When A Trip To PetSmart Makes You Cry

One of the funnest things to do at Halloween when you own a pet, is to dress them up in a funny costume and take them to get their pictures taken.  Never in a million years would you think that this would end up making you cry.  We spent quite a bit of money on two of the cutest Halloween costumes for both Nikita and Bella, as Nikita was going to be transformed into a squirrel, and Bella turned into a little skunk, as sometimes she is a little “stinker”, so we thought her costume was quite appropriate.

So, we kept checking online to see when PetSmart was going to hold their annual Howl-O-Ween event, and it was scheduled for yesterday at the Parma, OH store from 3:00pm to 5:00pm.   We got all of the costumes packed up, and packed up our usual doggie travel bag with lots of water, a water bowl, and treats so that our doggies would not be thirsty, as we care for the welfare of our pets.  To catch you up on what has happened to us in prior years at PetSmart’s Howl-O-Ween event, we had each time blurry photographs that they tried to pass off to us, and we did not want to pay for them, so we got our money back and left the store disappointed and sad with blurry photo in hand.  As we headed off to PetSmart yesterday, we chuckled to ourselves and wondered if we would have the same experience again with the photographs, and boy oh boy you won’t believe what happened to us this year!

We arrived at PetSmart a little before 3:00pm and dressed both Nikita and Bella in the car which was a sight in itself and not the easiest thing to try to accomplish, but we got their costumes on them & headed into the store.  There was already a huge line that had formed and we were surprised, because prior years when we arrived at this same time, we seemed to be one of the first in line, but that’s ok as we were willing to take our turn in line with the others.  Well, we waited in line for about 45 minutes to an hour before we were able to get our photograph taken, and in this time, it was difficult to keep the dogs well behaved because of all the activity around them with other dogs barking (and you know what happens when one dog barks – they ALL bark), the dogs were getting hot in their costumes and uncomfortable and I kept giving them water (which I am sure they had to pee by now) to keep them hydrated.

It was apparent to us (again) that the employees at PetSmart turned out yet another (this is our third year taking the pets up there & our LAST) dis-organized event.  Last year, we waited in line only to find out when we got up to the front of the line, that we had to PAY FIRST for our frame & photo (which no one from the store told anyone this), so we had to head back to the register with the dogs to pay, then get back in line.  This year (yesterday) we got conflicting information from PetSmart employees on what to do, as one told us that we DID NOT have to pay first, and another employee told us that we in fact had to pay first.

We were at PetSmart about a week prior to this event, and actually spoke to one employee in depth about our thoughts on how they could improve this event, and he told us that he was one of the people who was actually going to be working this event, so we were glad that we were talking to one of the right people to pass along our thoughts.  We told this employee, that they (PetSmart) should have an employee stand by the front entrance to greet people coming in with their pets and “DIRECT” them on what to do.  If we had to pay first, then this employee would “INSTRUCT” customers to head to register #4 FIRST to pay for their photo & frame, then to get in line with the others.  None of this happened, and this year was the most unorganized event that PetSmart has held in three years.

So, while we tried to amuse ourselves in line for almost an hour, keep the dogs in line, hold on to what sanity we had left at that point, we made it up to the front of the line and it was our turn to get our picture taken.  We sat down on the bench and had the dogs sit on the floor in front of us, and they took a bunch of photographs.  Since Bella is dark in color, it was hard to see her, but that is why they took lots of pictures so we could pick out one of the best.  The Store Manager was actually the person who took our photographs.  We gathered up our coats and doggie travel bag, then headed around the corner to “WAIT” for our photograph to be printed.  Once again, trying to keep the dogs from going nuts from all of the other dogs walking past them, and keep them well hydrated because they were hot with their costumes on.  After we stood there for quite a while, I decided to remove their costumes and help cool them off, and this worked as they seemed to settle down and laid down on the floor by us.  The lady who was “behind us” in line with her dog Pogo, came around the corner and showed us her doggie photo, so she was off and on her way home now with photo & frame in hand.  We still waited.  Then after more time had passed, we started asking as to when we would get our photo printed.  The two PetSmart employees that were printing the photos looked through multiple memory sticks on their printers and could not find our photographs.  What?  What do you mean you can’t find them?  They took at least five to six photographs of us sitting on the bench!  At this point, I got thoroughly pissed, and walked to the front of the store with Nikita, while Roy stayed back with Bella to see if they could locate our photos on the memory cards.  When I got to the front of the store, I saw Jane who was at the first register and I asked her to get me a Store Manager to talk to.  (Jane did not know at this point what had happened to us)  The lady who took our photographs approached me and apologized to me and at that time I did not know that she was actually the Store Manager, but she handed me a $25 PetSmart gift card with her sincere apologies on our experience in the store.  I was so upset at this point and started to cry, right there in the entrance to PetSmart, as I was so hurt, disgusted, irritated, and let down AGAIN by the experience we have had over the last three years at PetSmart at this event, and this time, it was the worst ever experience and this has truly changed our mind about ever shopping there again.  I told the Store Manager to go back and find Roy and to refund his money that he had paid for the photo & frame, and she did.

