2014 Pledge For Pets Fundraiser

PledgeForPetsRadiothon_SquareLogo-1024x1003“A generous heart is a loving heart”

Have you ever looked into a suffering animals eyes? You can see their pain. You feel their suffering. It tugs at your heart strings. It makes you cry. You want to help.

Help stop animal abuse today. The 2014 Pledge For Pets Fundraiser for the APL is in full swing now until May 3rd. Please help us raise donations to help those animals that were abused, thrown outside to fend for themselves, and neglected. They need your generosity today to help them heal from wounds, broken hearts, and give them a chance to find their Forever Home.

This is our fourth year participating in this fundraiser, as we know first-hand the good works that the APL does! If it was not for the APL, we might have never had the chance to rescue both Nikita and Bella and give them a forever home filled with love!

If you would like to make a donation, click HERE.

2014 PLEDGE FOR PETS BUTTONAlso, I have placed a RED BUTTON on the sidebar that you can also click on to make a donation. I am asking for all the bloggers interested, to grab that red button and place it on your own blogs sidebar and help us raise awareness & donations for the Pledge For Pets Fundraiser. (if you need any assistance in doing this, just ask!)

What we need from all of you reading this post today:

  • Make a donation! No matter what dollar amount you donate, it all adds up!
  • Grab our red button & place it on your blog & make sure it links back to our donation site:  https://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/nikitaland/2014-doggy-dollars-kitty-kash
  • Share our donation link, well….with everyone! Post it on your social media sites, do your own blog post that we are collecting donations to help those animals in needs, tell your friends, co-workers, and family. The more people who know about our fundraising efforts, the better!
  • For those of you who make a donation, please make sure you printout your receipt, as all donations are tax deductible!

We appreciate everyone’s help and we know that your generosity will go a long way in helping many animals who need us today!


By the way, in case anyone is wondering… we get absolutely nothing in return for all of our efforts in raising money for the Pledge For Pets Fundraiser. We just get the satisfaction that comes from knowing that we helped those animals that cannot speak up for their own self. We get the satisfaction of joy in our hearts for each and every door we knock on to collect donations.

If you missed our post from last year’s live radio show for the Pledge For Pets Fundraiser, you can click HERE to see our post and see what it is all about!  It is all about the animals!

Please open up your generous heart today and make a donation that can change an animals life forever!  DONATE HERE!

LIVE Pledge For Pets Radiothon

Well, today is the second & final day for the 8th annual Pledge For Pets Fundraiser which a lot of you helped us raise donations for.  We will be heading down to the APL today to watch it live as it is so amazing to get caught up in all the hoopla of this wonderful event.

If anyone is interested in WATCHING this event LIVE, click the link below and you can view the webcam setup at the APL.


You can also LISTEN along as well!


It is heartbreaking to see a hurt animal, and your donations will go towards their care and recovery.  Click HERE to read about some of the featured animal stories.  (some of them are graphic)

There is still time for you to make a donation today!  If you would like to make a donation, click HERE.  Any dollar amount helps, as it all adds up for a good cause!  This is your LAST CHANCE to make a donation!  You don’t have to live in Ohio to make a donation either, but if you love animals, your donation matters, no matter where you live!  www.clevelandapl.org 

We will be posting photographs of the live event upon our return, so stay tuned.  Thank you so much from all of us at Nikitaland for your generosity!


Life With Allergies


Finally, after more than a week and a half, I have some relief.  Relief from allergies, the pressure, the sinus headaches, the sinus infection, the stuffiness and the constant need to blow your nose.  Now, Roy is coming down with all the same symptoms.  The last few weeks have been simply horrible.  Lack of sleep, the medicine-head feeling, and all you want to do is sleep, but life does not stop when you’re feeling good.  The dogs still need to go out, the doo doo’s need to be picked up, dinner needs to be made, the house cleaned, and the laundry done.  All of which took every part of my being to accomplish.  I am finally starting to feel like myself again, thank God.


4-12-13 Plants

Life continues.  The plants are doing incredibly well and are getting bigger every day.  We are so pleased that our garden plants are growing up right before our eyes, and are doing 100% better than last years plants.  Last year was our first time gardening ever, other than a little cherry tomato plant in a pot we had in prior years, and along the way we have learned some valuable gardening lessons.  We learned that we can’t leave the grow light on 100% of the time, as this makes your plants grow spindly and out of control.  We learned that after they get their first 3-4 true leaves, they need some sort of fertilizer to make them strong.  We learned that you can’t keep all the little pots too close to each other, or mold will grow on the pots and can damage your seedlings.  All good lessons that we have learned along the way.


