A Day in the Life of a Puppy

Hi de ho everyone, it’s me, Nikita!  Well, it’s Saturday and we are glad to say that it is not raining here in Cleveland, but that could change.  Our weather is just like all the orange barrels that come out every year, when you see them, you know that Spring is here.  I just wanted to remind everyone that you should subscribe to my blog and receive your own daily dose of “Me” that will be delivered directly right into your in-box!  When I post all the fun things that I am doing or the things that I get into, you will know about them…instantly!  I now have over 4,300 views on my blog and tons of subscribers, and I hope that I am keeping everyone entertained, for the most part, of all of my antics.  Mommy is doing a great job of keeping up with all the great photographs of me, and that is keeping her busy, not to mention that I need brushed every day so that I can look appealing and show off my fluffy tail!  With Summer coming, I am sure that I am going to have more interesting things that I get into, more tips on how to keep your own four-legged friend safe this summer, and tons of new photographs!  So, stay tuned…. and get your daily fix of Me!

Sunny Smoochies to you,

Quirks & Antics

Hanging over the puppy gate

WHAT MAKES A PUPPY FUNNY?  I live each day to have fun, and with that said, I thought that I would share with you some of my funny quirks and antics that I get into on a daily basis.  Here we gooooo… (these are the top ten in no particular order either)

  1. I live to get as many treats as I can
  2.  Slobering all over my toys
  3. Eat dust bunnies when I see them
  4. Chasing the light coming through the kitchen window
  5. Growl at the laundry basket when it is turned on its side
  6. Bark at the new garbage bag when Mommy is opening it up (I must have a problem with garbage, as I bark at the garbage man too)
  7. Water running?  I must run to the sink to get a drink (somehow, the water from the kitchen or bathroom sink tastes better)
  8. The word “Sandwich” has a new meaning- Before Daddy leaves for work he gives Mommy a kiss & hug, but when he says “Sandwich”, I jump up between them and they sandwich me for a group hug!  I love that!
  9. When it’s bed time, Mommy takes off my collar and puts it on the nightstand, but when she unsnaps it, I have to “sniff it” then give it a quick lick for approval, then she can set it on the table. Weird, huh? (it’s true, I do this every night
  10. After every meal I have, I always run over to either Mommy or Daddy for a hug & a belly rub.  Not a meal goes by that I don’t do this.  I just sit there with my head held high and soak up the attention. 

Every puppy should have fun and enjoy life, heck, what else do we have to

The laundry basket trap

 do in a day?  LOL  I am just happy to have a great home to live in, and someone to take care of me so well.  Not all puppies are this fortunate, but I am one lucky puppy to be able to have this much fun in a day, and be able to repeat #1 thru #10 tomorrow! 

Have yourself a puppy quirk today!  Enjoy life & love every minute you’re in it!  Nikita smoochies to you!

American Idol Puppy

Modeling my Fleece Sweatshirt

I’ve been watching American Idol with Daddy & Mommy now every week, and I feel that I am one American Idol Puppy!   WOW!  What a whirlwind of a day we are having over here!  I went to bed last night with my favorite blue & white squeaky bone, and woke up to over 9+ inches of snow!  Holy Crap!  Everytime it snows a lot and I head outside, when I see the white stuff on the driveway, I’ve gotta go.  Daddy & Mommy always laugh at me that I can’t wait until I run around the corner of the house to the backyard to go, and I just squat in the drive.  (I know, I’m funny)   This weather here in Cleveland is ridiculous.  Just the other day I was sitting by the back door catching sun rays on my furry face, the next day it rained, and now today, Mommy had to use the snow blower 4 times to keep the driveway clean.  Mommy also took some great photographs of how much snow we got in the backyard.  You will all be surprised!  She knew that you would not believe us on how much we got, so she took a tape measure out with her to prove it! 

1 Foot 7 Inches in Backyard

The sound of running water makes me now run to see where it is, ever since I started to drink out of the sprayer in the kitchen sink.  Now, even when Daddy or Mommy use the sink in the bathroom, I come running and jump up on the counter just to try to get some of that nice cool running H20!  Mommy can’t even wash the dishes without me checking out what is going on up there!  I am one inquisitive puppy, gotta check out what’s going on! 