This was supposed to be a HAPPY DAY which turned out to be the worst experience we have ever had and now Bella’s first Halloween (and Nikita’s third) was ruined by incompetent employees who deleted all of our photographs off the memory stick.  Why in the hell would you ever “delete” any photo off a memory stick while the event was still going on?

Hopefully the Store Manager and the employees at PetSmart will get their act together for future Howl-O-Ween events, and take some of our advice on how to get the word to customers arriving at the store for photographs and what to do, like pay first or not to pay first, and the funny thing that we overheard while waiting yet another 45 minutes for our printed photo was that lots of people walked out of the store “without paying”.  This over two hour ordeal that we went through at PetSmart was not worth a $25 gift card that we received, as we would have rather just had the two hours of our life back and had not gone through the agonizing perils that we experienced at this store.  Organization is the key to pulling off a simple event like this, and they obviously did not have any of that.

So sorry PetSmart, as you just lost two customers that have spent lots of money in your store over the years.  The only photographs that we will remember from this event, are the photographs of us “standing in line”.

Welcome Our New Addition to Nikitaland: Introducing Bella

We are proud to announce that on Friday night, we added a new addition to Nikitaland as we adopted a new little bundle of energy & joy from the APL at the Adopt Around the Clock 24-Hour Pet Marathon.  There were 400 dogs & cats that needed to find their forever homes, so it was no surprise to us when we arrived and PetSmart’s parking lot was jammed packed with cars & people all over the place.   Cages were all over the place under tents in the parking lot filled with adoptable dogs and puppies and inside PetSmart it was filled with all the kitties and cats.  It was like a Furry-Palooza going on and we were so glad to see the great turnout that this event had.   We heard that the adoption goal was 300 pets, and we think that the total adopted was 237, so a lot of animals got to go home and start their new lives in their forever homes and that is awesome!  This is one great photo of how happy one certain puppy was to be adopted by a nice couple!  (Thanks Annette for adopting me!)

We spent a lot of time walking around meeting & greeting all of the dogs & puppies and when we saw a new batch of animals arriving, we knew that we had found our new puppy.  Bella, is what we named our new puppy, but it took us until Saturday morning to figure out what to name her.  She arrived in one of the vehicles from the APL and we saw her on the lap of one of the employees, and when she was brought into the tent area, we followed her.  We could not take our eyes off of her.  We ran into Uncle Dave from the APL who helped us with our adoption of Nikita two years ago and he took Bella out of her cage so we could hold her.  It was love at first sight!  We did a lot of thinking while we were there and wanted to make sure we were doing the right thing, as we had Nikita on our mind and wanted to make sure that she would be ok with a new puppy in the house, but after deliberating a bit, we decided to adopt Bella.

We had to head into PetSmart to grab a bag of puppy food since we did not have any at home, and PetSmart had given us a lot of coupons with our adoption, so our first bag of food was on them!  Thanks PetSmart!  Bella was already drawing attention from everyone who walked by us as they all had to pet her.  It seemed like deja vu all over again, as this is what happened when we walked through the store with Nikita just two years earlier.  We were finally on our way home with our new puppy, and we found out that not long after we left a huge thunder storm hit and a lot of the tents were blown down and they had to move all of the animals inside PetSmart, but all the dogs were safe which was good to hear.

As for me, I have not been able to sleep much since Friday night, since I have nominated myself to take Bella out every time she woke up to cut down on the accidents in the house.  I nominated myself so Daddy could get a good nights sleep as he has a very important job and we don’t want him heading into work with little sleep.  We love Daddy so much & want to thank him for everything! We were lucky when we adopted Nikita, as she did not whine or whimper not even once from the first day we brought her home, but Bella is a completely different story.  Friday night was hell from all the crying, but with each day that has passed, she has gotten a lot better at night and sleeps quite a few hours before she wakes up and needs to head outside.  Phew, I knew this was not going to be easy, but we did a good thing and gave another little puppy it’s forever home.

