PLEDGE FOR PETS: There’s only a few days left to donate!

Main-Radiothon-Page-1024x614Five, four, three, two, one…are the days left for the Pledge For Pets Fundraiser as it is in its final days. If you truly care what happens to abused and abandoned animals that are left out on the streets to fend for theirself, then this fundraiser is for you. Friday May 2nd and Saturday May 3rd are the dates for the live radiothon fundraiser, so you don’t have much time left!

The Animal Protective League takes in anywhere from 14,000 to 17,000 animals in a years time through their doors, and they help each and every one of them. No animal is turned away, and they stay at the APL until they find their “forever home”.  The APL has been helping animals for more than 100 years, and we know firsthand the good works they do!

Please consider making a donation today and giving yourself the best gift of all – – – the satisfaction of knowing you helped save an animals life!

Thank You!

Here is the online donation link:


What Would You Give Up To Save An Animals Life?

All of us at Nikitaland take the welfare of animals very seriously. We cry when we watch the commercials on TV of all the abused and neglected animals in the world. We want to help. We want every animal to find a forever home & happiness that they deserve.

Please consider helping us today & make a donation to help change an animals life today.  Click HERE to make a donation!


To date, we have raised a total of $2,375 for the Animal Protective League and we could not be happier!  Each and every year we have collected more than the last year, as you can see from the graph above, and we are so glad to give back to the community to help those animals in need. We are doing our part to help, and we hope you can help too!

Without YOUR GENEROSITY we could have not made this possible! For the cost of a coffee at Starbucks, you could donate that money to helping the animals who need us. Each and every donation adds up, no matter how much you donate. Every donation helps feed the animals, it provides them with the medical care they need to heal from their abuse, it helps pay for the electricity to keep them warm at night, and in the end, it helps them to have the hopes that someone will walk in and rescue them today and give them a home to go home to.

Would you give up your Starbucks coffee today if you knew you could help save an animals life?

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We Need Your Generosity

PledgeForPetsRadiothon_SquareLogo-1024x1003Not a day has gone past that I am not working continuously on collecting donations for the 2014 Pledge For Pets Fundraiser since March 1st.

I email everyone in my contact list to update them on my progress and the total donations that have been collected. I stop people driving past our house and give them a donation slip with instructions on how to donate. I have placed many phone calls to organizations in our community. Every UPS or FedEx truck that passes our house, I talk to them too, and even the garbage man and I had a great conversation this week. To date, we have collected $845!

This is what one does when they are collecting donations for something that they truly believe in. Something that DOES make a difference. Something that I am passionate about. And in the end, what we get are happy animals who get the help they need, they get saved from a horrible life on the streets, a life of abuse & neglect, and they find the happiness that perhaps they never knew existed. These animals find a “forever home”. A place where someone gives them love and attention that every animal should have each and every day.


We would appreciate it a bunch too, if you can share our donation link with your friends, on FB, and anyone who is an animal lover, as we need your help to spread the word about this fundraiser!


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LIVE Pledge For Pets Radiothon

Well, today is the second & final day for the 8th annual Pledge For Pets Fundraiser which a lot of you helped us raise donations for.  We will be heading down to the APL today to watch it live as it is so amazing to get caught up in all the hoopla of this wonderful event.

If anyone is interested in WATCHING this event LIVE, click the link below and you can view the webcam setup at the APL.


You can also LISTEN along as well!


It is heartbreaking to see a hurt animal, and your donations will go towards their care and recovery.  Click HERE to read about some of the featured animal stories.  (some of them are graphic)

There is still time for you to make a donation today!  If you would like to make a donation, click HERE.  Any dollar amount helps, as it all adds up for a good cause!  This is your LAST CHANCE to make a donation!  You don’t have to live in Ohio to make a donation either, but if you love animals, your donation matters, no matter where you live! 

We will be posting photographs of the live event upon our return, so stay tuned.  Thank you so much from all of us at Nikitaland for your generosity!


UPDATE On Pledge For Pets Fundraiser


We are so pleased on our progress for collecting donations for the 8th annual Pledge For Pets Fundraiser for the APL.  This is our third year participating in this event and are so happy to help the APL and give back to the community for such a great worthy cause.

To date, we have raised a total of $1,315 for the APL in three years.  Our first year we did not know much about fundraising, but now that we are seasoned Q-Cash Captains, and we know that collecting donations is not an easy task.  We get strange looks from people when we approach them, as they are probably wondering “who are you?”, but we explain the reason why we are helping the APL collect donations.

