Removing Splinters

This time of year is always busy for me, as I hang out in the garage a lot….making wood tombstones to sell. I love creating new designs and definitely, working with any wood project that I might get into!  Right now, I am smiling from ear to ear as I create some awesome tombstones that everyone loves. Thanks so much, if you have purchased one of my handmade designed wood tombstones – – removing the splinters from my fingers is my reward for your happiness!

Working Hard

Here’s me and my good ole Craftsman Evolv Jigsaw hard at work!

Boogie Tombstone

This is one of my wood tombstones as I work on cutting out the boogie man’s face in the tombstone. It is not as easy as you may think to do this.

Tombstones Made by Val

Here are five of my many wood tombstone designs, with varying heights and widths. Each come with a wood stand that gets screwed into the bottom of the tombstone and two eight inch metal spikes to hold the tombstone into the ground. If you know of anyone that would love to purchase one of these, get a hold of me!

Gosh, do you love love love Halloween as much as I do?

How to Make a Quick Halloween Prop

We all know that the countdown to Halloween has begun, and we know that our time is sometimes limited due to our hectic schedules. But there is a quick and easy way to create an almost free Halloween prop in a few minutes. Let me show you how!


First, grab your branch cutters or a little hand saw and head out into your woods. To make this easy, look first for little branches that might be lying on the ground. If you can’t find any, which I would find it hard to believe that you couldn’t, you will need to saw or snip off a few small branches.

Carry those branches back home and snip off any little pieces of branches so you are left with just one long branch. Now carefully lean them into each other to kinda make a branch t-pee. Once you get them in a shape you like, take some jute and tie them up where all the branches meet. (I would suggest you do all of this “where” you are planning on putting this prop in your yard so you don’t have to carry it afterwards) Make sure you jam each stick a little bit into the ground for stability.

The next thing that I did was bring up one of our black witches cauldron from storage. At first, I wanted to “hang” the cauldron from the sticks, but the cauldron did not have any hooks, so I had to MacGyver something. I took one of our tomato cages and cut off the bottom section with wire cutters and placed the cauldron on top of it. THIS WORKED OUT PERFECTLY!

The next item I grabbed was some fire wood we have behind the garage and stacked them around the cauldron. This is making the effect that the cauldron is stacked on top of wood. Next, I balled up a set of white Christmas lights under the cauldron (inside the tomato cage frame) and turned them on! WOW! When I took this photograph, it actually looks like a fire underneath the cauldron.

I am going to also add an orange set of lights underneath the cauldron too, to give the “fire” a more realistic look. Now comes the fun part…I am going to grab two of our skellies and have them stand around the cauldron! I will have one posed as if he is “warming up his hands” by the fire, and the other one will be “roasting a marshmallow”!

This Halloween prop was made for free, because I already had the cauldron, lights and tomato cage, and the wood & branches were free! Yeah!

Hee hee, don’t you just love Halloween!

The Boogie Man Is Coming

With the arrival of August, there is only one thing on my mind…Halloween! I am starting to get into full Halloween mode and have already started a few more paper mache pumpkins which I will be posting about soon. But, I wanted to show you my latest Halloween craft project, the Boogie Man.

If you don’t already know, a few years ago I started creating wood tombstones because I found that I was tired of chasing our Styrofoam tombstones down the street. The Styrofoam ones are really neat, but they are not practical with all the high winds we get around here in October. So the creation of wood tombstones was born!

I quickly filled up our yard over the last few years with nice durable wood tombstones in varying designs, shapes, and sizes and I no longer have to chase them down the street.

I am always doodling new designs and I came up with the Boogie Man. He looked really good on my sticky note, so I decided to try to hand draw him bigger. I started off by cutting a large box open and lay it flat on the floor, as this will be my template for when I cut it out of wood. Then I go to work hand drawing the design onto the cardboard. I lightly draw my design until I get the right size and shape, and then trace over it with a Sharpie Marker.


Then, I use an X-acto knife to carefully cut out the cardboard design. This part is really time consuming and you need to make sure that you have more cardboard under your cardboard piece so you don’t cut the floor or your carpet accidentally. (I am very careful with this step)


Once the design is all cut out of the cardboard, my template is now ready to trace on a piece of wood. I normally use pressed wood for my tombstones, but I got a nice free piece of 1/2″ plywood and decided to use this for my Boogie Man. (getting a free piece of wood is like candy to me!)


