Experimenting With Melting Pony Beads


Oops, I did it again!  I keep looking at all of the things that I have made by melting Pony Beads and I wondered if they could be melted without a form around them.  Hmmmm….interesting thought, so I had to get to work to see what would happen without a cookie cutter form around them.  I pulled out the old pizza pan that I have been using and started to design.


Since Spring is supposed to be around the corner, I am dreaming of gardening and this year we are going to plant a new kind of sunflowers in our garden for color.  (man I can’t wait)  With that thought on my mind, I started to create a sunflower out of Pony Beads on the pizza pan.  I started out with a black center of beads and then formed yellow sunflower leaves around the middle.  Then I added a green stem and only added clear beads around the right side of the sunflower for filler.


Since I wanted to see what happens if you melt Pony Beads without a form, my experiment turned out quite well and the Pony Beads melted perfectly and the sunflower leaves on the left side of the pizza pan turned out just like leaves!  Yippee!  So this tells me that if you want to create a free form kind of art with melting Pony Beads, you can!  Design away!


If you don’t have any Pony Beads, head out to the store this weekend and pick up a nice big bag and get crafting!  This truly is a fun craft to do and the more creative you are, the more interesting your items will turn out!

8 thoughts on “Experimenting With Melting Pony Beads

    • Aw, thanks! You should get your self a cow cookie cutter and make some melted bead cow ornaments in black and white! They would look so cool on a Christmas tree! 🙂

  1. yes, i think my friend has found her new obsession! Thats all right…keep the cute things coming. Maybe even put some in your store for some extra money. I love sunflowers so much, just something I don’t see too much down here in Florida for some reason. I miss them.

    • Man, I wish I could paint, then I would be painting on canvas! (yes, I have found one thing that I CAN’T do)g This melting pony bead obsession of mine is addicting, you make one thing, look at it, think it’s cool, and make more! When the weather gets warmer, I get into my wood crafts in the garage and design Halloween tombstones. I just need a router! DOES ANYONE HAVE A ROUTER THAT I CAN HAVE? 🙂

  2. I can’t wait to try and grow some sunflowers in a container. I never thought of it but Alys suggested it. What variety with you grow. That’ll look really cute other there beside them.

    • I think I mentioned to you last year to do some container gardening, but I know your space is limited. That would be awesome, not to mention cute, to grow some sunflowers in a large pot! Take lots of pictures of that!

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