Creating a New Garden Door

Our old garden door has seen better days, but it served its purpose – it kept out the deer and other critters from entering our garden. But, it needed to be changed out to a newer looking entrance!

If you know me, I always put my heart into all of my projects, and this garden door was no different. We made a trip to Home Depot and got some nice flat pieces of wood, a box of screws, a can of mahogany gel stain, and some outdoor polyurethane. (I already had some leftover black netting to use in between the door slats, phew)

The first thing that I needed to change with our new door, was the width of the entrance to the garden. The old door was just exactly wide enough for the lawn mower to wiggle its way into the garden area, and that was a pain in my neck. The new door was definitely going to be wider to allow me to get the mower back there and the wheelbarrow too.

I decided to do a “slats” look for the door because I fell in love with this look, as it is all over Pinterest right now. If you look up any fences, garden fences, or privacy fences, the new look are the horizontal slats, instead of the regular vertical ones. Love it!

So, with that in mind, I went to work. Measure twice, cut once! This is definitely a good motto to remember when working with wood. I cut the strips of wood for the height of the door, then two for the top and bottom. Basically, at this point, you are just making a frame for your door, then I measured the door frame to see what size of slats I will need to cut to use across the actual door.

The photograph below shows the garden door before I attached it to my wood pole with hinges. Our new door is over 30+ inches in width, well wide enough to get the mower in the garden area now!

Garden Door 3

The photograph below is the new mahogany stained door with the black mesh attached to the inside of the door to keep the smaller critters out of the garden area. This look definitely matches the rest of the garden fence nicely.

Garden Door 1

Here is a photograph showing that I definitely used enough polyurethane on the door, eh! I took this pic right after it rained.

Garden Door 2

Now, I am working on building the little area next to the entrance so it matches the door. Two poles and more wood slats cut! Each slat has to be leveled too, so this process was never rushed. Each slat had to be screwed in place too.

Garden Door 4

The new addition next to the door is all stained and polyurethaned.

Garden Door 5

But, as you can see from the photograph below, I had to add the black mesh netting to this section to keep the small critters out! Now, everything matches just perfectly! Can you only imagine if I kept going all around the front of the garden area and did this? Boy, would that look so beautiful! (maybe next year!)

Garden Door 6

So, what do you think of our new garden door? What have you changed in your garden this year?

DIY Christmas Card Display

The Christmas cards are flowing in at a rapid pace, and we’re running out of room to display them on our shelf. I needed to fix this problem immediately!


I had some unused garden stakes and some leftover chicken wire from the garden and I knew I could make something with these materials.


I cut two pieces of a garden stake to approximately 35″, and then two more to approximately 22″.


I laid out the wood to form the frame and ensure that the chicken wire piece was wide enough for the wood.


I had a pack of four metal mending plates with screws and attached them to each corner after I put the frame together.


Next, I rolled out a piece of chicken wire and cut it to fit the frame, then used a staple gun to attach it to the frame.


Under twenty minutes, I had a nice Holiday Card Display that I hung on our wall in the kitchen. I did not have any of those cute small craft clothes pins, so I used small binder clips to attach our Christmas cards to the chicken wire.


Now the cool part is, that when the holidays are over I can use this frame with chicken wire as a memo holder in the office or kitchen! A great multi-use craft idea!

The Making of A Christmas Sign

Viewing the numerous Christmas signs all over the place, on Pinterest boards, and in antique shops, I decided to try making one for myself. It all started because I found a little piece of scrap wood I had leftover, and I don’t throw any of these little pieces away, just in case I might need them. I had to trim the piece of wood with my jigsaw a little to make it perfectly shaped, then I sanded it really good.

Here’s what you need to make your own Christmas Sign:

  • Piece of 1/2″ plywood
  • Jigsaw & Sander
  • Create your own stencil & choose your fonts
  • Newspaper
  • White high gloss paint
  • Black high gloss paint
  • Red paint
  • Of course, paint brushes!
  • Polycrylic
  • Small string of colored Christmas Lights

Let’s get started!  You have the list of materials that I used in creating my Christmas Sign, so let’s begin the process. After the piece of wood is cut to the size you want (mine was 18″ x 9″), you need to sand down the top of your sign really well. Vacuum off all the dust particles afterwards.

Christmas Sign

Next, take out your white glossy paint and paint two coats of white on your wood. Let dry in between coats. If you still think you might need a third coat, then do a third, but let it dry thoroughly.

