And the smile that is planted on your face when you see such a cute photo like this of Nikita who is always watching out the window to make sure the neighborhood is safe.  Love those fluffy ears.  Ah, true love.


Love.  It’s a wonderful thing.  Never to be taken for granted, but is the most cherished feeling in the world.  Happy VALentine’s Day to you, and yes, I will even share my holiday with all of you because you are all so special to me.  Hugs & Smoochies to my Sweets, Nikita & Bella!


When Blogging Creates Friendships

I am embarking on my third year of blogging, as it all started when we adopted our puppy Nikita from the APL.  I thought it would be easier to share photographs of her growing up and funny stories of her life, but somewhere along the way, blogging created friendships and much more.  Yep, we still blog about the silly things that Nikita does, and have added another rescued puppy to our family named Bella, but our blog has also added along the way our craft projects, and lots of life’s experiences.

For those of you who have blogs, you all know the reason why you started your blog.  It could be to promote your products on Etsy, sharing your crafts and decorating ideas on Pinterest, or you simply blog to create an outlet for your thoughts.  But when blogging creates friendships… that is priceless.

I have viewed so many blogs over the years of some of the most creative people and their craftiness has really blown me away, and just when I thought that I was creative, I would definitely take second seat to those whose craft projects were amazing.  That will not deter me from being crafty at all, but it only makes me work harder in coming up with new things, so thanks for pushing me to the next level you crafty crafters!

BOOMDEEADDAOne special person in mind is Kelly over at as she is the reason for this blog post.  She is so sweet and has the neatest blog ever and I encourage each and every one of you reading this to head on over to her blog and tell her that we sent you her way!  She has a unique writing style and a great sense of humor, not to mention that she has taken crafting to the next level.  Her attention to detail in her crafts goes way beyond what my crafting experience has even brushed the surface, and that is one of the reasons why I admire her so much.

Kelly had a fun blog post back in December and held a contest and to my surprise, I won!  Yippee is what I said when I received the email of my winning entry!  She advised me that I would be expecting my gift in the mail and I could not wait as I knew it would be something awesome.


Well, my package arrived yesterday in the mail and I was on pins and needles to open it.  Nikita and Bella inspected the box by sniffing it all over as they usually do when I bring in the mail.  (they make me laugh every time they do this!)  Even the outside of the brown paper wrapped box had cute little stars stamped all over the paper (and yes, I noticed that little detail too)  I carefully opened the brown paper only to find that the box inside was wrapped in beautiful Christmas paper with a ribbon in her favorite color! (noticed that too)  Now, it was time to unwrap my goodie box to see what was inside!


Upon opening the box, I found the most beautiful note which made me cry and underneath the note, I saw this:


Inside the box I even found a gift wrapped up for both Nikita and Bella which I am wondering if they could smell it through the box.  Kelly had sent them some dental chews and I know that they will love them.


I continued to dig in the box and found a bag of snow and at the bottom of the box was my beautiful prize….bleached wire trees!  The trees were painted in beautiful pastel colors and all I know after seeing these, is that I want to bring back Christmas so I can set them up on display!




I can’t thank Kelly enough for such a wonderful package that truly made my day yesterday.  Her loving heart and creativity overflowed in this little box of goodness which is a gift in itself and one that I will never forget.

Blogging has been a great outlet for me and I have loved every minute of it, but creating wonderful friendships is truly priceless.


Add A Little Sunshine In Your Life – FREE Printables

We’re at it again and have designed some bright rainbow colored free printables, just for you!  You need a little rainbow in your life to brighten up some days, so enjoy our free printables and let us know if they made you smile!   To download the PDF file, click on each title.

These rainbow “date due” slips are perfect for taping to your bill envelopes and gives you a heads up when each bill is due. Instead of writing on the bill envelope when the bill is due, just use these for a reminder.  Just printout the slips on cardstock, cutout the slips (a paper cutter works best), and attach with tape to outside bill envelope, then write the due date and amount on each tag. 


These blank rainbow “thank you” note cards are a perfect way to say thanks to someone.  Just printout the note cards on cardstock paper, cut the paper in half, then fold each note card in half.  Each sheet has two thank you note cards.



Every day is a good day to write little love notes to your special someone.  Just printout these little “just because I love you” notes on cardstock paper and cut them out so you have plenty on hand to leave a surprise note.  Make someone smile today and leave them a note!


We all make lists, so why can’t our lists be fun?  We made some adorable rainbow “things to do” lists to help you manage what you have to get done.  Printout on cardstock paper and cut out and keep them on hand or in your purse, or leave them on your fridge for great reminders!

What is Happiness?

What is Happiness?