Nikita took to Bella quite well, and was wagging her tail when we brought her into the house for the first time.  It will take a little time for her to get used to having another dog in the house, but we feel that she will be ok.  We had noticed that Nikita was a little anxious or stressed a little because she was drooling all over the place like a Saint Bernard.  When we took Bella to the vets on Saturday for her first check up and she weighed in at 8.6 pounds, and Nikita got her nails clipped while we were there, we had asked the vet what the drooling was all about and he confirmed that she was a little stressed with the new puppy, but it will pass.  As of today, Nikita has not drooled, and that is a good thing!  The one thing though that Bella is doing to Nikita is running behind her and biting Nikita’s fluffy tail and Nikita hates this & runs like mad to get away from her.  Hopefully in time, Bella will be cured of this so she does not stress out Nikita.

On Sunday, Nikita took a little break from Bella and sat down on the couch to watch the Browns Game.  The Browns were playing the Philadelphia Eagles and unfortunately, they lost by ONE POINT!  Ouch, that hurts.

We have a lot to celebrate this week as Nikitaland is turning two years old on the 14th, and what better way to celebrate our two years than with two beautiful dogs, Nikita and Bella.  Nikitaland is now Nikitaland & Co., because we have made room for one more fluffy pup in our life, with lots of love to share.  Not only do we have two reasons to celebrate, but I have a third reason.  It’s because I get to spend every day with the love of my life to which I owe everything to.  (thanks for everything my Sweets!)

One of the neat things about Bella is that she is portraying some of the same traits that Nikita did when she was a puppy, as climbing into the fridge as Bella did this and went straight for Daddy’s wine bottle and started licking it (just leave some for Daddy when he gets home).

So, stay tuned as we will have many more stories to tell with the addition to our happy home!  Enjoy our small sampling of photographs of Bella, as we are sure that there will be many many more to come!  Enjoy & welcome Bella to her forever home!

PetSmart – Like a Kid in a Candy Shop

Yesterday, I headed off to PetSmart with Daddy & Mommy and boy was I one happy puppy to be heading to my favorite place, PetSmart – “it’s like a kid in candy shop” atmosphere for us dogs! 

Upon entering the cool automatic sliding doors in front of PetSmart, we got to meet this nice guy in the yellow shirt.  I ran right up to him for a pet and he said “Hi, I’m the PetSmart Greeter“.  Woah, wait a minute!  I thought that I was the unofficial PetSmart greeter! (lol)  I then ran right up to the first register and actually pushed some customers away so that I could jump onto the counter for a treat.  Gotta get my treat upon entering the store.  Everyone, of course, laughed at my shenanigans, but that is what I do, it’s what I know and what I have done ever since I got big enough to jump up onto the counter.  But I know where I get my treats from! 

We continued throughout the store and got to meet many more nice people!  We got to meet this really nice lady in the cat food area and she gave me a lot of attention.  Boy she was really nice!  I just sat right next to her side while she petted me and gave me attention.  Aw, I love the attention and some times feel that every person I pass, “they” have to pet me!  It’s funny that I do that, but I love meeting people and love all the kids I get to meet. 

We ran into the nice guy in the yellow shirt and his wife again and Mommy snapped a photo of us.  He told us that they were getting a new puppy, a yellow lab, that day and were picking up all the essentials they needed for their new arrival!  How cool is that!  We hope that he contacts us and sends us a photo of their new little furry pup so I can show you their new four-legged friend.  I remember the day when I was adopted and how Daddy and Mommy walked all around PetSmart and picked up all the things that I needed before we headed home. 

While walking around the store, I got to meet a lot more people and also ran into “Mike the Nutrition Guy” who remembered me which was so cool.   Mike always gives me attention no matter how busy he is! 

All in all, it was a good day, another successful trip to PetSmart, and more great friends that I got to meet.  I love going to PetSmart as I feel like a kid in a candy shop, or as my Mommy would say when she heads to Staples (as she loves office supplies & sticky notes).  You can only imagine what I did when we got home…slept like a baby! 

Until next time… we hope that we run into that nice guy in the yellow shirt and their new four-legged best friend.  We’ll be watching for you! 

