If I Was A Police Dog

BAD BOYS BAD BOYSWe watch the TV show Cops all the time, and we are becoming well versed in the terminology. We know that when an officer first approaches a car, they ask for your drivers license and insurance card. They usually head back to their police car to run your plate. Upon approaching your car again, if they notice you are fidgety, they tell you to keep your hands on your steering wheel. If you do not comply with them, they ask you to exit your vehicle and place your hands behind your back, then they handcuff you. This is for the police officers security & protection.

Then you get a bunch of people who don’t want to be handcuffed and they try to run. Bad idea, but it happens and the chase is on. A few people can actually run fast enough to hide somewhere, but that is when they call in the K-9 unit to sniff them out. These beautiful & well trained K-9’s always get the criminals in the end.

I know if I was a police dog, I would be pretty good at it, as long as the criminals had a bunch of “treats” in their pocket! LOL  What I do know, is that I watch for all of the police vehicles to drive past our house, and then I bark at them! I can even pick out a police vehicle in the dark by their headlights, and that makes me one smart dog! I must know my headlights!

BELLA WATCHING THE NEIGHBORHOODAnd today, both Bella and I had a front row seat to a traffic stop which happened right in front of our house. I covered the front windows and Bella covered the front door as we both barked hello! We sat there watching as the police officer got out of his cruiser in the pouring rain to take down yet another stop sign crasher in our neighborhood. Way to go Mr. Police Man!

TICKET IN THE RAINAlthough today we only got to witness a normal traffic stop, I was getting ready to be on-call if they needed me to chase a bad boy. I would just hope that they had some treats on them after I caught them!  That would be nice.

Bad boys bad boys whatcha gonna do when they come for you!


Birthdays Make You Smile


I’m so happy because I just celebrated my 4th birthday this month!


Oh what fun I had on my birthday! I can’t stop smiling!


Other than Mommy making me wear this stupid birthday hat (like she always does), my day was awesome. I can’t believe she made me go outside so other doggies could see me in this ridiculous hat. How embarrassing!


You can’t look mean while growling at another doggie when you are wearing a birthday hat! I can hear them laughing at me under their breath.


I got lots of toys for my birthday, including some tennis balls. I demolished this one in about five minutes. I guess they don’t make tennis balls like they used to, eh?


I got to play with and chase lots of balloons that Mommy blew up for me! She even tried to make some balloon animals with these skinny ones, but all they did was pop! I guess it was not as easy as it looked in the directions! LOL


Here I am taking a rest from all of the fun I had on my birthday and sat by the back door for awhile. Mommy followed me around all day taking pictures of me, but that is what she does best. She always make me feel special on my birthday.

What do you doggies do on your birthday?

Happy Birthday Nikita

Nothing brings so much love & happiness into your life, like having a dog by your side. Our sweet girl, Nikita, is celebrating her 4th birthday today, and she has brought so much joy into our lives since we rescued her.


Nikita came from litter of seven pups, and after they were born, their Mommy was poisoned with anti-freeze and died, and the pups were in dire need of help. The APL rescued all the pups and saved their lives. A foster Mom named Brea, took all seven of the pups into her home and fed them around the clock so they could be nice & healthy.


I remember the day we first saw Nikita. We were heading into PetSmart for kitty food and noticed that the APL had a pet fair going on in the parking lot. We decided to go take a look at all the little kitties and doggies before we headed into the store.


We saw a bunch of fluffy puppies and had to go see them. Nikita was the first one we picked up and she gave us kissies all over our face. We were hooked. We adopted her right there on the spot and our lives changed forever, not to mention, hers. Nikita found her forever home and happiness!


I could not ever imagine life without this sweet girl in it, as she brings so much love and happiness to our lives. So Happy Birthday Nikita, you’re four years old today, and we just wanted you to know how much we love you! We have done so many silly things together, we dressed you up even though we knew you tolerated it for our sake, but you have always been by our side and showed your love and affection, and every night since we rescued you, we snuggle together before we fall asleep. We love you with all our heart Nikita!

5 Dog Food Storage Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

I was viewing a few articles on PetMD the other day, and I ran across an article about dog food storage that I wanted to share with all of you. After reading this article, I am going to change the way I store our dog food from now on! How you preserve your dog food can make a huge difference in how long it stays fresh and keeps its nutritional benefits.

No. 1: Don’t Throw Away the Original Packaging
They mention to not throw away the original dog food bag because it is designed to keep the dog food fresh, and it holds all the information about the food in case of a possible recall.

No. 2: Don’t Expose Dog Food to Air
By sealing the original dog food bag after use, it helps prevent its exposure to air and humidity which can speed up the rate at which dog food degrades and it increases the chance of any bacterial contamination like Salmonella.

No. 3: Don’t Store Dog Food in Sunlight
The temperature and humidity inside your dog food bag can be elevated by storing your dog food bag in sunlight which can increase contamination and bacteria growth. Currently, we use a large rolling clear Rubbermaid container to store our dog food in, and from now on, we are going to just place the new dog food bag inside this container for safety.

No. 4: Don’t Keep Dog Food Past Expiration Date
We don’t eat food past it’s expiration date, and your dog should not either. An expiration date is important, so keep an eye on yours!  (On a side note too, please check all of items in your medicine cabinet too to ensure that you are not using anything expired. For example, I was using an expired tube of Neosporin and was wondering why it was not working. Hmmm, when I bought a new tube, it worked! The effectiveness of medicine is lost dramatically after the expiration date) Expiration dates are there for a reason, so watch them carefully!