  • We have seen firsthand the good works from the APL
  • We have rescued two beautiful dogs from the APL
  • We gave those two dogs a beautiful & loving forever home
  • Without the APL’s help in the community, there would be neglected and abused animals all over the city
  • Once the APL rescues an animal, it stays with them until they get adopted
  • The APL staff are wonderful people who care about the health and welfare of animals
  • People ask us if their donation even makes a difference & the answer is a definite “YES”

In 2011, we collected $170, 2012 we collected $570, and currently in 2013 we have collected $575.  Our goal this year is to reach $1,000 in donations, but we cannot reach our goal without YOUR HELP.  We urge you to consider making a donation today, which is tax deductible, and help us reach our goal this year.  We get nothing from our efforts, except the satisfaction of knowing that we did our part and helped some animals along the way to find their forever home.

YOUR donation does make a difference, no matter how much you can afford to donate, as it all adds up.  Click HERE to make a donation today to the APL.  Not only do we appreciate your help, but the animals who need our help are the ones who benefit from your generosity.

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Faces of the Abandoned


Every day we watch the news.  Some days I sit there watching in shock.  I really can’t remember a news post any more lately that does not put that look of shock and awe on my face.  Murders, stabbings, abductions of kids, and the horrible abuse and neglect of animals.  

I know that I can’t change the world and make it all better, as we live a nice quiet simple life.  But, we do our part, every year and join in to raise donations for the APL who help more than 17,000 animals a year.  No matter what condition the animal is in when it is brought in, the APL does not turn them away.  Some times I wonder how hard it is for the employees at the APL to see this kind of neglect, day in and day out, it has to be hard.  Some days they arrive to work only to find a box taped shut with kittens or puppies in the box.  No food.  No water.  Just a box sitting there, waiting for someone to find it.  I give them credit.  A whole lot of it.

We wish we could do more for all of these animals, but as everyone is probably in the same boat, living a simple quiet life, we know it is hard to give to all the charities in the world.  But, if everyone who is reading this today, we encourage you to make a donation, even if it is a small one for the APL, because if everyone who loves what we are trying to do, your donations will all add up into something wonderful for these animals.  They will receive the care that they need, they will have food to eat, electricity to keep them warm, all in the hopes that one day, they find their forever home.

We know what Nikita and Bella went through before we rescued them, and it was not a pretty sight.  So if you can find it in your heart to help us raise donations for the APL, not only will we be super happy, but we all will be happy that we helped an animal in need.  We get them one step closer to happiness, because they all deserve to be in a happy home.  They deserve to be with people who will love them, play with them, and when they close their eyes at night, know that they will never have to go through those perils ever again.  Nikita and Bella are pure examples of happy dogs who got their chance from the help at the APL.

Think about making a donation today, as your donation DOES make a huge difference in an animals life!  CLICK HERE TO DONATE!

Lucky Dog

Pledge For Pets Green Box

Lucky dog is right, but it is not ALL about the dogs!  It’s about the lucky puppies, cats, kitties, bunnies, birds, and hampsters too that get rescued by the Cleveland APL who need to find their forever homes.  The APL has been servicing our community for 100 years and take in about 17,000 animals a year into their shelter, which is solely funded by our donations.

We are proud to announce that we are assisting the APL in collecting donations for their 8th Annual Pledge For Pets – Doggy Dollars & Kitty Kash Fundraiser, and this is our 3rd year participating in this great event!  Our goal this year is to collect $1,000 in donations.  Pledge For Pets takes place on May 10th – 11th and when we get closer to the event, we will even post a link on our blog so you can watch the event live, or just listen to a live broadcast right at the Cleveland APL’s site. (You might even be able to see us there at the event, because we always make an appearance to say hello and to drop off any last minute donations that we collected)  Last year, they even told Nikita’s adoption story, live on the air!  To make a donation, click HERE.

There are ways that you can help us too:

If you have a blog:  1) We encourage you to add our yellow Pledge For Pets box on your blog.  2) We encourage you to write a quick blog post that Nikitaland is passionate about helping animals in need!  Here is the code so you can “add” a text box widget to your blog (if you need assistance in adding this to your blog, contact us & we’ll be more than happy to assist you – NOTE: This box can be removed from your blog after May 11th)

<a href=””><img
src=”; /></a>

Pass the word around:  1) Share our donation link via email to everyone you know who might be interested in helping out.  2) If you have a social media account, then send out some “tweets” about the Pledge For Pets!  (we don’t have any of these accounts, so we need your help in getting the word out)  3) Tell your friends, family, and even your co-workers that we need help in collecting donations!  Each and every donation matters, no matter what denomination you give, as it all goes towards the wealth and care of the animals who need our help!  Here is the secure donation link to share:

All donations are tax deductible, so keep your receipts!

