Killer Clowns Snuck Into Yard

Just when you thought it was safe to visit your front yard…
you see this…

Killer Clown

It’s not every day that we have killer clowns show up in our front yard, but yesterday was my Sweetie’s birthday. We both love love love Halloween, so I decided to pull out a few of our skellies to help pull off a front yard birthday greeting.

But they needed something. I found these awesome killer clown masks at KMart and thought they would look awesome on the skellies. Heck, everyone loves clowns on their birthday, right?! And what killer clown would look right without a shiny birthday hat on too!

Birthday Sign

I have been doodling lately a bunch of these 3D ribbons on paper, and thought to myself, I wonder how hard it would be to make one life-sized. Well, here is my first attempt at one and I think it turned out awesome!  The entire sign was made on the side of a cardboard box that I opened up.

Cardboard Cake

Since I made the birthday sign, I had to have a birthday cake to go along with it, so I grabbed another box and cutout a birthday cake, all from the side of a cardboard box.

Roy with Clown Skellies

Here is my Sweets with the killer clowns! He loved the front yard display and could not stop from laughing at the masks on the skellies!

Clowns at Night

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

When you Turn Another Year Older – Surviving A Birthday

Birthday’s sure sneak up on you.  Just when you celebrate one, it seems that another one is just around the corner and it appears that they seem to arrive quicker and quicker after you hit a certain age.  After Daddy spent the entire weekend working hard while at home monitoring things at the office, today he woke up to enjoy his birthday! (he took a well-deserved vacation day on Friday to enjoy a nice long weekend)   He walked into the kitchen today to find a huge “Happy Birthday” sign and a pile of presents waiting for him on the table.  Man, was he surprised!  Nikita was right there next to Daddy as he opened his presents, one by one, as she wanted the wrapping paper really badly.  (if you crinkle a piece of paper, Nikita thinks it is for her)  A birthday is not complete without a birthday cake, right?  So Mommy went to work and baked Daddy a triple chocolate cake with triple chocolate frosting and even let Daddy sample the batter!

Daddy even got a surprise when he opened up the back door as he saw his birthday driveway art that Mommy drew wishing him a happy birthday!  Aw, is what Daddy said and his birthday surprises for the day continue!

Mommy made Daddy something really special for his birthday, as she is very creative and he loved it.  Since “Home is Where the Heart is” she made him a wood house plaque and made a string art heart on the house.  She will show you how she made it, in case you want to make one for yourself. 

She started out with her house template that she used to make her Fourth of July house boxes, and cut out a house from pressed wood.  She then sanded it really smooth, and painted it with a gloss black finish paint.  The next step she cut out a heart shape big enough to fit in the center of the house and taped it to the wood house.  Then she carefully, one by one, hammered small nails around the outside of the heart shape (approximately 55 nails) about 1/4″ apart.  Next, she removed the heart template from the center of the nails.  Now comes the fun part, as she tied the end of a piece of yarn to one nail, then just strung the yarn continuously from one nail to another, back and forth across the heart until she strung the yarn around each nail head.  The finished heart is now a puffy string art heart!  (Click HERE for the house & heart template)

Daddy had such a great birthday as his phone rang off the hook with incoming birthday wishes and his family stopped by to help spread the birthday cheer through the house.  Nikita spent the day amusing everyone with her cute antics and now she is pooped and will probably sleep the rest of the night.  LOL   We all had a great day with Daddy helping him celebrate his birthday and have definitely over dosed on the triple chocolate cake and will slip slowly into a chocolate coma tonight!  It is definitely confirmed that the best way to survive a birthday is to celebrate it with family.  Happy Birthday Roy, we love you!

Birthday Hangover

I have been napping all day!  I celebrated way too much yesterday on my birthday and I am one pooped doggie!  I got up once because I heard the UPS truck heading down the road, and I always run to the window to see them, then I put myself back to bed.  I got up a little later to grab a quick bite to eat, then back to napping.  Man, I just realized that I did not get any sleep yesterday because I spent the entire day chasing balloons all around the house, breaking a few along the way, and then my party started and when I finally hit the hay, I was dog tired. 