Love & hugs,


Today, I got to take a car ride with Daddy & Mommy as we had to pick up presents for Christmas.  Then we headed off to my favorite place in the whole world, PetSmart!  It’s kinda like Disney Land for dogs.  PetSmart was jumping today because they were having a pre-Christmas sale and we noticed that the Big Guy in the red suit was also there taking pictures with all the doggies.  I even ran into him while walking around the store and he stopped and petted me.  Aw, how sweet was that!  I immediately told Santa that I have been a good little puppy, just so he knew, and to make sure that I was on the “Nice” list of his.  I am pretty sure I am!  LOL 

Anyhow, we met this adorable white fluffy puppy that was just recently adopted by a nice adorable couple, and we found out that they have not yet named her.  So, we are asking everyone to comment in this blog post on what her name should be.  Help them name their new puppy!  We could not stop petting this little furry cutie.  She even has one blue eye and one brown eye. 

I played with the little puppy and even shared my water bowl with her atnd a few treats too!  That was nice of me, eh? 

Anyhow, we continued through the store to pick up more yummy food for me and the kitties, and kept running into this little white furry cutie.  We laughed when we saw her standing at the end of an aisle and it appeared that she did not want to go, so she became stubborn and stood her ground and just sat down.  We laughed, because I used to do silly things like that when I was younger.

I had an awesome day today with Daddy and Mommy at PetSmart, and we hope that the nice couple we met today will keep in touch with us and perhaps I can play with my new friend that I made today.  We just need to help them give her a name! 

Here are some photo’s from our day today…  photo’s from me riding in the car, to seeing the smallest car we have ever seen, to Mommy taking a photo of herself in the side view mirror of the car.  For a lucky adopted dog like me, I would call today a great day and met some new friends along the way. 

Almost Got Skunked!

It amazes me every Monday when I reflect back to my weekend on how much one dog can cram into three days.  I am on high alert for what goes on around here and I know when something does not belong or a stranger is lurking whom I have never seen before and I alert Daddy & Mommy to what I find.  But, when it’s time for bed and I hit those nice fluffy blankies, I am out like a light, feet up in the air, dead to the world and its surroundings.  And that has been a HUGE problem these past few days.  I have talked about all the deer we have around here a lot, and I do watch them from every window, but we have had some major damage to our yard over the last week and a half from the bucks!  They, for some reason, have chosen our yard to “Mark their Territory”, both the front yard and back, and they are making huge ruts in the lawn which has torn up the grass from one end of the yard to the other. 

Deer Damage: Click on photo to enlarge

Pieces of grass and dirt chunks are strewn everywhere and now our once beautiful looking lawn, has turned into what it looks like “divots” from a golfer on a golf course.  (I didn’t hear the bucks yell “F O U R”, or I would have woke up)  Daddy & Mommy are really upset – the damage is done and it keeps happening.  Every morning we wake up and look outside, MORE ruts!  We started thinking that it was just our lawn until yesterday we noticed our neighbors lawn had ruts too, but that still does not make it right. 

Daddy and Mommy did a whirlwind shopping trip on Saturday and stopped at some craft stores to see if they could find the supplies they need for Halloween.  They found these neat 3″ plastic letter stencils that they are going to use on their wood tombstones for epitaphs and the stencil font was called “Girls are Weird”.  Strange name, but the stencil font is cool.  Mommy was even practicing on paper to see how wide the words would get just to make sure they fit well on the tombstone. 

And, speaking of tombstones……Daddy & Mommy finally surprised Grandma with the tombstone that they made for her.  She was blown away that we made her a Halloween decoration and she loved it!  She could not stop looking at it and giving them hugs!  Her tombstone was painted with gray primer first then a Krylon “Make it Stone” spray paint was applied to give it a stone texture and finally a clear coat was applied to seal it from the weather.  Grandma wanted her tombstone to be placed in her flower bed so she could see it from the house and enjoy it!  Glad you liked your tombstone Grandma!  We love you! 

Anyhow, after Daddy & Mommy got back from their errands, they took me to PetSmart since I was good, and they felt bad that they left me alone earlier in the day.  That’s ok, I mostly slept on the bed while they were gone and watched a few cartoons too.  Well, on this particular trip to PetSmart, I was bad.  I would not listen and just kept running up to every person I saw like it was my first time out of the house.  Geez, what got into me?  I know Mommy was getting mad at me, but I could not stop.  All the PetSmart employees greeted me, as usual, when I entered the store and Jane and Amber fed me treats, one after the other.  I even saw some of the customers just standing there watching me and my antics and they laughed.  I also met this really nice couple whom I loved and they just kept petting me and hugging me.  Aw, they were so nice!   Also, Amber the PetSmart trainer even was chasing me around the store – man oh man did I love that!  She kept goofing with me every time she ran into me in the store.  (I love that kind of silliness!)  Mommy and I sat down and checked out all the kitties that were waiting to be adopted while Daddy snapped a good photo of us.  And, my best bud Brett was grooming some doggies (who did not look like they were having any fun) and he came out real quick to see me & give me hugs!  Gotta love Brett! 

