Thawing Out

In our little spot in the world today, we started to thaw out. The temps were around 40 degrees, water was flowing through the gutters which was a pleasant sound since they have been a solid block of ice, and the poop pit is no longer an ice skating rink. It was a good day today.

Yahoo, I can smell Spring!

Yahoo, I can smell Spring!

When Nikita went outside today, she jumped up on the side of the snow mound to look around, and stuck her head up in the air to take a good sniff of the air. She smelled Spring today!

NIKITA1 3-8-15

Nikita took a running jump and she was up on top of the snow mound in seconds!  I snapped this photo at the perfect moment and got the snow flying through the air.

NIKITA4 3-8-15

Nikita got so excited when she saw Daddy in the bedroom window looking at her playing.

NIKITA2 3-8-15

I love this photograph of Nikita enjoying her day in the snow.

NIKITA3 3-8-15

Nikita is so photogenic.

BELLA3 3-8-15

Bella, of course, wanted a chance to show off her mountain goat abilities too!

BELLA4 3-8-15

Ok, I’m done with this snow mound!

BELLA2 3-8-15

I’m so tall, I can see into the neighbors yard!  Hey, there’s birdies over there!

BELLA1 3-8-15

What do you mean I have to come down now?  I’m king of the hill!


With the perfect temps today, I just had to make some snow doggies in the front yard! As you can see, I tried to make a snow doggie Nikita and Bella! (and, if you look at the front door, Nikita is watching out the door too)


Snow doggie Bella!


All in all, we had a good day. We started to thaw a bit and look forward to the upcoming week of temps in the 40’s where we can get rid of a lot of this snow. The dogs had an awesome play day in the high snow mounds, the poop pit thawed so no more pee pee splits, and snow doggies now sit in the front yard to wave to people driving past. It was a good day.

30 thoughts on “Thawing Out

  1. What great photos and you look so happy Nikita! You have lots more snow than us. We warmed up a week ago and have temps in the one digits bur above freezing Celsius. We can see green grass but the grass is mostly brown. It’s a start,



  2. Oh my goodness! These are perfect pictures of ya’ll my friends. I ❤ them!! So regal sitting on top of all of that cold stuff. It still makes me want to shiver. I'm glad it's finally starting to go away soon. We had a beautiful weekend as well. Spring is right around the corner! YAY!! XOXO – Bacon

    • Oh Bacon, we had so much fun playing on the huge snow mounds in our backyard! But to tell you the truth, we can’t wait for it to all go away and then we can run on the grass! We love Spring because it’s not too hot outside and we get to stay outside and watch our Mommy clean up the yard!

      • Amen my friends! I’ve kind of taken to going out in the backyard with mom… even if it’s on the deck to feel the sun against my back. I’m tired of this chilly winter air. We need Spring! XOXO – Bacon

  3. Just got back in from locating our roadside drain and making sure the melting snow can get to it. Got the pump and hose out ready to start pumping out the patio. Those pre-Spring traditions! I bet readers in warmer climes are secretly envious (I wouldn’t expect them to admit to it though). 🙂

    • I hear you on that one! I so look forward to our Spring, but know what I am in for after everything melts. That is when I go to work fixing all the pee spots in the yard and planting grass seed. The never ending lawn maintenance. I am also planning on creating a new garden fence this year, as I can’t stand the one we currently have up. I want a more eye pleasing one this year! Good luck pumping, and your pre-Spring traditions! I know that I need to head outside today to take a look at our gutters dripping.

  4. Wow, you really do pile up the snow. I think spring might be on it’s way. We’ve been about 0 (32 F) for a couple of days and the snow is melting. I’m sure your doggies are missing their grass.

  5. Bella and Nikita are both so beautiful!!! I love Bella her ‘tiger stripes’ especially. We had a nice thaw day y-day too: to our relieve no heavy rains to cause flooding. All the windows and doors open: woohoo.Charley went Spring mad and ran and ran circels through garden.
    Love the way you even tweaked the ears of the doggies from snow;0) Enjoy more Spring!

    • Tweaking ears on snow doggies is one of my specialties! Bella’s tiger stripes are called Brindle. Oh boy, you got to open your windows over the weekend? It was not that warm here, but we sure did enjoy it! I bet Charley had a lot of fun romping in the backyard! Hugs!

  6. With those bright green scarves, no one is getting lost in the snow either! I loved Bella looking down on you. A tad bit haughty, I’d say! As in, I’m here and you’re not.


    • Oh I know, that look that Bella is giving me is hilarious, but she always has good facial expressions! They had so much fun romping all around the snow piles!

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