I had such a great time at my birthday party, as my Grandma, Auntie and my Uncle Steve (our next door neighbor) came over to help celebrate me turning two.  We dined on the cake pops that Mommy made for the party and Auntie brought over some cupcakes too, drank a little vino and everyone enjoyed watching me open my presents.  Uncle Steve even brought over his new little black lab puppy named Mollie to the party and we are getting acquainted as I just met her the other day for the first time.  Mollie was so adorable and I can’t wait to enjoy some great times with her. 

I got some great gifts and loved all of them!  I even got a free toy from PetSupplies Plus that sent me a postcard to pick up my free toy and Daddy & Mommy took me to the store so I could pick something out.  I chose a purple eggplant for my free toy, as I thought it was appropriate since Daddy & Mommy are now gardeners and this toy is so much fun because it has this really strange squeaker in it.  (kinda like a really old car horn sound)  I can’t believe that PetSmart did not send me a postcard for a free toy because Daddy has spent a lot of money at that store and they could have at least given me a free toy for my birthday!  (Hey PetSmart… if you are reading this, how come I did not get a free toy for my birthday?) 

My Auntie and Grandma got me my favorite dry doggie food and four cans of squishy too (Thanks for the good food and making sure my tummy is full), and Uncle Steve got me a stuffed beaver and some Bonz.  (Thanks Uncle Steve)  Daddy & Mommy got me a new Raised Food Dish so I don’t have to bend down to eat or drink.  It is the perfect height for me to eat which is better for  my digestion.  (Thanks Daddy for thinking of me)  And Mommy found me a really cool sterling silver starfish to hang on my collar and it makes me look like a “star”!   Thanks to everyone for all the great gifts as I loved them all! 

I can’t believe how dog tired I am today though.  I don’t know how some of you do it, but I am one pooped dog.  Perhaps tomorrow I will feel better.  But I had the best birthday ever and enjoyed all of the company, toys, and treats!

Here’s some of the photographs of my wonderful day!

Oh Snap! It’s My Auntie’s Birthday!

Me & My Auntie

What makes someone special?  Well, I’ll tell you… it’s all about LOVE!   It’s how you treat someone, how you show that you care, how you talk to them, how being a good listener is a good thing, and the unconditional love that you receive.  It’s all about LOVE – period.  If you can tell someone that you love them, then you should not have any problems with showing them, as this should be a natural thing that comes from deep inside you & from your heart.

Today, is my other Auntie’s birthday.  She is loving and kind, speaks in a kind voice, and shows me all kinds of attention when she visits!  She plays with me & sometimes she may hide a toy or two in her shirt to try to fool me, but I always know where my toys are, and I find where it is hiding.  That’s what we do, that’s how me and my Auntie play.  I have so much fun with her as she chases me around the house doing laps like we were training for the Olympics.  She also has the knack for picking out just the right toy for me – ones with lots of squeakers in it!  LOL 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNTIE – I LOVE YOU!   Always remember that I love you not for what you buy me, but for all the LOVE that you show me, that’s what it’s all about.  If I could get you an award, it would be for “The Best Auntie In The World“.  Have fun on your birthday today while shopping with Grandma! 
Hugs & Kisses,

One Year as a Puppy Named Nikita

Hey everyone, well I finally made it!  I turned one year old today!  July 18th is the best day ever, because it’s my birthday and because I have now crossed over the threshold from puppyhood to an adult dog.  Hmmm, it does not feel any different, but I have been told that I am not a puppy any longer.  I wonder if this is the thing that Mommy talks about that she does not count birthdays any longer, as they feel like just another day, although you turn a year older, hmmm, who knows.  But today is different because they keep trying to put this silly hat on me which is annoying, but I guess I will just sit here and look pretty for the camera to suffice Mommy.  LOL   Still, I can’t believe that I am now an adult.  Those puppy months just flew by, but all in all, I had a lot of fun and a lot of “firsts”. 


