PIPE DREAM: How To Make Industrial Candle Holders

My craft projects have not ended for the year, but I could not tell you about this one in particular because it was a Christmas present for a good friend. Now that the gift has been received, I can tell you how to make these for yourself!


I have noticed that “Industrial Decor” is making its way into homes everywhere, and I am jumping in with great enthusiasm on the love of pipe! It’s a Pipe Dream, for sure!



  • Six (6) 1/2″ Black Floor Flanges
  • Three (3) 1/2″ Steel Pipe Nipples (in three different lengths, 3″, 4″, and 5″)
  • That’s all that you need, simple, eh?

Just take one floor flange and screw in one of the nipples to it, and make sure it is going in straight, otherwise your candle stick will be crooked. Then add another floor flange to the top!  (I thought it looked like a mini barbell.) Make sure when adding the floor flange that you place the flat part of the flange on bottom, and then again the flat part on the top. The pillar candle will sit upon the flat top.


Repeat these easy steps for the next candle holder, and so on. Now, just add your favorite pillar candle on top! You have just created your very first Industrial Pipe Project.

This was an easy project to make. The hardest part was actually finding the pieces in the hardware store, since we found out the hard way that people do not return pipe pieces to the box they pulled them out of! So my suggestion to you is, attach your pipe pieces together while you are in the store first, just to make sure your pipe sizes are the correct ones!

By the way, Hillary, the recipient of these Industrial Pipe Candle Holders loved them a lot and they are now on display on her entryway table! It’s a Christmas gift that she will never forget!


Recycled Rudolph

I am always on the lookout for neat & cute craft ideas and I ran across this awesome cardboard reindeer on Pinterest that was posted on Good Housekeeping, so I just had to try making one for myself!

Here is the pin from Pinterest on what theirs looks like:


Here is mine:


Printout the Reindeer Template on legal-size paper. Find a nice piece of cardboard and trace the pattern onto the cardboard. Trace two pieces of the head. I used a sharp knife to cut out the pieces. One note if you are going to try making one for yourself, is to NOT cut the little slices on the deer antlers any larger than what is shown on the pattern, or your antlers will fall off when you try to slide them into place. Keep true to your cuts so your pieces fit together tightly.


Place the two pieces of the head together and add a dab of glue to where the nose is. Then spread the head pieces apart a little (after your glue has dried) and attach the rest of the pieces to the reindeer.

Now all that is left is to decorate Rudolph! You can make him a pom pom nose like I did to mine, or just paint it red. Add some eyes, a collar with a jingle bell on it, or even slip a small wreath around his neck! Be creative and deck your halls with this awesome reindeer!


How would you decorate your Recycled Rudolph?

The Boogie Man Is Coming

With the arrival of August, there is only one thing on my mind…Halloween! I am starting to get into full Halloween mode and have already started a few more paper mache pumpkins which I will be posting about soon. But, I wanted to show you my latest Halloween craft project, the Boogie Man.

If you don’t already know, a few years ago I started creating wood tombstones because I found that I was tired of chasing our Styrofoam tombstones down the street. The Styrofoam ones are really neat, but they are not practical with all the high winds we get around here in October. So the creation of wood tombstones was born!

I quickly filled up our yard over the last few years with nice durable wood tombstones in varying designs, shapes, and sizes and I no longer have to chase them down the street.

I am always doodling new designs and I came up with the Boogie Man. He looked really good on my sticky note, so I decided to try to hand draw him bigger. I started off by cutting a large box open and lay it flat on the floor, as this will be my template for when I cut it out of wood. Then I go to work hand drawing the design onto the cardboard. I lightly draw my design until I get the right size and shape, and then trace over it with a Sharpie Marker.


Then, I use an X-acto knife to carefully cut out the cardboard design. This part is really time consuming and you need to make sure that you have more cardboard under your cardboard piece so you don’t cut the floor or your carpet accidentally. (I am very careful with this step)


Once the design is all cut out of the cardboard, my template is now ready to trace on a piece of wood. I normally use pressed wood for my tombstones, but I got a nice free piece of 1/2″ plywood and decided to use this for my Boogie Man. (getting a free piece of wood is like candy to me!)


