“I want to change the world, by one good deed at a time!”

When you think of others first, happiness happens. A frown can be turned upside down by a simple gesture of kindness. This is what Pay It Forward is all about.

Head out into the world & make a difference. Make a difference in someones day and I bet they will be talking about what you did for them for a long time! Good deeds don’t always have to cost money. A good deed for someone could be as simple as returning their grocery cart back to the store for them, or holding a door open for someone.

Good deeds are contagious! Go ahead, do one today and I bet you will be happier too that you did! One good deed, turns into another, and another and before we know it, someone will turn around and do a good deed for you too!

Join in with Nikitaland and Pig Love on our quest to Pay It Forward this year!


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February 4, 2015 Pay It Forward
March 4, 2015 Pay It Forward Differently
March 5, 2015 Mom hopes greeting cards will help ease her little boy’s pain

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