Happy Mail

Is your mailbox happy? If not, we need to change that! One never knows what they will find when they search Pinterest, and something caught my eye the other day, but then again, when don’t you find neat things on Pinterest, eh?

Anyhow, I saw some printables that THIRTYHANDMADEDAYS created, and I wanted to see if I could recreate them myself. (I always want to give credit where credit is due)  I did a spectacular job in recreating the labels that I found and wanted to share them with you. These labels can be printed out on Avery 5162 labels (14 per sheet).

This is not a bill - OPEN ME

When was the last time you got something in the mail that wasn’t a bill? Probably not in a long time, but I put these new labels to the test and mailed a friend of mine a little card with the label “This is not a bill – OPEN ME”. I found out that she smiled when she saw this in her mailbox – success! What a great way to brighten up someones day!

This is not a bill - OPEN ME

It has been awhile since I mailed out any cards to my peeps, but I will have to change that now! Just open up the PDF and print these labels out on a sheet of Avery 5162 labels and make sure you use a color printer! Now, get to work and send out some Happy Mail today and make someone smile! Check back here often because I am making some more labels for Christmas, New Years, and a birthday one too!

Here are your free printables:
This is not a bill: OPEN ME
Happy Mail

And, if you want to check out more free printables, check out my Printables Board on Pinterest too! (believe me, you will find something for every occasion as there are 1,139 pins in this board!)

It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

Dear Santa

It’s amazing on how fast time does fly, as I fondly remember earlier this year planning our garden, watching things sprout, and finally harvesting what we grew – now it’s all gone, and we’re onto another season.

Garden Then and Now

We usually decorate our bushes in front of the house with lights and also hang those nice lights on the gutters too, but this year, we wanted to add something else.

Christmas Trees Using Tomato Cages

Since our garden is put away for the season, we have 10 tomato cages in the garage doing nothing, so we decided to put them to work.  We pulled them out, and flipped them upside down (large circle on bottom / metal points sticking straight up) and bent the metal points inward a bit.  Then we had some lights leftover in the garage and we just wrapped the tomato cages with lights!  It was easy to do, as we just tied the end of the string to the top of the tomato cage, and just turned the tomato cage in a circular motion as the lights wrapped around the cage.  Our light strings were long, so we have lots of lights on one cage.  We wrapped a few more tomato cages with clear and colored lights, then attached them all together.  Then, we lined them up along our front sidewalk and used some of our little U-shaped metal stakes to hold the tomato cages into the ground.

Tomato Cages2

Now, how simple is that?  If you would head into the stores to purchase those spiral lighted trees, it would cost you around $20, but our new holiday decorations cost us nothing to do, as we already had all of the material on hand.  So for all of you gardeners out there looking for some decorating tips, go pull out your tomato cages and add some lights to them!


I pulled out our Christmas music CD’s and usually play them in the mornings, and both Nikita and Bella think that I am crazy when I dance around the kitchen singing along to the Christmas music playing.  I am surprised that they both don’t start howling from the off-key notes I am sure hitting, but it’s the holidays and that’s what you do – you sing!


We finally got the chance to sit down and take our annual family Christmas photo the other night with Nikita and Bella and what seemed like a simple task, always turns into an adventure when your dogs won’t cooperate.  After about 15 tries, we finally got a photo where our eyes weren’t closed, or a dog was running out of the picture frame.  Phew!   Now, I just have to complete the task of finishing our Christmas cards!


Everyone always wants to have a beautiful photo of their Christmas tree every year, so make sure you turn off all of your lights in the house and your flash on your camera and let the tree illuminate the room.  Also, try adding a filter to your camera to take some interesting shaped photos.  If you don’t have a filter for your camera, just cut a round circle out of black card stock paper and cut a heart, a keyhole, or another shape in the center of your circle, then tape to the front of your camera lens.  You will get different looks by how close you move in on your subject, so take a few photos to see what looks best for you.  Here is an idea of what you will see with a heart filter – pretty cool, eh?


