PetSmart HOWL-O-Ween Extravaganza 2011

Nikita's 2011 Halloween Costume as a Lion

The PetSmart Howl-O-Ween extraganza arrived today where I strutted my stuff for everyone in my handmade costume.  Sure, we could have purchased a costume for me, but we thought that we would attempt to make me one instead.  If you remember last year, I was only three months old when I headed out to my first photo shoot at PetSmart in my pink fairy costume with a handmade multi-colored fairy collar with beads and a frilly pink tutu. 

This year, we decided to change things up a little and I was turned into a Lion.  Endless hours were put into the preparation of my Halloween costume this year with many many “fittings” to which I handled them all like a trooper. (the treats afterwards helped too)  My costume consisted of different colored felt that we used for my mane and my floofy lion tail, a tan baby blanket was used for my body which we got at Pat Catans for a steal, and off white fur was used for my chest and my paws.  My mane was created by cutting one inch strips of the felt and metal flower stakes were glued to the back of each strip to make the mane stand up around my neck.  Next, the baby blanket (which worked out perfectly) was fitted to my body by velcro.  The white fur for my chest was then hand sewn onto the blanket, while other small strips of the white fur was attached to elastic that went around my paws.  Then, more strips of the felt were cut into 1/2″ strips and attached to my tail with a scrunchie.  A lot of thought and love went into the making of my costume, and I am thankful for all the hard work that was put into the making of it.  (Thanks Daddy for purchasing all of the material we needed for my costume)

So, now that my costume was done, I got all dressed up today and headed off to PetSmart with Daddy and Mommy to get my 2nd HOWL-O-Ween photo taken.  (Even Mommy sewed on a black bat to her shirt today!) A lot of other doggies and some kitties too showed up for the event.  I even passed out my blog card with a treat bag to all the doggies that I met, so they can stop by and see what I am up to!  I even saw a kitty there today that was dressed up like a squirrel, and that made me laugh.  Great costume idea though, but I don’t think the kitty liked it too much.  Another kitty was dressed up like a pumpkin and they were in a cage, and they certainly looked like they wanted to rip that pumpkin off so badly. 

The doggie costumes were awesome!  I could not believe all the cute ideas that people came up with on what to dress their pets up as.  One was a little fairy, another one was a bee, a cow, a bananna split, a batman dog, and two were sharks! (just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, eh?)  We had so much fun today meeting all of the doggies and their owners and we hope that we get to see you again next year at PetSmart! 

Shown below are some of the doggies that I got to meet today and all of their awesome HOWL-O-Ween costumes. 

The cutest Fairy at PetSmart!






Shark Attack








Bananna Split Anyone?







Bat Dog







Pumpkin Kitty








The smallest doggie









And last but not least, another awesome doggie having fun!

Pet Halloween Costumes – What are you gonna be?

Halloween is not only for kids….and it’s not only about the candy anymore these days.  More and more adults like my Daddy & Mommy get into this witching time of year with cool Halloween props, but what about your pet?  You can’t let Halloween sneak by you without dressing up your pet too!  We want in on the fun too, although most of us really truly hate it when our owners dress us up as we can’t stand wearing those goofy outfits they put on us, but we deal with it.  Perhaps, we can get some extra treats for going through this horrible ordeal of wearing something that makes our parents go “Aw, isn’t she just adorable?”  There’s nothing we can do but just suck it up.  LOL  It shouldn’t be that bad, as Halloween is only one day, thank God, but we’ll deal with all the cutsie outfits to make our Daddy & Mommy happy. 

So, I am having some BIG problems trying to figure out what to be for Halloween and since there is not much time left, I thought that I would ask all of you what I should be for Halloween.  Help me pick out something great!

Are You Ready for Halloween?

Did you know that Halloween is only 60 days away?  Yep, we’re counting it down and getting ready too!  Mommy is getting her creative side in gear and is trying to make a cemetery gateway out of boxes to put in the front yard this year.  Making your own Halloween props is not that hard, but you do need a good imagination to pull it off.   Once Mommy gets a little further in her gateway progress, we’ll will post some photographs so you can see.  When this gateway is finished it will have approximately 40+ boxes, masking tape, bricks for weight, and lights or a black light in the cemetery sign on top.  WOW, that sounds so neat, can’t wait to see it when it’s done.  I have been helping her by trying to chew on the masking tape roll!  (what is it with tape rolls that I love so much?)  Who knows, but I love helping Mommy with her projects! 

Shipping Halloween Products

Getting ready to setup your own home haunt?  Well, by using a few pieces of  grid paper, you can draw out your yard and use it as a plan as to where to place all of your tombstones and props in your yard.  Don’t forget to draw out all of the extension cords and flood lights you will need too, as they are an important part of your home haunt! 