While your board is drying, you can sit down and design your Christmas phrase on your computer and choose your fonts.  I decided to use “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” phrase, because it is cheery. The font I used for all the words was Time New Roman, and I used the font called Riddle for the word “little”. I sized the font size appropriately so it would fit on my piece of wood. Once you get everything in the size you want, print it out on a sheet of copy paper, not cardstock.  Cut out each word and leave a little space around each word. Place the cutout words onto your board to ensure that they fit.

Christmas Sign1

Next, take a piece of newspaper and lay it under your cutout word and trace really hard around the edges of your letters. What you are doing here is letting the ink from the newspaper transfer onto your white wood. It does a pretty good job. (you could probably also use a piece of carbon paper too if you had some on hand)

Christmas Sign2

Make sure your cutout words are always straight on your piece of wood when transferring them, or you will be sad to find out that they are crooked. I used a ruler to line up my cutout words when I did my board.

Christmas Sign3

Once you transfer all of your words onto your piece of wood, you are now ready to paint the letters black. Use a very small flat paint brush and carefully paint each letter, starting from the middle of your board and work your way out to the sides. This ensures that you will not accidentally slide your arm into any wet paint!  Work your way around your board until all your words are painted black, except for the word “little”, as you want to paint that red.

Christmas Sign4

Let your words dry thoroughly. Now, you might notice that you have some ink that accidentally transferred onto the white board from the newspaper, and that is not a problem. Just use your small paint brush and touch up those areas.

Christmas Sign5a

When I was making my Christmas sign, I noticed that after I had all of the words painted on the sign, it looked good, but I felt that it was missing something. I decided to paint a small black border around the sign and that really did the trick in completing the look of the sign. It’s perfect now!

Christmas Sign6

Once all of your lettering has dried, you are ready to apply a layer of Polycrylic to seal the top of your board. Apply the polycrylic very slowly because you do not want any air bubbles. If you get any, just brush them away, or pop them with a pin as you go. I added actually two coats of Polycrylic to my sign just to seal it well. Let each layer of this step dry overnight before you add a second layer.

Christmas Sign7

The last thing that I did was add a little string of 18 LED Multi-Colored Christmas Lights around the frame. These little lights were found at Walmart.

So, there you have it, a beautiful Christmas sign to brighten your holidays!

How to Make a Patriotic Table Top


I have always found that sitting in the backyard is relaxing & enjoyable, but I never had a table for our drinks. I needed to change that! I pulled out my sheet of pressed wood yesterday and went to work.


I used my flower container as my guide and traced my circle onto the wood. Of course, I needed the table top to be larger in size than the top of the flower container, so I measured the circle to find the direct center of the circle and hammered a nail in the center. Then I held my measuring tape & Sharpie marker a few inches past my original circle and just basically drew another larger circle around the first one, then cut it out with my Evolv Jigsaw. (you can see my original circle in the photo above)  The table top is 22″ in width, in case you were wondering.



Next, I gave it a good sanding. After all of my wood projects, I always run a vacuum over the piece of wood to remove all the dust particles.


Next, I spray painted my table top red, and gave it a few coats.


After the red paint dried, I brought it inside to stencil on the stars. I used one of my metal star cookie cutters and a Sharpie marker and just traced the stars all around the table top.


I then hand painted the white stars, one by one.


I finished off the table top with a few coats of Polyurathane to seal it from the elements. Now, the table top just gets placed on top of one of my unused flower containers and has been made into a table.

I have now solved my problem of where do I place my drink when we are relaxing in the backyard. So, what do you think? Where do you place your drinks?

All You Need is Love & Wood

I love working with wood and being creative. This year I am planning on building us a nice wood & steel legged table so we can dine outdoors when we cook out (which is all the time in the summer).  Once I get the table finished & stained, I will purchase four black flat-seat stools for us to sit on!  Here is the photo I found on Pinterest that inspired me:


If you have not checked out my DIY Tables Board on Pinterest, you should take a peek and see what I am pinning!

I had an old wicker table and two rockers that we used, but the years of use took their toll on the chairs, and finally the wicker table will be thrown out this year as it basically fell apart. This is what prompted me to start wondering what we were going to do without a table, and I thought “Hey, I could build us one!”  And that is what I am planning on doing.  Of course, I will do a blog post on how I build it so just in case you want to make one for yourself, you’ll have my directions!