Bella got her first taste of snow last week and it was funny on how she reacted.  When she first stepped out onto the snowy grass, she lifted her paws as to say “what the heck is this?”, but then she lowered her head to the ground and started eating it, and eating it, and eating it.  Now, every time I take her outside, she loses focus on her “duties”, rathers walks around and eats the snow.  It is funny to watch.  As for Nikita, she just loves the snow!  She runs and jumps in the huge piles I make, and she digs and digs until she reaches the grass.  Now, I can’t wait to see how much fun we will have this winter with both dogs running and playing…and, that also means more “Snow Doggies” in the yard.  (remember how we made snow doggies in the yard last year instead of snowmen?)  Well, we’ll do more of that this year too!  Isn’t Bella getting BIG?

Bellas First Snow Experience

Bella in Snow

Bella By Back Door


Bella just turned five months old yesterday and has already started to lose a few baby teeth.  Both her and Nikita are getting along well and love to play together.  Bella has done a wonderful job with her new boundaries and loves running all around the house playing.  When it gets around the time that Daddy is to arrive home, I tell Nikita and Bella to “watch for Daddy”, and they both run to the front window so fast that they almost knock each other over to get to the window first – – then, when they see Daddy pulling into the driveway – – they go nuts!  Daddy gets such a warm welcome from them both and he knows instantly that he is loved.  After the dogs warm welcome and the hubabaloo of who gets to see Daddy first, then Mommy gets her turn to welcome him home.  lol

Gift Tags

I saved the best for last, and wanted to share some Christmas Gift Tags with you!  If you know me, I love making things myself instead of having to purchase them, so I created some cute gift tags that you can printout.  Click GIFT TAGS FROM NIKITALAND to download your tags, print them out on card stock paper, cut them out and make sure you cut out the top of the tag too, then use your hole punch at the top.  Tie a little string or bakers twine on the tag and your all set!  Enjoy!   (P.S. – The PDF takes a little bit to open as the file must be BIG, so be patient after you click on the link and it will open!)

Send Them Back To School…with LOVE!

It’s that time of year again that kids dread most … heading back to school after a long Summer break.  Oh the things that they will miss, like sleeping in real late, swimming, going to theme parks & riding roller coasters, hanging with friends, and doing all sorts of other fun Summer things, but here’s a reality check kids – it’s that time of year again & it’s time to head back to school!

When the kids head back to school, it also means a lot of different things to the parents, like I now have time to do some major cleaning around the house, time to paint that room, or time to organize the garage to which we all put off doing.  It also means that the seasons are changing and we have already noticed it getting darker earlier in the evenings, and pretty soon we will feel the chill in the air to which at first, it will feel good to be away from those three-digit temps most of us have been dealing with, but it also means that Fall will be upon us before we know it, then the oh so dreaded snow.  (I know that I am not ready to start shoveling snow any time real soon myself)

I remember when I was in school (not going to mention how many years ago that was), but I remember how much I dreaded that first day back.  Ug, I can’t believe how fast Summer just flew by I would say to myself, but oh well, let’s get this day over already.  Back to school to most kids, means new clothes and new school supplies (and the list of things needed for kids these days are super duper long).   Anyhow, for Mom’s, you now have to start packing lunches for your little ones as they head out the door and this always makes me think back to that TV show, Leave it to Beaver, where June Cleavor would stand by the front door as Wally & the Beaver head out the front door with their brown lunch bags as they waved goodbye to Mom.

While you are preparing their lunches, either the night before or in the morning, make sure you sneak in a little note in their lunch so they will find later, as this will always brighten their day!  We have created some cute “Back to School” notes that you can printout on card stock paper and cut them out and have a few on hand when you need them.  What a great way to show your loved ones that you are thinking of them!  If you use any of these designs, why not take a photo of your note to share with us & we will add it this post!

So, have some fun, print some out and put a smile on your little angels faces!