Now, comes the interesting part of the weekend… Mommy and Me almost got skunked…..twice!  Yep, you heard that right!  Once on Saturday night and again on Sunday night.  Mommy took me out for my last bathroom break of the day and when we came around the corner of the house, a skunk was walking towards us on the grass, then turned around real quick (because we startled it) and Mommy did some quick thinking and grabbed me and we ran super fast back into the house.  My little heart was beating like crazy on the landing and she gave me a hug to calm me down.  What just happened I was thinking and Daddy asked that too and we told him that we just ran into Pepe le Pew outside.  He said “Oh Man” and could not believe it, because we have not seen any skunks out here at all, until today.  Then, it happened again on Sunday night, the exact same scenerio…. went outside for my last pee break and WHAM…. that skunk was in the exact same spot we saw it the night before, and….we did the same thing… R U N!   That is one thing that we are for sure that we don’t want to get sprayed by.  Who would hug me then?  I would smell badly. 

What a weekend I had, just packed with fun & excitement (only if you can call almost being skunked twice as excitement), but we are glad that the Cleveland Browns WON yesterday!  YIPPEE, yes we know it was only by a point and in the last seconds on the clock, but a WIN is a WIN and we’ll take it!  Way to go Brownies!  And, if that is still not enough stuff crammed into a weekend, Mommy also painted her wood “EEK” letters and finished them with a nice clear coat.  I hope everyone had a fun filled weekend like I did…what will happen next? 

One Year of Love & Happiness

On September 12, 2010 I was adopted.  That was the happiest day of my life.  I was getting a permanent home.  I had a great Foster home and a wonderful & loving Foster Mom, named Breanne Alcox who took care of me & my six other siblings.  Here is the comment from Brea back in September of 2010:

Hi, my name is Breanne Alcox and I was Nikita’s foster mom. I just wanted to say how much I love your site. Nikita and her brother, and sisters, came to me at 14days old when their mother died of poisioning. I had to feed all 7 puppies (1 boy and 6girls) every 1.5 hours throught the day/night. They all fought hard to live, and made it through some hard times. I feel so blessed to know she found a great home with your family. It puts my heart at ease knowing she is truely loved. I will watch your site to see what an amazing dog she turns out to be. Thank you again…she was loved be me and my family, and now by yours. What a happy ending it is!

I remember that day I was adopted as it was so vivid.  My new Daddy & Mommy arrived at PetSmart that day just to buy kitty food, but they saw that the APL was holding a pet adoption outside, so they went over to see all the kitties and puppies.  They spotted me with my other siblings, just running around looking adorable, and they picked me up – – that is all it took, as they were hooked.  They set me back down for only a few minutes to talk amongst themselves, then they turned back around, picked up me and did not let go of me.  I knew I was going home that day.  The only thing that Daddy & Mommy felt bad about (but not for too long) is that another couple was eyeing me up that day, and if they did not act quick and pick me back up, I would have gone home with someone else.  Glad they acted quick and picked me up. 

Next, is when Daddy and Mommy met Dave from the APL.  Dave is now called “Uncle Dave” in my book as he is the greatest!  Dave helped Daddy fill out the adoption paperwork and he was so glad that I found a new home.  I remember that a few months after I was adopted, we went back up to PetSmart to meet Uncle Dave so he could see how big I got.  What a great reunion!  I even did tricks for Uncle Dave so he could see how smart I was.  I was performing for him like there was no tomorrow, sit, shake, down – – I did them over and over for him.

Anyhow, after all of the paperwork was completed, I was ready to go home, but first we needed all the supplies for a new puppy as Daddy & Mommy did not have these at home.  I still laugh that they were just heading up to PetSmart for kitty food, and came home with a puppy!  So, all three of us went into PetSmart to get our supplies, this is how we met Jane, a super nice employee at PetSmart.  Jane gave us our new puppy packet filled with coupons and pamphlets and she walked around the store with us and helped us pick out all the essentials that I needed.  I got a new cage that day, some toys, good healthy puppy food, picked out a new collar & leash (got those in pink, of course), and I remember how tired I was from the long day I had, and Mommy placed me on top of the box of my new cage that was ontop of the shopping cart.  That is where I fell asleep while they walked around the store and everyone who saw me up there sleeping, said “Awwwww”.  I was a cute puppy that is so true, and I am now one adorable dog, one year later!  After we got all the essentials for me, Daddy remembered that he almost forgot to get the kitty food that they originally came to the store for.  Phew, glad he remembered! 