Spring is finally upon us, and I cleaned off the weed eater and mower and got it running over the weekend and cut our grass for the first time.  I’ve got lots of doggie pee spots to fix in the backyard, but that happens when you have a dog.  Last year I worked really hard in growing new grass in the backyard and it turned out to be the plushest lawn ever, and I want to get it back to that same state this year.  I always look forward to this time of year, even though maintaining a yard is lots of work, I actually enjoy it.  One thing that you might not have known about me is that I have worked as a professional landscaper.  I know how to build stone walls, install walkways, install sprinkler systems, run a tractor to grade new lawns, know how to drive a BobCat, and much more.  Beautifying yards is in my blood and to some cutting the lawn is a chore, but not to me.


The little craft project that I was working on is finally finished.  I painted three small clay pots in Behr Mint Majesty with a black rim.  I used Mod Podge to adhere my yellow circles to the pots, then added my 1 2 3 numbers for some charm.  I am growing some marigolds under the grow lights and I will plant them in these pots when they are bigger.  I love the bright summer colors on these pots and I can’t wait to find more uses for the Mint Majesty paint!

We’ll be getting new neighbors soon, as our neighbor sold his house.  We are anticipating the arrival of new friends to enhance our summer with cookouts and awesome fire pit nights.

Roy got a new car over the weekend.  He picked out a new 2013 Elantra.  Ah, the new car smell is such a wonderful thing.  Now, trying to figure out what all the buttons and gadgets do is another thing.  I still have to get used to watching for a different color of car pulling into the driveway, and I am sure the dogs do too!  They always sit by the front window and watch for Daddy to arrive home, now they see his new car and wonder “who the heck is here?”

Also, don’t forget that we are still collecting donations for the APL and if you can make a donation of even $1, or $5, or $10 to this worthy cause, we appreciate it.  We don’t get anything for all of our efforts but hope that everyone who is reading this, can make a small donation today!  Every little bit helps and it all adds up and helps those animals in need.  Click HERE to make a donation!

I am glad that life is finally getting back to normal, as my energy level is back to normal.  The timing could not be better, as I have a lot of work ahead of me with the yard, the garden, and trying to finish painting our bedrooms to freshen them up for Spring.  So, I hope that everyone missed me, but I am finally back and ready to keep up with life again!

Lucky Dog

Pledge For Pets Green Box

Lucky dog is right, but it is not ALL about the dogs!  It’s about the lucky puppies, cats, kitties, bunnies, birds, and hampsters too that get rescued by the Cleveland APL who need to find their forever homes.  The APL has been servicing our community for 100 years and take in about 17,000 animals a year into their shelter, which is solely funded by our donations.

We are proud to announce that we are assisting the APL in collecting donations for their 8th Annual Pledge For Pets – Doggy Dollars & Kitty Kash Fundraiser, and this is our 3rd year participating in this great event!  Our goal this year is to collect $1,000 in donations.  Pledge For Pets takes place on May 10th – 11th and when we get closer to the event, we will even post a link on our blog so you can watch the event live, or just listen to a live broadcast right at the Cleveland APL’s site. (You might even be able to see us there at the event, because we always make an appearance to say hello and to drop off any last minute donations that we collected)  Last year, they even told Nikita’s adoption story, live on the air!  To make a donation, click HERE.

There are ways that you can help us too:

If you have a blog:  1) We encourage you to add our yellow Pledge For Pets box on your blog.  2) We encourage you to write a quick blog post that Nikitaland is passionate about helping animals in need!  Here is the code so you can “add” a text box widget to your blog (if you need assistance in adding this to your blog, contact us & we’ll be more than happy to assist you – NOTE: This box can be removed from your blog after May 11th)

<a href=”http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/nikitaland/2013-doggy-dollars-kitty-kash”><img
src=”https://nikitaland.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/2013-pledge-for-pets-button.jpg&#8221; /></a>

Pass the word around:  1) Share our donation link via email to everyone you know who might be interested in helping out.  2) If you have a social media account, then send out some “tweets” about the Pledge For Pets!  (we don’t have any of these accounts, so we need your help in getting the word out)  3) Tell your friends, family, and even your co-workers that we need help in collecting donations!  Each and every donation matters, no matter what denomination you give, as it all goes towards the wealth and care of the animals who need our help!  Here is the secure donation link to share:  http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/nikitaland/2013-doggy-dollars-kitty-kash

All donations are tax deductible, so keep your receipts!

We cannot thank all of you enough for your help in spreading the word, and for your donations!  We would love to reach the goal that we have set and help the animals who need us!

