Where Are You EB? (aka Easter Bunny)

A Dog's Best Friend

Happy Easter!

Imagine that, it’s raining outside…again.  I had such a great day yesterday with the splash of warm sunny weather, a nice breeze blowing through the window to tickle the long hairs in my ears, enough activity outside the window to keep me busy all day, and a planned walk with Daddy & Mommy to the park. 

Happy Easter to everyone!  I hope that all of you got your Easter eggs colored in enough time for the egg hunt!  I helped Daddy color our eggs last night so we can take them to Grandma’s house and they turned out really nice & colorful.  Mommy took some photographs of our beautiful eggs to show you how they turned out!   Our walk in the park was nice & soggy!  From the minute we crossed the street and headed to the park, Mommy knew this might have been a bad idea, because it had poured the day before and the ground was really soggy & muddy.  (which she found out the first time she almost slipped in the mud)  I got to see some kids playing basketball, sniffed everything in sight including some other dogs doo doo (Mommy thought that was gross, but that’s what we do – we SNIFF), but we had a great walk and enjoyed the wonderful sunshine.  Daddy even took some photo’s of me & Mommy during our walk!  Just like every walk we take, I come home and take a nice looooong nap. 

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Easter, but don’t eat too much chocolate!  (but wait, that’s a good thing for humans, but not for doggies like me – so Enjoy!) 

Bunny Snuggles to You,
Love Nikita

When the Easter Bunny Gets Chewed Up

What else do you do when it’s raining outside?  You play, right?  Well, I took playing to a whole new level.  Mommy must have sensed that something was wrong, really wrong, because of the eerie quietness in the house… that is usually a good sign that “something” is wrong, and she was right.  If Mommy was right, then I was wrong and I am in BIG trouble!  Mommy quietly walked into the kitchen (where most of my sneaky time happens) and she saw the white filling of my EB (Easter Bunny) all over the floor.  I just laid there like a deer in  headlights, frozen, my heart was thumping, and I tried to look innocent, but that did not work, because Mommy walked over to me and pulled off my face a huge hunk of the white stuffing from EB.  BUSTED!  I guess I can’t talk myself out of this one, eh?   Now that I chewed up EB, I bet that I won’t be getting an Easter basket this year. 

I’m sorry EB,
Love Nikita

Bandana’s, Bunnies & Bling Bling

Daddy & Me in my new pink bandana

What a great week I am having…as you can see from my photo, I got a new Pink Bandana and I love it!  Don’t I look just adorable?  Daddy and I posed for the camera real nice!  (I love my Daddy so much – I hope he knows that)  I also got a new toy today, a Pink Bunny for Easter!  My new bunny has “Milkbone” stitched on the front and it has great ears to chew on and the neatest squeaker in his belly.  (Gotta love those squeakers

I also got a surprise visit today from my Grandma & Grandpa.  I was jumping all over when I saw Grandma and also could not control myself because I was so happy to see her and she even gave me two treats!  (Yum

I woofed at Grandpa a little, but he knows that I love him.  Grandpa came over today to replace our sensor on our light post so I could have light when I go outside at night.  (Thanks Grandpa – You’re the best!) 

When I run around the house, you can always hear me coming.  It’s because of all of my tags that cling together, and the all important id tag that tells everyone where I live in case I get out by accident, but one of the neatest things that I wear is an open silver heart that Mommy gave me when I was first adopted.  She wanted me to have this special piece of Bling Bling of hers because she said I was special.  (Thanks Mommy)  And now, I wear my new pink bandana too because I just LOVE the color Pink, and girls go ga-ga over cute stuff like this. 

Those stupid squawking geese came back again today across the road, but this time, I caught them walking down my neighbors driveway.  They slowly walked across the street and cars even had to stop for them because they walk so slow (stupid geese), and then they just seemed to just stand there in the grass looking at me – laughing.  If only I could jump through the window to get them, I would.  Man, I think that this is not going to the be the last time I see these stupid birds either. 

Have a great Pink day – Nikita