Happiness can be related to many things.  Happiness starts in your heart and grows.   Happiness keeps you young.  Happiness can be found in locating the last bag of your favorite candy on the shelf, finding that spare dollar in your coat pocket, finding a lost button, getting the best parking spot, picking out the cart at the grocery store that does not squeak, a clean car, your favorite song on the radio, finding lower gas prices, a winning lottery ticket (even if it’s for a buck), or finding that perfect person to spend your life with.  That is what I have done, found the perfect person for me.  He is a hard worker, the most generous person I have ever met, a great provider, loves animals, and above all, he loves me.  I am the luckiest person in the whole world to have found him because he means the world to me and I wish I could give him everything that he has ever wished for in life, because he deserves it, but all I can give him is my love and devotion and show it by all of the things that I do for him every day.  I am not one for material things, and I am a true believer that it’s the little things in life that makes us happy, like a new colored highlighter or sticky note pad, or waking up next to the one you love every day.  That is the best feeling in the whole world and I would be lost without him.  I just hope that he knows just how much I love him and think the world of him.

Happiness also comes from working on projects together.  For us, for example, by creating our new garden this year.  We have worked on this from the start together, and have done the research and know what we need, went out and bought all the material to make it happen, and now, we’re at the next phase of our project, the planting of our sprouts.  We got our dirt delivered and got it in our raised garden bed, and now we just have to wait out our weather for a little longer for the last frost, and everything can head out to the garden to find their spot of glory in the garden.  Ah, togetherness, there is nothing like it, whether it is a plant meeting Mother Nature in the garden, or being with the one you love & sharing life together.

So here’s to the one I love – the person who means the world to me, as he’s like the sugar in my coffee, and the peanut butter in my Reeces Cup, the person who I owe everything to, and the one who I could never live without.  Love you Sweetie!  Thanks for everything that you do for me! 


Happiness, pleasure, joy, exhilaration, bliss, contentedness, delight, enjoyment,  satisfaction. Happiness,  bliss,  contentment,  felicity  imply an active or passive state of pleasure or pleasurable satisfaction.  Happiness  results from the possession or attainment of what one considers good:  the happiness of visiting one’s family.  Bliss  is unalloyed happiness or supreme delight: the bliss of perfect companionship.  Contentment  is a peaceful kind of happiness in which one rests without desires, even though every wish may not have been gratified:  contentment in one’s surroundings. 

Happy VAL-entine’s Day!

Happy VAL-entine’s Day!  Yup, it’s here and I hope you have already told the ones you love how much you appreciate them, love them, and how glad that they are in your life.

The most important part of this holiday, is that it does not mean that you only tell the one you love that you “love them” on this day.  We all need to realize that every day is a gift and we should show our appreciation for our loved  ones throughout the year. 

For example, I would not be here today if my Daddy didn’t need kitty food.  I know that sounds strange, but if it weren’t for my Daddy needing to pick up kitty food at PetSmart, I would have never been adopted into a loving home.  I went home with him & my new Mommy that day, and have been the luckiest doggie ever since. 

I want to thank my Daddy for providing me a wonderful home, good food to eat, all the toys I can imagine, and a treat jar that never seems to be empty.  I am also thankful for having a place where I can snuggle every night (which is right in between both Daddy & Mommy).  I am also thankful for my Mommy who takes care of me, wipes my feet when I come in from outside, cleans up after me, brushes me to keep my fur looking awesome & fluffy, and gives me all the hugs & kissies throughout the day.  Without my Daddy & Mommy, I am not sure what kind of life I would have, but I am one thankful doggie with lots of love to give.

My Mommy wants to thank Daddy for loving her, and being a wonderful provider, having a beautiful place to live where she can call home, and she wants to thank Daddy for Me, as I bring Mommy so much joy and keep her company during the day.  Mommy has a lot to be thankful for too and she hopes that Daddy knows how much she loves him (and me too). 

I played again today in all the snow we got and Mommy and I built another Snow Doggie!  This one is a lot bigger than the first one we built and it is sitting on top of our highest snow mound in the front yard so everyone driving by can see it.  Mommy even put my first leash I had around the snow doggies neck along with a pink heart for Valentine’s Day.  We have already seen some gawkers looking at our snow doggie as they drive by.  (By the way, did you notice the “LOVE” sign on our front door?  Mommy made this out of wood over the summer for Daddy) 

All in all, today has been a great day!  We sent Daddy off to work with a bag of Valentine treats (heart-shaped cookies that Mommy & I made for him), and some handmade Valentine cards, and even some chocolate candy that we made for him, all of which was placed inside a handmade “mailbox” made out of cardstock paper.  Daddy loved everything…phew!  We just wanted him to know how much he is loved. 

