Do We Have Enough Toys?

Our Mommy dumped out our toy box today to vacuum off all of our toys. One by one she pulled them out and piled them up behind her. One by one, we snuck each one away to play with them!


We tried to count the number of toys us lucky dogs had in our toy box, and we lost count over 30.  WOW!  Do you think we have enough toys? We have a couple of stuffed chickens, some awesome “long doggies”, a pink teddy, a purple eggplant, Mickey Mouse, a huge orange pumpkin, a snowman without any arms, an unstuffed raccoon, a pink piggy with only one arm and one leg, and lots of stuffed balls.


We played with all of our toys all morning, then laid down right in the middle of the pile as if we were protecting them from any predators that may be lurking.  The predator is usually Bella, who always sneaks up from out of nowhere and steals the toy right out of Nikita’s mouth, then the chase is on!  Gimme that back, Nikita would squeal! That is MY toy! Bella usually does not listen, and runs around in circles as if she is saying “neener neener neener, I’ve got your toy”, and on one of her passes, she always boops Nikita to taunt her to chase her.


The game is the same every time one of them has a toy.  The chase is always on, and the circling begins until someone steals the toy from the other.


Bella seems to always want the limelight, and pokes her face right in front of the camera right when I am taking a photo of Nikita.  Today was no different.  Photo-Bombing at its finest!


We know that a lot of doggies out there don’t even have close to the number of toys we have, and that is sad, but don’t forget that we were also two of the rescued doggies who came from nothing, and who have everything now. Love, peace, and joy and the best forever home ever, not to mention all the toys a doggie could ever dream of!

Mother Nature Can Be Cruel

Nikita playing in the snow
picasion Nikita playing in the snow

Well, it’s supposed to be Spring around here, but Mother Nature has a different plan for us.  Instead of watching all the Spring bulbs popping out of the ground, which they are, and watching them start to bloom, they are covered up under a pile of snow. One year ago around this time, we had temps in the 80’s, which normally does not happen and our trees bloomed early because they were confused.  So, one year later, instead of our weather getting warmer as the days of the calendar pass us by, we are still dealing with shoveling snow and low temps.

Our poor little Spring blooms that have peeked out of the ground, are stunned by the cold and the blanket of snow that covers them, and will probably not bloom this year. The dogs, however, are still enjoying the snow on the ground.  They run and play, eat the snow (hopefully not the yellow snow), and love digging in the snow piles.  It is hard to get them to come back inside after enjoying a romp in the white stuff.

But, while inside, I still need to constantly watch our little puppy Bella, as what you need to do for any pup.  When Bella disappears, that usually means trouble.  I always think the best, but when I go investigate on what she is up to, most of the time she is being sneaky and up to something.  I usually do a toy head count and know which one is gone from the toy box, and then I find her…. laying so innocently in the other room ripping apart a toy and yanking the stuffing out.  I have seen my fair share of “stuffing” in poop piles, and have had enough of that sight, but as to why they do this still is a mystery to me.


Pet Hospital Patient

Our “Pet Hospital” which resides on top of the fridge is always jammed packed with patients who need bandaged and sewed, and although I try my best, sometimes a “limb” needs to be surgically removed.  Oh, those poor toys that sit in the toy box missing an arm or a leg, a eye has been sewn shut, and they start to look like Franken-Toys with all the battle scars across their chest.  Poor poor toys, you sure have been through a lot, but you still hang in there, and have high fears the next time you are yanked out of the toy box wondering if “this” will be the day that we have to put you down.  Bella is always innocent.  She gives me that “it wasn’t me” look, and always points the finger at Nikita.  We know better.  Nikita hasn’t ripped up a toy in a long time, so we know who the culprit is that is doing all the damage to their poor toys.  The Pet Hospital is always open for business.

