Wordless Wednesday

Nothing escapes the dogs around here, not even this guy who decided to sit on top of the garage to drive the dogs crazy.


OMG, can you see how full this guys belly is? He must have been storing his nuts over the winter for sure! Time to get on the treadmill little man, or I can open the back door and the dogs can chase you!


What do your doggies see outside the window that drive them crazy?

42 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. I can see this little dude….with the pot belly hollerin,”Who let the dogs out?” hehe Mom is starting seeds the way you said on the weekend. She got cilantro, summer savoury and sunflower seeds. Do you have a machine to laminate the seed names?


    • Yes I do have a laminating machine! Do you want me to make you some plant labels? If so, use the contact page and send me your address & tell me what plant names you want laminated! By the way, thanks for getting that song stuck in my head now….who let the dogs out! Woof woof woof!

    • OMG, are you kidding me? Our dogs go nutso at the recycle & garbage men. If I opened the front door, they would probably chase them down the street! (I would never do that though cause I love our dogs and don’t want them to get loose!) They just do a great job barking at them every Wednesday!

  2. Charley once chased a squirrel ‘successfully’ and she had it between her jaws. Before I could yell…she spit it out, sneezed and spat with a face full of disgust as if she did not like the hairs on the tongue. The squirrel flew unharmed into the highest tree and probably send Thank You prayers the rest of day to the Saint of Squirrels. I laughed my head of and Charley only chases the squirrels out of the garden since then ( and cats, deer, possums, etcetcetc)

    • Hi There MDL! Thanks for stopping by today! I think squirrels have the same effect with all doggies, and I still can’t believe our dogs knew that this guy was up on the garage. Now I know why they were on the bed looking out the window barking!

      • Amazing what they will notice isn’t it! There have been times where I was sure ours were just barking for the sake of it but sure enough, I eventually find that sneaky squirrel or bird that they have known about all along!

      • Bella is the barker in our house. She barks at everything, sometimes it is nothing at all, but she feels like she has to bark. I am still amazed though on how they “know” that something is outside when we hear nothing.

    • I agree about the rabbits! I remember when our dog Nikita was little, she was all zonked out in the living room, when all of a sudden she jumped up and ran to the window. I could not see anything except a bunny hopping down the sidewalk! I could not believe she sensed that bunny, even while she was napping! Dogs senses are amazing! Thanks for visiting my blog today too! Glad to have you!

    • Oh Will, don’t remind me of this! We have had our share of these furry critters invade our garden over the years, and with every start to gardening season we always hope for the best to keep them out! I am still amazed that the dogs knew this guy was back there on the roof! Now I know why they were dancing all over our bed to see outside!

    • Do remember my post from last year when I thought a porcupine was under our kitchen window, only to find out it was a baby groundhog? I had so many laugh at me cause I thought it was a porcupine! It looked like one at least! The dogs don’t miss anything, ever!

  3. A chubby little dude (like me)!! Zeus can’t see out any windows, so he just goes nuts when the big dogs across the street start the afternoon barking session for no apparent reason. Those dogs would have Zeus for lunch…

      • LOL, good thing he can not possibly get out of the back yard, with the six foot tall block wall (called a fence here), and the gates are too high, low and strong for any dog to get in. We make sure he is safe. Yesterday I left the French doors open so he could go in and out on his own.

      • With block? I always thought these fences were ridiculous until we moved here, now they make perfect sense. They are used in California too. Our neighborhood is a gated community with an HOA, and every home has the same style, color, texture and height of block. Looks nice.

      • Well, I don’t think our yard would look good with a block wall in our neighborhood, but a fence around the back would be awesome for the dogs.

      • I don’t think I want to see those pics, as I would probably cry. A few years ago we had a deer jump our garden fence and did lots of damage. I don’t ever want to see that again, it killed me to see all of our plants eaten down to stubs.

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