Sunshine Award

My sweet little piggy friend Bacon over at Pig Love, nominated me for the Sunshine Award today, and boy do we need a little sunshine in our life right now! Bacon is a miniature pot bellied pig that was adopted at three weeks old and resides at the Hotel Thompson. Thank you Bacon for making me smile today and for such a lovely award!


The rules of the Sunshine Award are as follows:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you
  2. Nominate 10 people that inspire you
  3. Write 10 interesting facts about yourself

Drum roll please…and the nominations are:

  1. Temporary Home Permanent Love
  2. Wiley Schmidt
  3. My Pawsitively Pets
  4. 2 Brown Dawgs
  5. Easy Weimaraner
  6. Me You and Zu
  7. Free Range Cow
  8. The Lonely Dogs
  9. Born to Organize
  10. Kari Neumeyer

For those who I have nominated above, please snag the Sunshine Award above and post it on your blog, and make sure you pass it along to 10 others using the same rules listed!

Now, onto the 10 interesting facts about me…hmmm, where do I begin?

  1. Nikita & Bella never miss anyone arriving home in the neighborhood. When they see a neighbor or their Daddy coming down the road, they run to every window in the house, just to see them & to bark hello…tails wagging too, of course!
  2. Nikita always sleeps on her back, with her paws up in the air.
  3. Bella always gives her Daddy & Mommy kissies before bed time, it’s the cutest routine we have ever seen.
  4. It has got so bad around here, that we now find ourselves “s p e l l i n g” in front of the “d o g s”.  We catch ourselves all the time speaking a “key” word that both Nikita and Bella know, so it’s easier just to spell things out. I think they are onto us, as they react when they hear a certain key word spelled. Geez!
  5. One of the BIGGEST things that everyone should know about us, is that both Nikita and Bella were both rescued dogs. And we firmly believe in giving back to those who helped them along the way. That’s why we collect donations for the APL every year (this will be our fourth year participating) in their annual PLEDGE FOR PETS FUNDRAISER, so be on the lookout for those upcoming posts on this great fundraiser. Without the APL, who knows what would have happened to Nikita and Bella!  Nikita’s Mommy was poisoned with anti-freeze after she gave birth to a litter of seven pups and they were in dire need of help & food.  Bella was found roaming the streets as a tiny puppy as someone just threw her out. We are so thankful for our dogs as they turned out to be the best dogs ever with so much love to give. (Help save an animals life and make a donation this year!)
  6. Nikita chased a squirrel today, and took Mommy down into the snow unexpectedly. Squirrel survived. Nikita has sat by back door to watch for it all afternoon.
  7. Daddy got bit by the Pinterest bug and now has his own Pinterest Boards filled with awesome Halloween, Christmas, and Grilling pins!  You can check out his boards here, and by all means, please click “follow” as this would just make his day! You can also check out my Pinterest Boards here.
  8. We love gardening and we can’t wait to start our seeds under the grow lights! It will be any time now that we’ll start them, and we usually get them out in the garden some time in May, but have to wait for our last frost to pass. If anyone watched our garden grow in prior years, you can do so again this year as we shine up our green thumb!
  9. We are going to attempt making some Halloween props this year from chicken wire, cheese cloth, and some great foam stuff, so wish us luck!  We want to take our Halloween graveyard up a notch or two this year with some creepy additions. We also hope to build a fence around the graveyard too to keep all the creepy props from walking all over the neighborhood! LOL
  10. Last, but not least, if you have not figured it out yet, I love crafts and making things. I am so blessed that I have a life where I can create things for our home (like the table I am going to build us for dining outdoors this summer) and even some times we even sell a lot of the things that I create on our eBay store!  I save all sorts of crazy stuff, because you just never know what you could use it for down the road!

Here’s a great big THANK YOU to Bacon over at Pig Love for the wonderful nomination of the Sunshine Award! I hope you all head on over to see what Bacon is up to these days, and make sure you tell them that Nikita and Bella sent you!



I am very humbled to have received from Me, You & Zu the 2013 Blog of the Year Award.  WOW!  I don’t know what I did to deserve this awesome award, but thank you so much Ruby for the nomination!  I truly appreciate it! Make sure you head on over to visit Me, You & Zu and tell them Nikita & Bella sent you!

I started Nikitaland back in 2010 when we rescued Nikita and gave her a “forever home”. I wanted to document her life, and ours too, from the beginning and all the silly things that she did as a puppy.  For those of you who don’t know, Nikita came from a litter of seven puppies and after they were born, their Mommy was poisoned with anti-freeze and died. The puppies were in dire need of help and the APL rescued them, all of them and took them in and gave them the immediate care they needed. Without the APL’s assistance, these pups would have not had a chance.