The time it took me to write this post… another toy lost its life!  RIP orange ball.  For sure, more stuffing will be found later today in a steaming pile of poo.
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Squeaky Toys Are Not The Only Things Dogs Find Interesting

Being a dog, we amuse ourselves with some of the  most interesting things.  We can walk by something and it just screams out to us to PLAY with it, so we do.  Then sometimes, things just present themselves to us, for instance, when the sun light peeks through the mini blinds and shines on the floor, we have to investigate it.  Or when the face of a watch catches the sun and makes a circle reflection on the wall or ceiling – what do we do?  We chase it around!  Even when Mommy makes dinner, I sit and watch her because I know that I will find something to play with.  When I see her open up a box of rigatoni, I go crazy, because I know that I will get the box to run around with.  Man, and I thought that I loved squeaky toys, but when I can find these other items around the house to play with, I feel as if I hit the lottery!  (actually, Mommy & Daddy won $2 on the big Mega Millions on Friday – WOW!) 

Even things outside are interesting, for example, when I sit by the front window on a windy day and I can watch pieces of trash blow by the house from the car wash down the street, as I run from window to window and watch it roll by.  From cups to cardboard boxes to even a balloon one day, they all have blown by, but I did not miss anything because I am aware of what is supposed to be in my yard!

I thought it would be fun to share with you what I find interesting to play with, and not everything is a squeaky toy either!  What do you play with?

How Do I Get This Off My Leg?


Think outside the Box? No way! Play inside of it!

Clothes Hangers are Toys too!

Even Potatoes Au Gratin from Giant Eagle are fun to play with!

Paper Towel Rolls - Can't get enough of!

Even Water Bottles can be Fun!

Chasing the Light on wall


Laundry Baskets were fun to play with when I was young

Packing Tape Rolls are Fun!

Pretzel Flips Anyone?

Why Dogs Bring So Much Happiness Into Our Lives

Do You Own A Dog?

If you have a dog, you don’t have to think too hard on this one.  Every dog owner knows the answer of why dogs bring so much happiness into our lives.  Sure, they are a lot of work, but being a dog owner you don’t consider it work because of the unconditional love they give us.  The way that they rely on us for everything, from taking them outside, to grooming them, to feeding them and everything else we do for them, they rely on us, their owner to take care of their needs on a daily basis.  But there are things that they do that make everything worth it:

The Things That They Do

Ever look across the room to see your dog napping in such a cute manner?  Well, this happens on a daily basis here, as Nikita naps on one couch that we allow her on, and she knows that is the “only” piece of furniture that she is allowed on.  She sprawls out on this couch in such a cute manner, rolls over and falls asleep on her back with her feet sticking straight up in the air – ah, the cuteness of owning a dog.

How about the look she gets in her face when she see’s you arriving home and her whole body shakes with joy to see you, along with the whirlwind of her tail wagging like a propeller.  The unconditional love she gives us is overwhelming and it makes the bad days we have diminish quickly.

How about the “look” they give you when they want a t-r-e-a-t?  Oh, that look is priceless, as they start to drool when you take too long to get the treat jar open, as they sit and stare at the jar watching every movement you make until that treat is in their mouth. 

The adorable mannerisms they have, although we are unsure as to how they get them, but somehow, while they are growing up, they start doing things and then they just “stick” with them.  For example, Nikita always begs for treats immediately right after dinner, and runs over to Daddy to get her snack, then she runs for her ball and “boops” you with it as to say “Let’s Play”.  After time has passed with the booping, she is ready to give you the ball, and we throw it down the hallway, but before she gets to the hallway, she has to “jump” over the couch corner first.  We laugh every time she does this, and once again, not sure as to how she started this, but no matter what….it cracks us up every time. 

Snuggle Time is every night before we fall asleep, as she crawls up in between us for her night time affection with lots of belly rubs from us.  This time is so precious to us and so meaningful as we get lots of wet doggie kisses back! 

The Sandwich – I bet everyone has heard of a sandwich, but it is NOT what you are thinking.  A sandwich to us happens every morning before Daddy heads off to work.  All we have to do is say “Sandwich” and Nikita runs toward Daddy and jumps up on him with her paws stretched out almost reaching his shoulders, then Mommy completes the sandwich by hugging everyone.  Unconditional tail wags are endless when we “Sandwich”.  You should try sandwiching yourself today! 