I have been busy helping Mommy shipping out tons of Halloween props and accessories too, but if someone accidentally gets one of my toys in their box by mistake, can you ship it back to me?  (I may be missing one or two)   

This is a MUST do for every pet owner!  Why would you dress up for Halloween and not dress up your pet too?  They want to get in the fun too, not to mention all of the fun photographs you can capture when they’re all decked out in their costumes.  PetSmart usually holds a Halloween Pet Photo weekend where you can purchase your photo for a minimal charge and it’s fun too!  Last year, I was a fairy, but I can’t fit into my tutu any longer (as it only fits around my neck now), so we need to figure out what I am going to be for Halloween.  We’re thinking of making me into a bat with black wings and a black mask, but we’re still deciding on this one.  If you have any suggestions on what I should be, let me know!   

Don’t forget to also check out Daddy & Mommy’s website if you are looking for some awesome Halloween Props & Accessories – they have a huge selection to pick from!

Happy HUMP Day!

It’s Wednesday, and that means trash day at our house.  It happens every week.  That loud scary truck arrives right after Daddy leaves for work.  I can hear it coming, rumbling down the road, getting closer, the brakes squeal with every stop it makes, the loud booms that happen when the trash man slams peoples garbage cans on the truck to empty them out without any care in the world if he breaks the can.  (who cares, right? It’s not my trash can he thinks)  The rumble sound gets closer and closer, the squeal of the brakes become more predominant and finally, they arrive at our drive.  I sit by the front window like I always do and watch the trash man.  I sit straight up and at attention, and wait.  Not sure what I am waiting for, but I do.  Am I waiting and wanting to just jump out the window and bite him?  Not sure, but I watch him intensely and make sure he behaves.  Mommy usually heads out to pick up the garbage can that he just throws on the lawn, like someone throwing a piece of garbage out their car window when they pass by the house. 

But what was funny about today’s trash day?  Both Mommy and I noticed that the “trash” was riding on top of the truck today.  Yep!  Mommy stepped outside the back door to catch this photo of the garbage truck with the trash on top of the truck.  I wonder if those guys know it’s up there? 

I’ve gotta go finish my breakfast, since yesterday I had a sour stomach, but I feel better today.  It sucked yesterday when I was not feeling that well, that I did not even want to eat an ice cube and you know how much I LOVE ice cubes, so I must have been under the weather yesterday to not eat my favorite snack. 

By the way, I wanted to ask you for your opinion….  What should I be for Halloween this year?  Let me know….

I want to WIN Thoughts Appear Halloween Costume Contest

Mommy made me this adorable Fairy Costume














Hi everyone, it’s me, Nikita!  Mommy spent a lot of time cutting & sewing me this adorable pink (I LOVE pink) Fairy costume because Mommy & Daddy said that I am a “Fairy Tale” come true when they adopted me from the Cleveland APL and gave me a good home when I did not have one.  I now have a good home, good parents, good food to eat, and lots of treats too, all thanks to my Daddy & Mommy.  My story is unbelievable because I came from a litter of seven puppies, all who fought for their life to stay alive, and my foster Mommy had to feed us every hour and a half every day so we could survive.  My real furry Mommy died not long after she gave birth to all of us in a tragic accident.  So, it goes without saying that I am grateful for having my new Daddy & Mommy who take great care of me, and play with me every day and who gave me a “second chance for love & happiness“. 

I want to thank Thoughts Appear for having such a great idea and holding a Halloween Costume Contest and also Blarney for helping Angie out in the judging. I hope I have a chance to win the contest – hey wait a minute, you did not tell me what we can win?  Is is a box of puppy treats?  I would like that a lot!  Even though I did not get any Halloween candy to use to bride the judges with (since Chocolate is bad for puppies) I do have lots of wet puppy kisses for them if I win!  Wish me luck!

Even Mommy wore Pik to match my costume!

Me in my Pink Tutu

PetSmart HOWL-O-WEEN Costume Contest

Me and Daddy @ PetSmart

Daddy and Mommy took me to PetSmart today for their HOWL-O-WEEN Costume Contest and boy did I have a great time!  There were doggies of all shapes and sizes there, and even one doggie had long black hair (not sure what he was supposed to be), but I think that I was the cutest, but that is my opinion. LOL    I got my picture taken with Daddy & Mommy too, and want to thank them for taking me today to PetSmart.  I even got a doggie goodie bag with lots of treats, and I had to sample a treat when I got home. Yummy!  I had a long day and this puppy is pooped, and I need a nap with Daddy! 

Until Later – Nikita

Me and Mommy at PetSmart

My Halloween Fairy Costume

My Halloween Fairy Costume

Hi Everyone, it’s me, Nikita!  Mommy just finished my Halloween Fairy Costume and I am so excited!  I can’t wait to wear it tomorrow for PetSmarts Howl-0-ween Costume Contest!  (I hope I win)  If you want to meet me and see how I have grown up, I’ll be there by 2:30, so stop by and say hi!  I hope my friends from the Cleveland APL will stop by to see me too!  I can’t wait to see my friends at PetSmart too, because Jane and all the rest of the associates are really nice. 

Happy Halloween to everyone!  Hugs & wet puppy kisses, Nikita

P.S. – I hope I win the best costume on Thoughts Appear Blog too! 

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Me and my Fairy Wings - I can fly!