Add A Little Sunshine In Your Life – FREE Printables

We’re at it again and have designed some bright rainbow colored free printables, just for you!  You need a little rainbow in your life to brighten up some days, so enjoy our free printables and let us know if they made you smile!   To download the PDF file, click on each title.

These rainbow “date due” slips are perfect for taping to your bill envelopes and gives you a heads up when each bill is due. Instead of writing on the bill envelope when the bill is due, just use these for a reminder.  Just printout the slips on cardstock, cutout the slips (a paper cutter works best), and attach with tape to outside bill envelope, then write the due date and amount on each tag. 


These blank rainbow “thank you” note cards are a perfect way to say thanks to someone.  Just printout the note cards on cardstock paper, cut the paper in half, then fold each note card in half.  Each sheet has two thank you note cards.



Every day is a good day to write little love notes to your special someone.  Just printout these little “just because I love you” notes on cardstock paper and cut them out so you have plenty on hand to leave a surprise note.  Make someone smile today and leave them a note!


We all make lists, so why can’t our lists be fun?  We made some adorable rainbow “things to do” lists to help you manage what you have to get done.  Printout on cardstock paper and cut out and keep them on hand or in your purse, or leave them on your fridge for great reminders!

Father’s Day Free Printables – Gift Tags & Cards

Father’s Day is this Sunday and we wanted to share with everyone our selection of Father’s Day cards and gift tags.  The best way to use these are to print them out on cardstock paper.  The greeting cards are in two different designs and after you print them out, just cut straight down the middle of the paper (or fold in half to get your score line), then fold the cards in half again. 

Here are the two designs of the Father’s Day Cards, and the link.


Click here for the Father’s Day Gift Tags

Father, Papa, Daddy, no matter what you call him, it means the same to all of us, as he is the person whom you admire for many reasons.  He provides for the family, works hard every day, and makes sure his family is safe.  He is the guy that everyone in the family looks up to because we love him. 

Happy Father’s Day to all the Daddy’s in the world, but my Daddy is the best!


Just in time for Mother’s Day, we have created more free printables for you!  The first item is a Mother’s Day Card that says “Hey Mom You’re Awesome” on the front and the inside is blank so you can tell your Mom how special she is.  The card sheet has two Hey Mom cards on it, just in case you mess up the first one.  Print it out on cardstock paper, then fold in half to find the center, then cut it out, then fold the card in half.  The second is a free printable sheet of Mother’s Day gift tags, just perfect to adorn all of the gifts you are getting her. 

Hey Mom Card
Hey Mom Gift Tags

We hope you enjoy our free printables and put them to good use!  Make sure you share them with everyone you know! 

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Do You Know a MOM-Arazzi?

We all know what the paparazzi are, but do you know a MOM-Arazzi?  A MOM-Arazzi is a Mom who follows you around all day and photographs everything that you do.  She thinks that everything you do is cute, adorable, and needs to be photographed and preserved as a memory in time.

I’ve got a Mom like that.  She always has her camera ready, within reach, to catch all the things that I do.  You gotta love her, I do.  On top of being a Mom-Arazzi, she is also the bestest Mom I have ever had as she takes good care of me, brushes me a couple of times a week, brushes my pearly white teeth once a week, wipes my paws dry when I come in from outside on a rainy day, picks up after me outside, and she always puts away all of my toys at the end of every day.  WOW, what a MOM!  (Mom upside down is WOW, ya know!) 

With Mother’s Day coming up in less than a month, we thought it would be a great idea to share stories about our Mom’s.  How has your Mom inspired you?  What valuable lessons did she teach you when you were growing up?

Here is one valuable life lesson that my Mom said to me when I was younger, that I have never forgot…  When I was younger, I had asked my Mom “How do I know what is the right thing to do?”   She thought on this one for a second, then said to me “When you have a decision to make and don’t know which one is the right one – think of it this way….  if Dad and I were standing on either side of you – what decision would you make?”   That phrase from my Mom has stuck with me for years.  I could just imagine me somewhere trying to figure out how to make a decision when I was younger and the thought of my Dad and Mom standing next to me… guess which decision I made?  The RIGHT ONE for sure!  (Pass this one on to your kids!) 