While I was searching on Pinterest for DIY Tables, I also ran across a neat industrial side table made from wood and steel and I thought it would be perfect for my printer or perhaps a cute little table for us to use by the fire pit. The use of the metal on this table has many possibilities as you can make the table as high or low as you want, just by cutting the steel. And, by staining the wood top any color you want, it can match all of your decorating needs. When I make mine, I will definitely be adding some protective pads to the bottom so it does not scratch the floor! (this project came from Lowe’s Creative Ideas and if you visit my DIY Table board on Pinterest and want to make one for yourself, you can click-thru the link for the directions)


Now, with those projects on my list to make this year, I wanted to show you what I made for our front door. Since I love wood, and I love my Evolv Jigsaw that cuts through wood like butter, I created a wood LOVE to hang proudly on our door.

I started off by printing out each letter on an 8×11″ piece of paper then cut them out and taped them together. I then traced my design onto a piece of wood.


Next, I had to pull out my drill to cut a hole big enough for the saw blade to slide into to cut out the inside pieces like inside the “O” and a few other places.  I always cut these out first because the wood is stable and in one piece.


Then I just carefully go to town and work my way around each letter cutting with the jigsaw. Trust me, this takes a lot of time to hand cut and you have to have a steady hand doing this.


Once the entire wood LOVE has been carefully cut out, I pulled out the sander and spent about an hour or so sanding in between all the nooks and crannys.


The photo above shows the LOVE before it was sanded with all the rough edges, and the photo below is completely sanded.


For the one I have on our front door, after I sanded it, I vacuumed off all the saw dust and painted it black, then did a quick clear coat over it. I then tied some nice red tulle to the top and hung it!  


So what do you think of my wood LOVE?  I know it took me a lot of time to make this, but I really love the end results!  Oh yeah, we also left a red flood light outside from Christmas time that shines on the LOVE at night to light it up for Valentine’s Day.

Hugs & Kisses!

Unique Valentine’s Day, Wedding or Anniversary Gift Idea

Mommy is at it again!  She just designed this Wood LOVE Wall Decor that would make a great gift idea for the someone you love.  Perfect for Valentine’s Day, a couples Wedding, or a special Anniversary gift.  Click here for more information & how to order one for yourself! 

Great gift idea for the one you love for Valentine’s Day, Anniversary, or Wedding
Material:  Pressed Wood
Dimensions:  15″ h x 14″ w x 1/2″ d

Do you ever find yourself looking for a unique gift idea for the one you LOVE? We’ve got you covered!  You can use this unique LOVE wall decor as a great gift for Valentine’s Day and let the one you love know it all year, or give this to a couple who’s celebrating their anniversary, or getting married.  No matter how you gift this idea, the recipients will love it! 

This is a “Made to Order” item, so when you place your order for this item, we will go to work cutting out your item, sanding it to perfection, and will provide you with a wall hanger to attach to the back of it.  Once item is completed, we will ship your item.  We will do our best to keep the dimensions listed, but through the cutting and sanding process, your item might have a slight difference.

This is an “unfinished” and “unpainted” item so you can paint it to your own color choices.  This way, it makes your item more personal for the recipient.

Fall is Definitely Upon Us

The weather has done a 360 on us here in Cleveland, the winds have whipped up some unbelievable arctic air drafts over the weekend, the leaves are coming down so fast that they blanket the entire yard, and we have to run interference from the chipmunks nibbling on our pumpkins.  Every time I need to go outside, I get so distracted because just when I find a spot to go, a leaf blows by me and I have to chase it.  Ok, I found another spot to go, swoooosh there goes another leaf – gotta go get it.  Mommy was getting annoyed with me this weekend as it took double the time for me to go since there was so much “action” in the yard.  I heard her saying out loud, “what is it with dogs anyways that they have to sniff and sniff and sniff the same spot a thousand times before they actually go?”  I don’t know why we walk all over the exact same spots we just sniffed, only to turn around and do it again, sniff sniff sniff, oh wait, did I miss a spot, while Mommy is standing there behind me in the pouring rain getting soaked waiting for me to find the right spot so I can go.  I guess the world will never know why us dogs do this, but we do.

As you can see from the photograph above, Daddy’s pumpkin is almost completely orange and he will be cutting it off the vine soon.  (we even saw 2 little ghosts in his pumpkin patch too)  The vines are all dying and shriveling up which marks the end to this pumpkin plant for the year.  We had a fun time watching it grow from a tiny little sprout, to what we think is about a 10+ lb. pumpkin.  One thing that I never knew, or would have never known if we never tried growing our own pumpkin, was the fact that at the bottom of every pumpkin is where a flower once bloomed & was pollinated.  If the flower does not get pollinated, then the pumpkin will not grow.  Interesting fact, one that we did not know.  So when you are at the store picking out your pumpkin, turn it over and look at the bottom and you will know that a flower once bloomed there! 