Now that my design is all traced onto the plywood, I need to drill a nice sized hole in the areas that need to be cut out. I do this so I can insert my Jigsaw blade into that area.


I carefully insert the Jigsaw blade into the drill hole and start cutting out my design slowly. The first thing that I noticed is that cutting plywood is so much nicer than pressed wood because the wood does not splinter with the blade.


I really love working with wood and creating new Halloween props! By the way, this Craftsman evolv Jigsaw that I am using is variable speed and you can change the blades really quickly.


The Boogie Man is almost complete! Isn’t he adorable!


The only thing that I need to cut out is the base for the wood tombstone.


This is the completed Boogie Man tombstone that I designed. I love the open design and I am now thinking a bit further on how to make this tombstone better. Since most tombstones you place in your yard are only seen from the front, I might take some frosted thick shelf liner and glue a piece behind the design, then add a light so the Boogie Man lights up. I am sure an awesome red or purple glow behind the Boogie Man will do the trick. I will do an updated post on what I decide to do to finish off the Boogie Man.

So, what are you doing to prepare for the arrival of Halloween? Have you started any paper mache pumpkins this year? I hope so, because it takes time to complete these projects, so you need to prepare in advance!


Sneak Peak Of My New Fascination

I am in love with something new that I have not worked with much. It is a new found love for stenciling. I purchased a medium sized Chrysanthemum stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils for $26.95 which is 21″ across in size.

Ever since I made my patriotic star table top, I got the bug to make some more little table tops to use in our home, and outside for our fire pit nights. This Chrysanthemum stencil is so beautiful and I could not wait to make a table top with it. I found a nice piece of wood in our garage, sanded it, painted it glossy black, and after it dried, I was ready to start stenciling.


Since I just got this stencil, I don’t have all the proper tools like a stencil brush & roller, so I decided that I would not wait to get them, rather I jumped in and I placed the stencil over my piece of wood, grabbed my gray permanent Sharpie and went to work tracing each and every little piece of that stencil onto my wood. It did not take that long to do it, but you had to make sure you did not bump your stencil while doing so. Look at all those little pieces!


After I got the stenciling tracing done, I pulled out my little jar of Behr premium plus ultra Mint Majesty, which I purchased at Home Depot for around $4 for a 7.5 ounce jar, and started to paint. It only took me a few hours to complete the entire stencil by hand painting it with a small brush. Yes, I had to have a steady hand to do this, but it turned out awesome! The Mint Majesty truly pops on the black painted wood. All I need to do now is coat the top of my table top with some Polycrylic to seal the paint real good.


The next step that I need to do is figure out what kind of legs to add to my table top. I did some research on metal table legs and have lots of ideas to choose from, but if you have any ideas on where I can get some metal table legs at a reasonable price, let me know.

I want to stencil everything now with this stencil! It is so beautiful and would definitely add to any home decor!


How to Make Melted Pony Bead Stars

We all have Pony Beads in our piles of craft supplies, if you don’t, you need to get some! Making melted Pony Bead crafts is fun to do.

HOW TO MAKE MELTED PONY BEAD STARSI used three different sized metal star cookie cutters to make mine.

PONY BEAD STARS1Pour your Pony Beads into your cookie cutter and make sure that you have enough to fill up all the space inside the cookie cutter. You can then arrange the beads around a bit to distribute the colors. Make sure your cookie cutters are on a metal cookie sheet too.

PONY BEAD STARS2Once you have all the beads where you want them, they are ready to bake.

PONY BEAD STARS3Place in your oven at 400 degrees, and watch them closely as they melt. There will be a slight smell from the melting plastic, so you should have your windows open or run a fan while melting the Pony Beads. (note: you can also melt them on your grill too outside) You will know when they are ready to be taken out of the oven when the top of the Pony Beads are nice and flat. (if you still see the “humps” of the beads, then they will need to stay in the oven a few minutes longer)

PONY BEAD STARS4Once all the beads are nice and flat, remove them from the oven and let them cool on top of the stove. You will soon hear a slight crackling sound, and don’t worry, this is the plastic cooling sound.