Since Mom’s are the best, make sure that their presents for Mother’s Day are unique, and/or handmade as these are filled with love.  And, since we love making free printables, we have made some tags to adorn your Mom’s gifts for Mother’s Day.  Click here for the tags! 

Tell us how your Mom has inspired you and some of the great lessons you have learned along the way.

Thanks Mom! 

Happy Earth Day from Nikita!

Happy Earth Day!  Now how could we let this day go by without recognizing it, as we are in the process of planting our own vegetable garden this year!

We created for you some Earth Day round labels that you can printout!  Click here for your labels!  We love sharing new printables with you, so we could not let this day pass without creating some neat labels to share!  Enjoy!

How are you celebrating Earth Day?  What are you planting today?

Woof Woof,
Love Nikita 

P.S. – Just a reminder, there is only 14 days left for online donations for the APL fundraiser that we are participating in.  If you can donate something, anything, and any amount will help as it all adds up!  Here is the donation link:  http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/themesnthings/2012-doggy-dollars-kitty-kash

Valentine’s Day is Coming – Are You Ready?

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, are you ready for it?  It’s the fun time of year when we adorn the house with hearts, and everything red & pink, hang up our lighted hearts in our front windows, and share Valentine’s with our loved ones.  Oh yeah, we can’t forget that we also get lots of chocolate too on this groovy holiday that tantelizes our sweet tooth!  Will YOU be my Valentine? 

My Auntie Rene (Hi Auntie!) told me about how you can make your four-legged best friend something neat for Valentine’s Day.  It was a red heart cut out of craft foam, and it had two little slits in it so it could slide over our collar.  WOW, we are now instantly decorated for Valentine’s Day and can wear a heart on our collar!  How neat is that!  Thanks Auntie for passing this tip along to all of us. 

We also have some great Valentine’s Day FREE printables that you can printout and cut out at home that we will share with you too!  We have some great Valentine’s Day items too that you can purchase on our website – take a look to see if we have something for your loved one, or you can get it just for yourself! 

15″ Lighted Valentine Heart with Arrow

17″ Lighted Double Heart Valentine

And now for the FREE printables…..
Just click on the love notes below to open them up to print! 

What To Do With Leftovers – Freezer Bag Labels Download

With Thanksgiving just a day away, and Christmas is sneaking up quickly, you will have lots of leftovers.  Instead of letting your leftovers go to waste in the fridge, try freezing them!  We have created for you, a freezer bag label download to use on your favorite leftovers.  Click HERE to download your Freezer Bag Labels! 

Unlabeled plastic bags and their mysterious contents are bound to get the cold shoulder in the freezer. With our convenient, easy-to-read labels, you’ll never wonder which batch of stock to use first or if those frozen peaches are still in their prime. Fill out these tags, and stick them on everything you freeze — fresh produce or prepackaged foods.

How to Use the Labels:  Download and print labels on adhesive-backed paper (available at office-supply stores) or use clear packing tape to adhere the labels on your bags. Cut out, and keep a stack handy in the kitchen. Write the contents of the container on a label, and circle the date.

As always, keep checking back to see what we come up with next!  We love making your holidays bright – so why not subscribe to our blog today to keep up to date with our great ideas so you don’t miss a thing! 

Holiday Puppy Kisses to you, Nikita
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FREE Thanksgiving Printables

Everyone loves FREE printables, and we just created these fun Thanksgiving printables so you can printout and frame for your holiday get together. 

We love coming up with new ideas for all the seasons, so why not bring some humor into your holiday this year.  Tell your friends about our printables, so they can enjoy them too! 

Click HERE to download the GOBBLE ON printable, and click HERE to download the TRYPTOPHAN ON printable.

Keep checking back to see what other printables we come up with! 

Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family!