Our Blustery Weekend

When we heard the news that it was going to snow this weekend, and in large quantities, we knew it was going to be B-A-D. There was no way that we were going to miss this snow storm, and it hit us with such magnitude that we are running out of places to shovel it!


The snow started here for us on Saturday and never stopped until Monday evening. On Sunday, I think that I shoveled the driveway about six times, just to keep up with the amount of snow that kept falling. Each time I went out to shovel, the snow kept getting heavier and heavier, and I was running out of steam. I went to bed tired and feared what I would find when I woke up on Monday morning.


Thank goodness that Monday morning was not that bad and my Sweetie was able to get out of the driveway for work without having me to shovel. The snow just kept coming most of the day with high winds and a wind chill that would freeze your fingers in a short time. I am so mad at the snow plows because after my Sweetie headed off to work, they filled up the bottom of our driveway with so much ice and snow that I could not shovel it. Our snow blower could not even move the two to three foot wide pile of gunk they left. I started to worry. I waited outside it seemed like an hour to flag down a truck to plow it out, with no luck. I kept going outside in the hopes to catch a truck passing by and my luck paid off because I flagged down a nice guy who backed in our drive and plowed out the pile of ice and snow for me. Phew. What a day!


The weekend was such a blur. Did nothing but shovel snow, oh wait, I think I got some laundry done in there somewhere, but we are once again, all caught up with our snow removal until our next snow storm hits us in a few days.


Well carved out drive and sidewalks! I need a flag to put in our snow mound.


Our snow mounds down the driveway are getting higher, and wider!


We can’t even see our neighbors any longer! Our unplanned privacy fence between our yards!


The entrance to the poop pit, all shoveled out. The snow walls are higher than the dogs now and they feel like they are in a little room.


Our raised garden is back there somewhere under all of that snow! Gosh, I miss our garden so much.


Standing inside the shoveled out poop pit, looking at our huge snow piles.


This is how Bella dealt with all of this white confetti. Way to go Bella! What a team player, eh?

I am taking it easy today and resting for our next snow storm.

Wordless Wednesday

Ever wonder what your dogs are thinking about? I think about that all the time. I wonder if they look at us and think “Hey, that outfit does not go together!” (lol) What I do know though, is when they look at me, I know that they are happy, truly happy, because of all the love they receive.


Look at this beautiful face of Nikita. She is so precious. She loves snow. Good thing she loves snow, because we woke up to a few more inches on the ground and it’s still snowing here!


Winter is always a good time of year to capture beautiful photographs of everything covered in all white. Hope everyone is having a beautiful day today!

Danger In The Garden


Fear. Pure fear is what I would call it. I ran across a scary problem last week in our flower bed while I was weeding. I swatted at a bee that did a fly-by past my head, then noticed that we had a problem. A BIG problem.

Within a few inches of where I was kneeling, I ran across a bees nest in the ground, and to me, that was a huge problem. When you run across something like this you basically freak out (like I did) because you just don’t know how “big” the bees nest is, since it is underground. We found out that it was yellow jackets who built a nest under a rock in our flower bed.

I ran and got the bee spray and sprayed the opening and surrounding area by the nest, but that only seemed to piss them off – a lot! (I found out from our exterminator that it would have taken about 7 cans of bee spray to kill a nest) We needed help, so we called a professional in to do the job. We got our exterminator to come out to take care of this nest because we did not want to handle this ourselves, nor did we want to get stung. A yellow jacket will continually sting you if it attacks, and it does not die afterwards like a regular bee, so having a pro handle this for us, was a no brainer decision.


The photo above is gross, scary, and I am glad this nest is now dead. All of the “empty” cells are the bees that have already hatched. The darker cells are the bees that were about to hatch, and the white ones are all the other bees in the nest. The exterminator said that this nest was a deep one, so we have no idea as to how many yellow jackets were actually in there. All we know, is that we are glad that it is a dead nest and that no one got stung.

Our exterminator showed up, suited up in his bee suit, and went to work.  I was so concerned about him when I saw all the bees swarming out, but he was calm and cool while he went about his work. Glad it was him and not me doing this, since I don’t have a bee suit just hanging around here! He told me that “I was lucky” that I did not get stung after I told him how close I was to the opening of the nest that day. I got goose bumps after hearing this.

Anyhow, the nest that I found under the rock is now dead. At the time when the exterminator was here and sprayed the nest with something called “Demon” (which I thought was a perfect word), we watched tons of bees swarming over the nest. I asked him what was going on and he said that those were the bees that were not in nest when he sprayed and they were returning to the nest. I was shocked to see how many there were that returned to the nest, and that got me even more scared because of the number of bees. He said that they will eventually “move on” to somewhere else, but will not rebuild that certain nest because it was dead.

