Send Your Leftovers Home in Style

After every holiday gathering, there is always leftover food. We all end up taking the leftovers home, which is definitely not a bad thing. Why not take your leftovers home with a cute label on them?  We all love leftovers and usually pick at them over the next few days, like leftover turkey, mashed potatoes, beans, and of course, dessert. Every time we head into the fridge, we nibble, and nibble some more on the leftovers, so why not nibble with a smile on our face too!


I made some adorable colorful tags that you can cutout and stick on all of your own leftover containers! Just printout the tags, and use your 2″ circle cutter to cut them out and put a little piece of tape behind the tag! That’s it! But I bet that every time you head into the fridge for something to nibble on, you will definitely smile!

Here is your free “Happy Leftovers” tags to download!

No matter what container you choose to send your leftovers home with your loved ones, add a cute little tag on top to brighten their day!

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