Nikitaland has turned into so much more, as we now have two rescued dogs, and life without a dog does not exist in our house.  Rather, life has been filled with so much love from these two dogs it is amazing! I could not imagine life now without a dog. They are my best friend and companions throughout the day, they make me smile, they keep me safe, they amuse me every day, but the love that I get back from them is unmeasureable, not to mention, priceless.

Getting back to the Blog of the Year Award, I did some checking through my stats to see what posts actually made me popular this year, and I have listed a few of them below:

A Pizza Pan is Just Not for Pizza Anymore (6,507 views)
Pizza Pan Patriotic Platter
How to Make Paper Mache Pumpkins & More
Fourth of July Crafts
DIY Halloween Prop: Cemetery Columns & Sign
How to Make a Night Light Cover from Melting Beads
What’s for Dessert?  Apple Cinnamon Chimichangas
Anatomy of a Sock Bunny
How to Make a Sun Catcher

I am so blessed by all the views at Nikitaland, love all the comments I receive, but the best part of blogging to me are the people who I have become close with!  They make blogging so much fun! I always can’t wait to wake up and check my in-box to see what they are up to!

My stats have grown since I started blogging in 2010, and here is a quick snippet of my views since then:

  • 2010 – 1,958 views
  • 2011 – 8,553 views
  • 2012 – 19,594 views
  • 2013 – 55,893 views to date

And, as of today, I just clicked over 86,000 views for Nikitaland!  That is truly amazing to me to see these numbers! Thank you to everyone who has helped grow my stats!

And now for my nominations for Blog of the Year Award! I would like to nominate the following blogs for their outstanding content, creative writing style, humor, craftiness, animal welfare awareness, and photography.  The nominations go to:

Blog of the Year Award 1 star jpeg

You all deserve this Blog of the Year Award, so display your award proudly!

The instructions for this award are simple:

1 – Select the blog(s) you think deserve the Blog Of The Year 2013 Award.

2 – Write a blog post and tell us about the blog(s) you have chosen- there are no minimum or maximum number of blogs required- and ‘present’ the blog(s) with their award.

3 – Let the blog(s) that you have chosen know that you have given them this award and share the instructions with them- (please don’t alter the instructions or the badges!)

4 – Come over and say hello to the originator of the Blog Of The Year 2013 Award via this link:

5 – You can now also join the Blog Of The Year Award Facebook Page. Click the link here:

Share your blog posts with an even wider audience.

6 – And as a winner of the award, please add a link back to the blog that presented you with this award and then proudly display the award on your blog and start collecting stars!

Congratulations to everyone and thank you all for making me smile!

I’m Versatile

Holy cow, I just found out that I’m Versatile!  Merrissa and Candace from Rad Maverix just nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award and I am so honored!


The Versatile Blogger Award is given to bloggers who possess excellence and love in their writing, uniqueness, and of course, quality in photographs. I have been blogging since September of 2010 and currently have over 80,000 views!  WOW!


In order to accept this award I must tell 7 facts about myself, display the award and then nominate 15 deserving bloggers for the VBA.

So here are seven things about ME:

  1. I love power tools!  Being a crafty gal, I can’t wait to get my hands on them & make something awesome!
  2. I used to work as a professional landscaper!  So it is no surprise why I love working in our yard making everything look beautiful.  I built stone walls, installed hand cut stone sidewalks, sprinkler systems, drove a Bob Cat, big dump trucks and tractors to grade customers lawns.
  3. We have two dogs whom we rescued from the APL!  They are the best dogs around.  They are the perfect match for each other too, as they always look out for each other & give each other kissies all the time.
  4. I have the best boyfriend ever! (Who puts up with my crap. LOL)
  5. I am a huge fan of Law & Order, American Idol, and Master Chef.
  6. I love to cook, and always wanted to take a professional cooking class.  That’s why Master Chef is so inspiring to watch.
  7. My favorite all-time snack food is chips & salsa.
  8. My dream car is a Cadillac CTS.

Here are the blogs that I nominate for the Versatile Bloggers Award (in no particular order):

  1. 2browndawgs
  2. Easy Blog
  3. The Misadventures of Misaki
  4. Cupcake Speaks
  5. Boomdeeadda
  6. Me, You and Zu
  7. Wiley’s Wisdom
  8. The Lonely Dogs
  9. Art Club Blog
  10. Refrigerator Magnate
  11. You’ve Been Hooked
  12. Our Retired Life
  13. Pillows A-La-Mode
  14. The Chronicles of Wallace & Samuel
  15. Temporary Home, Permanent Love

Everyone that I have nominated, go grab your award and display it proudly on your blog!  Your blogs are awesome, and I hope that everyone takes the time to check out what you are up to!  Congratulations!