PONY BEAD STARS5When cooled, you can pick up your cookie cutter and remove the melted Pony Bead stars. Just carefully pull the sides apart of the cookie cutter and the star just pops out.

HOW TO MAKE MELTED PONY BEAD STARSIf you so choose, at this point, you can use a small drill bit and drill right through the melted Pony Bead stars so you can add a ribbon for hanging. Or, you can perhaps hot glue a wooden skewer to the back of the stars and place in a flower pot for a nice decoration. With these three sizes, I also had the idea to make a little tiered sun catcher for the Fourth of July. To accomplish this, you will need to drill a small hole on the top and bottom of the stars so you can attach your string in between them for hanging.

So there you have it, you can now make your own melted Pony Bead Stars and you will be ready to ring in your Fourth of July in style!

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Hello Spring

Welcoming the arrival of Spring is so much fun! And even though our weather has not yet started to cooperate, I came up with an idea to at least make me smile.

I purchased some really awesome “leather look” shelf liner contact paper at a great price at KMart for sprucing up some drawers, and I have been thinking that I could use this for something else, not sure as to what, but today I got an idea!


I opened up my Publisher and scrolled through all of my fonts, and finally chose the “Grand Hotel” font and sized my text box font to 300. Yeah, I know that sounds really large, but the Grand Hotel font is smaller in size than other fonts. Since I found the font I wanted, I typed the word “Hello” and then printed it out on a piece of card stock paper.


Next, I got my very sharp x-acto knife out and carefully cut out the “Hello”.  This card stock hello will now be used as my template for tracing it onto the leather look contact paper.


Make sure you have a steady hand and hold down your hello template onto the contact paper, then just trace around it with a black Sharpie marker.  (note: the piece of contact paper that I cut out kept trying to roll up, so I just laid something heavy on top of it to flatten it)


Once I traced the “Hello” onto the leather look contact paper, I used my x-acto knife again and cut out the “Hello”.


You’re almost ready to welcome the arrival of Spring… all you need to do is pull off the backing on the contact paper and carefully place your Hello on your door!  Make sure you line it up straight too, if not, you can just carefully pull off the contact paper and realign it.


Now, every time I head outside, I smile!  And, when your guests come over, they will be greeted with a nice friendly “Hello” even before you open the door!


You can make your own “Hello” greeting for your door today by printing out the HELLO PDF template I made for you!  I just hope you have some adorable contact paper to use!

How To Make Cement Letters

How to create your own cement letters

It is fun to experiment with new crafts, but it is more fun to see how they turn out.  Some times you may experience an epic fail, but that should never halt your progress, as you should try and try again until you get it right.  I recently purchased from Amazon,alphabet ice cube trays, which I did in fact try making ice cubes and they worked like a charm.  I got the biggest kick out of dropping cute ice letters into my drink, and even shared a few letters in the dogs water bowl too, but I knew what my ultimate craft adventure was going to be for these little molds. Cement letters, of course!


I never worked with any type of silicone molds before, so I was curious as to how easy it would be to remove your item once formed from the mold. Removing the ice from the molds was super easy. I just stretched the sides of the silicone mold a tad, and the letters just dropped out. Now, I am going to purchase another set of these molds just for ice and/or chocolate, and I am going to use the first set for making my cement letters. I read that you can even use these silicone molds to bake right in the oven too (up to a certain temperature) and the molds don’t melt!


Anyhow, with the excitement flowing on how cool the ice letters turned out, I grabbed my silicone molds and headed down to my workshop to whip up a small batch of Quikrete Cement to make some cement letters. I scooped a small amount of Quikrete Cement into an empty plastic container and poured a little water in. Your cement mixture should be like a thick pancake mixture consistency. With Quikrete, you need to work quickly as it hardens within minutes. Once the cement was well mixed, I sprayed the molds with some Pam cooking spray, as this is called a release agent so the cement does not stick to the sides. I poured the cement slowly to reduce any air bubbles. Now, we wait.  Quikrete Cement dries pretty quickly, but I left these to sit overnight, just to make sure.

