Woke Up To A Winter Wonderland

It did not surprise me that I woke up to all of this snow this morning. We had another clipper blow through here last night and it was supposed to last through the morning. My Sweetie left for work without waking me up, and I felt bad because I normally shovel the driveway on days like this so he could get out. He got out ok, phew!


The one thing that drives me nuts is how you get your driveway all cleared off, you’re pooped from shoveling, you need some warm coffee, and then the snowplow guy drives past and covers up the end of your drive with snow again. Ug. The endless process of snow removal.

1-9-15 NIKITA

Nikita always watches me from the back door and makes sure that I am ok. What a sweet girl looking out for Mommy!


This is what our temps here in wintery Cleveland, OH have looked like for the past few days. Cold, eh?  I get a kick out of the “real feel” temps, and trust me, it really did feel like -25 with the cold winds. No matter how bundled up you were, the winds just blew right through ya.

I still need to head back out to clear off the end of the driveway from the snow plows attempts to make my day miserable, and endless.

A Bitter Cold Wednesday

The bitter cold has returned to Cleveland, OH. The winds are bone chilling. It’s about 11 degrees here right now, but the real feel is -13. I am limiting the dogs time outside because of the wind chill to keep their paws safe from frost bite.


It was play time inside for the dogs. Hide & seek and tug-of-war games broke out.


Bella always runs with her toys to the safety of the couch. I wonder if she thinks that Nikita can’t get them up there.

1-7-15 BELLA

Nikita grabbed her own toy and climbed up on the couch next to Bella.

1-7-15 NIKITA

Here is where they both fell fast asleep, each of them guarding a toy.


When it’s bone chilling outside, there is nothing better than snuggling on the couch with a friend.

Storm Clean Up



Can you spot all three deers?


I walked through the Park today to see where all the water was coming from on Monday while a river ran down our road. The black squares are made of thick heavy rubber and were at the bottom of all the slides. Most of the squares were washed away and I tried to pick one up and could not, that’s how heavy they were! In the above photo of the deer, I found a huge gully that must have overflowed which was right behind the playground, which got flooded and washed away all of the mulch and covered up more sewer grates along the way.


The water then ran through the ball field and through the parking lot and down our road. What a mess to clean up, eh! The city has a lot of clean up to do in the park for sure! And the week is not over yet, with more storms coming.

Storm Clouds

Continuing on with our storms, we had a slight one roll through here last night, but the cloud formations were spectacular. I enhanced all of the cloud photographs just to showcase the cloud formations. And, just in case anyone wants to know what online photo editors I use, I used Pixl Express for these photographs, and I also use PicMonkey too.


What is amazing when you watch a storm starting to “brew”, is how quickly the clouds change.


Isn’t this photograph awesome! It’s like big white puffs in the sky.


The cloud formations were stunning.


I can always get some awesome sky photographs when I look down the street.

5-13-14 CLOUDS

The above photograph actually looks like a tornado blowing over our house. Isn’t that freaky?!

Well, wish us luck, as we are on another flash flood warning for this afternoon with yet another storm coming in. The grass is loving all of this rain, as it has grown leaps and bounds and I have to mow the lawn almost every other day. At least the lawn is looking beautiful!

The Snow That Won’t Go Away

We heard all about it. We heard it was coming. We prayed that it would pass us. It chose to stay around.


Yesterday, I worked a little bit out in the yard cleaning up all the debris that the snow plows left nicely for me in the lawn. It was a nice warm pleasant day that did not require my warm winter coat, hat or gloves. It was nice and truly welcomed.


Today is a different story. I woke up to pouring rain and thought “oh great, it’s going to be one of those days”. A day where all I do is dry off the dogs every time they come inside the house. I got the towels ready. Bella dislikes puddles, so it was quite hilarious to watch her walk around the puddles in the backyard trying to find the right spot to well, er…go.

3-12-14 NOON

The rain changed to snow before the garbage man arrived. It was that thick heavy snow, and it has been snowing non-stop today. And, on top of the heavy snow, we have 30 mph winds blowing in your face when you are trying to shovel.  Today sucks.


Most of the day, I have seen pure white-outs while looking out the window. I feel that I can at any moment just spontaneously combust due to my frustration with all of the bad weather we have had. It would not surprise me if I did. LOL

3-13-14 FOUR O CLOCK

I need to head back out to clear the driveway so my Sweetie can make it into the drive, but I wanted to share with you my wonderful day. I have already opened up some wine to lesson my frustration with this white stuff. Bella just sits by the front door watching it all!