You Commented, and Won an Award

The Blogging World is special.  We draw inspiration from blog posts, we laugh, and sometimes cry at what we read.  But the nicest part of blogging, are your fellow bloggers. They come from all around the world, some might be in your neighborhood, some might have kangaroos, donkeys, or moose roaming their backyards, but no matter what their surroundings are or what they have lurking in their backyards, they are our family.  The great big blogging family.  We anxiously await every day for their post to arrive in our inboxes to brighten our day.  They make life fun.  They share their lives with us, their travel plans, their insane happenings on the job, their crafts, and lots of great photographs of their pets.

All of my fellow bloggers, I hold near and dear to my heart, but there are six bloggers who consistently visit and leave special comments.  To them, I say Thank You!  So today, I am giving you an award – – – “The Top Commenter Award” on Nikitaland!  [This is based on the 1,000 most recent comments]  So, to the top six, go ahead and grab your award, you deserved it, and add it to your sidebar with pride!


  1. Boomdeeadda96 comments
  2. Pride in Photography – 82 comments
  3. Free Range Cow – 32 comments
  4. The Misadventures of Misaki – 23 comments
  5. Long Life Cats & Dogs – 21 comments
  6. Our Retired Life – 14 comments

Keep the comments coming!  You’ve got a lot to say and we love hearing from you!  I also encourage everyone else who visits Nikitaland to leave a comment on your next visit and share the love of this great big blogging family!  We’ll leave the light on for ya…

If you want to make the “top comments list”, start commenting today!

Dragon’s Loyalty Award


I would have never thought that when I woke up this morning that not only one, but two blog awards would have been bestowed upon Nikitaland, but they were!  WOW!  And, thank you….(insert humble bow here)

Angie’s Grapevine nominated Nikitaland for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award.  Thank you so much for thinking of us at Nikitaland!

Here are the rules for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award:

  • Display the Award Certificate on your blog.
  • Announce your win with a written post and link to whoever presented your award.
  • Present 15 awards to deserving bloggers.
  • Drop them a comment to tip them off after you have liked them in the post.
  • Post 7 interesting things about yourself.

Here are the seven interesting things about me that you always wanted to know!

  1. I have worked as a professional landscaper in my life!  I know how to build stone walls & walks, drive a Bob Cat, install a sprinkler system, and grade lawns with a tractor!  Would you have ever guessed that?
  2. I love creating things!  I also have a great idea for an Invention that I have never seen ever before in stores & if I ever get it patented, I could become a millionaire!  (if anyone wants to help me get it patented, let me know)
  3. I am a Law & Order junkie, and my newest favorite show is The Big Bang Theory.
  4. I blog sometimes in my jammies!  It’s easy to do since I work from home.
  5. I live with my awesome boyfriend and we have two furry four-legged children, Nikita & Bella.  I always greet him by the door with a glass of wine every night he arrives home.  (now that is what I call loving curb service!)
  6. My camera is with me at all times, as you just never know what you will run across that you want to photograph.  (thank God I have a huge external hard drive for all my photo’s)
  7. I have always wished I could sing.  If I ever ran across a Genie who granted me three wishes, that would be one of them.  Then, I could register for American Idol and make it to Hollywood!

Thank you again Angie’s Grapevine for this awesome nomination & award! It is truly appreciated!

Now, here are my nominations for this awesome Dragon’s Loyalty Award:

Super Sweet Blogging Award


TGIF, but what a great Friday morning it is because Nikitaland was just nominated for the Super Sweet Blogging Award by Me, You and Zu.  We are so honored and blessed that they find our blog, well…so “sweet”!  Thank You!

I have been blogging for two years, eight months & two days now and this blog was created because we rescued our little angel, Nikita from the APL.  She was one lucky dog to find her forever home with us & has the best Mommy & Daddy too!  About eight months ago, we rescued our second dog, Bella who has become Nikita’s best friend.

I love blogging and opening the proverbial door for you into our lives, sharing our day to day antics, a craft project or two, and capturing some awesome photographs of the dogs and a few silly poses too!

Thank you Me, You and Zu for nominating Nikitaland for the Super Sweet Blogging Award!