Well, that is what happened here on Friday, and now, on Monday, I found another nest! Geez! This second nest needs to go too, so the exterminator is heading back out here. The second underground bees nest that I found is in our strawberry patch!  Not a good place, because I am in our garden tons of time during the day. With the amount of bees that I have noticed flying into the ground in between our strawberries, I know we have a problem…again. I am glad that I did not get stung with this nest either, because I water our garden & strawberry patch twice a day. Bees do not like water, and they could have attacked me. Phew, I am lucky.

Birthdays Make You Smile


I’m so happy because I just celebrated my 4th birthday this month!


Oh what fun I had on my birthday! I can’t stop smiling!


Other than Mommy making me wear this stupid birthday hat (like she always does), my day was awesome. I can’t believe she made me go outside so other doggies could see me in this ridiculous hat. How embarrassing!


You can’t look mean while growling at another doggie when you are wearing a birthday hat! I can hear them laughing at me under their breath.


I got lots of toys for my birthday, including some tennis balls. I demolished this one in about five minutes. I guess they don’t make tennis balls like they used to, eh?


I got to play with and chase lots of balloons that Mommy blew up for me! She even tried to make some balloon animals with these skinny ones, but all they did was pop! I guess it was not as easy as it looked in the directions! LOL


Here I am taking a rest from all of the fun I had on my birthday and sat by the back door for awhile. Mommy followed me around all day taking pictures of me, but that is what she does best. She always make me feel special on my birthday.

What do you doggies do on your birthday?

Garden Update – Highs and Lows

I have always said that “Gardening is an adventure”. You just never know what is going to happen. You experience highs and lows on a daily basis, and always hope for the best. Our recent garden highs are the nice sized zucchini’s that we have been picking. Our largest zucchini was 3 lbs. 9 oz.

3 POUND ZUCCHINI 7-20-14Here I am, in all my glory, holding our nice sized zucchini. We call them “clubs”. I could definitely leave one on the counter in case someone broke into the house and they would be beaten with a zucchini. Now, that would make an interesting police report, eh?

PUMPKIN 7-20-14

Here’s one of our pumpkins that I pollinated a while back.


Four days later, look at how much it has grown!  I placed a small piece of wood underneath the pumpkin to keep it from rotting while sitting on the grass.  This pumpkin is on one of the long runners that is now running around the outside of the garden, so we can watch this one grow every day. We know that we have other pumpkins back along the fence, but we can’t see them any longer.


Another huge high for the week is the sight of our Juliet Tomatoes starting to ripen! This is so exciting and I’ve got my Italian Dressing ready!


Don’t you just love how beautiful the Juliets are looking?


Our Romaine Lettuce has been definitely enjoyed by us this year. My Sweetie can’t get enough of it! He used to love leaf lettuce, but now he is hooked on the Romaine, and I knew he would. Next year for sure, we will be planting a lot more Romaine. Our first batch of plants (above) are coming to an end, but we have back-up plants already growing so we can enjoy more Romaine.


And, if you did not already know this, you can regrow your Romaine Lettuce from the established stalk. Once you have removed all the leaves, just cut the stock down to have a few inches of it still coming out from the dirt. New Romaine Lettuce will start to rejuvenate on that stalk!  As you can see from the photo above, we have new leaves starting on this stalk.


It appears that we also have some “Garden Porn” going on too!  The “X” reminds me of legs…well, you know the rest! LOL

CABBAGE 7-24-14

Our cabbage is forming some nice sized heads already too!


The Big Boy Tomatoes are getting bigger by the day!


Here’s one of my sunflowers currently growing under the kitchen window so I get to see it every day.

HORN WORM 7-24-14

And now for the lows of the week… Yesterday, we found some baby Horn Worms on our tomato plants. THIS IS NOT A GOOD THING!  A Horn Worm can destroy your garden and take down a tomato plant in no time flat. I am so thankful that I noticed them in the garden.

The signs you have a Horn Worm in your garden:

  • You find chewed leaves and branches on your tomato plants
  • You find tiny white eggs on a leaf
  • You notice little black droppings on a leaf (Horn Worm doo doo)

What you need to do to immediately:

  • Find the Horn Worms on your tomato plants immediately
  • Pull them off the branches or leafs (I know, it’s gross, but it needs to be done to save your garden)
  • Look at each and every branch on your tomato plants for them
  • Look for the areas where there are signs of chewed leaves, as you will find them somewhere on that plant
  • Look for their “doo doo” droppings, to see where they have been and check that plant out thoroughly
  • And lastly, dust all of your tomato plants with Sevin-5 Dust as it repels the Horn Worms.  We are not a huge fan of using things like this in the garden, but would rather use something to get rid of them other than having all of our tomato plants eaten!

Here is a link to a post I did two years ago when our neighbor first showed us a huge Horn Worm he found in his garden. We are glad that the Horn Worms we found are not the size of the one he found, but nonetheless, we are very concerned that we have the small ones in the garden.

As you can see, gardening is an adventure and you just never know what you are going to run across from one day to another. You take the highs and lows, the good and the bad, and roll with it. But the most important part of gardening, is acting immediately upon what you see, as your actions can save your garden or kill it.