Merry Christmas

Santa in Sleigh Happy Holidays

From all of us at Nikitaland, we wish you and your family a Merriest Christmas and wishing you all the best in the New Year!  We have had another wonderful year of blogging, and have met some of the most wonderful people in the world.  All of you mean the world to us and we hope that we continue to share our love & wonderful stories from our own lives.  We know that at times, each of us can get busy with life in general, and we understand, as we all have our moments of stress, and work/life balance.  We want you to know that we appreciate all of you and love the bond that we share.  We wish you all the best in the new year!

We drove around last night and took photographs of all the Christmas light displays we could find, and what we located was stunning.   I could not wait to get home to view the photographs that I had taken, and I played around in my photo editor and actually added “snow” to some of the photographs to add that special holiday effect.  The photo below is a local fire station all outlined in white lights with the most beautiful tree standing next to the drive.



A few of the light displays were animated and you could tune your car radio into a certain channel to listen to Christmas music as the lights danced to the music.  Nikita sat in the back seat of the car and watched the lights with us, while munching on some treats.






When we returned home, our own Christmas lights looked so bland compared to the wonderful light displays that we saw, but we love our lights none the less and always smile when we see them turn on for the night.

Our House Decorated

While we were watching one animated light display, Santa Claus actually showed up and I snagged a photograph of him on the sidewalk.  I went over and asked Santa to say hi to Nikita (and if you know Nikita, she hates that jolly guy in the red suit) and Santa walked over to our car to say hi, and Nikita started growling at him from the back seat!  We laughed, as we knew what she would do.  (silly dog)

Red Christmas Trees

Santa on Sidewalk

Nikita Meets Santa

We hope that your Christmas is merry & bright and you wake to find your stocking overflowing with gifts!


Santa’s Reindeer Are in our Neighborhood!


We heard that Santa and a few of his reindeer would be visiting our neighborhood, so we just had to check it out today.  Santa brought two of his reindeer to a neighborhood plaza by us and we got to see them close up.  We did not get the chance to pet them, but we got close enough to get some great photographs!  Seeing a reindeer this close was pretty cool this close to Christmas time, so they better rest up to pull the sleigh!  Santa was inside posing for pictures with the kids, and I poked my head inside the door to snag a quick photo of him.  He smiled when he looked my way.  Here are some of the photographs that I snapped while standing outside in the 40 degree temps.  It was well worth it. 






Who’s Your Santa?

Boy oh boy, did I get a HUGE surprise last night!  Daddy brought me home a 5 pound bag of dog treats, and you all know how much I LOVE treats!  WOW, that was a nice surprise. 

I am starting to wonder though if for some reason my Daddy is Santa Claus, as he has been sneaking in packages that I can as plain as day hear squeakers in the bag, then he gives the bags to Mommy to hide.  Hmmm, I wonder what’s up with that?  I follow Mommy everywhere she goes around the house, but I can’t seem to find where she has hid these bags with the squeakers in them… then, without my knowledge, I see these colorful boxes and odd shaped things under our Christmas tree all adorned with ribbons and bows.  I wish I could read, because I am wondering if some of those squeaky things are now under our tree?  Hmmm, again.  Does Daddy & Mommy know that big jolly ole guy in the red suit or what? 

But the best surprise that I am not taking my eyes off is my 5 pound bag of treats!  Hee hee hee, I am watching you – you heavenly bag of delisciousness that is making me drool.  I will protect this bag from anyone who comes near, so you better watch out! 

So what do you think?  Do you think that Daddy & Mommy know that jolly guy in the red suit or what?  I am still trying to figure out this whole Christmas thing, as this will be my second Christmas.  Last year, I was only five months old when I celebrated my first Christmas, so this year will even be better as I know how to unwrap things.  I can’t wait!  I am dying to know if those squeaky things are under our tree.

I also wanted to share with you our snowy pictures that Mommy took this week.  It is quickly becoming “that time of year” when I get to head outside in my fleece sweater and romp around in the snow and make snow forts & snow doggies with Mommy.  Bundle up & stay warm!

I’m 7 Months Old Today – Hurray!

I could not ask for a better day!  It is warm(er) than usual, sunny,  I’ve got more toys than I can play with at one time, I have a great Daddy & Mommy, I have a warm bed to sleep in at night, great food to eat, and now, I turned 7 Months Old today!  Hurray for me

I also noticed today that I have had over 2,650+ people view my blog, and I want to thank each & every one of them… thank you, thank you, thank you….this could take longer than I thought, so I will thank you all at once!  

I have had a lot of accomplishments since I was born and have been one busy little puppy!  For example, I am getting interviewed with my Daddy & Mommy on Sunday for the article that is going in the May issue of Cleveland Magazine, and next Saturday we are doing a photo shoot with a photographer for this issue.  How neat is that?  Just make sure you pick up the May issue to see me! 