Cleveland Animal Protective League CUTOUT NIKITA SITTING

Welcome Our New Addition to Nikitaland: Introducing Bella

We are proud to announce that on Friday night, we added a new addition to Nikitaland as we adopted a new little bundle of energy & joy from the APL at the Adopt Around the Clock 24-Hour Pet Marathon.  There were 400 dogs & cats that needed to find their forever homes, so it was no surprise to us when we arrived and PetSmart’s parking lot was jammed packed with cars & people all over the place.   Cages were all over the place under tents in the parking lot filled with adoptable dogs and puppies and inside PetSmart it was filled with all the kitties and cats.  It was like a Furry-Palooza going on and we were so glad to see the great turnout that this event had.   We heard that the adoption goal was 300 pets, and we think that the total adopted was 237, so a lot of animals got to go home and start their new lives in their forever homes and that is awesome!  This is one great photo of how happy one certain puppy was to be adopted by a nice couple!  (Thanks Annette for adopting me!)

We spent a lot of time walking around meeting & greeting all of the dogs & puppies and when we saw a new batch of animals arriving, we knew that we had found our new puppy.  Bella, is what we named our new puppy, but it took us until Saturday morning to figure out what to name her.  She arrived in one of the vehicles from the APL and we saw her on the lap of one of the employees, and when she was brought into the tent area, we followed her.  We could not take our eyes off of her.  We ran into Uncle Dave from the APL who helped us with our adoption of Nikita two years ago and he took Bella out of her cage so we could hold her.  It was love at first sight!  We did a lot of thinking while we were there and wanted to make sure we were doing the right thing, as we had Nikita on our mind and wanted to make sure that she would be ok with a new puppy in the house, but after deliberating a bit, we decided to adopt Bella.

We had to head into PetSmart to grab a bag of puppy food since we did not have any at home, and PetSmart had given us a lot of coupons with our adoption, so our first bag of food was on them!  Thanks PetSmart!  Bella was already drawing attention from everyone who walked by us as they all had to pet her.  It seemed like deja vu all over again, as this is what happened when we walked through the store with Nikita just two years earlier.  We were finally on our way home with our new puppy, and we found out that not long after we left a huge thunder storm hit and a lot of the tents were blown down and they had to move all of the animals inside PetSmart, but all the dogs were safe which was good to hear.

As for me, I have not been able to sleep much since Friday night, since I have nominated myself to take Bella out every time she woke up to cut down on the accidents in the house.  I nominated myself so Daddy could get a good nights sleep as he has a very important job and we don’t want him heading into work with little sleep.  We love Daddy so much & want to thank him for everything! We were lucky when we adopted Nikita, as she did not whine or whimper not even once from the first day we brought her home, but Bella is a completely different story.  Friday night was hell from all the crying, but with each day that has passed, she has gotten a lot better at night and sleeps quite a few hours before she wakes up and needs to head outside.  Phew, I knew this was not going to be easy, but we did a good thing and gave another little puppy it’s forever home.

Nikita took to Bella quite well, and was wagging her tail when we brought her into the house for the first time.  It will take a little time for her to get used to having another dog in the house, but we feel that she will be ok.  We had noticed that Nikita was a little anxious or stressed a little because she was drooling all over the place like a Saint Bernard.  When we took Bella to the vets on Saturday for her first check up and she weighed in at 8.6 pounds, and Nikita got her nails clipped while we were there, we had asked the vet what the drooling was all about and he confirmed that she was a little stressed with the new puppy, but it will pass.  As of today, Nikita has not drooled, and that is a good thing!  The one thing though that Bella is doing to Nikita is running behind her and biting Nikita’s fluffy tail and Nikita hates this & runs like mad to get away from her.  Hopefully in time, Bella will be cured of this so she does not stress out Nikita.

On Sunday, Nikita took a little break from Bella and sat down on the couch to watch the Browns Game.  The Browns were playing the Philadelphia Eagles and unfortunately, they lost by ONE POINT!  Ouch, that hurts.

We have a lot to celebrate this week as Nikitaland is turning two years old on the 14th, and what better way to celebrate our two years than with two beautiful dogs, Nikita and Bella.  Nikitaland is now Nikitaland & Co., because we have made room for one more fluffy pup in our life, with lots of love to share.  Not only do we have two reasons to celebrate, but I have a third reason.  It’s because I get to spend every day with the love of my life to which I owe everything to.  (thanks for everything my Sweets!)

One of the neat things about Bella is that she is portraying some of the same traits that Nikita did when she was a puppy, as climbing into the fridge as Bella did this and went straight for Daddy’s wine bottle and started licking it (just leave some for Daddy when he gets home).

So, stay tuned as we will have many more stories to tell with the addition to our happy home!  Enjoy our small sampling of photographs of Bella, as we are sure that there will be many many more to come!  Enjoy & welcome Bella to her forever home!

ADOPT Around The Clock

The Cleveland APL is holding its first 24-hour, mega adoption event!  “Adopt Around the Clock” will take place at the Parma Petsmart store, 6870 Ridge Road, from 5pm, Friday, September 7 through 5pm, Saturday, September 8 … yes, that’s right, all night long!!!