I wish all of my blog friends, my family, and everyone who stops by a very happy Valentine’s Day from one thankful dog.  You are all very special to me! 

With lots of love, wet kisses, tail wags & hugs,

Unique Valentine’s Day, Wedding or Anniversary Gift Idea

Mommy is at it again!  She just designed this Wood LOVE Wall Decor that would make a great gift idea for the someone you love.  Perfect for Valentine’s Day, a couples Wedding, or a special Anniversary gift.  Click here for more information & how to order one for yourself! 

Great gift idea for the one you love for Valentine’s Day, Anniversary, or Wedding
Material:  Pressed Wood
Dimensions:  15″ h x 14″ w x 1/2″ d

Do you ever find yourself looking for a unique gift idea for the one you LOVE? We’ve got you covered!  You can use this unique LOVE wall decor as a great gift for Valentine’s Day and let the one you love know it all year, or give this to a couple who’s celebrating their anniversary, or getting married.  No matter how you gift this idea, the recipients will love it! 

This is a “Made to Order” item, so when you place your order for this item, we will go to work cutting out your item, sanding it to perfection, and will provide you with a wall hanger to attach to the back of it.  Once item is completed, we will ship your item.  We will do our best to keep the dimensions listed, but through the cutting and sanding process, your item might have a slight difference.

This is an “unfinished” and “unpainted” item so you can paint it to your own color choices.  This way, it makes your item more personal for the recipient.

Letter to Santa

My Daddy keeps asking me what I want for Christmas, and it has got me thinking.  At this moment, I really can’t think of anything that I want or need because I already have a lot.  I am one fortunate puppy that has a great life already, as I was adopted into a wonderful home, I have all the toys in the world, good food to eat, a comfy place to snuggle every night (between Daddy & Mommy) and a never-ending treat jar, so what possibly could I ask Santa for? 

This is really a hard question to answer and I will have to think on this one.  I can, however, thank Santa for all the wonderful things that I do have and am thankful for.  I never ever want to be without my Daddy and Mommy, as they are my rock, they are who I go to when I get scared and they comfort me, they are the wonderful parents who take care of me every day and make sure I am safe, well fed, and have dry paws when I come in from outside.  I want for Santa to always have my Daddy & Mommy happy, as they are two lucky people who found each other in this crazy world of life, who deserve only the best that life has to offer, are thankful that Daddy has a good job and Mommy can stay home and take care of the homefront and me & the kitties.  We are thankful for the food we eat, Daddy’s favorite wine, a reliable car, a wonderful home, flowers that bloom in the Spring, fire pit nights, and the smell of a freshly brewed pot of coffee.

So, dear Santa, there is not really anything more that I could ask for than what I already have.  Material things are just things, but finding and receiving true love is priceless.  You can’t put a price tag on true love and happiness.  You make your own happiness, and finding that special someone to share your life with is priceless.  Make your own happiness today and be thankful for what you have as life is too short for regrets, life is too short to live in the past, live your life to the fullest and happiness will knock on your door! 

Thank you Santa (and Daddy & Mommy) for all that you do for me, as I appreciate it.  Love always, Nikita

A SWEET Deal for Sweetest Day

Saturday October 15, 2011 is Sweetest Day. This holiday is observed by lovers throughout the Midwestern part of the United States.  Sweetest Day, just like VALentine’s Day is created to tell your “Sweets” just how much you love them.  I am not sure as to why we all need a “special” day to tell them that, as we should show the ones we love everyday how much they are loved.  Give them a hug (or “sandwich” like I do to Daddy every morning) and a kiss goodbye as they head off to work.  Life is too short to not show the ones you love affection.  Life is filled with bills, taxes, junk mail and other things that we don’t like, but that’s something called “life”.  It goes on whether we want it or not and we just have to deal with it.  Complaining about it doesn’t make it go away, it just upsets you and gets you nowhere, just angry.  Being angry is not love.  Love comes from the heart. 

So, with Sweetest Day being tomorrow, I wanted to offer you a Sweet Deal on the pet supplies, toys, and sweaters that we have on Daddy’s website.  For any item on the Pet Accessories page, you can get 5% off your item today and tomorrow.  Enter Code:  SWEETS when checking out to receive your 5% discount.  Offer ends on Saturday, October 15th.  Sweetest Day is just not for people, it’s for us pets too – show us your love with a new toy or sweater for winter, or even a funny t-shirt to wear at Christmas. 

Don’t forget that life is too short, love the one you are with, don’t let opportunities slip by you, tell them that you love you, but most importantly show them that you love them.  Just saying that you love them is not enough.  When you show them how much you love them, life changes and you are happier.  Show your pets how much you love them too, as they are a big part of our lives and bring us much happiness. 

Hugs & wet puppy kisses to you,