Our Fascination with Pumpkins

Where does our love for pumpkins come from?

  • Is it from that little white seed that you saved from last year’s pumpkins that you plant in the ground and watch it grow?
  • Is it from the idea of what you do with that pumpkin once it has grown? Like carving them into masterpieces!
  • Is it your love for pumpkin pie? (get the Cool Whip ready!)
  • Is it your love for drying the seeds & eating them?
  • Is it from your love for the Fall Season?

No matter what your own love affair is with pumpkins, it is all valid. We try to grow a crop of pumpkins every year with high hopes that we can produce at least two pumpkins that we can carve for Halloween. At least that is our goal every year.

Last year we failed tremendously with our pumpkin crop. We failed only because we dumped too much coffee grounds around our pumpkins and they died off. Bummer. We won’t be making that same mistake this year, as we learn from all of our gardening experiences.

We are about six weeks into growing our pumpkins in our fenced in garden area, and every day we head out back to see how they are doing. We are shocked every day. I told you that pumpkins do a lot of their growing at night, so finding lots of new growth in the morning is not a shock at all.

The bees are buzzing around the pumpkin flowers, doing their job pollinating them perfectly, and when they are slacking in their job, I personally pollinate the pumpkins myself with a Q-Tip.

Which brings up a thought. Do you know the difference between a female and a male pumpkin flower?  If you don’t know, I’ll tell you…just ask me!


I put together a few photographs of our pumpkins progress, so you can see how well they are growing. We are so pleased!

JUNE 1 2014A

We added more soil to this bed this year, and lots of Miracle Gro Soil.

JUNE 5 2014A

I started 18 pumpkins indoors when I had the grow lights still out.

JUNE 8 2014A

The pumpkins checking out their new home.

JUNE 13 2014A

In this photo, I used Fiji water bottles to cover up newly planted cantaloupes, and the water bottles behind the row of pumpkins… are MORE pumpkins.

JUNE 16 2014A

When the pumpkin plant started to grow under the water bottles and got big enough, I removed the bottle. The lids are off all the bottles so the plants got air.

JUNE 18 2014A

Pumpkins are establishing nicely here.

JUNE 28 2014A

Then all of a sudden…BOOM! It’s a pumpkin explosion!

JULY 1 2014A

I take it that the pumpkins like this spot this year!

JULY 3 2014A

Every day we see more new growth!

JULY 8 2014A

I think we need more space.

JULY 13 2014A

The pumpkin vines are extending everywhere and even up the back of the fence too!

JULY 16 2014A

And, last but not least, we have today’s view of our pumpkin patch. We have one nice sized pumpkin growing up the back fence, so at least we know we have one keeper. The pumpkin vines are creeping out of the bed to the left and to the right, so finding the pumpkins to pollinate will be easier. Pretty soon, we will be tip-toeing through pumpkin vines while trying to pick tomatoes in our garden! (I can so see that happening!)

If you need some pumpkin inspiration, check out my Pinterest Halloween Pumpkins Board!

So what do you think of our awesome pumpkin patch? Do you know the difference between a female and a male pumpkin flower?

16 thoughts on “Our Fascination with Pumpkins

  1. I’m a little behind so I guess you might be harvesting them by now. They sure seemed to grow fast. Hope you have some to carve, got a couple of cool ideas from pinterest. Thanks for the link 😀

    • Nope. Have not harvested any pumpkins yet. Won’t be until around October. That one of ours is getting really big. It is just so much fun watching them grow! Glad you got some ideas off the Pinterest link, as I have pinned quite a bit on that board! ❤

  2. Your pumpkins are doing so great!! Mine aren’t doing anything…the plants didn’t really grow, they still have some blossoms but they seem to be male only. I do know the difference since I’ve had to do my own pollinating due to a lack of bees the last few years! Pumpkins are fun, and I usually cook with them as well so I’m going to miss having them this year.

    • We had that same scenerio last year, no pumpkins, but that is because we killed them with too much coffee grounds. This year, no grounds, and they are doing fantastic! I was amazed that lots of people did not know the difference, or that there was a difference in a male/female pumpkin flower!

    • Oh yes! Look at the photo in this post. The male flower has no pumpkin under it and it has only one center. The female flower always always has a pumpkin under it and it has multiple centers. I check out the flowers and know immediately which has a pumpkin under it by looking at the centers of the flowers. I pollinate the female flower with a Q-Tip by first swiping around the inside of the male flower, then swiping its pollen onto the female flower! Now ya know!

    • We had better luck starting the seeds indoor under the grow light, and when they were established plants, we took them outside. I have already pollinated a bunch of them, and we’ve got nice sized pumpkins growing right now! Yippee!

    • Ok, here’s the difference between a female & a male pumpkin flower. Always, the female flower will have a little pumpkin below the flower and the inside of the flower will have lots of yellow stems. The male pumpkin flower will be on a tall green stem with only one yellow stem inside the flower. Look back at the photo in my post to see the difference.

      Also, the same is true for the flowers on zucchini plants. The female zucchini flower with have a little zucchini below the flower, and the male zucchini flower will just be on a long stem.

      So, when you watch your plants flower, always check out the inside of the flowers when you see them open, and if you see the yellow inside with lots of stems, you will always find a pumpkin below the flower. And to make sure you get a pumpkin to grow, you take your Q-Tip and swipe it around the inside of the Male flower, then swipe it inside the Female flower. You have now pollinated your pumpkin and it is guaranteed to produce a pumpkin!!! Cool, eh?!

  3. Like minds and all that, eh Val? It’s such a fun crop to grow. I have three varieties in fruit right now, and I’m keeping a stealth eye on the squash bugs. Just a few eggs this week and one or two adults, so it all seems more manageable.

    What did you plant this year?

    • Thank goodness we have not found those bugs here at all. Phew! We planted Connecticut Field Pumpkins, and a bunch of Red Warty Thing Pumpkins too! The vines just keep getting longer and longer and are crawling down the side of our garden near our neighbors garage. I just pollinated a few more pumpkins this morning with a Q-Tip too. Yeah!

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