Pledge For Pets White Banner


Snow is Beautiful…Until You Have to Shovel it

1-25-14 Snow2

Snow is beautiful, when you don’t have to shovel it.  We got hit really bad this weekend with more than a foot of snow. It started snowing late Friday night and did not stop snowing until Monday morning. We woke up on Saturday morning to a white out and spent the entire day cleaning off the driveway just to keep up with the amount of snow coming down. It was crazy! In just an hour, we had another few inches pile up on the drive and it just never stopped. Sunday was a repeat of Saturday and it snowed the entire day! It’s been awhile since we saw snow coming down like this so hard and for so long, and we are just so glad that for now, it has stopped. Now, we’re back into freezing temps of zero for a good part of the week. We laughed when we heard that we might even get 40 degrees this weekend, as that will feel like a heat wave to us right now!

1-25-14 I need wine

From using the snow blower, and our shovels, and even our leaf blower, we kept up with the snow removal this weekend. We only saw the city’s snow plows once or twice the entire weekend, as they were busy clearing off all the main roads. Side streets were secondary and a snow ban for parking on the streets was in effect. Whoever tried to park on the street probably made the worst choice ever, as I am sure they got stuck.


The dogs loved the snow though, as they ran and jumped in the huge piles in the yard. Poor Bella jumped in and sunk to the bottom and disappeared which was funny. But since the temps have dropped to freezing this week, I have to watch the dogs closely as their paws get cold really fast and they start limping. It is just way too cold for them this week to romp around in the snow and I keep a close eye on them. We would get the dogs those little paw covers, but we know that they would not like them at all.


Unfortunately for me, I now feel like I am getting sick from being outside the entire weekend. I am just glad that I am getting a little break from having to shovel and can stay indoors. Snow is beautiful…until you have to shovel it!

From Below Zero to 46 in Three Days

I find our weather interesting.  We are used to the ever-changing weather where we live, but this past week was truly interesting.  Our week started off with a polar vortex that blew through here with temps below zero, to us waking up this morning to the ground all covered in that white stuff again. Ug.  It has warmed up to 46 degrees today, which we are so thankful for.  A heat wave from Monday!


But, without any complaining, I headed back outside and cleaned off the driveway (again) and decided I would take a little time for myself and built two snow doggies.  I built a snow dog Nikita and a snow dog Bella which sit high on top of a snow pile at the end of the driveway.  They both have little sticks in their mouths and Bella is sitting next to a red colored ice ball that I froze in a balloon in the freezer and added some red food coloring.  The red ice ball actually looks like one of Bella’s balls sitting next to her! Gotta love it!




While I was outside, I decided to take down all of our Christmas decorations while it was somewhat warm outside today.  I got tired of looking at them, so I felt it was time for them to get stored away.  Only the gutter lights are still up since I need some assistance to take these down.  I did hang the wood LOVE sign I made on the front door, to welcome VAL-entine’s Day with open arms!

We finally got our mailbox replaced by the city yesterday, so now our mail will not blow out because we have a door that actually closes now! Nikita watched diligently by the front window while the city workers threw our old mailbox into the back of their truck and installed a new one. Don’t worry, Bella was watching at the front door too, as she does not miss a thing that goes on in the neighborhood.



NEW MAILBOX2   1-9-14

We are getting really excited for next week, because American Idol Season 13 starts on Wednesday & Thursday.  So, if you are an Idol fan, make sure you don’t miss the first episode, as Keith Urban will be returning as a judge, along with Jennifer Lopez, and the heart-throb Harry Connick Jr.!  We are excited for this season of Idol as we won’t miss the cat fights that happened last season from Mariah and Nikki. Their fighting actually took away a lot of time from the contestants who were trying to get their gold ticket to Hollywood.  So, stay tuned as we do our weekly update of our favorites!

We hope your week was a good one and we’re glad it’s Friday already! Can’t wait to see what the weekend will have in store for us! What plans do you have for the weekend?

The Vortex Wind Tunnel

Plain and simple, today sucked.

It royally sucked, big time.  We got lots (and I mean lots) of snow dumped on us today, and it still is coming down right now as of 9pm. Tomorrow morning is not going to be a good one either.  Our temperature was 12 degrees today, but I am sure it was much colder with the wind chill.  Tuesday’s temps are supposed to be zero, nice eh?


All I did today, was shovel snow.  Fifteen minutes later, I had to head back out to clean off more.  The wind was so severe today that it blew right through my snow suit, so it felt like I was just wearing my jeans outside.  I got cold quick, and my fingers even felt frost bitten even with my Thinsulate gloves on.

The wind blew so hard and severe between the houses in the neighborhood like you were standing in a vortex wind tunnel.  You cleared the drive between your house & your neighbors, turned around, and the snow drift appeared again.  This was my day today.  It stunk.


At one point, I came in and disrobed all of my snow suit, and sat by my little heater to get warm, and I noticed that I had two different socks on. Ok, that stinks, but that just is yet another sucky thing that happened today.