The Cleveland APL is one of several regional shelters and rescue groups participating in the event made possible by a PetSmart Charities grant.  Together we have established a goal of finding homes for 300 animals during this 24-hour effort.  We need you to make our goal a reality, please join us!

“Adopt Around the Clock” is a family, fun event that will have something for everyone!

400 Animals Available for Adoption
300 Animal Adoption Goal
Participation from several regional shelters and rescue groups
Same-day adoptions with low adoption fees
Kids Activity Area
Special Guests
Food Trucks and Food Vendors
Live Music, Performances, Radio Broadcasts
Giveaways for Pets and People

For more information and times of the event, click here.


I’ve been closely watching the calendar now for days, and there is a really good reason.  Today is circled in red on the calendar and it shows clearly in a thick black Sharpie that it’s my birthday!  Yep, I just turned 2 years old today!  I have a great post to share with you, as there are a lot of new followers on my blog that might not know the story of how I got here.  So, sit back, grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy reading the story of how I got here and why I am so thankful for my Daddy & Mommy. 

September 12, 2010 was the day that I was adopted into the best home ever, but let me go back a bit to tell you how I started out in life.  I was born on July 18, 2010 from a litter of seven.  My dog Mommy was poisoned with anti-freeze not long after giving birth to all of us, and since we were just born into this world and now have no Mommy to feed us, we needed immediate help.  The Cleveland APL stepped in and rescued all of us.  The entire litter was taken in by a wonderful foster Mom named Brea who took care of us round the clock with feedings.  It was tough for Brea to take care of seven pups, but she said that it was worth it.  We were fighting for our lives to survive and with her help, we all made it.  When it got to the time that we were all big enough to be adopted, we went back to the APL to see if we could find a forever home & happiness.  We were two months old and full of energy, and I remember someone at the APL saying that I smelled like fish, but not sure how that was possible. 

Anyhow, this is how I met my Daddy & Mommy and they changed my life forever.  It was September 12, 2010 and Daddy & Mommy headed out to PetSmart to buy some kitty food.  When they arrived at the store, they noticed that the APL had a Pet Fair in the parking lot, and since they love animals they decided to go over and take a peek at the kitties and dogs before they headed into the store.  They walked around and played with all the kitties and finally headed over to where the puppies were.  “Oh my, they are so adorable” they said and walked over and asked if they could pick me up.  Once I was in their arms I knew that I had to lay on the charm if I had a chance of going home with them, well I did, and licked their faces and acted cute, but how could they resist this adorable fluffy fur ball.  They took turns holding me and at one point, they set me back down with all the other puppies.  Daddy turned to Mommy and said “Well?”  And Mommy said “Well What?”  Daddy said “Want to get her?”  Mommy stood there stunned as Daddy has never had a dog before, just cats, so Mommy replied “Yes!!!!!”  They immediately turned and picked me up again and never set me back down, as there was another family that had their eye on me, but my Daddy & Mommy got me first.  Yippee!  I was going home.  Home, what a great sound that was to my ears to finally have a place to call my own.

Since Daddy & Mommy did not have this planned to get me today, they did not have a camera on them to memorialize this great moment, but we all headed into PetSmart to pick up all the things that I would need.  We got a great new puppy package from PetSmart filled with coupons for all the things we needed, and I remember walking around the store in Mommy’s arms and it felt so good.  When they picked out a new cage for me, they set it on top of the cart and that is where I fell asleep, right there on top of the box.  Everyone who walked by thought it was so cute to see me napping up there, but I had a long day already and I was pooped. 

We got all of the things that I needed, and even remembered to get the kitty food that they came into the store to get in the first place.  It was time to go home.  I took a short pee break on the lawn first, then curled up on Mommy’s lap for the ride to my forever home.  We pulled in and they set me down on the grass in my new backyard and they said “welcome home”.  Then they looked at each other and asked “what are we going to call her?”  Well, Daddy said that since I was part Akita and German Shepherd that we should call me Nikita.  Mommy agreed, and that is how I got my name.  Daddy had to call Grandma to tell her that we just got a puppy, and Grandma jumped into her car and headed over to see the new addition to the family. 

So, that is how I found my forever home & lots of love from the best Daddy & Mommy in the world.  After two years of love, pampering, and toys overflowing from my toy box, I can say that I am the luckiest adopted dog in the whole world.  Thanks to the Cleveland APL for taking such good care of me and making sure that I got the best care in the world, my foster Mom Brea who lost a lot of sleep in feeding all of us around the clock, and thanks to my Daddy & Mommy for giving me the best home, good food to eat, an endless supply of treats, and all the toys in the world to play with.  I am so thankful for all of you. 