I do have to laugh though at some of my antics (what Mommy calls them) as I feel like I am the funniest puppy around!  Just like when I go grab my little squeaky round play balls and then walk over to either Daddy or Mommy with it, then instead of giving it to them to throw it – – I tease them!  I act like I am going to give it to them, then I turn away quickly and run under the table, then I circle around again, and do the same thing.  After a few times of doing this, Mommy & Daddy act like they are ignoring me (they think that I don’t know they are doing this on purpose, but I know what they are doing! LOL)  and then I finally give in and give them the ball to throw for me.  We can do this for hours! Well, maybe not hours, but until this little puppy gets tired and has to lay down. 

Having fun running down the hallway

Then, I am set into such a routine now for bedtime.  When it gets to be “that time of night”, I always hear Daddy say “Time for Bed”, and he starts to pick up my blue & white squeaky bone, but sometimes I get it before him, and we head down the hallway to bed.  Then Mommy comes in (after she sets up the coffee maker for Daddy for the morning – Aw, that is so nice that Mommy does that for Daddy) and Mommy takes off my collar.  Every night, and I mean every night, when she takes off my collar I have to first sniff it, give it a lick, and then give her permission to put it on the night stand.  Then Mommy crawls into bed (sometimes I have to move to give her room) and Daddy leans over to kiss Mommy good night.  Every time I see Daddy kiss Mommy, I have to get up and run over to get in between them on the bed and give them puppy smoochies too!  They laugh every night that I do this as if it is the first time they are seeing it.  Then I head down to the foot of the bed, where I lay my head over Mommy’s feet and I’m ready for bed!  But before I fall fast asleep, I have to catch a few minutes of “Everybody Loves Raymond”.  Gosh that guy is funny!  I try to keep my eyes open, but it is useless as I fall fast asleep like a good little puppy.  Until I hear the BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ of Daddy’s alarm going off.  Rats, and I was in the middle of a good dream too! 

Gotta go for now, I hear Mommy calling me but I will keep you up to date on what I get into next!  Puppy Smoochies to you – Love, Nikita

When your Hedgehog Foams at the Mouth

Poor Hedgehog

This is the result of what happens when you leave a puppy unattended while putting away Christmas decorations – the results…  your Hedgehog foams at the mouth!    My Mommy just fixed my Hedgie last night, and I ripped open yet another gaping hole in him today!  Man, is Mommy going to be mad at me when she sees this!  Maybe she won’t notice Hedgie pieces all over the kitchen floor – wish I knew how to use a broom!    Now I know why Mommy is always checking up on me to see what I am doing – getting into trouble is what I accomplished today

Poor Hedgie, back into the “Pet Hospital” for him. 

Anyone know how to use a broom?

I’m gonna lay low for now & be good, until later…. Nikita

I Love to be Vacuumed!

It’s amazing what a puppy finds amusing.  We go through our busy days getting into all kinds of things.  Things that we do that are cute, things that we do that are funny, things that we do that are bad (not me, I’m a good puppy), and things that amaze Daddy & Mommy, like me…. loving to get vacuumed!  Not sure if all puppies hate being brushed (like me), I just nibble Mommy all the time when she tries to brush me, bite her hair, the brush, but she somehow gets the job done…I, however, would rather be vacuumed!  I just love it when Mommy vacuums because I chase the vacuum all over the house, and try to bite the end of the nozzle.  Sometimes I get too close to the end and it sucks up my tongue a little, then I growl at that darn vacuum!  (stupid vacuum) When Mommy is all done with the cleaning, she runs the vacuum

Here's me, the day I was adopted - Still hate being brushed!

 all over my puppy fur and it feels so neat!  I don’t bite the vacuum either when she does this because I love it!  Don’t know why I hate being brushed so much, but if I don’t have to be brushed, you can vacuum me anyday!

Until later,

What’s that Big White Thing?

What's that BIG white thing?

I keep seeing Mommy & Daddy opening up this BIG white thing.  I am curious as to what it is.  I know that I am a lot cooler standing in front of it, yet they keep telling me to “get out”!  Hey, the stuff in here looks good, but where is my puppy food?  (What is Omaha Steaks?) I don’t think that they open this BIG white thing up when they feed me, so where are they hiding MY food?  Grrrrr.

Nikita Popart

My Mommy is really creative! (I love my Mommy)  She created this really neat Popart of one of my photographs from this neat website:  www.bighugelabs.com   I wonder what she will create next?

With all that I get into during my busy puppy day, I love it when my Daddy comes home!  (Can’t wait to see Daddy!)  Here I am waiting for my Daddy to come home by sitting by the front door waiting, and waiting…(hey, who is that dog on our sidewalk?)

Waiting for Daddy to come home from work

Until Tomorrow,