Moments later, a heard a huge bang from outside, and when I looked out, I caught one of our city’s snow plow guys driving away.  He hit our mailbox with his plow,  and ripped off the door to our mailbox and kept going.  I slipped on my flip flops that were sitting by the back door, grabbed my coat and hat, and ran out the back door to catch him. When I got to the end of our driveway, I noticed that all the outgoing mail I put in our mailbox earlier was now laying in the middle of the snow covered street.  Yikes!  I grabbed it up quickly, and ran down the street to catch this moron.  I caught up to him as he was backing up on the side street and told him he hit our mailbox.  He replied and said “no, I did not hit it, it was just the snow that hit it”.  I told him that the door was ripped off and that all of my outgoing mail was in the middle of the road.  He drove over to see what happened and after he saw the mailbox, he said “I must have hit it”.  At least he was apologetic and told me to call the city’s building department to get it replaced.  I did in fact place that call, and hoped that they would replace it today.  They did not.

My next door neighbor arrived home only to find over a foot of snow in her driveway, and when she pulled in, she got stuck.  Figured that would happen.  She got out and shoveled in hopes that she could get in the drive, and no matter how much she shoveled, she was still stuck. She ended up leaving her car at the end of her driveway, then went out again. She left the shoveling for her husband to tackle when he got home as it was too deep for either of us to shovel by hand.  What I had to laugh at, was when she said to me “all I want to do is kick something”, and that is the exact phrase I told my boyfriend earlier in the day.


You just get so frustrated when the snow comes down this fast, the wind blows right through you & in your face, and it makes you feel that no matter how well you clear off your drive, that within minutes it will be covered again.

The vortex wind tunnel won today.


Festivus Snow Days

It comes as no surprise that we got snow, and LOTS of it!  We watched it come down the entire day yesterday with such vengence.  Definitely over 6″ for sure hit our town.  It was pretty to watch as we sat in a warm house drinking our warm coffee, but having to clean off your drive and sidewalk was a different story.


It was that thick heavy snow that blanketed everything. Tree branches were heavily covered in thick white snow, even a deer we saw had snow piled up on its head while he stood in our neighbors backyard eating his bushes.

Let it Snow

Our neighbors had a lot of fun in the snow with friends building snowmen across the street.  It was fun to watch as they rolled the snow balls around the ground creating the perfect snowman body parts.  One after the other, they built three snowmen and even a snow turtle!


One snowman, or snow woman, was built with anatomical parts! And she was even a smoker with a cigarette hanging out the side of her snow face! (gotta love snow humor, eh!)


We had our neighbors over for pizza the other night, before all the snow hit us, and we dined at the table adorned in red & gold. Who said eating pizza can’t be fancy?


After dinner, we took a ride to see a holiday light show.  We just love how this guy decorates his house and yard with lights!  When you sit in front of his house, you turn your radio to a certain frequency and listen to Christmas music as you watch his light show!  It is a spectacular light show to watch!

Here is the link to his light show from last year: http://vimeo.com/57824434


Nikita got a new sweater too when Bella got hers, but it is not as easy as Bella’s was to put on, but she loves it!  It definitely makes it easier to dry her off when she comes in from playing in all the snow.  The sweater provides warmth, and a good shield from snow balls in her fur.



The pictures of Nikita (above) are before all of the snow hit us.  Now, the backyard is piled high with the white stuff.  Snow forts were built so they could have a shoveled off area to potty in, and the snow is packed down into the ground from all of our trips outside.

After all the playing was done for the day, Nikita took advantage of her quiet time and napped with her favorite teddy bear.


What a week we had with all the snow and excitement!  As the snow is still coming down, we can take a little break for now as the driveway is finally all cleared again, until we have to head back out and do it all over again.  Just think, Winter has not even officially begun yet!

Snow in October?

Well, here in Cleveland, OH you can expect anything when it comes to the weather in our area.  Last night was no different.  I took the dogs out before dinner and I saw that Nikita’s back was getting covered with little white stuff.  Yep, the white stuff called SNOW!

We came back into the house to prepare dinner and looked outside when the Halloween lights turned on from the timer and saw this…


A full blown front yard snow fall!  WOW!  Skully and his friends need scarfs!  The snow did not last long, but it was really truly something to see in October.  Now, we are wondering what we are in for on Halloween night!



Two more of Skully’s friends were added to our front yard and they are attached to our gutters hanging off the house!  Yep, they are crawling up the bricks on the front of our house inside some cool webs.


Skully even adorned his football gear and rooted for the Browns on Sunday, but his team spirit was drowned as they lost.  But we are used to this in Cleveland, as we always say….”There’s always next year!”