Now that my design is all traced onto the plywood, I need to drill a nice sized hole in the areas that need to be cut out. I do this so I can insert my Jigsaw blade into that area.


I carefully insert the Jigsaw blade into the drill hole and start cutting out my design slowly. The first thing that I noticed is that cutting plywood is so much nicer than pressed wood because the wood does not splinter with the blade.


I really love working with wood and creating new Halloween props! By the way, this Craftsman evolv Jigsaw that I am using is variable speed and you can change the blades really quickly.


The Boogie Man is almost complete! Isn’t he adorable!


The only thing that I need to cut out is the base for the wood tombstone.


This is the completed Boogie Man tombstone that I designed. I love the open design and I am now thinking a bit further on how to make this tombstone better. Since most tombstones you place in your yard are only seen from the front, I might take some frosted thick shelf liner and glue a piece behind the design, then add a light so the Boogie Man lights up. I am sure an awesome red or purple glow behind the Boogie Man will do the trick. I will do an updated post on what I decide to do to finish off the Boogie Man.

So, what are you doing to prepare for the arrival of Halloween? Have you started any paper mache pumpkins this year? I hope so, because it takes time to complete these projects, so you need to prepare in advance!


A Wickedly Fun Weekend

The weather cooperated for us on Saturday as we began to carry upstairs from storage, all of our Halloween prop boxes.  Oh the many trips up and down the stairs with all of our wicked delights for the front yard.  The detailed decorating has begun.  (the photo below is a little ghostly effect that I used to enhance our yard)


As I worked on carrying up all of the props, Roy went to work unpacking them and positioning them in the front yard.  Our Home Haunt has started to come alive!


With each prop carefully staked into the ground, a colored flood light was also placed in front of each item to illuminate it at night.  It was like watching a synchronized swimming routine as we worked in sync putting the yard together.


Once we had all the props and lights set in place, Roy had to connect all of them with extension cords.  Yep, you guessed it, we have “tons” of extension cords!  So far, if we did not lose count, we have approximately 15 flood lights, 13 extension cords, 14 tombstones, and at least 15+ props right now in our front yard.


Our wickedly fun decorating weekend definitely caused a stir in the neighborhood, as people slowed down to look and/or stopped to say what a great job we were doing, and even our neighbors stopped by to check out our new prop additions.


Even our favorite police officer, Houston, stopped by say hello as he was patrolling the neighborhood for speeders on our side street.  (he even ticketed about five speeders and stop sign crashers this weekend alone while we were outside!)


And, just so you know...WE ARE NOT EVEN CLOSE TO BEING DONE DECORATING WITH OUR PROPS!  We still have lots more elaborate props to bring out in the yard, but we don’t display these until the day of Halloween because they are too expensive to be left out in the yard as they could be stolen.  We have 6′ tall animatronic props like Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, a Ripping Reaper of Souls who rips open his chest to reveal all the souls he has captured, and Freddie Krueger, along with LED lighted ghosts, and metal orange lighted willow trees to light up our graveyard.  Dapper Death and Count Dracula will also make their appearance too!

Lunging Mad Demon DogWe have a new freakishly scary Halloween prop on order to add to our graveyard and we are certain that this prop will scare the pants off all the trick-or-treaters.  It is called a Lunging Mad Demon Dog that growls then lunges forward when anyone passes by.  Hee hee hee, we can’t wait to see the reactions of the parents too as they stand on the sidewalk and watch their kids walk past this guy!



The green guy in our front door is from WOW Windows and all that it is, is a piece of plastic that you hang over your windows and then just turn a light on behind it.  That’s it!  Nikita was peeking out the front door under the green guy to see what was going on outside.

If the kids want candy, they have to walk through our spooky Cemetery Gateway on our driveway (which we put up on the day of Halloween), walk through the low laying fog that covers the front yard, and past a few scary props just to get candy.  Why make it easy on them, right?  That is what Halloween is all about, scary stuff and things that go bump in the night, so beware if you are heading to our house on Halloween!  (the photo below is from a prior year, and this is not yet up in the driveway)

2011 Home Haunt Photo

Stay tuned for more Halloween posts and our final spooky post after Halloween, as we should be able to include a video of our yard in action, along with music too.  Oh, did I forget to mention that all of our lights are hooked up to a Gemmy Light Show? Yep.  Roy hooks up everything to this expensive piece of Halloween equipment and all of our lights “dance” to whatever spooky music is playing through speakers that are placed in the yard.  He adds all the Halloween themed songs to his iPod and then hooks the iPod to the Gemmy Light Show.  It is definitely a show that you don’t want to miss!

