Nicki Minaj Speaks Her Mind – – And, I Like It!

Nicki Minaj Speech BubbleEver since Simon Cowell left American Idol years ago, we have not had any judges who really told it like it is, but I felt that Simon was mean & snarky in the way that “he” did it.  For example, he could say to a contestant, “you suck“.  Sure he might have felt that way, but there are other ways of telling someone they suck.  The truth hurts, but sometimes we need to hear the truth to give us that much needed kick in the butt wake up call.

But, over the last few episodes of American Idol, I am a new found fan of Nicki Minaj.  She delivered the perfect kick in the butt wake up call that a lot of the contestants needed last night.  She was right!  I would sit here, season after season, critiquing the contestants from my kitchen table and I would always ask “why aren’t the judges telling them like it is?” or “why are they sugar coating it?” or hearing lame comments from the judges like “you’re in it to win it” or “where’s the other half of your dress?“.  Most of these American Idol contestants have never received any “real” feedback before in their lives and they need to hear the truth.  Nicki Minaj served that up last night on a silver platter to them.  She was right when she stated that the contestants needed to “step it up” and shine – show us what you got, or you are going to be very upset….with yourself later.  And, I bet a lot of them were… on their trip home.  This is a singing competition and everyone wants that golden crown in the end, but you can’t win it if you don’t bring it!  Game On!

I did feel bad for some of the contestants though, but only for a few seconds, after they received what they perceived what was harsh feedback and were sent home.  But after watching some of the most horrible group night performances on Wednesday where a lot of guys forgot the lyrics to their song, I was surprised when their solo performances turned out much better.  These contestants have been told all their life that they could sing by family members and friends, but never have they stood in front of a panel of talented judges who know a thing or two about singing. I get it.  I bet it’s probably scary to stand up on that stage and perform, but isn’t that what you wanted?  To go to Hollywood?  To make a name for yourself?  To actually win this competition?  If so, then you need to be better than all the rest to keep yourself alive round after round.  Nicki was right.  If you don’t, then you will be pretty upset with yourself later on.

To date, some of our favorites are:  Paul Jolley, Lazaro Arbos, and Nick Boddington.  As Guy Week comes to a close, there are 28 guys remaining. Eight of those 28 will be cut next Thursday.  The girls are up next week and let’s see how they fair with Nicki’s truthful remarks, and I bet there will be a lot of crying afterwards.  Suck it up is all I’ve got to say!  If you don’t make it this year, there’s always next year.

Until next week….

4 thoughts on “Nicki Minaj Speaks Her Mind – – And, I Like It!

  1. oh oh, sorry Val, I thought she was unnecessarily cranky. Agreed, they know what they signed up for but a lot of these young people haven’t ever been away from home or even on an airplane. I think it’s hard, as an adult, to be calm and composed in a job interview. Heaven help me if I had to do it at 16…far from home with a crowd of people interviewing me. I miss J Lo. But we are enjoying the talent this year. Wow some of them are awesome. I’m looking forward to the girls too. Have a great weekend xK

    • Hi Boomdee! I hear what you are saying, but their parents are with them at this point in the competition. They always pan to the parents in the gallery watching their kids. If I was their parent, I would give them the talk. If any one of these kids has ever “watched” Idol before on tv, then they should be well aware of how critical the judges can be, and rightfully so. I agreed wholeheartedly with Nicki this week, as it was truly tough love as she said, but someone had to say it. Heck, I was saying it just sitting at the kitchen table. I was sitting here rolling my eyes when they started repeating their story all over again, and again, and you could see the judges just sitting there with the look on their face like – – “just sing already”. The judges know your story by now sweetie, just sing. I think that Nicki was right on this week with her comments, and I know that most of them are probably scared, but at this point, they need to suck it up, pull themselves together, and sing. All anyone can ask is for them to do their best! There is no crying in Idol…and baseball! LOL I do agree that there is a lot of great talent this year and look forward to next week with the girls!

    • I sat down early this morning and got my thoughts together for my Idol post today. Nicki was right on this week and I just had to be the one to say it! It is about time that a judge finally “judged” the singing competition instead of telling someone that their outfit was adorable. I give her kudos for speaking her mind. Suck it up! Just like that one baseball movie with Tom Hanks where he said…”there’s no crying in baseball”, that is true for American Idol too! There is always next year…

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