The Room Changer – This is what we call it when we change rooms, the dog follows and plops down right by you.  When it gets to that time of day when I have to start dinner, I head on over to the kitchen and Nikita follows right behind me, bringing a toy with her of course.  She knows that when I am preparing dinner, it is almost time for Daddy to come home, and she watches by the front window for his car.  Then, once she see’s Daddy pulling in, she runs to the back door to get a glimpse of him driving by to the garage – the excitement runs rampant and she cannot control her happiness and when she sees Daddy walking in the door – she cannot hold in her excitement as she greets Daddy with snuggles and kisses.  Ah, the perfect welcome home from a long day!

The Talented Multi-Toy Player – Nikita has about 40 stuffed toys now, and she plays with each and every one of them.  Her stuffed round toy balls are probably her favorites, but other than that, she gives equal play time to each one.  We have a bunch of toys piled up at the end of the bed for her to rest her head on every night, but even still, she grabs yet another one (or two) and adds to her pile every night when she comes to bed.  And, she is pretty talented too, as she can have one toy in her mouth, while she pushes another one on the floor, I guess she can’t decide which one to play with.  We can even wake up a few mornings and find a bunch of her toys laying around all over the floor, so she must have been playing at night while we were sleeping.  It’s funny what dogs do, eh?

The Neighborhood Watch Dog – Nikita knows what’s going on in the neighborhood, and she knows what does not belong.  From a bag or cup blowing down the road (she barks at) to the Staples delivery guy, she knows that they do not belong and she alerts me with a bark.  One day, while I was painting, I laid a clean paint brush on top of the garbage can and when she noticed it, she just stood there in the kitchen staring at it and growling with her hair standing up.  I walked in to see what was going on and I asked her what was wrong, and she kept growling, thinking how cute this was, until I remembered that I had the back door open, so my “how cute” quickly turned into a small fear that perhaps someone walked in without me knowing, so I checked it out.  As it turned out, she was alerting me to the paint brush, and that was it, nothing else.  She knew that it did not belong and it bugged her.  Silly dog, but an alert dog! 

All in all, having a dog makes everything better.  Your schedule can be fixed, you will always find time, and the somewhat inconveniences we fall into seem like nothing at all when you own a dog.  The love you receive from a dog makes the heart happy and refreshes your soul.

We love you Nikita – Love, Mommy & Daddy

What Good Dogs Can Expect from Santa

In my mind, EVERY dog is a GOOD dog, no matter what we get into.  When you look into our kind eyes, you see unconditional love looking back at you, you will always find us waiting for you at the back door when you arrive home, we keep you warm at night when we snuggle in with you, we keep you company when you are down, we may even bring you your slippers with a lot of slobber on them, but what we do best is show you love! 

So, why shouldn’t we be showered with Christmas presents and more presents, and bags of dog treats and goodies and all the things that go “squeak”?  We should, because we’re your best friend, life long companion, and someone who will always be there for you through thick and thin.  So, let’s go do some shopping & fill our stockings with some great toys and treats!  Click HERE to start shopping for your favorite four-legged friend! 

Wet Puppy Kisses from a very very GOOD dog,

We don't mind these Fleas!

A new leash to keep us close to you

Something FUNNY to wear for the Holidays

Cuddly Fleece Sweatshirts to keep us warm

7 Dog Toys in Clear Dog Bone Carrying Case

ROAR! Tiger Doozie Dog Toy

Take a BITE out of this TICK!

You Can Never Have Enough Toys

Every dog has its day, and I must be one lucky dog to have this MANY toys!  I am always being surprised with a new toy to which I am so thankful. 

