Are Dogs Allowed In Hollywood?


For those of us who watch American Idol, regardless of who the judges are, we got to watch our first two nights of drama this week.  We heard some outstanding new talent, and lots of screeching squealie finger nails on the chalkboard voices who made us run for the mute button on the remote, but that is what is expected when you watch Idol.   Unfortunately, the cat fights between Mariah and Nicki makes me feel like I am watching the Jerry Springer show, as their arguing in front of the contestants is unfortunate.


You just never know what to expect, especially when an adorable 21 year old Cuban immigrant takes the stage, and ends up stealing our hearts.  Lazaro Arbos has suffered his whole life with a severe stutter, but once he began singing “Bridge Over Troubled Waters”, he stunned everyone.  It was truly the most precious moment of Idol this week and even the judges were speechless, which is hard to believe.

We even saw a return visit from Johnny Keyser who auditioned in Season 11 and made it to the top 60 last year and showed a lot of promise.  Although he sang well this week, I don’t think he blew the judges away, but they gave him a golden ticket and granted him another shot at Hollywood.

Another contestant who threw me for a loop was Kez Ban.  If this is the perfect example of “You can’t judge a book by its cover”, then I don’t know what is.  She was an amateur fire dancing street performer (who burned off all the hair on her chin too) and she freely admitted that she did not expect to win anything.  Yet, this oddly dressed contestant was quite talented, so we will be watching her on what she does when she gets to Hollywood for sure.  She truly was not your typical Idol contestant, but who cares what they wear?  I mean, look at Phillip Phillips who throughout the entire season would not change his looks for anyone, and kept to wearing what he was comfortable in….his gray shirts and jeans.  Good for him!

This is definitely going to be an interesting season nonetheless, and at this point, it is hard for us to choose a favorite.  Stay tuned for more brawls next week between Mariah and Nicki on American Idol, but seriously…. Idol is supposed to be about the contestants and making talented people’s dreams come true, not about the immature grudges between the girl judges.  (I feel bad for Keith Urban being the scratching post between two cats!)


14 thoughts on “Are Dogs Allowed In Hollywood?

  1. I have never seen anything like these two judges on a singing show. Good grief. They both need to grow up!! Poor Keith…didn’t you just laugh, when he ducked under the table? He is just too cute for words!! Thank you for your kind words on my post this morning! Seriously…you should write a book…you have quiet a way with the american language friend!

  2. I’d Vote Yes Nikita….and bring your little friend too…LOL I can see Bella horning in on your audition…cute cute. Was Nikita singing for you Val? I forgot about that Kez, but OMgosh..wasn’t she talented? What a voice and I loved her style too. I would totally buy her music.

    • Yeah, Kez Ban was awesome and someone definitely to watch in this season, as I hope she goes far. Thanks for voting for Nikita, and yes Bella “always” has to be where the action is. LOL I loved those photographs I took of Nikita with our American Idol sticker on the back door.

  3. Nikita, if you come out to Hollywood I’ll hook you up with Verbena’s agents 😉 I don’t know about this year’s Idol season. Mariah and Nicki just make me cringe. I can always call my sister and say something stupid to achieve and get the same effect. I may start watching towards the end to see who actually wins.

    • I agree with you, but for us, we watch from the beginning so we can see the contestants stories and how they actually progress through the season. The bickering between Mariah and Nicki needs to stop already, but I am sure they will continue to talk over each other and have to get the last word in.

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