Things That Go Bump in the Night


It’s official!  We have started our Halloween yard decorating (one week late) and the first thing we always work on is the “Focal Point” of the yard. Keep in mind, that the photograph above is the start to what’s to come and I wanted to show you how empty it looks now…just wait.  I did the last front yard mow for October because once we add of our lights, props, and extension cords, you cannot mow around anything. November 1st, everything is taken down and the lawn gets a much needed haircut.

The focal point is Skully and his friends carrying a handmade pallet coffin.  Skully & Friends always attract a lot of “gawkers” that drive past the house, and also lots of people stop to take photographs.  If you are new to Nikitaland, please take the time right now & subscribe as you don’t want to miss what we have coming up!  

I have to remember to do this again this year, and tally for you how many things we have placed in the front yard.  For example, a few years ago I did this and was shocked to find out that we used something like 17+ extension cords!  It is amazing on how much time is involved in just setting up Skully & his friends.  I had to stake up each skeleton into place, then get the coffin up and off the ground by more stakes, position the skeletons so they are doing what I want them to do, (they had other things in mind, but I had to tell them to knock it off and all Skully wanted to do was mow the lawn again), then tie-wrap them to the stakes, and then my Sweets came out and placed all the lights around each skeleton just perfectly!  (he is my lighting and sound effect guy for sure)


We had to do a little surgery on the coffin yesterday, as it appears that it sagged a little sitting in the garage all this time.  I rummaged around in the garage and found some nice scraps of wood to use as braces, grabbed my drill and electric screwdriver and firmed up that saggy coffin!  It’s definitely the little touches that make or break a Halloween display!  After we got Skully and his friends up, it rained, and rained hard.  Phew!


I have one more of the huge pumpkins to paint yet that I paper mached, but it is lit up in the front window for all to see.  I am in the process though of making a smaller pumpkin that I will place in the hand of one of Skully’s friends in the front yard.  This pumpkin I will have to use Flex Seal on it (found at KMart & other hardware stores for around $13) to protect it from the elements and to make sure that the paper mache pumpkin does not rot if it got soggy.  (Side note:  In case you don’t know about Flex Seal, it is used a lot in gutters to seal up any small cracks to prevent drips, and I have seen it used to seal up a cracked flower pot, and much more!)  I need to get a can anyways for our own gutters, and I will have enough left to cover the pumpkin inside and out.  Flex Seal can be painted too!


Our living room has come alive and it screams Halloween!  It has such an awesome orange glow that lights up the room.  I never had a Halloweenish display before inside the house, and that is why I worked so hard to make something special for us.  Now, I can enjoy our favorite holiday and have something to cherish every year!  We even found a little stuffed Jack Skeleton at Walgreens yesterday and he now sits on top of the fireplace.  So what do you think?  Do you like how our living room turned out?


Stay tuned to see what we add to the front yard next!  Don’t forget to subscribe & follow along with us!  Who knows what you might learn, but we make it worth your while!  Stick around!

Paper Mache Halloween Projects


I know what you’re thinking, what are you doing talking about Halloween in July, right? Well, we LOVE Halloween and it takes time for us to prepare anything new for our Home Haunt, so we have to start early.

Paper Mache projects take a lot of time, with all the layers you need to attach, and with each layer, you need to do a lot of waiting to make sure each layer dries thoroughly before the next one is placed.

To start making a paper mache pumpkin, you can use whatever form you want, but I start usually with a large bag and fill it up with balled up newspaper or any other filling you can find.  Then, once the form is made, I take string and pull it up along the sides to make those nice indents along the sides of the pumpkin.  Next, you need to decide on how you are going to create the stem.  Sometimes, I just tie up the top of the bag for the stem and paper mache over it, other times, I take some newspaper and wrap it around a piece of wire so I can bend the stem in a funky shape.


