They’re Always Two Feet Away From Me


Now that the weather is finally getting nicer, I realized that I needed to complete some of my projects inside the house.  We already refreshed our bedroom and painted it a nice neutral color from Behr called Gobi Desert.  We love it!  Now, we are trying to finish our second bedroom too and get that all completed.  Just lots of hard work, but the end results are so beautiful.


Enjoying the company of two wonderful dogs during the day always brings a smile to my face.  They are always two feet away from me.  They follow me from room to room like little shadows.  I zig, they zag.  Heck, I don’t think I have ever had any private time in the bathroom without having one or both dogs sitting in front of me waiting for a back rub, or them peeking into the shower to see where I am.  It’s funny and I laugh all the time.


When I head outside to mow the lawn, they run from window to window to watch me.  Their little heads peeking out the windows or sitting by the back door is so adorable.  We love our dogs.  And when I enter the house, they act like I have been gone for days and always greet me with such enthusiasm.  Unconditional love, you gotta love it.  I love them.


I love my little shadows even when I am busy, they are right behind me at all times.



What If We Didn’t Have A Dog? What Would Life Be Like?

Did you ever wonder “what if I didn’t have a dog?”, what would life be like?  Well, until two years ago, we didn’t have a dog, but now we do.  But, what if we didn’t…

  • There would be no “baby gates” all over the house to crawl over or other make-shift barriers
  • We would have leg room in the bed
  • We could walk in the yard without any shoes without any worries of stepping in “something”
  • Our furniture would be “hair free”
  • No nose smudgies would be on the windows
  • There would be no fur tumbleweeds on the wood floors
  • The most used words in our vocabulary would not be: No, Stay, Down, Off, Leave it
  • We would not use baby talk in our everyday lives
  • Our house would not look like a daycare center with dog toys all over
  • Our pockets would not contain treats and poop bags
  • We would not have to spell out words like: t-r-e-a-t-s, b-y-e b-y-e, p-e-t-s-m-a-r-t, v-e-t-s
  • There would be no muddy paw prints on the wood floor and we would look forward to when it rains outside

Life changed without a doubt when we got a dog, well in our case, adopted our wonderful dog from the Cleveland APL, a life that we would not give up for anything in this whole world.   We still laugh when we think back to that day when we went to PetSmart to pick up kitty food and came home with a puppy.  That day changed our lives so much, but we are so thankful for the wonderful dog that we have today, who brings us so much love into our lives.  For those of you who do not have a dog, you can’t even imagine how wonderful it is to have one.  Sure, they are a lot of work when they are a puppy, but trust us, it gets easier.  We remember that in any given day, the hundreds of trips we took outside for pee breaks as a little pup can only “hold it” for as long as how many months old they are.  (IE: If they are two months old, they can only hold it for about 2 hours, and so on)  The best thing we did is repetition, like always going out the same door all the time so the puppy can relate to this, and if you don’t want your puppy on any furniture, then don’t pick them up and put them on any.  Once you do, they will think that being on the furniture is ok. 

So, what is life like now, with a dog?  It is the most rewarding experience we have ever had.  Just imagine coming home from work only to be greeted by a wiggly butt and lots of doggie kisses!  Sounds nice, eh?  It sure is!  We can’t even imagine not having a dog sleep with us every night, as it is the most soothing feeling in the world when you see their calm sleepy look on their face as they crawl up next to you for huggies before they retire at the foot of the bed, or when you wake up in the middle of the night only to laugh at what you see as they are sleeping on their back with their legs straight up in the air.  You just laugh, and fall back to sleep with a smile on your face. 

We are so happy to have adopted our Nikita from the Cleveland APL, as that is where she got her start in life and all the help she needed.  Without the APL, these wonderful dogs would not get the chance at a good life, a life filled with love, their second chance to find happiness.  So, the things that we deal with on a daily basis like having no leg room in our bed, crawling over baby gates, wearing shoes in the backyard, cleaning nose smudgies off the windows, vacuuming up dog hair off the furniture and floors, wiping muddy paws, spelling key words, finding treats in our pockets, and baby talking to our dog – – ALL OF THESE THINGS ARE WORTH HAVING A DOG  that we would never complain about because it is all worth it. 

Oh Snap! It’s My Auntie’s Birthday!

Me & My Auntie

What makes someone special?  Well, I’ll tell you… it’s all about LOVE!   It’s how you treat someone, how you show that you care, how you talk to them, how being a good listener is a good thing, and the unconditional love that you receive.  It’s all about LOVE – period.  If you can tell someone that you love them, then you should not have any problems with showing them, as this should be a natural thing that comes from deep inside you & from your heart.

Today, is my other Auntie’s birthday.  She is loving and kind, speaks in a kind voice, and shows me all kinds of attention when she visits!  She plays with me & sometimes she may hide a toy or two in her shirt to try to fool me, but I always know where my toys are, and I find where it is hiding.  That’s what we do, that’s how me and my Auntie play.  I have so much fun with her as she chases me around the house doing laps like we were training for the Olympics.  She also has the knack for picking out just the right toy for me – ones with lots of squeakers in it!  LOL 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNTIE – I LOVE YOU!   Always remember that I love you not for what you buy me, but for all the LOVE that you show me, that’s what it’s all about.  If I could get you an award, it would be for “The Best Auntie In The World“.  Have fun on your birthday today while shopping with Grandma! 
Hugs & Kisses,

Home Is Where the WOOF Is

One Happy Puppy

Ever wonder where YOUR happiness comes from?  Happiness starts at home.  It is the place where mostly everything happens, it’s your life, your castle, your shelter from the weather, where you “hang your hat“, where you share your life with, friends, family, and where you lay your head down to rest every night.  YOUR home is the foundation to your happiness. 

When you had a long exhausting day at the office, had a day filled with errands, got frustrated at the high gas prices (again), got hot & sweaty from doing yard work – all things that fill our days, but coming HOME is what makes your heart happy.  Seeing your loved ones greeting you at the door with a kiss, or having your puppy lick your face all over makes your entire day of frustrations fade away.  GONE.  What’s left?  Happiness, pure & simple joy of being surrounded with the ones you love. 

For us puppies, we love unconditionally, always wag our tails when we see you, or when you talk cutesie-wootsie to us, we love all the toys you purchase us and play with them every day, we love how well you take care of us & how you pamper us, we love that we can always find cold water to drink, get our meals on time every day, and we love how you brush us to keep us looking so well groomed.  We would not have any of this without YOU.  This is our happiness, having a home filled with love, affection, and always knowing that we can snuggle with you every night when we lay down to dream about chasing kitties.

How do you make HAPPINESS?