Now that I am in my forever home, it’s time to explore!  I am sure that there will be lots of things to sniff, chew, and experience, and I can’t wait.  Mommy taught me well in my first week, and I learned my name quickly.  I learned how to sit and shake in no time at all, but the best part was how Mommy taught me how to sit by the front door and watch for Daddy to arrive home from work. 

At three months old, I learned a plethora of new things from finding out that there are good things to lick in that thing called a dishwasher, to finding out that I could finally reach the windowsill and saw the world passing by.  I also played in laundry baskets, chased light beams across the kitchen floor and celebrated my first Halloween to which I dressed up in my pink fairy costume with matching tutu.


Five months old brought new toys for me, as this is when I celebrated my first Christmas with Daddy & Mommy.  Boy oh boy was I spoiled, and I found out quickly that I loved the wrapping paper just as much as the toys I found inside!  Mommy also decorated my cage with LED Christmas lights and hung my stocking by the cage door.  They told me that this guy called Santa would come and fill my stocking with toys, but only if I was good.  Hey, that guy sounds pretty cool if he brings me toys, but I found out quickly that I wanted the toys – – but hated that guy in the red suit.  Daddy & Mommy took me to see this guy before Christmas, and I almost pee’d my pants when I saw him.  He was so scary!  Not sure why he frightened me so much, but he did.  I also found out that the big white thing in the kitchen had some really cool stuff in it too, as everytime Mommy or Daddy opened it, I ran over to sniff everything that was on the door to see what was new!  I finally got to sleep on the bed with Daddy & Mommy, but they had to pick me up to get up there, I was getting older and was outgrowing my little cage so they wanted to see how I would do and I passed the test with flying colors.

I also got my first spot in the lime light, as I was published in the December 2010 edition of Pet Patter  (I’m on page 9) from the Cleveland APL.  This was a real honor for me and my blog stats soared after that!  Thanks again APL for taking such good care of me!

The first five months of my life were quite exciting, but the fun never stops for me around here.  I found out what that cold stuff called snow was, and I loved it!  Mommy always told me to not eat any yellow snow, but I am not sure what she was talking about, do you?  I could not get enough of playing in the snow, running, jumping, digging, and Mommy and I always made little “snow doggies” outside and she also made me a neat snow fort where I would head to when I had to “go”.  She made that fort for me because the snow over here got pretty high, and when I tried to run and jump in it, I would “sink”.

In February of 2011, Daddy & Mommy were interviewed by Kristen Hampshire who was preparing an article about how I was adopted and it was supposed to be in the May 2011 edition of Cleveland Magazine.  But, due to lack of advertising sales for that issue, our article was cancelled.  Bummer!  How cool was that to even be considered to be published in a popular magazine, nonetheless, we are proud.  We even had our family picture taken by Jason Miller who came to our house and I bonded with him immediately.  This photo was to go along with the article that Kristen was writing. 

In March of 2011, Daddy, Mommy and I became Q-Cash Captains for the annual Pledge For Pets Radiothon that the Cleveland APL holds and in our first year we rasied $170, and in 2012 we raised $570.  We wanted to help give back to the APL for all that they have done for me, as all the money that was raised will help all of the animals that are rescued, like I was.  So, in March of 2013, we will once again sign up to help raise money for the APL so keep an eye out for our announcements and help us by making a donation. 

So, to all of my family, my Daddy & Mommy, people I met along the way, and all of my blog friends, I want to thank you for being part of my little world and making my life full of happiness!  I hope you enjoyed my little walk down memory lane on how I got here and I hope you send me lots of Birthday wishes my way today!  Turning two is a lot of work, but being this cute takes a lot of work.  Woof Woof – I love you all!   Love, Nikita


On Saturday, we traveled down to the Cleveland APL so we could be apart of the Live Radiothon, meet up with our good friends at the APL, all of our awesome Q104 Radio personalities, and made some new friends.  THANKS to everyone who donated, the APL raised a grand total of $120,936 and without your help we could not have made this happen!

As we were walking into the APL from the parking lot, a lady stopped us and asked us if we were surrendering our dog.  Surrendering our dog?  What?  Hell no, we would never surrender Nikita!  She must have thought that we were bringing her in to give her away, but that was definitely NOT the case, we told her that we were here for the Pledge For Pets Radiothon.  WOW, we were just shocked when we heard that as that was something that we were not prepared to hear from someone. 