Now, it’s time to head home…what a good thought, HOME.  I have a new home.  A place that I can call my own, a place where I will be loved, a place that I feel safe, and a place where I can lay my head down to sleep every night filled with happiness and lots of memories.  I sat on Mommy’s lap on the ride home and was a little scared, but that soon passed because I love car rides now.  We arrived home and Mommy placed me down on the ground and told me “This is your new home” and I ran out onto the grass and had my first pee!  WOW, this is home, as I have marked my territory.  Of course, Daddy had to phone Grandma to tell her of my arrival, and Grandma jumped in her car and headed right over.  Grandma picked me up and gave me lots of hugs and I fell in love with Grandma that day.  We played outside most of the afternoon, then went inside so I could watch my first Browns game.  (they lost, of course)  The afternoon just flew by and I was one tired little puppy.  My first day in my new home, with lots of trips outside to pee, but when I went to bed in my new cage, I crashed.  From my first day in my new home and every night that I slept in my cage, I never cried or wimpered, I was happy….I was home. 

I have so many memories in this year that has passed, and was happy to share them all with you in “A Day in the Life of a Puppy Named Nikita” as my blog will be a year old tomorrow on September 14th.  I have so many “firsts” in this past year that are quite memorable, from the first time I saw my reflection in the oven door & growled, to my first Halloween & costume & meeting my first animatronic prop in the kitchen, my first Christmas and meeting that chubby guy in the red suit, to crawling into the dishwasher to lick the dishes & spoons, to losing my first baby teeth, all of which are memories that I will never forget.  Thanks for following me and watching me grow up this past year, as I am sure that I will have many more stories to tell.  Enjoy the following photographs of me growing up & thanks to everyone who I have met along the way and all the wonderful people at the Cleveland APL to whom gave me a chance at life and happiness, and of course, to my Daddy & Mommy who took the chance on me and gave me love, good food, tons of toys, and lots of happiness.  I love you all!







Milk.... It Does a Body Good!

WOW, what a great Labor Day weekend we had!  Daddy had Monday off, so we got to spend a lot of time together & had a lot of fun!  We headed off to PetSmart on Saturday and got to meet a whole bunch of really nice people and tons of furry four-legged friends too!  I met these two nice girls who came over to meet me and they said that they saw me come into the store and just had to come over and pet me!  (thanks!)  Mommy gave these girls one of my Blog Calling Cards and told them that they can check up on what I am up to by viewing my blog.  One of the girls even said that they did not know anything about blogs, and said that they might start one about their cat!  If they do, I hope they read this post and let me know what their blog site is so I can visit them too!  Good luck! 

I even had a guy that rubbed my belly and said I was adorable and I thought it was funny because he had a whole shopping cart filled with cat food, but he was giving some “lovin” to me instead!   I even got to meet a really adorable four month old German Shepard and we got along great!  Mommy wishes she did not forget her camera at home on this trip or I could have posted a photo of this aborable puppy.  But, I met another dog who I growled at (sorry) and I feel bad, as he did nothing to me.  I guess we can’t all get along, but I normally don’t growl at others, as I am a happy puppy.   

As you can see from the photo’s above, you don’t always have to play with your own toys as you can find fun sometimes in simple things – like empty milk cartons!  LOL  I had so much fun with this thing, chasing it all over the house as it rattled and flew down the hallway and through the living room, until I chewed too much of it and we had to say goodbye.  Oh well, while it lasted, I had a blast with my 2% milk – it does a body or dog good! 

Mommy & Daddy are still trying to figure out what I should be for Halloween and since no one has given me any suggestions, we are still stumped.  Mommy tried on my fairy wings from last year, and just as we suspected, they did not fit.  We got them on me, but they were way too tight!  Amber, the PetSmart trainer said that I should be a Mummy for Halloween, so we might try to figure out how to make me into one.  And, while shopping on the Old Navy website over the weekend, Mommy saw that they had a really adorable “Postman” dog Halloween costume that was really funny too!  This costume even came with a little blue hat and had a blue shirt with a brown mail pouch over the shoulder with letters in it too!  Ahhh, Halloween….you gotta love it! 