Not all dogs have the amount of toys that I have, nor the love that I receive on a daily basis, so that is why I am one lucky dog.  I never imagined when I was adopted almost a year ago, that I would be so lucky and have such a great life.  I remember fighting for my life each and every day, but I had a great foster Mom who fed me and my siblings every half hour, round the clock.  That is why we love the Cleveland APL so much, because without them, I might not have made it.  Then, I was adopted by my Daddy & Mommy who provide me with more love, hugs, kisses, treats & toys that I can handle, but there is always room for another toy! (and more treats too) LOL

I always run around the house, go room to room, and drop my toys all over the place.  At the end of each day, Mommy walks around and picks each and every one up and puts them back in my big red toy box, and she always makes sure that she leaves my two squeaky bones at the foot of the bed so I can use them as a head rest.  (isn’t that so sweet of her?)  I know that she would like it if I would put my toys away myself, but…..I don’t know of any dog who does that – so why should I attempt it?  I always know where to find them! 

Do any of you put your own toys away at night?  If so, how did you learn how to do that? 

Meat & Potatoes of Puppy Play Time

What’s a puppy to do?  We play, right?  We play hard, even rough sometimes, and the things that take the toll (and sometimes damage) are our toys.  I have to admit it that my Mommy has had to sew and re-sew each and every one of my toys on many many occasions. (a few are still in our “Pet Hospital” that resides on top of the fridge)  For example, my very first toy the day I was adopted was purchased at PetSmart when Mommy & Daddy took me shopping & got me all the things that I needed.  They picked out this really neat orange “BOO” toy (with an awesome squeaker too) because they love Halloween and felt that I should have a Halloween toy as my 1st toy, and as you can see, I still have it.  It’s a little bruised, battered, tattered and sewn, and it’s missing the neat rope tie that was on the top.  This toy means the most to me because it was my first.

The second toy in the photo above is my “Ginger Boy” that Grandma got me before Christmas.  Ginger Boy is the only toy that has not needed “surgery” (yet). 


My third toy shown, is “Teddy“.  Ahhhh, what to say about my Teddy?  Well, Teddy is my best friend, he’s always there for me, waiting in my toy box when I want to play & sometimes he snuggles with me at night time.  Unfortunately, I have ripped off both of Teddy’s ears, ripped open that adorable face only to have his stuffing come out of his nose.  But Mommy came to the rescue (again) and sewed his ears back on and did major plastic surgery to repair his face.  He’s back to normal again, phew!  (Thanks Mommy

My next row of toys include my “Frankenhedgie“.  He got his name because after all of the sewing that Mommy has done on this little furry fella, he looks like Frankenstein, but is supposed to be a Hedge Hog.  As you can see from the photo, Frankenhedgie is still in the Pet Hospital on top of the fridge.  (Mommy & Daddy said that I cannot eat the stuffing)  Frankenhedgie for some reason, turns me into a maniac puppy when I play with him!  I am not sure if it is because he makes this neat grunting sound when I shake him or that his squeaker just works me up when I squeeze him.  Whatever the case may be, I just go nutso when he comes out of my toy box. 

My next toy is called “Pinky” (how original of a name, eh?)  Pinky is a fun toy to play with too, but he does not work me up like Frankenhedgie does.  When I play with Pinky I throw him way up in the air and try to catch him.  He is super soft, larger than most of my toys, and is a soft place to put my head on when napping. 

Al E. Gator” is the next toy in line, and he has been through the ringer with me.  He is now missing an eye, a back leg and a front leg.  I ripped that Gator open so many times now, that Mommy had to amputate a few “limbs” so that I could play with him again.  Poor Al, he was abused so much, but that means that I love him and that he is really fun to play with.  At least he still has one eye to see me coming!  LOL

The next toy (in the bottom row) needs no introduction….”EB” was bought for me at Marcs because I was a good little girl one day and Mommy found me a new toy before Easter.  EB is yet another toy of mine that has been to the Pet Hospital many times that his insurance card was denied!  I chewed up EB so bad before Easter that he did not even visit me with an Easter Basket because I was so bad.  Rats! 