We walked into the room where the Radiothon was going on and you could just feel the excitement in the room.  We immediately saw so many familiar faces and our favorite APL person was there to greet us, Judy Hunter.  But, what Judy didn’t know at the time, that we had a huge surprise for her.  We made her a lighted glass block with Nikita’s photo in it so she could put it in her office and think of Nikita every time she looked at it, but we had to wait until she had a free moment to come over so we could present her with it.  Well, we finally had our moment and we got Judy to come over to see us, and Nikita as always, greeted her with tail wags and kisses.  We think that Judy was truly surprised by her gift, as we plugged it in so she could see how it looked when lit.  This will be a present that she will never forget!  (for those of you that work at the APL – make sure you stop by Judy’s office to check it out!) 

We made our way around the room so Nikita could meet everyone, including all of the wonderful “phone bankers” who were talking the incoming calls for donations.  Every person Nikita met, she greeted them with doggie kissies and she was truly on her best behavior today.   Even a few phone bankers even took photographs of Nikita with their cell phones!  (Aw, how cute is that?) 

Then, we strolled up to the front of the room to greet all of the awesome Q104 Radio personalities, Allan Fee, Glenn Anderson, and Katherine Boyd.  We can’t say enough about these guys from Q104 as their dedication and pure love for animals shines through them.  Each and every one of them was sincere, caring, and they truly made you feel like you were the only one in the room, and it gave you that warm fuzzy feeling in your heart.  THANK YOU for taking the time to talk with us, and pose for pictures with us, as we will always treasure our time with you.  (We will definitely see you next year!)  But wait…you will not believe what happened next!  Roy had told Nikita’s story to Katherine while we were getting our photo’s taken with the Q104 crew and they talked about Nikita LIVE ON THE AIR!  We were standing in the back of the room and every time before they go LIVE, the entire room claps and gets excited and then they go LIVE, and to our surprise, they talked about Nikita LIVE on the air and how her dog Mommy was poisoned with anti-freeze after giving birth to a litter of seven and the puppies needed immediate help since they lost their Mommy, so the APL was called in to take the seven puppies (one of them being Nikita who was originally named Nanuk) and had to feed them around the clock as they were fighting for their lives!  We were so honored that they told Nikita’s story live on the air, as she is one doggy who is truly blessed, not to mention widely known at the APL!  Also, I got my photo taken with Allan Fee and we noticed that I am now on the Q104 website!  There is a caption under the photo that says “Fee and Friend”.  (Allan, if you are reading this, my name is Valerie, and yes I am still your friend!)  Here is the link to see the photo:  http://q104.cbslocal.com/photo-galleries/2012/05/12/behind-the-scenes-at-the-pledge-for-pets-radiothon-day-two/#photo-106836

As we were walking around greeting everyone, Roy stopped at the donations desk and did something wonderful.  He signed up to be a “Pet Partner”.  A Pet Partner is someone who donates $25/month for a year to the APL.  He is so touched by the APL and all that they do, for the love that they gave Nikita when she came to the APL and saved her life, that he wanted to give back to them and say “Thank You”.   That was so touching Roy, Thank You for making this donation and becoming a Pet Partner.   We love you!

While Roy and his sister Annette went off to visit with all kitties, Nikita and I stayed in the Radiothon room.  We were wondering if Auntie Annette was going to come back to the room with a kitty, but she did not, but she still might consider getting another kitty, so don’t count her out yet!  LOL  Thanks Auntie for coming to the APL with us, we had such a great day with you! 


Then, while we were sitting in the back of the room, I overheard someone mention the name Roberta Bates.  Roberta Bates?  Is she here I asked?   They went to check to see if she was still in the building, and she was.  You see, Roberta Bates was one of the Q-Cash Captains, like us, who was working hard to collect donations for the APL.  As a Q-Cash Captain, we could see all of the other Captains donations and it made US work harder to try to collect more donations when other captains were “gaining on us”, and one day we noticed that Roberta was gaining on us quickly, then she passed us up in donations.  We did all we could to collect more donations to catch up with her, but it was fruitless.  If ALL of the people who we talked to that SAID that they were going to donate, would have ACTUALLY donated, then we would have had a lot more donations.  Perhaps next year they might consider making a donation that will make such an impact on an animals life!  Thanks Roberta for making our donation collections into such a fun game!  Maybe next year we’ll give you some more competition!  LOL    Anyhow, there were a total of 51 Q-Cash Captains and Roberta Bates came in third place, and NIKITALAND came in 11th place.  Not bad, not bad at all!  NIKITALAND collected a total of $570 for the APL.