Im Grand

The cement letters popped right out of the mold perfectly! I just stretched the sides of the mold just like I did with the ice, and the letters dropped right out of the mold! I let the letters air dry a bit more, and if there were any rough spots, I just lightly sanded them with a small piece of sand paper.  The last thing I did was dip them in a cement sealer to protect them. The size of the letters are different per letter, but they are approximately 1 5/8″ in height, 1 1/2″ in width, and 1/2″ thick.


I can honestly say that working with silicone molds is really easy. I will definitely be purchasing another set so I can make some chocolate letters!


Here’e the rundown on what you will need to create your own cement letters:

  • Silicone Alphabet molds
  • Quikrete Cement
  • Water
  • A small plastic container to mix the cement & a wooden spoon
  • Pam Cooking Spray to be used a the release agent
  • Cement Sealer (optional)

At this time, I have almost made the entire alphabet, and looking at the cement letters I have made so far, it makes me think of the game Scrabble. How fun would that be to make enough letters to play Scrabble? Or perhaps make the word “grow” and set the letters in a flower pot?


Here’s some other ideas I came up with to use these little cement letters for:

  • Attach a magnet with glue to the back of the letters to your fridge
  • Hang the cement letters on your Christmas tree with a beautiful ribbon
  • Spell out names in front of your dinner plates as place cards
  • Attach them to your wood tombstones, which is what I am going to do with the “RIP”
  • Spell out your name for your mailbox post


The possibilities are endless!

All You Need is Love & Wood

I love working with wood and being creative. This year I am planning on building us a nice wood & steel legged table so we can dine outdoors when we cook out (which is all the time in the summer).  Once I get the table finished & stained, I will purchase four black flat-seat stools for us to sit on!  Here is the photo I found on Pinterest that inspired me:


If you have not checked out my DIY Tables Board on Pinterest, you should take a peek and see what I am pinning!

I had an old wicker table and two rockers that we used, but the years of use took their toll on the chairs, and finally the wicker table will be thrown out this year as it basically fell apart. This is what prompted me to start wondering what we were going to do without a table, and I thought “Hey, I could build us one!”  And that is what I am planning on doing.  Of course, I will do a blog post on how I build it so just in case you want to make one for yourself, you’ll have my directions!

While I was searching on Pinterest for DIY Tables, I also ran across a neat industrial side table made from wood and steel and I thought it would be perfect for my printer or perhaps a cute little table for us to use by the fire pit. The use of the metal on this table has many possibilities as you can make the table as high or low as you want, just by cutting the steel. And, by staining the wood top any color you want, it can match all of your decorating needs. When I make mine, I will definitely be adding some protective pads to the bottom so it does not scratch the floor! (this project came from Lowe’s Creative Ideas and if you visit my DIY Table board on Pinterest and want to make one for yourself, you can click-thru the link for the directions)


Now, with those projects on my list to make this year, I wanted to show you what I made for our front door. Since I love wood, and I love my Evolv Jigsaw that cuts through wood like butter, I created a wood LOVE to hang proudly on our door.

I started off by printing out each letter on an 8×11″ piece of paper then cut them out and taped them together. I then traced my design onto a piece of wood.


Next, I had to pull out my drill to cut a hole big enough for the saw blade to slide into to cut out the inside pieces like inside the “O” and a few other places.  I always cut these out first because the wood is stable and in one piece.


Then I just carefully go to town and work my way around each letter cutting with the jigsaw. Trust me, this takes a lot of time to hand cut and you have to have a steady hand doing this.


Once the entire wood LOVE has been carefully cut out, I pulled out the sander and spent about an hour or so sanding in between all the nooks and crannys.


The photo above shows the LOVE before it was sanded with all the rough edges, and the photo below is completely sanded.


For the one I have on our front door, after I sanded it, I vacuumed off all the saw dust and painted it black, then did a quick clear coat over it. I then tied some nice red tulle to the top and hung it!  


So what do you think of my wood LOVE?  I know it took me a lot of time to make this, but I really love the end results!  Oh yeah, we also left a red flood light outside from Christmas time that shines on the LOVE at night to light it up for Valentine’s Day.

Hugs & Kisses!