When the Weather is Crappy – Start Crafting!

This week has been a whirlwind of precipitation, Monday started off with sunshine, Tuesday it poured rain all day, Wednesday it rained and snowed, and today it’s snowing again, so what do you do when you are sick of the crappy weather?  You craft!


I remembered that I picked up two pairs of really cool knee high socks at Pat Catan’s a few months ago and I wanted to make a second sock bunny.  So, I pulled out one pair and got in gear to make a bunny, unfortunately, I found out in the middle of my project that I did not have enough filling to finish the bunny, so I need to head back to the store to get some, but I did get the bunny all cutout and sewed together.


Making this type of Sock Bunny is really easy and all you need is a great pair of knee high socks to make it.  You lay the sock flat with the heel showing on top and cut down a few inches from the “toes” to almost the heel as you are now making the ears of the bunny.  Next, you cut up from the band of the sock a few inches as this makes the legs of the bunny.  Then you flip the sock inside out.  Pin around your ears and legs to get your bunny ready for sewing.  Sew all around the ears first, then sew up both legs and leave a hole or opening on the bottom of the bunny so you have an opening to stuff it.  The next thing to do is to stuff your bunny with filling and make sure you stuff the face or heel of the sock bunny real good so the face is prominent on your bunny.  I used a letter opener to push the stuffing into the bunny which helped a lot.  Finish stuffing, and then hand sew the opening when you are done.  Then, you can sew on cute buttons for eyes or even get your embroidery thread out and sew on a cute nose.



I’ve got great plans for this bunny when I get more stuffing and can finish it, so keep watching for another post to see what I do!  What is amazing is that a cheap pair of cute socks can make an adorable stuffed bunny!  And, since this craft project is so easy, not to mention a lot of fun, and you know how bunnies multiply…..I can see a lot of these being made in the near future!

9 thoughts on “When the Weather is Crappy – Start Crafting!

  1. Sorry about your weather, I know you’re eager to get outside. At least you are using your time productively. I have three things going at once…HA. Never a dual moment. I think that’s going to be really cute in those colours. I bet they’re are tempting for Nikita and Bella. Be safe little bunny 😉

    • Oh Boomy…….you hit it RIGHT on the head! The dogs WANT my sock bunnies really really bad. I even found Bella up on the one couch she is not allowed on trying to reach for my bunnies. Bad dog! They do want them in the worse way. LOL I love the colors of this sock and I was surprised that Pat Catans had them! Eager to head outside is an understatement!!!!! Since I don’t have a car to go anywhere, I am stuck in the house since the weather stinks. Can’t wait to head outside…soon, I hope.

      • OH no, hopefully they won’t sneak them away. Hey, I didn’t know you were have card trouble….I have a cheap PT, it gets me from A-B, but it’s on it’s last leg…I hate spending money on car repair. They should just work..LOL

  2. can’t wait to see! And I’ve been meaning to tell you… It’s lucky that you don’t leave near me, becuase I might have to steal your dog! ADORABLE!!! We’re looking for a new one and I want to snuggle with yours! 🙂

    • Aw, thank you, but I would have to fight you for our dogs! They mean the world to us, as you can already tell! If you lived next to us, I would let them come over for visits with your son. He would love that!

    • Yeah, I know…..it stinks when you run out of stuffing in the middle of a project! I have a great idea on how to finish this bunny – can’t wait to show you. (P.S. – Aren’t the stripes on the sock cute? Love the colors)

    • Oh, I am sure you would! This is the easiest way to make a sock bunny in the world! If I can figure it out, I have faith in you that you could make one! I just need some more filling and I can finish this one. Hey, maybe if you are really good, I could make one for you!

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