Hey everyone, did you know that this Friday, is “TAKE YOUR DOG TO WORK DAY“?  Yep, it’s true, well, at least that is what my calendar says on it.  I don’t know if many of you can actually take your dogs to work with them, but I thought that I would pass the word of the event coming up.  I wish I could go to work with my Daddy, but I don’t think that doggies are allowed in the building, so I will stay at home with Mommy like I usually do and help her get out all of our eBay Halloween props.  (I love helping Mommy, as I always chew a little on the box flaps when she is not looking)  But somehow, I think she knows what I did when she tries to tape the lid shut.  LOL 

Anyhow, I just wanted to do a quick shout out to our blogger friend Angie because she just turned 30 today!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANGIE!  If you wanted to tell her Happy Birthday too, just give her a shout on her blog at www.thoughtsappear.wordpress.com  

I’ll write more tomorrow, but I wanted to remind you to take your dog with you to work on Friday!  Make sure you go through the drive-thru on your way in, and get them some hash browns! 

Puppy Kisses,


Fun in the Sun

Well, I think it is safe to say that SUMMER is finally here (until all the rain comes back to Cleveland) and I am so glad.  I had such a fun time yesterday playing outside, enjoying the nice warm breeze tickle the hair in my ears, feeling the sun on my face, and……Mommy squirting me with the garden hose!  Now that was FUN!  You know Mommy, she is always joking around with me and plays with me all the time and I love that!  Well, yesterday since it was really hot, she was outside cleaning her car and felt the need to squirt me with the hose on more than one occasion.  I thought it was cool because I was jumping up in the air trying to bite the water that was flying through the air at me.  (ha ha, got it every time in the face!) 

Mommy & I made our buddy Angie from Thoughts Appear a special little pendant.  We surprised her with this pendant of her “two favorite things” – Pop Tarts and her cat Esme.  Angie received it this week and absolutly loved it!  We were glad to brighten her day! 

Ever since Mommy made a few of these pendants already, many people are asking her on how they can get one made for them too!  So, Mommy & Daddy have them now available for you on their website!  You can get your own Personalized Photo Pendant that is perfect for any occasion, or give it to someone  as a gift – “just because”.  (or keep it for yourself, you deserve it)  Great gift idea for the Pet Lover in your family, Wedding, Anniversary, Graduation, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and even Christmas because you can hang these little treasures all over your tree!  

Each pendant is 1″ x 2″ and is made of silver metal & glass, comes with a loop for you to hang on your own necklace, and…..the best part is, you get a 2-sided pendant with 2 of your own favorite photos!  Your photos can also be changed to B&W or Sepia to add that special antique look, and they can be personalized with a name, date, or special sentiment (as long as it will fit in the frame).  Look around your house to see what photos you would like in a pendant and give my Mommy a shout so she can make you one too!  (did you notice that Mommy made one with ME in it too?) 

Have a great photogenic day,
Puppy smoochies from Nikita

I’m 7 Months Old Today – Hurray!

I could not ask for a better day!  It is warm(er) than usual, sunny,  I’ve got more toys than I can play with at one time, I have a great Daddy & Mommy, I have a warm bed to sleep in at night, great food to eat, and now, I turned 7 Months Old today!  Hurray for me

I also noticed today that I have had over 2,650+ people view my blog, and I want to thank each & every one of them… thank you, thank you, thank you….this could take longer than I thought, so I will thank you all at once!  

I have had a lot of accomplishments since I was born and have been one busy little puppy!  For example, I am getting interviewed with my Daddy & Mommy on Sunday for the article that is going in the May issue of Cleveland Magazine, and next Saturday we are doing a photo shoot with a photographer for this issue.  How neat is that?  Just make sure you pick up the May issue to see me! 