Also, we’re still keeping a close eye on Daddy’s pumpkin too.  Ever since August 25th when some deer had a field day munching on Daddy’s pumpkin vines, we are glad to announce that the pumpkin is just fine and is growing by leaps and bounds.  Although Daddy is sad because we think that there could have been more pumpkins instead of just one, if the deer would not have damaged the main vine.  (Darn deer!)  We are just amazed on how BIG his pumpkin has grown in less than a month.  Look at how small the pumpkin started off as and how BIG it is now!  Even check out how the color has changed in the pumpkin too!  We are wondering as to when it will start to change it’s color to orange.   I will have to keep you up to date on its progress! 

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend, and yes, it’s Tuesday not Monday Daddy.  Oh yeah, thanks again for all of the birthday wishes that everyone sent to Daddy on Friday – he appreciated them all! 

P.S. – Get your Halloween Props soon, or you’ll find out that all the good stuff is gone!  www.themesnthings.com 

Are You Ready for Halloween?

Did you know that Halloween is only 60 days away?  Yep, we’re counting it down and getting ready too!  Mommy is getting her creative side in gear and is trying to make a cemetery gateway out of boxes to put in the front yard this year.  Making your own Halloween props is not that hard, but you do need a good imagination to pull it off.   Once Mommy gets a little further in her gateway progress, we’ll will post some photographs so you can see.  When this gateway is finished it will have approximately 40+ boxes, masking tape, bricks for weight, and lights or a black light in the cemetery sign on top.  WOW, that sounds so neat, can’t wait to see it when it’s done.  I have been helping her by trying to chew on the masking tape roll!  (what is it with tape rolls that I love so much?)  Who knows, but I love helping Mommy with her projects! 

Shipping Halloween Products

Getting ready to setup your own home haunt?  Well, by using a few pieces of  grid paper, you can draw out your yard and use it as a plan as to where to place all of your tombstones and props in your yard.  Don’t forget to draw out all of the extension cords and flood lights you will need too, as they are an important part of your home haunt! 

I have been busy helping Mommy shipping out tons of Halloween props and accessories too, but if someone accidentally gets one of my toys in their box by mistake, can you ship it back to me?  (I may be missing one or two)   

This is a MUST do for every pet owner!  Why would you dress up for Halloween and not dress up your pet too?  They want to get in the fun too, not to mention all of the fun photographs you can capture when they’re all decked out in their costumes.  PetSmart usually holds a Halloween Pet Photo weekend where you can purchase your photo for a minimal charge and it’s fun too!  Last year, I was a fairy, but I can’t fit into my tutu any longer (as it only fits around my neck now), so we need to figure out what I am going to be for Halloween.  We’re thinking of making me into a bat with black wings and a black mask, but we’re still deciding on this one.  If you have any suggestions on what I should be, let me know!   

Don’t forget to also check out Daddy & Mommy’s website if you are looking for some awesome Halloween Props & Accessories – they have a huge selection to pick from!  www.themesnthings.com

Ripe & Ready to Pick!

Gardening is great!  It seems to always be a lot of work getting the yard ready for Summer, but for those of us who enjoy it, it’s not work at all, but pure joy!  For example, for the first time ever, Mommy finally got two baby cherry tomato plants that Daddy picked out for her, and it was her first time ever that she tried “container gardening”, and today will be the first time that we can pick our first two cherry tomatos!  Mommy has been babying her tomato plants and actually brings them in every night so the deer won’t eat them.  So, all of her hard work is finally paying off with her first two tomatoes! 

Even Daddy got into the fun and planted some pumpkin seeds!  He started his seeds back in May, but with all the rain we got, it actually killed out the seeds, so he planted yet another whole pack of seeds and had success.  Now, if we could only figure out how to keep the little rodents away from eating the little pumpkin plants that are sprouting, that would be awesome!  Since Daddy and Mommy love Halloween, they decided that they would try some pumpkin seeds to see if they could grow their own pumpkins to carve on Halloween!  We’ll have to keep you informed on how that goes!  Daddy’s prize pumpkin (the largest one) actually has some huge blooms on it, so we think that we’ll have a chance with this one!

Mommy is still cutting and sanding tombstones!  She has about 10 cut & sanded so far, and they are looking great!  Daddy & Mommy went to Pat Catans and purchased some 6″ wood letters R.I.P. to add to the tombstones for some flair.  If anyone has any suggestions on what she can add to the tombstones or any great websites to share, let her know.  How do you think she is doing so far?  By the time Halloween rolls around (which is only 115 days away) she’ll have tons of new tombstones for the front yard! 