I am currently working on a Haunted Fireplace for us to use either in the house as a decoration, or we can use it outside on Halloween night for another prop.  I am planning on setting some of my paper mache pumpkins on top of the mantel of the fireplace when I am done for a nice effect.


The one thing that I will need to work on and figure out how to do this, is to create a fake fire for the fireplace.  I have seen some neat effects of people using an old wire garbage can, a small fan, some red & orange lights, and some pieces of material.  The concept of this is to place the fan in the bottom of the garbage can so it blows upward and “moves” the pieces of material cut into flame shapes while the red and orange lights create the color of fire.  We’ll see if I can get this to work, when I get to that point or step in my process, but it surely will be interesting if I can pull this off.


If anyone would love to do some paper mache pumpkins for Halloween and need some help getting started, let me know and I will be more than happy to assist you.  I am far from being an expert on this, but with the more items that I make, I am learning some neat tricks along the way.

Enjoying Life

Awaiting Springs ArrivalOver here in C-Town (Cleveland, OH) at this time of year, we take it one day at a time as you just never know what the weather will be like.  For instance, yesterday morning, I happened to look outside and it was a white out, now this morning it’s full sun.  It’s still cold, around 34 degrees, but each day that passes, we know that we’re closer to better weather and closer to flip flop time!  I just had to have a little fun and run out in the snow with my flip flops on in the hopes that I could make all the snow go away!

SNOWFALL 3-13-13


We have already started our seeds a few weeks ago for our garden and have been faithfully watering them every day while they soak up the warmth from our grow lights in the basement.  We love watching something that we planted pop up out of the dirt as some of the seeds were so small that I had to use tweezers just to pick them up and place them in small hole I made in the seed tray.  Our neighbor planted just two Juliet Tomato plants in his garden and he ended up reaping the rewards of probably over a thousand Juliet Tomatoes that he shared with his family.  We could not believe that just two plants produced so many tomatoes, so we have started a few Juliet’s in our seed tray and pray that we can get the same results.




We had good luck last year with our Flat Dutch Cabbage, so we planted 18 seeds and are watching them pop up out of the dirt in the seed tray!  We planted these for Daddy’s Mom so she can make stuffed cabbage!  We also started red and green peppers, and Big Boy Tomato plants too.  A lot of our other seeds won’t be started indoors and will be planted directly into the garden like our leaf lettuce and zucchini, but we will start our cucumbers indoors a few weeks before the end of May, or before our last frost date.  I know one thing for sure, that if you walked into our laundry room (that is also used to store all of our eBay inventory) you would be greeted by some of our Halloween props just hanging around, like our life-sized skeletons that watch over our little seedlings.


Nikita and Bella

Nikita and Bella definitely know that the weather is changing as they are hearing & seeing more wildlife these days.  The words “Big Doggies” get the dogs running to the front windows only to see all of the deer that we have running around the neighborhood.  When it is nap time for Nikita, nothing disturbs her, but Bella hears everything and alerts us when the Big Doggies are around the house, or in some cases, walking down the sidewalk which makes me laugh every time I see it.  We even saw our first Robin the other morning, which means that Spring is very near!



NIKITA 3-14-13


Nikita was posing for me in the sun this morning and I just had to capture how beautiful she is with some photographs.  I love the many faces that she has when she looks around the neighborhood, so intense, so intelligent, so cuddly!  Since the sun is out today, we headed on over to the park and took a nice walk and enjoyed the sun while it’s here, and I am sure that nap time will soon be here.

Nap Time

High Winds are Taking Out our Halloween Props – One by One

It has been raining here in Cleveland, OH for days non-stop.  My coat does not even get the chance to dry before I have to take the dogs out (again), but I am glad that I got a new pair of hot pink rain boots a few weeks ago as I am putting them to good use!

As I am sitting here at the kitchen table today, I am watching our Halloween props get taken down by the strong winds, one by one.  I heard a loud “thump” earlier today, and I thought to myself “now what was that“, so I looked outside, and our ghoul is now laying flat on his back in the yard.  He had enough of fighting the wind and gave up, and he is just laying there with his hands up in the air.  I am only surprised that he is not holding a white flag of surrender!

Our wood tombstones are even swaying back and forth even with the 7″ spikes that we have in the ground to hold them secure, as the ground is so saturated with water and the holes in the ground are huge.

