What Do You Want On Your Tombstone?

I wanted to spruce up a shelf on our bookshelf with the arrival of Halloween (right around the corner), and as I was looking at a small pile of cardboard scraps heading into the recycle bin…I had an idea.

I folded a piece of paper in half (long ways), and drew the shape of a tombstone on it, then cut it out. Now, I have a perfect sized small tombstone! I grabbed those cardboard scraps and traced small tombstones on every piece by tracing around my template I just cut out.

Cardboard Tombs2

Next, I took my X-acto knife and carefully cut out the cardboard tombstones. (with a cutting board underneath to protect the table)  And, before I forget to mention, I also cut out small triangles (as you can see in the above photo) that were glued to the back of the cardboard tombstones as a stand.  (if I had forgot to mention this, I know I would have had someone ask “how did you get the tombstones to stand up?”)

Once I had a bunch of cardboard tombstones cut out, I grabbed some spray paint and covered the cardboard with a nice coat of paint. Once dried, I took my white paint pen and also tried a gold Sharpie Marker and went to work writing on the tombstones.

Cardboard Tombs Painted

I’ve gotta tell you, once I started writing on them, I was hooked and wished I had cut out a few more cardboard tombstones because I thought of a few more funny epitaphs to write down. My Sweets will laugh when he finds the one I placed on his nightstand…”Death by my girlfriends snoring” (LOL)

Cardboard Tombs

So, what do you want on your tombstone?

Send me some of your funny epitaphs that I can use, because I want to make some more of these!

How to Make a Paper Mache Stand

The possibilities are endless when you play around with Paper Mache.  For example, I ran into a little dilemma as I was trying to place my pumpkins in our front windows for display…I had absolutely nothing to put them on.  So, you know me, I had to figure out a way to correct this.


For those of you that know us, we sell tons of seasonal items on eBay. (this is our busiest selling season with all of our Halloween props that we have) With that being said, we need boxes, and lots of them, because you just never know what size of box you need to ship your product out.  Our local KMart has been quite helpful with providing us with boxes, we keep every box from deliveries to the house, and we even have asked our neighbor to give us all of their boxes too! (thanks Steve!)  And, on top of this, I sometimes keep boxes from things that we purchase, just in case I might need them some day….for something.


I started stock-piling some nice perfectly square hard cardboard kitty food boxes and when I saw them, I knew that I could use these to make a little stand for my pumpkins.  Then I pulled out two small UPS boxes that I kept from a delivery and thought that they would be perfect for the top/bottom of the stand.  Now, I just had to get to work!


All I did was use some masking tape (do not use clear shipping tape) and taped three kitty food boxes together to make a little column, then I taped a UPS box to the top and one again to the bottom.  I went over all the seams again with another layer of masking tape to make sure that everything was good and secure.  (note: you could also use your hot glue gun to adhere them together too)  This was the perfect height for our windows for the paper mache pumpkins to sit on!


Then, I just mixed up some paper mache and went over the entire stand with a few layers and placed it in front of my little heater to dry.  Once dry, I took it outside and spray painted the stand all black.  Whala!  Now, wasn’t that easy?  This stand is so cute, that I might even stencil something on it.


The funny thing about this is, that you would never know by looking at it, that this was made from boxes of kitty food!  What have you re-purposed lately?

Work in Progress: Paper Mache Mummy



It stinks when you run out of gauze!

I was trying to finish the paper mache Mummy yesterday, and ran out of gauze.  Man, they don’t give you much in that box.  So now I will head back to the store today to get more.  And, before I forget to bring it to your attention, please note that his fingers are now bent the way they should be! I brought out my handy little glue gun, and I glued his fingers in the position I wanted them!  Worked perfectly!


I truly love how this little guy is turning out, and it has inspired me to try to make another one or a few more!  Making little paper mache people or mummy’s is not hard at all, as long as you know how to roll up a piece of newspaper and use masking tape to hold the pieces together.  You don’t have to unstuff the mummy, just create him and paper mache him and you’re done!  Unless you want to paint something fancy smancy on him.

For my Mummy, all I did was unroll the gauze a little and cut a nice length of it, dipped it into my paper mache mix (aka: flour & water) squeezed out the excess mix, and then tried to lay it nice and flat on the mummy as I wrapped the piece around him as far as it would go.  Then cut another piece of gauze, and so on.  Then I ran out.  What I liked about using the gauze, is that it dried so nicely!  It almost felt like a cast that you wear if you arm was broken.  I even left a few ends of the gauze “hang” because when was the last time you saw a perfectly wrapped Mummy?


I have a photo of him with two blue push pins, and those will be his eyes.  I am going to use my Sharpie marker and make the eyes black, but I wanted to show you how cute he looks with eyes!


The mummy looked really awesome standing on top of the mantel next to one of the paper mache pumpkins, as I was right, he is the perfect addition to the Halloween display!  You gotta love it when things come together like this!  But speaking of coming together…. I switched out the white LED lights from inside the pumpkins, and used an orange string of Halloween lights instead, and it totally changed the whole look of glowing pumpkin! With the yellow insides painted on the pumpkin, the orange lights really show up nicely!  (In the photo below, I had to laugh as that bright red streak in the photo is a car’s tail light that whizzed by as I was taking this photo)


I can’t tell you how much I am thrilled on how all of these little projects are turning out! I still can’t believe that I personally made them, but I did, and I guess you just never know what you can do….unless you try!  I hope that some of my projects have inspired you to give paper mache a whirl!

Paper Mache: What is Your Recipe?

The days are counting down to the witching hour, and I need your help!  I am attempting to make a huge paper mache pumpkin and I have seen tons of recipes for paper mache on the web, but I want to know what YOU have used and how it turned out.

Please share with me your recipe for Paper Mache, as I need to finish my project before it is too late!  Thanks much!
P.S. – Once I get a great paper mache recipe, I will post something on all the steps that I did to make my pumpkin with lots of photographs to go along with it.