Cleveland Magazine Article: DELAYED

Mommy just got an email from the nice photographer that took our photos for the Cleveland Magazine article.  He said that the article will be delayed due to the result of low advertising sales for this special edition.  CM will probably delay this edition until some more ads sell.  Things happen, no biggie, you will just have to wait a little longer to see me in print.   I still love CM and giving me a great opportunity to be in their publication.

The End.

When a trip to PetSmart Turns into a Meet & Greet

The nose knows the way to PetSmart

Happy Monday everyone!  Hope you all remembered to turn your clocks ahead one hour, and that means that we all lost an hour sleep, bummer!  (now I know why I am so sleepy this morning, lost an hour of beauty sleep

My Daddy, Mommy and I went to visit everyone at one of my favorite places this weekend, PetSmart.  I love going here because everyone knows me.  I kinda feel like Norm from Cheers – when I walk in the door, everyone shouts “Nikita“!   I was so excited to see everyone and tell them about my recent photo shoot for the article coming up in Cleveland Magazine (May Issue) and how I was a good girl & smiled pretty for the camera.  They are all looking forward to reading the article and said that they felt they were in the presence of a celebrity. 

I got to see one of my favorite PetSmart buddies – his name is Brett.  Brett always has a hug for me and I give him lots of puppy kisses for all of the treats he gives me.  (he knows my weakness for these heavenly goodies)  Thanks Brett! 

My buddy Brett & Me


While walking around the store with Daddy and Mommy, I got to meet some other new four-legged friends, but one in particular, did not like me very much and growled at me.  His name was Scrappy.  I forgive him for growling at me, heck, I can’t be everyone’s favorite, but I thought I could win this little guy over with my cuteness.  Scrappy was the most adorable dog though and had the cutest face.  I finally met a dog that doesn’t like me.  Hmmm


I also got to meet a cute little Pug named Bubba too!  His Mommy told us that he always walks around with his tongue hanging out of his mouth.  Now that is too funny!  Loved his curly tail!

Every time we’re at PetSmart, I always have to check out the toy aisle.  I am really good in this aisle too, because I don’t pick up any of the toys, I know they are not mine, but I do walk down the aisle and sniff each and every one of them.  (lots of good smells on these toys – who was here before me?)  Daddy did get me a new pink Frisbee so we can play in the summer. (thanks Daddy)

Gotta sniff those toys


I also got to meet someone who had three really tall dogs.  This guys dogs were really well behaved and could walk next to him all around the store  without being on a leash.  Man, those are some well behaved doggies!  I hope I can do that one day, but I am still a little puppy and need to be on a leash.
After we did our “tour” around the store and picked up everything that we needed, we headed over to get me weighed again.  Found out that I now weigh 47.4 lbs.  WOW!  Mommy won’t be able to pick me up pretty soon with that poundage!  But all good things must come to an end, and we needed to head home.  That’s ok, because that means that I get to ride in the car again and boy do I love that! 

Hope everyone had a great weekend and are enjoying the sun that is shining outside right now.  Hopefully Spring is on the way, and long walks are just around the corner! 

Monday smoochies to you – Nikita

Photo Shoot

Photo Shoot for Cleveland Magazine

Hey everyone, it’s me, Nikita again!  WOW, did I have a busy weekend!  On Saturday, we had our photo shoot for  Cleveland Magazine (May Issue) and it went well, except that I had to get coaxed with lots of treats & squeaks from my toys to get a good shot like this.  Anyhow, this is a sample of what you’ll find in the issue of the magazine, and if I don’t say so myself, I think it turned out absolutely fantastic!  (My Daddy and Mommy look great too!)   We had a great & friendly photographer named Jason Miller from Pixelate Ltd.  ( who did a fantastic job on getting me to behave well for the camera.  I even gave him lots of wet puppy kisses too after every picture!  You should check out his great website of his work and if you ever need an awesome photographer, Jason is the one!  (tell him that Nikita sent you)  THANKS JASON for your patience in getting me to smile for the camera!  I can’t wait to see the May issue with me in it!  Make sure you pick up your own copy too, and if you need me to autograph it for you, just let me know!   

We also got to play Wii Trivial Pursuit this weekend too with our neighbors Steve & Jen.  They are getting married this June and are a great couple to have as friends.  All the best to you both!  (By the way, Jen kicked butt in Trivial Pursuit & won the game!  Way to go Jen!) 