A neighbor of ours just emailed us a notice from our city that Halloween on Wednesday night has been postponed due to the weather conditions of Hurricane Sandy, and will take place on Sunday instead.  We figured as much that this would happen, so we are not so surprised at the news.  Hopefully by Sunday the rain will have ceased a bit and give the trick-or-treaters a chance to gather some candy from the neighbors.

I will keep a lookout on the graveyard to see what else takes a dive as the day progresses.

Preparing for Halloween 2012

Halloween always takes me back to my childhood, of the good ole days when we trick-or-treated around the neighborhood, but I lived in the country so there were no sidewalks and it was tough on all of us to collect lots of candy since the houses were far apart.  But living in the city now, we have to prepare for the massive amounts of little goblins, lady gaga look-a-likes, skeletons, some presidential candidates, and lots of neighbors passing out jello shots.  Oh, the times have changed since I was younger, as I could never image my parents passing out jello shots to the parents back when I was younger, although that would have been real funny to see that!  But, Halloween is just not for kids these days!

In the past few weeks, we have been in full force getting all of our Halloween props out of storage, checking our stock of extension cords, flood lights, and fog juice and every year we try to come up with a new idea for the yard, and this year, we have gone a little overboard!  We saw these really neat 6′ tall skeletons online at KMart and we knew that we wanted them!  We purchased three of them to add to our home haunt and so far, they have made a big hit!  People have been slowing down as they pass the house to take a look at what we have done and a few have stopped to take a picture or two.  So, with the skeletons purchased, we needed to make something truly remarkable to go along with them in the front yard, and we thought that we should make a casket.  We were going to make the casket out of cardboard, but then thought against it, since the cardboard would fall apart if it rained so we noticed that we had a lot of pallets behind the garage that we collected over the summer and started cutting up the pallets and created a wood casket for the skeletons to carry.  We are amazed on how well it turned out and now the skeletons & casket are the focal point in our front yard.

We stood the skeletons up in the yard and attached them to some metal poles with some tie strips – one, for they would not fall down, and two, so no one gets the idea to steal any of them.  It would be hard for them to grab them and run, because those metal poles are so far down in the ground, that they would never be able to pull them out (without being caught).  We would love to think that people would be honest and just leave our props alone, but we have to take precautions and make sure that everything is tied down.  That is why we wait until the morning of Halloween to bring out the really expensive props, like our animatronic Jason Voorhees or Freddy, as these guys really put the scare in the kids.

We have handmade all of our tombstones in the yard out of wood, painted them, stenciled and then sealed them well with a clear coat to protect them from the weather.  We decided to not use our styrofoam tombstones any longer since all we did was chase them when they blew down the street from the high winds.  We got a little creative in what we stenciled on our tombstones like:  High Gas Prices Killed Me, Texting Killed Me, the word Economy with blood dripping off the letters (lots of parents got a kick out of this one), and we are still working on a few more that need to get finished before Halloween night.  We also found some cheap black bird at the Dollar Store and we used the staple gun to attach them to the top of the tombstones which adds a nice detail to the graveyard.  Sometimes, it’s the little things like paying attention to the little details that make all the difference in your graveyard.

And don’t think that we have forgot about our dogs when it comes to Halloween, as we have already picked out their costumes!  Since I was sick for almost a month with a bad chest cold, I ran out of time to make their costumes myself, so we decided to find something at the store instead.  Bella is going to be a skunk (since she is a little stinker) and Nikita is going to be a squirrel (since she loves to chase them in the backyard).  Bella did not seem to mind her costume when we tried it on her, but Nikita looks so sad when we dress her up as she really hates any kind of thing that is on her head.  In her costume, Nikita has a squirrel hat that she has to wear, so we are not sure as to how long she will keep this on.  That’s ok though as long as I can get a few good photographs of her costume on her before we have to take it off.

Stay tuned as we transform our front yard in our nice quiet neighborhood into a remarkable home haunt!

Oh Yeah, It’s Friday The 13th!

If you know us well, then you know that we LOVE Halloween, and with today being Friday the 13th, it kinda adds that spooky look behind you atmosphere and watch out for those black cats eerieness.  There are only 110 days left until Halloween (yeah, I know, we’re counting down the days) and we wanted to share with you some of our Halloween products that we have and perhaps maybe you’ll find something that you want to add to your own Halloween props!  (NOTE:  Click on any image to be taken to the actual eBay listing)

Want to add some awesome cobwebs to your bushes this year?  This Cobweb Machine will do the trick.  Just attach the fan-like can to your own drill, add the fluid inside the fan, and turn on your drill.  It is the coolest thing you will ever see!  Even spray cobwebs over your tombstones in your yard to give your yard an eerie effect. 