Here is a little of what I have been up to in the past seven months:

Me @ 2 Months Old

  • 7-18-10:  Day I was born
  • 9-12-10:  Day I was adopted
  • 9-17-10: My first trip to the VETS
  • 10-4-10: I was given an award from Angie from Thoughts Appear Blog for being the cutest puppy (Thanks Angie!)
  • 10-5-10: I was posted in the Happy Tales Section on the Cleveland APL website – Nikita’s Gone Global
  • 10-31-10: My first Halloween & Costume
  • 11-6-10:  First time I saw “Snow”
  • 11-20-10: Nikitaland Hit 1,000 visitors
  • 12-11-10: Met Santa Claus for the first time (The Jolly Man in the Red Suit)

    Met Santa for the 1st Time

  • 12-14-10: Lost my first tooth
  • 12-23-10: Visited my friends at the Cleveland APL and got to see my Foster Mom, Brea
  • 12-23-10: Kobe & Ozzy from the APL wrote about me in “A Cat’s Eye View
  • 12-30-10:  I was published in the December 2010 issue of Pet Patter from the Cleveland APL (I am on page 9)
  • 2-20-11: Being interviewed for article in the May issue of Cleveland Magazine
  • 2-26-11:  Photo shoot for issue in Cleveland Magazine

What a list, eh?  Just imagine, this all started for me because my Mommy started this blog for me because Daddy & Mommy love me so much!  I am just a normal puppy, enjoying life, but without the help from the Cleveland APL, I would have never had the chance at the great life I have now.  They gave me the head start in life that I needed, and Daddy & Mommy gave me a good home & lots of love. 

Having fun at home

Thanks to all of you, reading my blog, for following me and keeping up with what I am up to – a day in the life of a puppy named Nikita!  Tell all of your friends & family too to check out my blog & watch for what I get into next!

Until later – Nikita

P.S. – I still chase leaves & lick the dishes in the dishwasher! LOL (Some things will never change)

I want to WIN Thoughts Appear Halloween Costume Contest

Mommy made me this adorable Fairy Costume














Hi everyone, it’s me, Nikita!  Mommy spent a lot of time cutting & sewing me this adorable pink (I LOVE pink) Fairy costume because Mommy & Daddy said that I am a “Fairy Tale” come true when they adopted me from the Cleveland APL and gave me a good home when I did not have one.  I now have a good home, good parents, good food to eat, and lots of treats too, all thanks to my Daddy & Mommy.  My story is unbelievable because I came from a litter of seven puppies, all who fought for their life to stay alive, and my foster Mommy had to feed us every hour and a half every day so we could survive.  My real furry Mommy died not long after she gave birth to all of us in a tragic accident.  So, it goes without saying that I am grateful for having my new Daddy & Mommy who take great care of me, and play with me every day and who gave me a “second chance for love & happiness“. 

I want to thank Thoughts Appear for having such a great idea and holding a Halloween Costume Contest and also Blarney for helping Angie out in the judging. I hope I have a chance to win the contest – hey wait a minute, you did not tell me what we can win?  Is is a box of puppy treats?  I would like that a lot!  Even though I did not get any Halloween candy to use to bride the judges with (since Chocolate is bad for puppies) I do have lots of wet puppy kisses for them if I win!  Wish me luck!

Even Mommy wore Pik to match my costume!

Me in my Pink Tutu

And the Award goes to…

Hey, it’s me Nikita!  It’s Monday morning and I just found out that I got an award for being the cutest puppy ever!  Angie from Thoughts Appear blog gave me this award and I want to thank her with lots of wet puppy kisses!  Mommy just told me about Angie and how she just LOVES food like pop tarts and cupcakes, but hates to go camping.  Angie loves Halloween just as much as my Daddy & Mommy and although we heard that she bought a lot of different Halloween costumes already, we are dying to know what she will actually dress up like for Halloween.  (the suspense is killing me)  Angie is my new best friend!  Thanks again for awarding me “The Cutest Puppy” award. 

With Love & Puppy Kisses,