Spring Cleaning Already!


When the sun shines around here, you get excited.  It’s January and it’s cold outside, really really cold, but when the sun shines, I got the Spring Cleaning bug! I bought a cleaning product last year to try it on our brass outdoor lights, but with our new garden project going on, I never got around to trying it out.  So, I pulled it out the other day and tried it on our kitchen knobs to see if I could spruce them up a little.  WOW, is all I have to say!

The product that I purchased is called Brasso, which I found at our local KMart.  I just used an old sponge to wipe on the Brasso on the knobs and rubbed it in real good.  After a minute of rubbing, I was amazed that I saw the clean brass again and our knob was shining again.  I am so pleased with how well this product worked, that I am working my way around the kitchen, removing all the gunk off the knobs.


Brasso also cleans brass, copper, stainless, aluminum, pewter, chrome and bronze.  So, after reading all of the things that it could clean, I walked around and found more things to shine, like our stainless step plate by the back door which is now shining like brand new!   So, with this new found love of a cleaning/polishing product, I am happy to report that this product really works!


5 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning Already!

  1. Wow, you’re already spring cleaning..go Valerie (clap clap) go Valerie ( clap clap)…LOL, I’ll just cheer you on for now. Admittedly , I have every cleaning product ever made. I actually have used this at our old house…it’s done an amazing job. I giggled that you shined up your stair plate..that’s totally something I would do….you know it girl, we are peas in the ‘martha’ pod.

    • We are, we are, peas in the same pod or mold! I wanted to tell you that after I read that you also love balsamic vinegar on your salad! (I smiled) It worked so well on that floor plate by the backdoor, even Daddy was surprised!

      • oh yum, yes I buy Paul Newman’s Balsamic…”it’s so good”..(I’m saying like the little english girl on Ellen) 😀

        I have the patio door open this morning, it’s 7 C or 44.5 F but our day will go backwards….0 C or 32 F at suppertime. Everything is dripping and there are road closures way up north because the wet hi-ways have froze into skating rinks.

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