How to Make Melted Pony Bead Stars

We all have Pony Beads in our piles of craft supplies, if you don’t, you need to get some! Making melted Pony Bead crafts is fun to do.

HOW TO MAKE MELTED PONY BEAD STARSI used three different sized metal star cookie cutters to make mine.

PONY BEAD STARS1Pour your Pony Beads into your cookie cutter and make sure that you have enough to fill up all the space inside the cookie cutter. You can then arrange the beads around a bit to distribute the colors. Make sure your cookie cutters are on a metal cookie sheet too.

PONY BEAD STARS2Once you have all the beads where you want them, they are ready to bake.

PONY BEAD STARS3Place in your oven at 400 degrees, and watch them closely as they melt. There will be a slight smell from the melting plastic, so you should have your windows open or run a fan while melting the Pony Beads. (note: you can also melt them on your grill too outside) You will know when they are ready to be taken out of the oven when the top of the Pony Beads are nice and flat. (if you still see the “humps” of the beads, then they will need to stay in the oven a few minutes longer)

PONY BEAD STARS4Once all the beads are nice and flat, remove them from the oven and let them cool on top of the stove. You will soon hear a slight crackling sound, and don’t worry, this is the plastic cooling sound.

PONY BEAD STARS5When cooled, you can pick up your cookie cutter and remove the melted Pony Bead stars. Just carefully pull the sides apart of the cookie cutter and the star just pops out.

HOW TO MAKE MELTED PONY BEAD STARSIf you so choose, at this point, you can use a small drill bit and drill right through the melted Pony Bead stars so you can add a ribbon for hanging. Or, you can perhaps hot glue a wooden skewer to the back of the stars and place in a flower pot for a nice decoration. With these three sizes, I also had the idea to make a little tiered sun catcher for the Fourth of July. To accomplish this, you will need to drill a small hole on the top and bottom of the stars so you can attach your string in between them for hanging.

So there you have it, you can now make your own melted Pony Bead Stars and you will be ready to ring in your Fourth of July in style!

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Experimenting With Melting Pony Beads


Oops, I did it again!  I keep looking at all of the things that I have made by melting Pony Beads and I wondered if they could be melted without a form around them.  Hmmmm….interesting thought, so I had to get to work to see what would happen without a cookie cutter form around them.  I pulled out the old pizza pan that I have been using and started to design.


Since Spring is supposed to be around the corner, I am dreaming of gardening and this year we are going to plant a new kind of sunflowers in our garden for color.  (man I can’t wait)  With that thought on my mind, I started to create a sunflower out of Pony Beads on the pizza pan.  I started out with a black center of beads and then formed yellow sunflower leaves around the middle.  Then I added a green stem and only added clear beads around the right side of the sunflower for filler.


Since I wanted to see what happens if you melt Pony Beads without a form, my experiment turned out quite well and the Pony Beads melted perfectly and the sunflower leaves on the left side of the pizza pan turned out just like leaves!  Yippee!  So this tells me that if you want to create a free form kind of art with melting Pony Beads, you can!  Design away!


If you don’t have any Pony Beads, head out to the store this weekend and pick up a nice big bag and get crafting!  This truly is a fun craft to do and the more creative you are, the more interesting your items will turn out!