Garden Update for October

I thought that it was time to give you a garden update!  It’s October, and yes, our garden is still producing vegetables for us!  While most gardeners are putting their gardens to rest for the season, our garden is still working hard for us and producing. But, it is winding down, as we have watched our tomato plant branches start to yellow a bit.  Do you have any guesses on how many Juliets and how many Big Boy Tomatoes we picked so far?

We have had an interesting gardening season nonetheless.  From every shape & size of critters from a chipmunk to deer and everything in between, they have made gardening this year challenging for sure.  The chipmunks in the beginning, dug up and ate most of our seeds we planted, the ground hogs arrived to plague havoc on us by digging under our back fence and invading the garden for a feast, to the deer who surprisingly jumped our high 6+ foot fence and damaged, well, everything in the garden.  If it was not for the deer damage that night, we would have had produced more vegetables throughout the season.

This is what the garden looks like as of today.  The tomato plants are all yellowing, but still producing.  Both the green and red peppers are still producing nice sized peppers and growing new ones as of today.

OUR GARDEN 10-2-13

The red and green pepper plants are still going strong and blooming with new peppers, with tons of nice sized ones right now, ready to be picked.  When the deer jumped the fence that one night, they chowed down each and every pepper plant down to nubs.  They ate all the peppers that were on each plant, ate all the leaves, every branch, and left us with green ripped apart stalks.  It was depressing, nonetheless, but surprisingly the plants all came back with Epsom Salt and some plant food.

Over the weekend, I pulled out all of the cucumber plants from the garden as they were done producing.


Our sunflowers are done blooming, and I cut them from their thick stalks and we’re drying the seeds right now.


To our surprise, we have found three cantaloupes growing in our garden bed by the strawberries.  I ran across one, then found a second one, then just the other day, I found the third one.  They are about 3-4″ in size and look like they might actually produce some melons for us!  WOW!


All of our six Juliet Tomato plants look pathetic.  Yes, that is the perfect word for them now, but they still have Juliet Tomatoes on them, ripening every day.  I pick anywhere between 30-50 of them every day.  (I’m not kidding about this either)  Their time will be ending soon, but as long as I see green Juliets on the plants, I will keep watering them.  I have definitely had my fill of tomatoes this season, as well as every else whom I shared them with.  We will be planting these again next year for sure!  As of today, I have picked a total of 1,056 Juliet Tomatoes and 238 Big Boy Tomatoes!


See what I mean…still lots of “red” on those branches!

OUR GARDEN 9-30-13

I will probably have one last garden post when I finally put our garden to rest for the season, when I have to pull out all of the plants from the ground.  That will be a sad day for sure, but that just means that we get to do this all over again next year.  When 2014 arrives, we will have our seed catalogs out to pick what we will grow for the next gardening season, and the process starts all over again.

“It all started with a seed and will end with a hoe.”


12 thoughts on “Garden Update for October

  1. You’ve really optimized your city yard and gotten a fair bit of food from your garden. Amazing that those tomato plants are still kicking it. Good to know you could be self sufficient if you had to be.

    • I tell ya Boomie, we are amazed on how well the garden did this year! We were let down by our zucchini though as we did not get anything from our plants. There’s always next year! And, if it was not for the deer attack that one night, we WOULD HAVE had Romaine lettuce, but they damaged the plants so badly, that it never re-grew right.

    • Aw, thank you so much! We have had a great year gardening and have loved every minute of it! Can’t wait for next year already to start this process all over again! 🙂

    • Pathetic is the correct word. The plants look so bad, at least the tomato plants, but they are still producing. Just picked about 30 Juliets today! The pepper plants are doing well right now. I stopped doing a garden post because how many tomato photo’s can you actually look at before you get bored, right? I just thought that it was time to do another update for all of you! I am glad that you liked the pics! The season is ending and we’ll be shoveling snow soon. Grrr! 🙂

  2. This is a sad time of year for me. The tomatoes and corn are just about done. We will get squash for a bit but soon it will be back to crappy veggies. (I shop at a market that has local produce.)

    • I can agree with you that this is a sad time of year. We worked so hard on our garden and now it will be ending soon. It was so much fun (and a lot of work too) to start something from a little seed, baby it every day under the grow light in the basement, and have it grow into a plant that we can harvest veggies from. As you can see from the photo’s in this post, the tomato branches are yellowing and coming to an end, but it is amazing on how many tomatoes are still on them! That is really neat that you grow corn. If we tried that, the deer would eat everything, and not to mention, we don’t have enough property to grow it either.

    • I believe we have had a few frosts already. Yeah, I know…isn’t it amazing on how many tomatoes we have grown this season?! We are amazed! I can’t wait for next year already! It is definitely so pleasing to be able to eat something that you grew yourself. We are so happy with our garden this year, even with all the critter issues.

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