Dear Fellow Blog Followers,
First and foremost, we want to thank each and every one of you who has made a donation to the APL through our donation link for their annual fundraiser, Pledge For Pets.

Today is the last day to make a donation, as online donations end at Midnight tonight.  We need all of your help to collect donations that will go to good use at the APL for all the animals in need.  Please pass this link to anyone today to help us raise donations, as this is our last day to make a difference in an animals life, or the end of it.



Help Yourself to Happiness

I’ve come a long way Baby!

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a great weekend and got a chance to get outside a little before it rained…again.  I had the chance to do just that on Saturday with Daddy & Mommy and got to watch them make the yard look beautiful!  They even pulled the grill out of storage for the summer, and I remember this thing so well, because when I was “smaller”, I used to growl & bark at that thing!  I wasn’t sure what it was, so I growled like there was no tomorrow at that big thing.  (Mommy always laughed at me when I growled at the grill – she wondered what I was protecting her from, but she praised me anyways!)

When I look back at some of the silly things that I did, don’t do now, & still do, I chuckle at myself.  I “still” sniff in the fridge when Mommy or Daddy open up “that BIG white thing” because everything smells awesome to me, I “still” lick everything (and I mean everything) in the dishwasher when the door gets opened, I “don’t” accidentally pee in the house anymore (phew, Mommy says), I “do” bark out the front window when I hear another dog barking, I “still” bark at the towels hanging on our neighbors clothes line, I “will always” bark at garbage cans & the garbage man, I “still” love our UPS guy as he always gives me hugs and kisses when he stops by the house for pickups, I “have never” chewed up anything in the house that was not mine, (except I did take Mommy’s slippers a few times, until I was caught) I “still” love going bye bye in the car, I can do tricks “without” a treat (but would prefer them if you’re offering), I “still” love to be vacuumed, I “now” think that the BBQ container is out to get me, and I “always” have to sleep with my squeaky bone. 

Mommy and I created this really neat collage (above) of me from the first day I was adopted, to me now, and boy have I grown!  I got weighed over the weekend and I am now 52.2 lbs.  We did our weekly trip to PetSmart to see all of my friends (and to scam some treats at the register too) and Daddy is looking into getting me a neat new halter that will help me walk better on a leash.  You see, I have a lot of power in my legs and I am pulling when we take walks, so Daddy & Mommy are looking into this neat new item to help me walk better without “taking them for a walk” & pulling so much.  We had a nice long discussion with one of the trainers at PetSmart (her name was Amber) and she suggested this item.  We might be picking it up this week (because they were out of them), so I will have to let you know how it works later.  Daddy also got me a new Nylabone because I love these things!  (thanks Daddy!)  And, the coolest thing that happened while we were in PetSmart, was that Mommy noticed a lady carrying a little puppy in the aisle we were in AND…..IT LOOKED JUST LIKE ME WHEN I WAS A LITTLE PUPPY!  Holy cow, we could not believe that her puppy looked just like me when I was born.  She said that she just adopted her puppy that day but did not pick out a name yet.  The puppy was a Collie and Sheppard mix.  We asked her to email us a photo of the puppy so we can post it in my blog. (hope she does) 

Last, but not least, the APL emailed me this morning to remind me that this is THE LAST WEEK to collect donations for Doggy Dollars & Kitty Kash, as the online donations ends May 8th by 11:59pm.  No matter what denomination you would like to give, every little bit counts!  I am one of the results of what the APL can do for a puppy in need. (Thank you APL)

DOGGY DOLLARS & KITTY KASHDonate today to help assist the Cleveland APL raise money!

Hugs & APL Donation Smoochies to you,

Shocking Results

The APL Needs your Help

T.G.I.F., Thank God it’s Friday, and that is the only good thing about today.  For starters, it is raining and you all know how much I don’t like getting wet, so that started off my day on a bad note.  I’ll deal with it, but it stinks. 

I am still in shock over the American Idol results from last night!  (I don’t think that I will ever understand how America voted Pia off – What were they thinking?)  Truly Stefano should have gone home last night!  So far, only girls have been voted off the show, and last night would have been the right time to send Stefano packing, but that did not happen.  Stefano probably knew that he should have been the one to go, and when he heard that Pia, over him, was going home, he was in shock.  What Stefano should have done was come forward on the show, and say that he wanted Pia to stay in his place and he would go home.  NOW, THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN THE FIRST SHOW-STOPPER FOR HIM.  We all know that Pia was the stronger/better singer than Stefano, so that is why I am shocked and will never get over how America voted on that one!  I wonder what is going to happen next week?  What? Is America going to vote James off next?  Now, that would truly be a disaster!  This puppy will never understand what happened last night, and I am sure that I am not the only one who feels this way.