  1. You don’t fit under the kitchen chairs when running around the room
  2. You don’t need assistance any longer to get into the car
  3. Your bags of food get “larger”
  4. You don’t pee in the house any longer
  5. It takes two people to get you on the vets table
  6. Your original collar does not fit any longer
  7. You don’t sleep in a cage any longer
  8. Your first Halloween tutu does not fit around your waist any longer (only fits around your neck)
  9. You can see out the front windows now to watch the neighborhood
  10. You don’t use baby gates any longer
  11. Your doo doo piles get bigger
  12. You are trusted to be in the house by yourself
  13. Your toy box is now overflowing with toys


  1. I growl at my reflection in the TV & oven door
  2. I play with my dog food
  3. I chase lightning bugs & other flying insects
  4. I bark only at the smallest dog that walks by our house
  5. I go crazy when the Smoothie Maker turns on
  6. I hate when the laundry basket is turned on its side
  7. I don’t like the upright vacuum & run from it
  8. I love being vacuumed though by the canister vacuum

What a great exciting year I have had!  It all started with me being adopted by Daddy & Mommy from the APL.  Without the APL’s help to get me started in life and help me find a good home, I may have not made it, so today I am reflecting on how lucky a puppy dog I truly am.  Thanks to everyone that’s in my life, from my friends at the APL, to all of my blog followers, to my family, Daddy & Mommy and to a lot of dogs I have sniffed along the way – THANKS FOR LOVING ME! 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME and to another year of happiness!  With love always, Nikita


Happy Birthday Auntie Annette!

Today is a special day because it’s my Auntie Annette’s Birthday!  My Auntie is so wonderful because she gives me huggies & kisses every time she sees me so everyone make sure you tell her HAPPY BIRTHDAY today because she is so special to me!  Can’t wait to see you again!

This month we also have MY birthday to celebrate on July 18th because I will be turning 1 and my Mommy’s birthday is on July 22nd!   WOW, lots to celebrate around here this month! 


Hey everyone, did you know that this Friday, is “TAKE YOUR DOG TO WORK DAY“?  Yep, it’s true, well, at least that is what my calendar says on it.  I don’t know if many of you can actually take your dogs to work with them, but I thought that I would pass the word of the event coming up.  I wish I could go to work with my Daddy, but I don’t think that doggies are allowed in the building, so I will stay at home with Mommy like I usually do and help her get out all of our eBay Halloween props.  (I love helping Mommy, as I always chew a little on the box flaps when she is not looking)  But somehow, I think she knows what I did when she tries to tape the lid shut.  LOL 

Anyhow, I just wanted to do a quick shout out to our blogger friend Angie because she just turned 30 today!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANGIE!  If you wanted to tell her Happy Birthday too, just give her a shout on her blog at  

I’ll write more tomorrow, but I wanted to remind you to take your dog with you to work on Friday!  Make sure you go through the drive-thru on your way in, and get them some hash browns! 

Puppy Kisses,


Happy Birthday Donna

It’s a rainy Tuesday here in Cleveland, but it is a special day nonetheless.  It’s Donna’s Birthday!  Donna works with my Daddy and is such a great friend.  She always brings in goodies for everyone at the office, but today, I am sure goodies will be waiting for her instead!  So, if anyone see’s Donna today, make sure you wish her Happy Birthday!

I also wanted to mention that we’re coming down to the wire with collecting donations for the APL, as the Deadline is May 8th for online donations.  If you thought about donating, but forgot, here is your chance to help an animal in need.  Any amount of donation is greatly appreciated, even $1 helps!  DONATE TODAY by clicking on the link & it will take you to the donation page.  Thanks again for those of you who have already donated, we appreciate it greatly & the APL does too! 

Again, Happy Birthday to Donna!  Run between the raindrops, Nikita