Nikita Entered Another Photo Contest – Place Your Vote!


I had so much fun in the last photography contest over at that I entered this photograph of Nikita at only two months old into the contest.  We rescued Nikita from the APL from a litter of seven pups after their mommy was poisoned with anti-freeze after giving birth to her litter.  The pups were left without a mommy to feed them and were in dire need of help.  The APL rescued all the pups and nursed them around the clock until they were ready to be adopted, and thankfully, they all found their forever home, like Nikita did.  She is the happiest dog around and has brought us so much joy.  We will never forget the day we drove home with her as she changed our lives forever and she found her loving forever home.

You can vote for Nikita by clicking on the “Like” button through this link: The way this contest works is, whoever receives the most “Likes” on their photograph, wins the contest and can place their award on their blog!  Thanks for taking the time to vote!

If you like my entry for this contest, head on over and click on the “Like” button here:

Wish me luck!

16 thoughts on “Nikita Entered Another Photo Contest – Place Your Vote!

    • Thanks for your vote! When we learned of her story when we adopted her, we were so glad that she would be cared for. The foster Mom who took all of the 7 pups into her home for the APL, nursed them around the clock (every 1/2 hour) and at two months old, we got to adopt her. The foster Mom gave us a photo book too of Nikita when she was days old!!! It made us cry to see how tiny they all were, but we so glad to have a photo book of the most precious photos! Thanks again!

  1. Been there, done that. What a cute photo. How gorgeous is that face. To think that anyone would have done such a terrible thing to the Mom. Sometimes human nature can just make my skin crawl. So glad Nikita found such an wonderful home.

    • We’re horrified when we watch the news lately of all the animal abuse. We cannot believe that someone could do those things to an animal. All they want is our love and affection! Sitting here writing this, Bella is curled up on my lap….snoring! Now that is cute! When we saw Nikita, she was a fluff ball and we fell in love with her. All it took was one time holding her in our arms and we were hooked. 🙂

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