Happy VALentine’s Day!

It only comes once a year, a day that I can call my own…since it has my name in it!  LOL  I have taken over this holiday many years ago and have called it my own which makes today only more special to me.  VALentine’s Day is the day of love, and I truly have special people to share this day with, from my Sweets to our furry children, and all of my wonderful blog friends (you know who you are) all of which bring so much joy to my heart.

Love can be found all around even when you are not looking for it.  It can be the quick glance around a room only to find your dogs snuggling together on the couch.

Bella and Nikita True Love

To the snow doggie you made in your front yard for VALentine’s Day.

Snow Dog

To the way the dogs sit by the back door every morning to watch Daddy leave for work as they wave goodbye.


To the love both Nikita and Bella have for each other, where one goes, the other is not too far behind.  Ah, true love.


To even how they patiently wait for me to sew their torn toys and put the stuffing back in.

Bella and String

Nikita and Thread Spool

And the smile that is planted on your face when you see such a cute photo like this of Nikita who is always watching out the window to make sure the neighborhood is safe.  Love those fluffy ears.  Ah, true love.


Love.  It’s a wonderful thing.  Never to be taken for granted, but is the most cherished feeling in the world.  Happy VALentine’s Day to you, and yes, I will even share my holiday with all of you because you are all so special to me.  Hugs & Smoochies to my Sweets, Nikita & Bella!


Happy VAL-entine’s Day!

Happy VAL-entine’s Day!  Yup, it’s here and I hope you have already told the ones you love how much you appreciate them, love them, and how glad that they are in your life.

The most important part of this holiday, is that it does not mean that you only tell the one you love that you “love them” on this day.  We all need to realize that every day is a gift and we should show our appreciation for our loved  ones throughout the year. 

For example, I would not be here today if my Daddy didn’t need kitty food.  I know that sounds strange, but if it weren’t for my Daddy needing to pick up kitty food at PetSmart, I would have never been adopted into a loving home.  I went home with him & my new Mommy that day, and have been the luckiest doggie ever since. 

I want to thank my Daddy for providing me a wonderful home, good food to eat, all the toys I can imagine, and a treat jar that never seems to be empty.  I am also thankful for having a place where I can snuggle every night (which is right in between both Daddy & Mommy).  I am also thankful for my Mommy who takes care of me, wipes my feet when I come in from outside, cleans up after me, brushes me to keep my fur looking awesome & fluffy, and gives me all the hugs & kissies throughout the day.  Without my Daddy & Mommy, I am not sure what kind of life I would have, but I am one thankful doggie with lots of love to give.

My Mommy wants to thank Daddy for loving her, and being a wonderful provider, having a beautiful place to live where she can call home, and she wants to thank Daddy for Me, as I bring Mommy so much joy and keep her company during the day.  Mommy has a lot to be thankful for too and she hopes that Daddy knows how much she loves him (and me too). 

I played again today in all the snow we got and Mommy and I built another Snow Doggie!  This one is a lot bigger than the first one we built and it is sitting on top of our highest snow mound in the front yard so everyone driving by can see it.  Mommy even put my first leash I had around the snow doggies neck along with a pink heart for Valentine’s Day.  We have already seen some gawkers looking at our snow doggie as they drive by.  (By the way, did you notice the “LOVE” sign on our front door?  Mommy made this out of wood over the summer for Daddy) 

All in all, today has been a great day!  We sent Daddy off to work with a bag of Valentine treats (heart-shaped cookies that Mommy & I made for him), and some handmade Valentine cards, and even some chocolate candy that we made for him, all of which was placed inside a handmade “mailbox” made out of cardstock paper.  Daddy loved everything…phew!  We just wanted him to know how much he is loved. 

I wish all of my blog friends, my family, and everyone who stops by a very happy Valentine’s Day from one thankful dog.  You are all very special to me! 

With lots of love, wet kisses, tail wags & hugs,

Valentine’s Day is Coming – Are You Ready?

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, are you ready for it?  It’s the fun time of year when we adorn the house with hearts, and everything red & pink, hang up our lighted hearts in our front windows, and share Valentine’s with our loved ones.  Oh yeah, we can’t forget that we also get lots of chocolate too on this groovy holiday that tantelizes our sweet tooth!  Will YOU be my Valentine? 

My Auntie Rene (Hi Auntie!) told me about how you can make your four-legged best friend something neat for Valentine’s Day.  It was a red heart cut out of craft foam, and it had two little slits in it so it could slide over our collar.  WOW, we are now instantly decorated for Valentine’s Day and can wear a heart on our collar!  How neat is that!  Thanks Auntie for passing this tip along to all of us. 

We also have some great Valentine’s Day FREE printables that you can printout and cut out at home that we will share with you too!  We have some great Valentine’s Day items too that you can purchase on our website – take a look to see if we have something for your loved one, or you can get it just for yourself! 

15″ Lighted Valentine Heart with Arrow

17″ Lighted Double Heart Valentine

And now for the FREE printables…..
Just click on the love notes below to open them up to print! 