This is one tired puppy and will probably sleep most of the day today, unfortunately, I heard a rumor that I have exceeded my quota for puppy treats for the week, so I am cut off!  Bummer!  That’s what happens when I have to “sit pretty” for the camera.  I hope everyone is having a great day and I’ll give you a shout out tomorrow!  Woof Woof

Wet Smiley Puppy Kisses to you,

Errand Day

Back Seat Driver

It’s a rainy day over here and the snow is melting fast!  Mommy and I had lots of errands to run today and I was sooooo happy to get to go with her as I love riding in the car!  I sometimes ride in the front seat, but I like the back seat better because I have more room and three windows to look out! 

Here is a photo that Mommy took of me on our first stop today… the VETS!  We had to stop in to get my next dose of Revolution and get weighed.  Found out that I am now 46.8 lbs!  WOW!  I got to meet more doggies at the Vets and saw this adorable little doggie named Bubbles (I think I got the name right), but I shared my puppy treats with them.  I was being a good girl. 

We then had to stop at Mommy’s favorite store – Pat Catans,  to pick up some items while I waited a few minutes in the back seat.  I love waiting because I get to see a lot of people walking by the car, and sometimes I even Woof at them when they get too close to the car.  (Mommy gave me a few puppy treats for being good)   I also wanted to do a quick puppy SHOUT OUT to Deena from Pat Catans.  She rang my Mommy’s items up and I heard they talked about me, so “Hi Deena – Woof Woof Woof, Woof Woof to you!”  (Make sure you tell all your friends about me & tell them to follow me on my blog too) 

My Tease Squeaky

All of our errands got accomplished (and Daddy will be happy) and I am pooped.  I still have a little bit of spunk left in me, so I ran and got my squeaky ball to play with  Mommy.  Once again I tease her, thinking that I am going to give her the ball, then I run away.  Then I sneak up on her, tap her on her leg with the ball to let her know that I’m back, and she snatches the ball from me and throws it for me to fetch.  We love doing this and have a lot of fun!  Daddy even plays this same game with me when he gets home from work, and of course, I tease him too. 

You're getting sleepy....

Well, I’m done playing and need a nap.  I can feel my eyelids getting heavy….I almost forgot to mention that Saturday is my BIG PHOTO SHOOT for Cleveland MagazineYIPPEE!  I can’t wait to smile pretty for the camera!  I’ll tell you all about it later!    Hugs & Puppy Smoochies to you – Nikita

I’m 7 Months Old Today – Hurray!

I could not ask for a better day!  It is warm(er) than usual, sunny,  I’ve got more toys than I can play with at one time, I have a great Daddy & Mommy, I have a warm bed to sleep in at night, great food to eat, and now, I turned 7 Months Old today!  Hurray for me

I also noticed today that I have had over 2,650+ people view my blog, and I want to thank each & every one of them… thank you, thank you, thank you….this could take longer than I thought, so I will thank you all at once!  

I have had a lot of accomplishments since I was born and have been one busy little puppy!  For example, I am getting interviewed with my Daddy & Mommy on Sunday for the article that is going in the May issue of Cleveland Magazine, and next Saturday we are doing a photo shoot with a photographer for this issue.  How neat is that?  Just make sure you pick up the May issue to see me! 

Here is a little of what I have been up to in the past seven months:

Me @ 2 Months Old

  • 7-18-10:  Day I was born
  • 9-12-10:  Day I was adopted
  • 9-17-10: My first trip to the VETS
  • 10-4-10: I was given an award from Angie from Thoughts Appear Blog for being the cutest puppy (Thanks Angie!)
  • 10-5-10: I was posted in the Happy Tales Section on the Cleveland APL website – Nikita’s Gone Global
  • 10-31-10: My first Halloween & Costume
  • 11-6-10:  First time I saw “Snow”
  • 11-20-10: Nikitaland Hit 1,000 visitors
  • 12-11-10: Met Santa Claus for the first time (The Jolly Man in the Red Suit)

    Met Santa for the 1st Time

  • 12-14-10: Lost my first tooth
  • 12-23-10: Visited my friends at the Cleveland APL and got to see my Foster Mom, Brea
  • 12-23-10: Kobe & Ozzy from the APL wrote about me in “A Cat’s Eye View
  • 12-30-10:  I was published in the December 2010 issue of Pet Patter from the Cleveland APL (I am on page 9)
  • 2-20-11: Being interviewed for article in the May issue of Cleveland Magazine
  • 2-26-11:  Photo shoot for issue in Cleveland Magazine

What a list, eh?  Just imagine, this all started for me because my Mommy started this blog for me because Daddy & Mommy love me so much!  I am just a normal puppy, enjoying life, but without the help from the Cleveland APL, I would have never had the chance at the great life I have now.  They gave me the head start in life that I needed, and Daddy & Mommy gave me a good home & lots of love. 

