Media Exposure

It is amazing how things turn out, I was born in July 2010, adopted in September 2010, and now I am turning heads and making Media Headlines!  Listed below are some of my media accomplishments:


1. The Cleveland APL, December 2010 Issue of Pet Patter
I made Page 9: Growing Up Before Our Eyes – Read about me

2. I also made friends with Kobe & Ozzy from the Cleveland APL and they wrote about me in “Cat’s Eye View” – Notes from the APL 

3. CLEVELAND MAGAZINE I was going to be published in the May 2011 Issue of the Cleveland Magazine, but due to lack of low advertising sales for this edition, our article was canceled.  Hopefully, oneday they will re-run the story about me.  I am so pleased though, that I was even considered to be published.  

4.  NIKITA made it LIVE on the air on Q104 during the Pledge For Pets Radiothon on Saturday, May 12, 2012.  Q104 radio personalities told Nikita’s story on the air about how her Mommy was poisoned with anti-freeze after giving birth to a litter of seven, how the APL rescued them as they were fighting for their life to stay alive. 

Cat’s Eye View – Notes from the APL

3 thoughts on “Media Exposure

  1. Hi Val and Roy… love the pictures of Bella in her new home, with her new family. I hope she and Nikita are getting along okay. I know having a new puppy is a handful, especially one who has to follow in Nikita’s footsteps. It was nice seeing you at the Adoptathon, and I was so happy to see you add another member to your family. Thanks so much for giving both Nikita and her new friend Bella so much love, and a forever home. Dave W.

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