Love Notes – Download for Valentine’s Day

Get ready to write your Sweetheart some “Love Notes” on these adorable love notes!  Download them today here (six love notes to a page)

What is your current method of writing notes to the one you love?  Do you use just any old paper that is lying around to jot down your note?  Do you prefer to use sticky notes instead?  The back of an envelope?  Or are you the type of person who leaves no love notes to the one you love?  Love notes don’t have to be long in length, and can take just a few seconds to write, but the recipient of the note will know immediately that you love them & that you are thinking of them.  Printout a stack of these Love Notes today and keep on hand – and remember, love notes are NOT just for Valentine’s Day, use them every day and place them where YOUR sweetie can find them.  (IE:  The bathroom mirror, inside their wallet, on their pillow, on the back door for them to find, take one to their cell phone – the list is endless, but you get the idea!)

How about printing these out on some cardstock (any color cardstock will do), then cut them out and start leaving “Love Notes” for your Sweetie today!  We love creating things for the seasons, and love is on our mind when we think about Valentine’s Day.  (Mommy always says that this is “her” holiday because it has her name in it

Leave us feedback, drop us a note, and let us know how you like these adorable Love Notes – available for you today to download!  Pass this on to your friends too! 


Happy Valentine’s Day


Well, today’s VAL-entine’s Day, and although it seems just like any other day, my Mommy is excited because this is the only holiday with her name in it!  LOL  I think it is funny, because I am doing all of the same things that I do every morning.  I woke Daddy up today like I do everything morning, got breakfast, went outside, then ran down the hallway to wake Mommy up.  Mommy found a note on the coffee maker that Daddy left for her to say Happy Val-entine’s Day (thanks Daddy).  I am getting ready to head off to the bank with Mommy to get a treat from the lady in the window – gotta love anyone who gives me a treat!    Mommy and I made a really neat Val-entine’s Day present for Daddy… we made a full size “Me” out of brown shipping paper!  (I will post the photo’s of the “Paper Me” in my next post)  Daddy was so surprised and laughed when he saw the paper me!  We just wanted to make Daddy something special because he takes such good care of us!  (We love you Daddy) 

Anyhow, I mentioned earlier about some good news!  I am going to be in the May issue of Cleveland Magazine with my Daddy & Mommy.  We are going to be interviewed tomorrow night from Kristen Hampshire.  This is so awesome and we are really excited about this opportunity.  (Thanks Kristen)  I’ll keep you up to date on everything, but you will have to pick up your own copy of Cleveland Magazine to read all about me! 

Have a great Val-entine’s Day!
Puppy smoochies to you – Nikita

Kristen & her dog Mayzie

LOVE that never ends

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Have you ever looked into a puppies eyes?  If you look into mine, you will see lots of LOVE!  I love having a great Daddy & Mommy as they take such great care of me – they show me love everyday.  Everytime my Mommy sees me, she always makes sure that I don’t have those little sleepy smudgies in my eyes, she wipes my feet everytime I come in from outside so I don’t have little snow pills between my paws that chill my feet, she brushes me every day to get all of my loose puppy hair off me (and I am actually getting better at letting her brush me because if you remember, I started out truly hating that “brush” and only liked to be vacuumed), she gives me a nice warm bath once a month (and although I give her heck when she does this, it does feel good but I won’t tell her that), I wait for my Daddy to come home every evening from work and I now know what his car sounds like when it pulls into the drive and I jump up and run to the back door to greet him with puppy kisses, I love spending every minute with Mommy and Daddy and even though I may look like I am sleeping by your feet, I am still listening to what is going on as my radar ears are working on overtime, I love doing tricks for a treat and can even do tricks without them too but I may stare at the treat jar until you give me one (I guess I guilt you into giving me one – it works every time!), I am also working with Mommy on a new trick – – she keeps putting a little puppy bone on my nose and tells me to “Wait” – Wait for what?  I want that thing now!  When she thinks I have sat there long enough, she tells me “ok” and I drop it off my nose and eat it!  I need lots of work on this trick, but I will try to learn it.  I also know another “Wait” command, every time I am ready to go outside, I used to paw and scratch at the back door, now when I hear the “Wait” command, I sit.  Pretty cool, eh?  I am such a smart puppy! 

Love is in the air with Valentine’s Day coming up, and I hope you all don’t forget the love of your life – tell them how much you love them, life is too short – enjoy every day to the fullest.  And, if you want to do something special, adopt a puppy and give them some love this Valentine’s Day.  Give them a chance at life, like I got, and they can bring you unconditional love each and every day.  Look into their eyes and you will see it….

Woof Woof,

Unique Valentine Day Gifts

"LOVE" Lighted Valentine Glass Block

Hey everyone, it’s me, Nikita!  My Mommy was busy working the other day on getting some Valentine’s Day items completed and I wanted to share them with you! 

Since my Daddy & Mommy have their own website at www.themesnthings.com and sell all kinds of neat Seasonal Items, I will give you a link on where you can find these neat unique Valentine Day Gifts!  Click here to see all of the glass blocks!  There is a limited supply of each block, so if you may need more, just let my Mommy & Daddy know!    Hugs & Smoochies to you!  Nikita

"BE MINE" Lighted Valentine Glass Block