Here are the rules for the Super Sweet Blogging Award:

  • Thank the Super Sweet Blogger who nominated you
  • Include the Super Sweet Blogging Award image in your blog post
  • Answer the five Super Sweet questions
  • Nominate a baker’s dozen bloggers for Super Sweet Blogging Awards
  • Notify your nominees on their blogs

Here are the five Super Sweet questions:
(Questions answered by Val, Nikita & Bella)

  1. Cookies or Cakes? {Val} Definitely both cookies & cakes!  {Nikita & Bella} Milkbone treats for sure!  (we’ll do anything for a treat)
  2. Chocolate or Vanilla? {Val} Definitely chocolate!  Anything chocolate!  You buy it, it won’t last long around here!
  3. Favorite Sweet Treat? {Val} All time favorite sweet treat would be my homemade Red Velvet Cake or chocolate chip cookies
  4. When do you crave sweet things most? {Val} When I’m awake!  {Nikita & Bella} Us, crave treats?  Heck, anytime we look at the “treat” jar!  We’ll do almost anything for a treat!
  5. Sweet nickname? {Val} Boo Boo or Sunshine.  {Nikita} Boobilee Boop.  {Bella} Wanker

Here are my baker’s dozen+ Super Sweet Nominees to receive the Super Sweet Blogging Award:

A great big THANK YOU again to Me, You and Zu for nominating Nikitaland for this awesome sweet award!

Blogging Awards Love

Having an award bestowed upon you out of the blue is a pure honor, but receiving two awards in the same day is priceless, not to mention made me speechless and very thankful.  After having a rotten weekend, these awards truly brightened my day and I am so thankful to the two wonderful bloggers that bestowed upon me the “Illuminating Blogger Award” and the “Versatile Blogger Award“.

A great big thank you goes to the awesome person who nominated me for the “Illuminating Blogger Award” and this award came from   after I wrote a post about Home Made is Better for the use of a cookie stamp. 

And, on the same day, I was nominated for the “Versatile Blogger Award” from Two Dogs and a Vegetarian.  A great big thank you goes to Liv, Chloe & Connor who thought that I was the cutest dog and for blogging about DIY project and my free printables!  This means so much to me and I just want you to know how much this touched my heart. 

Now, per the rules of having an award bestowed upon you, I need to nominate other bloggers for this award and this is truly not an easy task to do, because there are so many great blogs in this blog world that it is hard to decide.  I have subscribed to numerous blogs, but what makes me subscribe is the great content that I see, a blog that makes me smile & laugh, great photographs that go along with the blog, fun craft ideas that perk my interest and makes me think “I can make that” , but most importantly, it is the person behind the blog that makes me connect with them and feel like I have known them for years like a life long friend. 

Part of the Blogger Award rules is to nominate other deserving blogs, and to provide 7 facts about yourself.  Here’s my list of nominees to pass on the Versatile Blogger Award love:

  1. RUMPY DOG – Rumpy Dog is a blog that makes me smile alot!  Rumpy is from Tennessee that was rescued by Jen and lives with DeDe a lab mix and some cheeky kitties.  Rumpy & DeDe always have something to say and it is worth reading, not to mention some great photographs!
  2. TOWN AND COUNTRY GARDENING – He’s from Oklahoma and lives on a tiny farm, in a tiny house, with a tiny garden, but he knows his stuff and always gives you detailed information about his topics with lots of research!
  3. HEATHER BLOG – Heather is from Minnesota and has the best blog around and I love reading about her travels around the world.  Heather has the best writing technique I have ever seen, and the blog that grabbed me that she wrote was Star Wars Meets Toy Story and was Freshly Pressed, so if you have not read this post of hers, you need to check it out.  Heather also provides the most illuminating and breath taking photographs I have ever seen!  (Thanks Heather for making me ALWAYS smile!)
  4. JONATHAN FLEMING – Jonathan lives in California with his wife and his Shiba Inu named Suki.  He is the most incredible photographer I have run across as it shows in every breath taking photo he takes!  You’ve gotta check out his photographs as well as his adorable dog Suki!
  5. TWO DOGS AND A VEGETARIAN – This is a great blog to follow as you will never see another blog that has the cutest “best dressed” dogs around!  You never know what Chloe & Connor will have on next, as they have worn high heels to scuba masks and don’t seem to mind being dressed up!  Subscribe to this blog as it will make your day, not to mention it will make you smile too!  🙂


Now, onto the part about where I need to provide some facts about me.  I am currently a stay-at-home girlfriend that lives with her boyfriend and takes care of all the household chores from cooking, baking, cleaning, laundry, lawn maintenance, gardening, and takes care of 4 cats and a dog named Nikita.  From picking up the doo doo in the backyard to cleaning out stinky litter boxes, I also manage our eBay store and ship out packages that are lovingly wrapped with tons of bubble wrap!  I love to design things and feel that I am pretty crafty and hope that one day I can come up with a neat craft idea that will make a  million dollars (a girl can dream, eh?) and I can help my boyfriend with the bills.  I wear my heart on my sleeve, and only want to be loved & respected.  I strongly feel that life is too short and you should enjoy the little things in life, as these matter the most.  I don’t have anything else in this world but my love to give.

Thank you again for bestowing upon me not one, but two blog awards as this was the most incredible thing that I have ever received and I am humbly thankful.