Last, but not least, WE wanted to THANK all of the individuals who donated through NIKITALAND to help us raise money for the APL and make a difference in an animals life…




  1. Dave Reeves
  2. Kelly Blackburn
  3. Denis Zaharija
  4. Vivian & Chick Ravenscroft
  5. David Semanik
  6. Renee Jackson 
  7. Nicole Serraglio
  8. Edward Francis 
  9. Sherry Spickler
  10. Annette Yarris
  11. Loretta Sabula
  12. Rob Edwards
  13. Jeff DeLisio
  14. Maggie Layne
  15. Marilou Manzi
  16. Amy Wasco
  17. Susan Sweeney-Osen
  18. Sheryl Holman
  19. Karen, Michael & Christopher Kieszek
  20. Chloe & Connor
  21. Sanford Doss
  22. Karen Penko
  23. Roy & Valerie (My Mommy & Daddy)

THANK YOU all for your generous donations!  Also, we just heard that YOU can still make an ONLINE DONATION up to Wednesday, May 16th, so if you would like to make a donation to the APL, here is the link:  http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/themesnthings/2012-doggy-dollars-kitty-kash


What If We Didn’t Have A Dog? What Would Life Be Like?

Did you ever wonder “what if I didn’t have a dog?”, what would life be like?  Well, until two years ago, we didn’t have a dog, but now we do.  But, what if we didn’t…

  • There would be no “baby gates” all over the house to crawl over or other make-shift barriers
  • We would have leg room in the bed
  • We could walk in the yard without any shoes without any worries of stepping in “something”
  • Our furniture would be “hair free”
  • No nose smudgies would be on the windows
  • There would be no fur tumbleweeds on the wood floors
  • The most used words in our vocabulary would not be: No, Stay, Down, Off, Leave it
  • We would not use baby talk in our everyday lives
  • Our house would not look like a daycare center with dog toys all over
  • Our pockets would not contain treats and poop bags
  • We would not have to spell out words like: t-r-e-a-t-s, b-y-e b-y-e, p-e-t-s-m-a-r-t, v-e-t-s
  • There would be no muddy paw prints on the wood floor and we would look forward to when it rains outside

Life changed without a doubt when we got a dog, well in our case, adopted our wonderful dog from the Cleveland APL, a life that we would not give up for anything in this whole world.   We still laugh when we think back to that day when we went to PetSmart to pick up kitty food and came home with a puppy.  That day changed our lives so much, but we are so thankful for the wonderful dog that we have today, who brings us so much love into our lives.  For those of you who do not have a dog, you can’t even imagine how wonderful it is to have one.  Sure, they are a lot of work when they are a puppy, but trust us, it gets easier.  We remember that in any given day, the hundreds of trips we took outside for pee breaks as a little pup can only “hold it” for as long as how many months old they are.  (IE: If they are two months old, they can only hold it for about 2 hours, and so on)  The best thing we did is repetition, like always going out the same door all the time so the puppy can relate to this, and if you don’t want your puppy on any furniture, then don’t pick them up and put them on any.  Once you do, they will think that being on the furniture is ok. 

So, what is life like now, with a dog?  It is the most rewarding experience we have ever had.  Just imagine coming home from work only to be greeted by a wiggly butt and lots of doggie kisses!  Sounds nice, eh?  It sure is!  We can’t even imagine not having a dog sleep with us every night, as it is the most soothing feeling in the world when you see their calm sleepy look on their face as they crawl up next to you for huggies before they retire at the foot of the bed, or when you wake up in the middle of the night only to laugh at what you see as they are sleeping on their back with their legs straight up in the air.  You just laugh, and fall back to sleep with a smile on your face. 

We are so happy to have adopted our Nikita from the Cleveland APL, as that is where she got her start in life and all the help she needed.  Without the APL, these wonderful dogs would not get the chance at a good life, a life filled with love, their second chance to find happiness.  So, the things that we deal with on a daily basis like having no leg room in our bed, crawling over baby gates, wearing shoes in the backyard, cleaning nose smudgies off the windows, vacuuming up dog hair off the furniture and floors, wiping muddy paws, spelling key words, finding treats in our pockets, and baby talking to our dog – – ALL OF THESE THINGS ARE WORTH HAVING A DOG  that we would never complain about because it is all worth it. 

My Annual Visit to the APL

Yesterday, I got to head down to the Cleveland APL to see all of my friends.  I knew something was up when I saw Mommy packing up the water bottles for me and a bag of my treats – I knew I was going somewhere.  We got all packed up with my doggie essentials, I took a quick pee stop in the backyard and ran to the car – I can’t have them leave without me!  We headed down the street with my nose out the window sniffing away, and things started to look familiar to me.  Oh no, I thought, was I going to the V-E-T-S again – crap, but we crossed over the intersection of where we normally turn for the vets, and I was relieved.  Phew!  We even passed Santa Claus on our way and I sniff out the window in his direction, but you know how scared I am around this guy in the red suit!  (glad we were driving by him fast!)  We must be going somewhere fun then, I thought.  And, I was right!  We pulled into the parking lot at the Cleveland APL and I knew where I was.  When I got out of the car, I had a lot of “sniffing” to do, as I smelled lots of doggie scents on the ground and I had to sniff all of them.  It seemed like it took hours to get to the front door because I was taking so long to sniff sniff sniff everything.  Once inside, I was greeted by all of the familiar faces of the people I love at the APL. 