Ah, my “Blue & White Bone” – love this little bone!  When I was smaller, I used to lay my head on this toy and fall asleep.  I still can’t believe it is still in good shape and has all of its stuffing, but it does.  If you look back in my older posts, you can find some cute photos of me napping with my bone!  (Oh yeah, my Grandma got me this one too)

And, last but not least, is my “BIG Orange Pumpkin“.  This toy is awesome because it’s so BIG.  My orange pumpkin has the same effect on me as Frankenhedgie because when I get that thing in my mouth, I can shake that huge pumpkin back and forth while it beats my sides!  Man, it is so much fun to hit yourself with this pumpkin!  I remember one time when I was playing with this orange guy, that it accidentally flipped out of my mouth and landed up on the counter, then I sat there wondering how to get it. 

Now, this is just 9 of my 23 toys and they all have great stories behind them.  For me to have this many toys, I must be one lucky puppy, as many puppies don’t even have one.  I don’t want to brag at how many toys I have, rather I want to boast on how fortunate I am to have a great Daddy & Mommy that love me so much and give me the good things in life that a puppy needs. 

One happy toy-chewing puppy,

Are We There Yet?

Are we there yet?

Weekends around here are always FUN, and the chance of going for a ride in the car is a definite “YES”!  Hooray!  I was just lying there all cute on the carpet, just minding my own business, and then it happened…. I heard a familiar sound that got me up to my feet!  It was the sound of the car keys!  Yeah!  I jumped up and started running back and forth from between Mommy, then back to Daddy (they knew I figured out they were going somewhere) and all I kept hoping in my mind was “Am I going too”?

Bye Bye Brown Spots!

Our first stop was at Home Depot.  You see, Daddy had to pick up some things to fix the lawn that I ruined over the winter.  I kinda made nice round spots on the grass all over that need fixin.  So, here is what my Daddy found that Scotts is now selling, it is called Scotts Turf Builder EZ Seed Dog Spot Repair. 

Here’s the poop on this product: 

  • Unique mix of Scotts best grass seed, a neutralizing ingredient, and a super absorbent growing material
  • Special salt neutralizer minimizes the effects of salts from dog urine
  • Repairs urine spots, high traffic areas, and damage from digging
  • Growing material absorbs water like a sponge to surround the seed in a moist layer which protects seed from drying out and dying out
  • It even turns light brown to tell you when it needs more water!
  • EZ Seed is kid and pet friendly too!

My Daddy also picked up some other EZ Seed for the rest fo the lawn and this stuff even says on the bottle that you can even grow grass on cement!  WOW, we can now have a driveway that Mommy has to mow!  LOL    Mommy is going to try a little spot on the driveway of this stuff and see if she can grow some grass!  I will keep you informed of our progress, and of course, I am sure she will take pictures to show you if we can get grass to grow on the drive!  (This ought to be fun!) 

After Home Depot, we stopped and got Daddy some BBQ chicken wings at Mavis Winkles (Daddy was hungry) and then we quickly headed off to Pet Supplies Plus because I needed more treats!  Daddy actually got me 3 pounds of treats for under $3 – WOW, now that is a low price!  While we were in the store, I got to meet a lot of nice people!  I even ran up to a lady in the parking lot to say hi to her and she was surprised, but happy to say hi back!  I got to meet a nice lady and her family & kids in the store and my Mommy was telling her all about they adopted me from the Cleveland APL and how lucky I was to have a good home now.  She also told her family about how I was collecting donations for the APL for the Pledge for Pets, and asked that she pass the word to get everyone involved in this.   I also had to check out the toy aisle before we left, and Daddy got me a new pink toy that has all kinds of neat little nubs all over the ball.  I can even pick up the ball by the nubs, but it is not easy to do, but it is a lot of fun to chase around the kitchen!  (Gotta love those neat toys that make sound when they roll

Anyhow, I had a great weekend and I hope that you did as well!  Drop me a line, give me a shout, tell me what’s up, but never ever pull my tail!  Hope to hear from you soon! 

Hugs & New Toy Kisses to you, Nikita