I know that I keep mentioning about the APL needing donations, but I have to.  The reason being is because I am a result of what donations can do for a puppy.  If it were not for the donations given to the APL, I would not have had a start in life.  I came from a litter of 7 and we all fought to stay alive after our dog Mommy was poisoned after we were born.  We did not have a Mommy to feed from, so with the help of the APL and a great foster Mom named Brea, me and my 6 other siblings got the care we needed to survive.  We only have until May 8th to collect donations for the APL, so I hope that when you read this, you can donate something for this good cause.

I also wanted to check with all of you to see if you have “subscribed” yet to my blog?  If not, what are you waiting for?  When you subscribe, you will get an email waiting for you in your in-box every single time I do a blog post, so you won’t miss out on anything.  And, did you know that you can also print out articles in my blog?  Yep, it’s true.  All you need to do is just click on an article heading and then go to the bottom of the article and you will see a “print” button.  And, you can also email that post to someone too!  Now, to get back to the home page after printing, just click on “home” in the upper left part of my blog. 

Now that I have officially completed my tutorial for the day, I hope everyone has a great weekend and can get over the shocking Idol news from last night.  I also wanted to wish my buddy Angie from Thoughts Appear a safe trip on her cruise. 

Rainy puppy kisses to you,

I Don’t Look Good in Green

I was looking out the kitchen window this morning watching all the traffic go by, like I do every morning, and I happen to notice that everyone has “green” on.  I turned around and asked Mommy why everyone was wearing the same color today.  She said it’s St. Patrick’s Day and that people celebrate this day by wearing all green, funny hats, beads, weird glasses, and drink green beer, and oh yeah, there is a great big parade too.  I don’t get it….  who would want to wear all green?  My color is pink, I LOVE pink!  So I will not be wearing any green today, just my normal pink color that I love. 

There is also another reason to celebrate today, as it’s my Daddy’s Boss’s Birthday today!  I made a really neat birthday card for him and worked on it all day yesterday, so I hope he likes it.  Anyhow, just wanted to give a shout out to him and say “HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG GUY“, hope you have a great day!  Woof woof! 

I think that Comic Relief hit our place last week, because Mommy did something last week that started a whole lot of laughter.  You see, Mommy took one of our huge round Halloween tubs that we use for candy and put a little pillow inside it for the kitties.  Thoughtful act, right?  Sure it is, but now we have either a “whine fest” or a “game of tag” going on with the cats.  When

This is MY tub!

 one cat sits in the tub, the other one whines that they are not in it, and so on.  Then, whoever is in the tub, the other cat waps the cat in the tub on the head to get out.  (this has been going on for days now, with no relief in sightSilly cats… Tag, your it!

I also wanted to write again that I am collecting donations for the Cleveland APL Pledge for Pets.  No matter how much you can donate, $1, $5, or more, this money will help all of the pets in need at the APL.  THEY NEED YOUR HELP!  All of your donations are tax deductible too!  To donate online, click on this link 

We appreciate your donations, I appreciate your donations because, don’t forget that I was adopted too from the APL and I got a second chance for love and a great home.  And, without the APL’s help, I might not have made it as I fought for my life in the beginning.  Now, I’m one happy puppy! 

Have a great green pink day!
Love always – Nikita

Doggy Dollars & Kitty Kash


We just signed up to be a supporter for the “Doggy Dollars and Kitty Kash” to help raise money for the Cleveland APL’s annual fundraising event.  We need all of your help to collect donations for all of the animals that have been rescued, when someone left them on a roadside, or in a box somewhere sick and scared,  just because they did not want them any longer.  Do you ever watch those commercials of the rescued animals, and cry and wonder how you can help?  You can today! 

Here is the link where you can leave an online donation directly to the APL: 

Give this link to EVERYONE!  Your family, your friends, your co-workers, your neighbors – Every donation, no matter what the dollar amount, helps an animal in need!   By donating through the link above, the APL will know that Nikita sent you! 

**FELLOW BLOGGERS**:  Please post the donation link on your blog today and help us raise money for the APL.