Here is a little of what I have been up to in the past seven months:

Me @ 2 Months Old

  • 7-18-10:  Day I was born
  • 9-12-10:  Day I was adopted
  • 9-17-10: My first trip to the VETS
  • 10-4-10: I was given an award from Angie from Thoughts Appear Blog for being the cutest puppy (Thanks Angie!)
  • 10-5-10: I was posted in the Happy Tales Section on the Cleveland APL website – Nikita’s Gone Global
  • 10-31-10: My first Halloween & Costume
  • 11-6-10:  First time I saw “Snow”
  • 11-20-10: Nikitaland Hit 1,000 visitors
  • 12-11-10: Met Santa Claus for the first time (The Jolly Man in the Red Suit)

    Met Santa for the 1st Time

  • 12-14-10: Lost my first tooth
  • 12-23-10: Visited my friends at the Cleveland APL and got to see my Foster Mom, Brea
  • 12-23-10: Kobe & Ozzy from the APL wrote about me in “A Cat’s Eye View
  • 12-30-10:  I was published in the December 2010 issue of Pet Patter from the Cleveland APL (I am on page 9)
  • 2-20-11: Being interviewed for article in the May issue of Cleveland Magazine
  • 2-26-11:  Photo shoot for issue in Cleveland Magazine

What a list, eh?  Just imagine, this all started for me because my Mommy started this blog for me because Daddy & Mommy love me so much!  I am just a normal puppy, enjoying life, but without the help from the Cleveland APL, I would have never had the chance at the great life I have now.  They gave me the head start in life that I needed, and Daddy & Mommy gave me a good home & lots of love. 

Having fun at home

Thanks to all of you, reading my blog, for following me and keeping up with what I am up to – a day in the life of a puppy named Nikita!  Tell all of your friends & family too to check out my blog & watch for what I get into next!

Until later – Nikita

P.S. – I still chase leaves & lick the dishes in the dishwasher! LOL (Some things will never change)

The Jolly Man in the Red Suit

On the Vet's table while Mommy comforts me...

Saturday started off like a typical weekend day, I wake up and Daddy takes me outside then gives me breakfast.  For some reason, today felt different.  Daddy & Mommy were scurrying around getting dressed and they don’t usually do that so early on the weekends… now I know why.  Daddy told me that we were going to go for a ride in the car (and boy oh boy do I love to do that), and then I was bush-winked when we arrived at the V – E – T – S!  Oh no!  What did I do to deserve to come here?  We waited for our turn in the lobby and I met a nice dog named Caesar, he was cool, but bigger than me.  I liked him because he did not growl at me.  Then I heard someone call my name… “Nikita is next“.  Next for what I asked?  Anyhow, the door opened and Daddy & Mommy took me into the room with that tall cold steel table – not happy about that, but the really super nice vet came in and said hello to me and gave me a cookie, so I was better.  Daddy took a really nice picture of me and Mommy while she comforted me on that cold steel table. (that was nice of Daddy, because Mommy is not in many pictures because she is the one who is always behind the camera)  Thanks Daddy.  Anyhow, my vet visit was a quick one, phew!  Found out today that I am now 28.6 pounds – W O W, I am growing fast!  Anyhow, I said goodbye to all of my friends at the Vets, and sniffed all my doggie friends too and we were off! 

I took a little snooze in the car on Mommy’s lap as Daddy drove and we ended up at one of my favorite places… PetSmart!  WOW, Daddy and Mommy had a surprise for me, as I got to meet the jolly man in the red suit – SANTA CLAUS! 

Me & Santa Claus

He was nice, but I was a little leary of him at first, until he snuck me a little treat, so he is cool now.  I got to sit on his lap and got my picture taken with that great jolly fellow.  He asked me what I wanted for Christmas, and I could not think of anything that I don’t already have, so I looked blankly into his eyes for that question, then he said “do you want some kitties for Christmas?” I perked up when he said that, but we already have kitties at home that I love!  After seeing Santa, Daddy & Mommy picked up a few things at the store, and I think that I saw some squeaky toys in the shopping cart for me, but how come I did not get them when I got home? Hmmm?  I wonder if they are for me for Christmas?  I’ll have to wait and see now, won’t I?  (Daddy is so good to me because he always makes sure that I have good food in my belly, lots of treats, and lots of toys to play with!  Daddy even got me a new “Condo”.  I kinda outgrew my first cage, and Daddy got me this huge thing I call my Condo which I can pull every single toy in there with me, and still have tons of room to lay on my fluffy pillow that Mommy gave me!  Thanks Daddy! 

Well, I said goodbye to Santa at PetSmart for now, and told him that I was a good puppy, so I hope that I will get lots of presents from that jolly fellow on Christmas morning.  (Hope it is not any of that black coal stuff I heard about)  Anyhow, we arrived home and I had to run around in the snow again before we went inside the house for lunch.  While we were outside, Mommy and I made a “Snow Dog”

Snow Dog

and put the leash on the dog that I used when I was adopted.  The Snow Dog kinda looks like me (I think that is what Mommy was trying to do) and I heard that Mommy wants to make a bigger Snow Dog and put it on top of our huge snow mound in the front yard.  (that Mommy of mine is so creative)  Well, I am all tuckered out from all the running around we did, so it is time for this puppy to take a nap. 

Keep watching my blog as I’ve got more great photographs to share and maybe a few more videos of me too!  Take care & be careful when driving in all the snow! 

I Love My Daddy!

Hugs & wet puppy kisses to you!