Seed To Green In Three Days

One of the most exciting parts of gardening is watching your plants grow, the other is eating what you grew! I know that we are a long way off to picking any veggies yet, but I can dream of them being in my belly!


Late Friday afternoon I finally got all of our seeds planted. When I checked in on them on Monday, I was shocked at what I found! I saw “green” and lots of green under the seed cell clear covers! I was doing a happy dance in the laundry room.


As you scroll through these photographs, you can see that some seeds germinate quicker than others. Don’t fret, if you are watching & waiting for yours to sprout, just give them time!

PUMPKINS 3-10-15

Another thing that I love about watching our plants grow, are the shapes they form while popping out of the soil. I get so excited when I see the secondary leaves forming too.


This is the first Juliet Tomato that popped up, and although it looks like a little green stick now, this baby (once grown) can produce tons of tomatoes!

CABBAGE 3-10-15

I love watching our cabbage plants grow, because when they are little, their leaves always remind me of little hearts, and I love hearts!


This little Big Boy Tomato plant has just emerged from the soil, reaching for the warmth of the grow light.

ZUCCHINI 3-10-15

The zucchini plants look a lot like a cucumber or a pumpkin when they are small, and this is one of the reasons I always keep our plants labeled.

When we start our gardening season, it is always started indoors while the outdoors is still cold & snowy. I always get a nice workout throughout the day, and every day, as I run up and down our stairs to check in on the plants. When the plants get a lot bigger, the grow lights will be shut off at night so the plants can start learning how to sleep, but that is awhile away for them now. Right now, they need the warmth of the grow lights for germination & growth.

I just realized that I forgot to mention all of the veggies that we will have in our garden this year. They are as follows:  9 Juliet Tomatoes, 9 Big Boy Tomatoes, 9 Colossal Peppers, 9 Red Peppers, 9 Zucchini, 18 Romaine Lettuce, 9 Flat Dutch Cabbage, 18 Cucumbers, Celery and we will also be planting those Loofah Seeds too!  Just so you know how gardening works for us, not all of these plants will be planted in the garden, as we always start & germinate more seeds than needed just in case.

What are you going to grow this year?

28 thoughts on “Seed To Green In Three Days

    • Oh Johanna, we so can’t wait for our Romaine to be out in the garden, ready for picking already! We are a long way away, but I can dream!

      This week, I had to take my snow shovel and remove all the snow “off” our two raised garden beds so the soil can start thawing out. There was about 2 feet of snow on top of it too!

  1. Awesome! Perhaps this will make you a little jealous, but we had a cherry tomato plant that lasted and PRODUCED all through the winter! Not much, mind you, but a few here and there. It grew to be so huge. Even though part of it died, the rest just get on growing. It was pretty crazy. Whatever variety that was, we HAVE to get it again! It’s still alive now even. My husband brought in a tomato last night. Amazing! I wish all our plants would do that well! The spinach we planted last year came back on its own this year and is doing well. That also makes me happy. On the downside, locusts (yes, locusts!) are eating all the leaves on my petite cherry tree. Grrr!

    • I am jealous that I know someone who is actually picking tomatoes right now! Our leaf lettuce did that for us one year, and it started to pop back up again before we even planted any seeds. I would look up on the internet on what to do for those locusts! They will ruin that tree! Grrrrrr, is correct!

      • I know! My husband caught and killed two so far. I kind of hate to do that, but what’s the alternative? Pesticides? Maybe there’s something else out there. I will look.

      • Marigolds repel lots of stuff. I know that I have read that you should plant a row of marigolds around your tomato and pepper plants to repel bugs too!

      • LOL! Sweet tooth locusts! Did you see our gardening posts last year when we got those Horn Worms on our tomato plants? We had to spring into action quickly or they would have chewed down our tomato plants!

      • When we found those Horn Worms, we hand picked them off our tomato plants (with gloves on, of course) and we did it when we saw them immediately. Then, I went outside at night to look for more with a flashlight. When you garden, you really need to be active in your garden with your plants, or “something” could take it down! 🙂

      • Yeah, we are totally losing the bug battle already. The sneaky devils come when we’re not around, so we don’t know what’s eating gilbert grape vine.

      • Yes! We saw them on our grape vines and our peach tree. So I guess I do know what’s eating the grape vines. (I was just trying to be clever before.) How do you kill them once you pick them off? They’re huge!

      • If you are getting Japanese Beetles, then you just need to purchase the Japanese Beetle traps. Just make sure you read the directions on the bags. You do not want to place them by what they are eating, rather you place them a certain distance away from that so they are drawn away from what they are munching on. (I learned that the hard way)

    • It could be your soil. Never use last years soil, as I have done that and the seeds never germinate well. The little plants need to keep warm and covered and well lit continuously until they are big enough for you to transplant them to bigger pots.

      • I don’t keep the soil but throw it in the garden afterwards. I think my problem is that sometimes I don’t use the greenhouse and they need that. Your plants are doing terrific. You’re so right, they need the warmth. I just might get that tray today when I go shopping and some starter soil.

      • You can find those 72 seed cell trays most anywhere in stores right now. The lid on them makes for good condensation and warmth!

    • We love love love our gardening journey every year too! Nothing is more fulfilling than picking fresh veggies that you grew yourself! But veggies that someone else grew taste just as good too! 🙂

    • Have you ever checked out our garden posts from last season? You should look them up to see our beautiful garden, and what to look forward to seeing this year! Watching our seeds germinate and grow is such a wonderful thing!

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