Having fun at home

Thanks to all of you, reading my blog, for following me and keeping up with what I am up to – a day in the life of a puppy named Nikita!  Tell all of your friends & family too to check out my blog & watch for what I get into next!

Until later – Nikita

P.S. – I still chase leaves & lick the dishes in the dishwasher! LOL (Some things will never change)

Happy Valentine’s Day


Well, today’s VAL-entine’s Day, and although it seems just like any other day, my Mommy is excited because this is the only holiday with her name in it!  LOL  I think it is funny, because I am doing all of the same things that I do every morning.  I woke Daddy up today like I do everything morning, got breakfast, went outside, then ran down the hallway to wake Mommy up.  Mommy found a note on the coffee maker that Daddy left for her to say Happy Val-entine’s Day (thanks Daddy).  I am getting ready to head off to the bank with Mommy to get a treat from the lady in the window – gotta love anyone who gives me a treat!    Mommy and I made a really neat Val-entine’s Day present for Daddy… we made a full size “Me” out of brown shipping paper!  (I will post the photo’s of the “Paper Me” in my next post)  Daddy was so surprised and laughed when he saw the paper me!  We just wanted to make Daddy something special because he takes such good care of us!  (We love you Daddy) 

Anyhow, I mentioned earlier about some good news!  I am going to be in the May issue of Cleveland Magazine with my Daddy & Mommy.  We are going to be interviewed tomorrow night from Kristen Hampshire.  This is so awesome and we are really excited about this opportunity.  (Thanks Kristen)  I’ll keep you up to date on everything, but you will have to pick up your own copy of Cleveland Magazine to read all about me! 

Have a great Val-entine’s Day!
Puppy smoochies to you – Nikita

Kristen & her dog Mayzie

When your Poop Rolls Downhill

My new Nylabone Daddy bought me!

Hi Everyone…..well, January just flew by for me and I have been a busy little puppy!  I am now 6 Months old now and getting bigger every week!  I weigh over 40 pounds now and I’m as adorable as ever!  I have been learning how to “catch” my toys in the air, and although I don’t catch them every time, I do catch them about 90% of the time!  I get so excited when I can catch my squeaky ball and get lots of praise from Daddy & Mommy for doing so.  My Mommy still sews up all of my toys that have “little accidents” like one of my last posts about what I did to my Hedgehog – we call him now “Franken-Hedgie” because his mouth looks like a Frankenstein because of all the sewing Mommy had to do to get him all sewn back together.  All Franken-Hedgie needs now is bolts in his neck, and he would be perfect….although, if he had bolts in his neck, I would probably chew them off!  LOL 

I still love every evening when it gets to be “that time“, and I hear Daddy say “It’s time for bed“, because I run to get my little blue & white squeaky bone and then head down the hallway to the bedroom, jump up on the bed, and wait for Daddy & Mommy!  I love sleeping with them so much, because it makes me feel so loved.  I just snuggle in between them and fall asleep.  Then, every morning like clockwork, I wake up and walk over and smack Daddy on the face (not too hard I hope) to let him know that I have to go outside! 

January and now February has dumped quite a bit of snow over here, and since Daddy & Mommy are running out of places to put all of the snow, they had to build me a snowy “Poop Pit”, well, at least that is what they call it.  It is this really great fort that they made for me in the snow that has a narrow opening for me to run in, then it opens up into a huge square for me to do my business.  Once again, Mommy explains to me to NOT eat the yellow snow!  Although I don’t ever try to eat that yellow snow, I do have quite the fascination with ice balls!  We had rain mixed with snow the other day and it made my Poop Pit an ice rink, so when Mommy took me out one morning and I had to do #2, I was shocked when I saw my doo doo just roll by me!  I was just squatting there, minding my own business, and watched the doo doo roll downhill!  Mommy was laughing so much when she saw that! 

I also love it when Daddy & Mommy finish with their dinner in the evenings because they love playing Wii Monopoly and I get to watch!  Sometimes I sit between them on the couch and I love the weird noises that their remotes make, but mostly I love watching the TV and watch the little players in the game run around the screen.  I try to catch them sometimes, but I can’t seem to get them. 

I also have some really awesome news!  Judy from the APL contacted my Mommy & Daddy and asked if we would be interested in being interviewed for the upcoming May issue of Cleveland Magazine for a dog feature (about ME!).  They said that they wanted to feature a “Happy Tale” of an adopted dog & cat.  We agreed and a writer from the magazine will be contacting us shortly!  Is that the neatest news you have ever heard?  We think so!  Thank you Judy for asking us and always thinking of us!  I will make sure I smile pretty for my photograph!

I hope everyone has dug theirself out of all this snow, but if you need any help, let me know because I am a good little digger! 

Hugs & wet puppy kisses to you,