We have also created some really neat Frankenstein Lighted Glass Blocks to add some fun to your Halloween.  Place it on your kitchen counter, bookshelf, bathroom, or anywhere you want some Halloween whimsy.  Everyone will smile when they see Frankie smiling back at them!  We also have two sizes available in these lighted glass blocks, small & large.  (you can also slip the glass block in a stand to raise it up off the counter, and these are sold separately)

You can’t celebrate Friday the 13th or Halloween without Jason Voorhees, right?  We have a hard to find Jason Voorhees Tombstone that is unbelievable!  It has so much detail and gore on the tombstone that you will think that he’s gonna crawl right out of it!

Now, this item is something to scare the pants off your neighbors and the trick-or-treators!  It is called a WOW Window Poster that’s a werewolf.  All you do, is hang it up in your window and turn the lights on in your house!  That’s it!  Then head outside to see how the werewolf glows in your window!  It is the coolest prop we have ever seen!  You could even add a blinking strobe light behind the poster too to give it a neater effect.  This werewolf scares the pants off of us when you see him snarling back at you – larger than life!  Eeeek!  We also have more WOW Window Posters for Halloween too, like black widow spiders and Mummies!

Got Fog?  Well, we bet you don’t have one of these!  This Spewing Corpse Animated Fog Machine Accessory will be a perfect addition to your own home haunt.  He moves back and forth while spewing fog out of his mouth.  The kids will love it! 

Got some old jars or bottles just laying around?  If you don’t, start saving some!  Then, just stick these Scary Halloween Bottle Labels right over your bottles for some creepy fun.  Then fill the bottles with some food coloring and water.  Who couldn’t use a little “Blood Thinner” or “Snake Venum” sitting on their counter! 

There is always room at this Motel!  Hang this Official Psycho Bates Motel Sign in your window and invite all those zombies and tired travelers into your motel!

We have the neatest Halloween prop….ever!  This is a 6′ Lighted LED Slender Ghost that you can use outdoors or indoors.  It just takes a few minutes to put it together, but it is the brightest ghost you will ever see!  We have a few of these ourselves, and always leave one in the living room to add a great Halloween effect indoors!  This prop comes with stakes that you use to insert it in your lawn too!

Who likes coffee?  Why not drink it out of this Halloween coffee mug!  You can never have enough coffee mugs, right?  I know that our cabinet is filled with them, and we all have our favorite mug to drink our java from every morning!  The back side of the mug has “Boo” on it. 

We already have Jason Voorhees, and we also have Freddy too!  Get ready for another nightmare on Elm Street with this Freddy Official Licensed Prop!  This prop features Freddy breaking through a wall and it can be used indoors or outdoors.  Freddy’s coming for you!






Add this Grave Bustin Pumpkin to your own home haunt!  He stands only 2 feet tall, but it full of detail!  These types of props are great to stand next to your tombstones in your yard!

As you can see, we’ve got you covered for Halloween with tons of decorations and props, so check us out on eBay and see why everyone stops at our store for their seasonal needs!


Enjoy your Friday the 13th and make sure you watch out for those black cats!

2012 Halloween Product Catalog

We are excited to show you our 2012 Halloween Catalog (Click Here to View Catalog) and with only 121 days left until the witching hour is here, we keep reminding you that you need to shop now to pick up your props and decorations.  Most every retailer of Halloween products are showcasing their products the beginning of July because they know that they sell out fast, and once the products are gone…..they are gone & they don’t restock!   Our product catalog can’t possibly fit all of our product, but we wanted to share with you some of our hottest Halloween props & decorations.  Once you click on the PDF of the product catalog, you can click on any photo and it will take you directly to that specific product. 

Now is the time to get your ducks skeletons in a row and make sure you are ready for Halloween.  You don’t want to be unprepared with your props, as it’s like running out of candy and the trick-or-treators are still arriving.  Be prepared!   Also, keep checking back on our eBay store, as we will be adding more inventory every week until Halloween!