I got to see Molly first and she announced to Judy that I had arrived.  Judy came from around a corner to see me and saw how big I got.  She liked my cute pink bandanna that Mommy put on me and gave me a great big hug.  Judy even sat down on the floor to get a few photographs with me, since I am an APL celebrity!  LOL  (at least I feel like a celebrity when I visit them)  There was even a really nice guy who was behind the front counter (not sure what his name was, but I want to say “Hi” to him and thank him for the treats) and he told me that he remembers me when I was the size of a hampster.  When was I ever the size of a hampster?  Now that was funny. 

I also got to meet some really nice and well behaved kids while at the APL.  (wish I would have taken a photo with him) I saw this little boy who was getting a drink from the water fountain, and you know me when I hear running water, I head right for it.  I walked up to the little boy at the fountain and he did the cutest thing – he poured some water into his hand and gave me a drink.  Aw, wasn’t that the cutest thing?  Woof woof, thank you for being so nice to me.  I even gave the little boy one of my blog cards so he could follow me and watch me grow up, so I hope he does and says hi to me when he does!  (I liked that little guy!) 

We did not stay long at the APL, and we feel bad that we did not get to see Uncle Dave as we found out that he only works on the weekends, so “Hi” Uncle Dave & Merry Christmas to you & Lorie!  After we visited with our friends at the APL, we walked over to see the doggies who were waiting to be adopted.  It was so sad to see how many there was.  Just sitting in their cages, all of them were barking, and they all wished that they were heading home with someone for Christmas.  Every doggie needs a good home, and if you can find it in your heart to adopt, please visit your local APL and take one home with you for the holidays and give them the love that want and need.  Wouldn’t you smile too upon your arrival home to see a wiggly butt waiting to greet you?  I thought so. 

Looking thru the window at all the doggies

Before we left the area by the APL, Mommy walked down the road and snapped a few photographs of some of the graffiti she saw.  Don’t know why people feel that they have to spray paint their names on buildings and deface property, but they do.  Maybe they should pull out some canvas and try painting on that. 

Anyhow, I just wanted to thank the APL again for all that they have done for me, as I now have a happy home with lots of love, an over-abundance of toys that would make any dog drool at my toy box, good healthy food to eat, a roof over my head, a wam bed to sleep in, and a never-ending supply of doggie treats.  Thank you from the top of my fluffy head to the bottom of my fluffy tail! 

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from one happy puppy!
Love, Nikita

Deck the Halls or Your Neighborhood

Christmas is the perfect time to reflect back, to share love with friends and family and to enjoy the holiday spirit.  Christmas is not always about the gifts, rather it’s about being together with your loved ones.  Let’s face it, we all have busy lives, the hustle and bustle of our hectic work weeks, and the holidays always brings us together for some good food, laughter, and at the end of the evening, you’ll always find the men folk in front of the fire napping and the girls chatting in the kitchen.  Ah, Christmas, memories that will always last. 

My Mommy always makes sure that the presents look so beautiful, and it’s a shame when we have to rip into them, but we do.  She designs all of the gift tags herself, and makes sure that each present is adorned with a beautiful bow.  Mommy’s are good at things like that, and I am so thankful for my Mommy.  We can’t wait for Daddy to see what we got him!  He is so special to us and loves us with all his heart! 

Christmas is special too for all of the decorations and lights that twinkle in the night.  Mommy took a walk around the neighborhood and got some great photographs of the spirit of Christmas that our neighbors have that light up so beautifully in the cold dark nights.  From lighted dogs, reindeer and snowmen all show signs of the holiday spirit in our neighborhood. (You can even see me looking out the window too!)


I even got a great surprise that my Daddy brought home for me.  My Auntie Rene got me a gift for Christmas!  I have not opened it yet, but I can’t wait to see what she got me.  Thanks so much Auntie Rene for thinking of me at Christmas! 

There’s not too many days left until Christmas, and we hope that you have the best Christmas ever.  Just remember, Christmas is not about the gifts or how many you get, it’s all about the love and being with the ones you love and making memories to last a lifetime.  Get into the spirit of the holidays and pick up the phone and reach out to someone this holiday season.  You’ll be happy you did! 

I also can’t wait because my Daddy will be on vacation soon so we’ll get to spend a lot of time together playing!  And, we are going to head back down to the Cleveland APL for a visit with all of our friends when Daddy is on vacation.  So, all of you at the APL – – get ready for another visit from me!  I’m coming to see you!