Happy Birthday Nikita

Nothing brings so much love & happiness into your life, like having a dog by your side. Our sweet girl, Nikita, is celebrating her 4th birthday today, and she has brought so much joy into our lives since we rescued her.


Nikita came from litter of seven pups, and after they were born, their Mommy was poisoned with anti-freeze and died, and the pups were in dire need of help. The APL rescued all the pups and saved their lives. A foster Mom named Brea, took all seven of the pups into her home and fed them around the clock so they could be nice & healthy.


I remember the day we first saw Nikita. We were heading into PetSmart for kitty food and noticed that the APL had a pet fair going on in the parking lot. We decided to go take a look at all the little kitties and doggies before we headed into the store.


We saw a bunch of fluffy puppies and had to go see them. Nikita was the first one we picked up and she gave us kissies all over our face. We were hooked. We adopted her right there on the spot and our lives changed forever, not to mention, hers. Nikita found her forever home and happiness!


I could not ever imagine life without this sweet girl in it, as she brings so much love and happiness to our lives. So Happy Birthday Nikita, you’re four years old today, and we just wanted you to know how much we love you! We have done so many silly things together, we dressed you up even though we knew you tolerated it for our sake, but you have always been by our side and showed your love and affection, and every night since we rescued you, we snuggle together before we fall asleep. We love you with all our heart Nikita!

34 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Nikita

    • Nothing beats having the love from a dog, and we’ve got two, so that means twice the love. Our doggies are the best! We love our dogs so much, as they bring us so much joy each and every day.

      • Aw, that is so sweet! I have been so busy ever since Summer finally got here too and need to find more time to visit everyones blog too. Life happens. We’re just glad to see you are still around! Yeppers, our garden is coming along quite well. We just started picking our first Juliet tomatoes this week! Ooooh, pure joy!

    • Oh yes, we have the perfect family for sure! I love my Daddy & Mommy and Bella so much! I could not imagine a much happier life than what I have now! I must be the luckiest doggie around to receive this much love & attention! I had such a wonderful 4th birthday!

  1. Oh Happy, Happy, Birthday Nikita! You look so beautiful in all of your photos, reading about what happened to your mummy made me so sad… but your story certainly has the happiest of endings. What a lovely family you have!
    Hugs, Carrie and Pups x

    • I was one of the lucky pups who found an awesome home with lots of love! Mommy has been taking photographs of me all day long today, filling up her photo album! I have the best family ever with my Daddy & Mommy & Bella too. I get so much love each and every day and I am so blessed! Thanks for the birthday wishes! Woof! ā¤

  2. Happy Birthday Nikita. Thans for all of the wonderfull memories. Looking forward to many many more! Enjoy your day!

    • Hi Daddy! Aw, thank you for the birthday wishes. I have the best Daddy in the whole world! I love greeting you when you get home from that place called work, and snuggling next to you and Mommy at bed time. I have such the best home ever and I am the luckiest dog around! Thank you for all that you do for me! P.S. – Mommy did her sidewalk chalk art birthday sign for me today too! Can’t wait for you to see it! (she even made me wear a birthday hat!) ā¤ ā¤ ā¤ ā¤

  3. Happy Barkday dear Nikita (uh i forgot a card, shame on moi!). Now you are four years old like me and I think it’s great to be four!
    I hope today you will get all the kisses back and much more!

    • Mommy has already kissied up my face all over and gave me tons of huggies for my birthday, but she does that every day anyway! It feels great to be four and I am so happy to have found my forever home with the best Daddy , Mommy and Sister! Thanks for the birthday wishes! ā¤

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