Well, the weekend is upon us and I can’t wait to see what I’ll get into – – probably another trip to Disneyland (aka PetSmart) and I’ll have to start checking out the toys they have so I can tell Santa what I want for Christmas!

Woof at you later…Nikita

Do You Play With Your Food?

Lately, I have started this strange obsession.  I play with my food before I eat it.  I am sure that I am not the only one who does this, as some people have the strange quirk that their food cannot touch eat other on their plate, to which I think is strange, but who am I to judge when I play with mine first.  I am transitioning over from puppy food to adult food, now that I am under 30 days until I turn one, and I must think that my larger bites food is fun!  I take a piece out of my bowl, run around the house with it in my mouth, drop it on the floor, pounce on it a few times, then I lay down on the floor and eat it.  (it takes me awhile to eat a whole bowl of food when I do this, but it’s funny to watch)  I don’t do this every time I get the larger bites, but lately, most of the time I play with my food first. 

Begging for treats at the register

I went to my favorite place again this weekend, PetSmart and got to see all of my friends.  Daddy and I rooted through the clearance bin and checked out all the toys.  I got to meet a lot of new friends too that were in the store – they thought that I was so adorable.  One guy I met by the front door wanted to take me home with him, but I knew that would not happen as Daddy & Mommy know better.  This guy said that he wished he could have a doggie as beautiful as me, so I told him to check with the APL to see if he could get one.  (Hear that APL?  I am referring people to come visit you and adopt a pet)  I also got weighed at PetSmart since it has been awhile since we did this and we found out that I now weigh 59.4 pounds.  WOW!  I am almost 60 pounds!  I am for sure growing up! 

Mommy worked on the tombstones again this weekend and we now have 8 cut out.  She used the electric sander and sanded the tops of all the tombstones so that they are as smooth as a baby’s bottom and she even had an idea and cut out a bat and a moon.  She is going to paint the bat black (of course) and attach the bat to the moon after painting it a really cool orangish-yellow, then she’ll attach them to a doll rod and put outside as a decoration.  (Mommy is really creative, eh?!) 

Oh yeah, before I forget to mention, the little doggie that I mentioned earlier, Charlie, he was finally found and was reunited with his family!  We saw Charlie and his Mommy taking a walk this weekend in the neighborhood and we were so happy to know that he’s now back home! 

I hope everyone had a great weekend and are making some awesome plans for the 4th of July weekend!  As for me, I heard that the family is coming over for a cookout.  Great!  That means I get to see Grandma & Auntie again! 

Love Always from one food-playing puppy,

Just Because We Needed Kitty Food

Me & Daddy

I will never ever forget the day that I was adopted.  It was a Sunday, and I was gathered together with the rest of my kin, heading out again on the traveling bus to see if we could get adopted, to see if “today was going to be THE day”.  Well, from what I was told later on, this whole thing happened just because my Daddy had to pick up kitty food at PetSmart.  He arrived at the store with Mommy and before they walked into the store, they noticed that a pet fair was going on right outside the store, so they decided to come over to see all the pets.  This is how they found me.  I was this little 7-8 pound fluffy poof ball of a puppy that was running around looking cute with my brothers and sisters, and my soon-to-be Daddy & Mommy noticed me and picked me up.  That is all it took, they were hooked.  They each took turns holding and snuggling me while Igave them kisses.  I was getting to them.  They did set me back down for just about a minute or two, wispered to each other, then reached back over the little area I was in and snatched me back up before the other couples snagged me.  That was it, I was going home with them!  Yippy!  If Daddy & Mommy waited any longer, I would have gone home with someone else.  But I am so glad on how things turned out, because I have the best Daddy & Mommy in the whole world. 

Best Daddy in the World

After we took care of the adoption paperwork and I said goodbye to my kin that was being left behind, we had to go shopping for puppy “stuff” as they did not have anything at home yet for me.   I was so excited about shopping for toys that I could call my own, Daddy picked out the best puppy food for me, and I got my own puppy cage too.  I even fell asleep on top of the cage box in the shopping cart because I had a long day and needed a nap.  I rode home to my new home on Mommy’s lap and was a good little girl. Daddy and Mommy were “all smiles” because they now had ME! 

I am the most thankful & lucky puppy in the whole world because of my Daddy.  I am so thankful for all that he does for me.  I am thankful that every day I have tasty healthy food to eat, clean water to drink,  ALL the toys in the world to play with, treats galore to munch on, and have a place that I can call my own and loving people to snuggle with every night.  I am most thankful for Daddy needing kitty food that day…



Love & Wet Puppy Smoochies to you,