We cannot thank all of you enough for your help in spreading the word, and for your donations!  We would love to reach the goal that we have set and help the animals who need us!

Cleveland Animal Protective League CUTOUT NIKITA SITTING

Make A Donation – Win A Doormat Giveaway

NIKITALAND and THEMES N THINGS are dedicated to collecting donations for the APL for their 2012 Pledge For Pets fundraiser this year!   Warmer weather brings new challenges for the APL, because each Spring they find cardboard boxes left outside their front door filled with unwanted and frightened kittens and puppies.  They have no mother, no home, and no hope at life until the APL steps in.  You can help by making a donation to the APL.   Any dollar amount will help, raid your piggy bank, add up your pocket change, as it all adds up!  If we all work together collectively, we can help those animals that need our help, the ones left in cardboard boxes because someone stopped loving them.

We are giving away one of our Halloween props, a Skull & Web Doormat that measures 18″ x 30″ and is made of light weight durable Eva foam.  You can put this doormat by your front door, in front of your kitchen sink, or even use in front of your bathtub.  Our Giveaway starts today and runs until the end of April.


Here’s how our Giveaway works:
* Make a donation to Pledge For Pets
* Reply back to us in this post that you made a donation
* Once you donate & reply back to us, your name will go into the drawing for the Skull & Web Doormat
* At the end of April, we will announce who won the doormat & we’ll contact you to get your mailing information

With your support, and our continued efforts we will be able to help the animals who need it and help them find a forever home & a chance at life and love.   Thank you!

WE NEED YOUR HELP: 2012 Pledge for Pets, Doggie Dollars & Kitty Kash


It is that time of year again, as we have started our annual drive to collect donations for the APL for their 2012 Pledge For Pets Radiothon, Doggie Dollars & Kitty Kash.  Your donations go directly to the APL through First Giving, and our part in this process is that we are Q-Cash Captains and assist the Pledge For Pets Radiothon collect donations for the APL.  Here is the link to Donate today:

We did this last year for the first time, and we wanted to get involved again this year and do our part in this much needed cause.  We have setup a goal to collect $1,000, and we truly feel we can reach our goal, but we need your help to do so.  Without the APL, Nikita might not have made it, as she came from a litter of seven and after her dog Mom gave birth, she was poisoned with anti-freeze and died.  Her puppies were in danger of dying, so the APL rescued them and fed them around the clock as they fought for their life.  The puppies got a foster Mom (thanks Brea!) from the APL who nursed all the puppies and gave them what they needed to get strong, and finally they all got adopted.  We adopted Nikita when she was two months old, and gave her a second chance at life and love in a good home.  The APL has a special place in our heart because of this and all that they do, because without their love and care for animals & your donations, we would have never got the wonderful dog we have today. 

Have you ever watched those TV commercials of the sad and in much need of help animals that while watching the commercial it tugged at your heart, or you cried?  We see them all the time, and every time, we do cry as it is so sad that people can be so cruel to an animal.  That is why the APL needs your assistance, as your donations can help all of these animals in need.

How You Can Help Collect Donations at Work

  • Ask your employer for a donation from your company
  • Hold a bake sale at the office – Ask everyone to bring in homemade goodies, then sell them and the donations then go to the APL (how much do you think a cupcake should be?)
  • Have employees PAY to dress down or wear jeans on a certain day!  I am sure they would pay anything to do this!
  • Hold a competition between employees to see WHO can collect the most money for the APL

How You Can Personally Help Collect Donations 

  • FORWARD the donations link to EVERYONE you know, friends, family, and co-workers, ask your favorite teller at your bank to donate too
  • If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, please post the donations link and ask others for help in making a donation (any donation amount will help no matter the denomination, it all adds up)
  • Printout our APL Pledge For Pets donation sheet and pass them out to everyone you come in contact with. Here is the PDF to print & cutout: 2012 Pledge For Pets Flyer

About the APL

The APL appreciates your generous donation to their Pledge For Pets Radiothon which has made a direct impact on the life-saving work they do.  Each year nearly 17,000 animals come through their doors.  The needs of these animals are many – from emergency care for animals that are victims of abuse and neglect to vaccinations and nutritious food and loving care for those waiting to find their “forever home”.  By making a donation, you have joined a caring group of individuals who believe in the mission of the APL.  Your generosity will help to ensure that the APL will be here for every animal in need.

Donations Link

We appreciate your donation & help in getting the word out, as I am living proof that without the APL’s help, I would have never been able to find my “Forever Home” and a second chance at life and love and a great Daddy & Mommy.  Donate today and help other animals get their second chance too!