Mommy finished her EEK and we have it sitting on our bookshelf.  It is amazing how good she has become with a jigsaw and she surprises Daddy with all of her creations.  She also made us a bat for our back door and stenciled “Beware” on it.  Now comes the fun part, since Daddy & Mommy has sold tons of their wood tombstones already, she has been trying to keep their own supply of wood tombstones up so that they have some to put in their yard for Halloween.  Mommy has to start painting all of their supply of tombstones now to get them ready for the yard, and she will most definitely take a photograph or two of how they look out in the yard.  They can’t wait to see how it all ties into together with their other Halloween props!  Even our “Uncle Dave” emailed us and said that he wants to come over to see our yard for Halloween!  I hope he does stop by as we will make sure we have a candy bag ready for him! 

Mommy created another interesting dinner item:  Cheese & Garlic Pita Wedges, and she thought that she would share the recipe with you.  Go ahead and make some tonight or have them with your spaghetti or chilli, as these would go nicely with them. 

4 White Pita Bread Slices
4 Ounces Butter, melted
3 Cloves Garlic, crushed
2 Tablespoons chopped fresh Basil
1/3 Cup Grated Parmesan Cheese

How to Make:
Split the pita bread in half, cut each half into 4 wedges.  Combine the butter, garlic and basil, brush over cut side of bread wedges, then sprinkle them with Parmesan cheese.  Place in single layer on cookie sheet and bake at 350 for 10 minutes or until crisp.   NOTE:  You can also make these using tortillas if you don’t have pita bread.

Anyhow, I hope everyone had a great weekend and stayed nice & warm, as Mommy is going to pull out my winter fleece sweater for me to wear soon.  Keep your finger crossed too because the Browns play the Titans today at 1:00pm – Go Browns! 

Another Rainy Friday here in Cleveland, OH

TGIF, but what’s so good about it?  It’s raining here again, and everytime I go outside I get wet and then smell like a wet dog (well, that’s what I am, right?)  It seems that every time I need to head outside, it starts to pour.  So is it true when they say that when you “hear” water running, you have to pee?  I guess that must be the case, because I feel the need to want to go outside right when it is pouring the hardest.  Mommy has to dry me off with a towel when I come inside and wipe my paws to keep the wood floors clean, and I’m ok with that because I am used to it.  We started doing the wiping of the paws when I was a little puppy so it is just part of my routine now.  It’s kinda nice though, as Mommy always gives me hugs when she is wiping off my paws and I like that!  Aw, Mommy and Me time! 

Anyhow, as you can see from the photograph above, Mommy is at it again!  She is getting so proficient in using a hand jigsaw and has made some awesome items.  She has been so busy lately cutting wood tombstones as the orders keep coming in and her and Daddy are so excited that they had an idea to create these and now everyone wants one or more!   Since she has been working non-stop on these tombstones for weeks now, she put a lot of strain on Daddy’s jigsaw, and had to go out this week and get another jigsaw just in case the one she was using died on her in the middle of a project.  So, Mommy headed off to Sears Hardware and picked up a Craftsman Evolv Electric Jigsaw.  She saw it online for $29.99, and thought what a great price for a jigsaw, and read the reviews on it and they were all good.  The jigsaw has a 4.5 amp motor and has a lot of power and it comes with a metal edge guide, and the blades are easy to change as no tools are needed.  Mommy would definitely recommend this jigsaw to anyone who is looking for one. 

As for me today, I am taking it easy.  Since it’s raining outside, today would be a good day to nap all day.  I am trying to keep it on the down-low today because yesterday I got yelled at for the first time.  I accidentally pulled down the sheers and the curtain rod in the bedroom and boy oh boy was Mommy upset.  I was just jumping up on the window sill so I could look outside and I am still not sure how I pulled the sheers down, but it happened.  I made up with Mommy so we’re good.  Phew!   

I will keep you updated on the upcoming projects that Mommy will be working on as she has some great ideas for the upcoming holidays, like Valentine’s Day.  She is going to make some HUGE wood “X” and “O” to show your love with hugs & kisses that can stand on the floor or hung on the wall.  Keep watching to see what she comes up with! 

Keep dry & run between the raindrops today or you’ll smell like a wet dog, like me!