No. 5: Don’t Mix Old Food with New Food
How many times have you done this when you get a new bag of dog food? You pour the old bag into the new one – not a good idea! You could possibly be tainting your new dog food. Use up the old food first and never mix the old bag with the new.

The Red Baron Tug of War

Wednesday nights are when we watch American Idol and we usually have something fun for dinner like pizza. Red Baron pizza is our favorite. If you know us, we love Idol, but this year something is different. I usually would have blogged a few times about who we love in the competition, but we are not too happy with this seasons outcome. We are so glad, however, that we don’t have to sit and listen to Mariah and Nikki throw daggers at each other because that got really old last year to watch. We do in fact, love this seasons judging panel made up of Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, and the dreamy Harry Connick Jr.  If any of you have been following along with American Idol this season – – what do you think so far?

Anyhow, you know that our dogs have a huge cardboard fetish and that goes without saying. Their eyes gloss over in anticipation of getting their paws on that cardboard box. They sit beside me patiently as I attempt to rip open the box and remove the frozen goodness that awaits me. Only 15 minutes to wait for pure joy.


Nikita grabbed the box first. And, as she always does, she runs to her safe place, her bed. She looks around to make sure that no intruders are in the vicinity to steal her new found happiness. Nom nom nom, she starts to nibble.



But wait! What’s that? She sees an intruder approaching. MUST TAKE ACTION NOW!


She attempts to defend her new cardboard Heaven, but something went wrong! She lost her grip on that oh so glossy pizza box and saw it get snatched away from her.


She paused for a moment in disbelief as she watched the Red Baron run down the hallway. “Ok, now you are going to get it you pizza box stealer!”, Nikita said. Here I come to claim what is “Mine!”


Nikita ran down the hallway and barked at the intruder that was hiding in the bedroom. She blocked the doorway so they could not sneak past her. “Give me back MY box!” Nikita howled.


The intruder did not heed any of Nikita’s warnings, and they ran, rather pranced, right by her…proudly displaying their new found joy.  Ooooh, the race was on!


A scuffle broke out in the middle of the kitchen as Nikita and the intruder battled for that piece of pure joy. No one would let go of that box. The only way to settle this dispute, was for the referee to intervene and ripped the box in half. One half for Nikita, and the other half for the sneaky intruder who always seems to steal things around here.

Pledge For Pets White Banner

Bye Bye January

Thank God it’s Friday, and it’s the last day of January too. Where in the world did the month go? I am actually happy to see the calendar heading on over to another month, as that means that we’re closer to Spring and better weather.

NIKITA BACK DOORI am sure that old groundhog is going to tell us that we’re in for another six more weeks of Winter, figures. Mother Nature has not been that good to us lately.


It has been so cold lately, that I can’t let the dogs out for too long to play, so we make the best of playing hide and seek inside, chasing each other all around the house, playing tug of war with the toy of their choice, and practicing all of their tricks for a treat.



Never do we ever run out of ideas for photographs, and this week we had a lot to snap. Nikita and Bella have been on deer patrol, and run from the back door to each window in the house, just to see where the deer are walking.


We have not seen much of the deer lately as I am sure they bunked down somewhere due to the extreme cold, but the temps rose this week and they are all out in full force looking for food. I feel bad for our neighbors bushes, as the deer have munched on each and every one of them. Even our own front bushes have been munched on as we find hoof prints in the snow right under the windows.


I am glad to see the month end already, and if you joined in with us on the 52 Week Money Challenge, you should have $15 in your money jar right now. How the 52 Week Money Challenge works, is for whatever week you are in, you put that amount of money in the jar. Example: Week one, you put $1 in your jar, week two, $2, and so on. By the end of the 52 Week Money Challenge, you will have saved $1,378! You will be able to pay off any Christmas expenses next January, or pay off a credit card with what you saved, or even take the money and go on that vacation you always wanted, but did not have the money saved for it. Whatever you choose to use the money for, you have saved for it this year. It works, and I hope that all of you have joined in with us and are saving along the way!

Rescue Bling Bling

The majority of us who own dogs have rescued them. Nikita and Bella were rescue dogs too, who found their forever home with us. They are now happy & healthy dogs who go about life with all the toys in the world, and are loved each and every day.

WAG AWARE TAGI entered a contest back in December on www.Boingydog.com (You have to check out their dog Kayo, because Kayo looks just like Bella) with high hopes of winning.  In fact, I did win!  I won two WagAware charms and they arrived today!


If you have not heard of WagAware, please check out their website at www.wagaware.com as their tags help promote dog rescue and adoption and they donate 50% of each sale to dog rescue charities.  WagAware was launched back in June, and not even a year has gone past and they have donated $18,500 to dog rescue charities from the sale of their charms.  If you would like to pick up a charm for your rescued dog, each WagAware Charm is $14.95.  Aren’t the charms adorable? And, they don’t clang against your other dogs tags either and the coolest part is, they “glow in the dark”.


We would like to thank BoingyDog and WagAware for the beautiful charms that we received today.  Both Nikita and Bella are already wearing their charms proudly and are happy that they have found their forever home. Now, when we head out for walks, they can show off their new rescue bling bling!

We take animal rescue seriously too, as we participate annually with the APL and collect donations for their rescue efforts in their Pledge For Pets Fundraiser.  So keep on the look out for our upcoming posts on this event and we hope that everyone who is reading this can find it in their heart to make a donation this year.

You know me, I had to take a bunch of photographs of the dogs for this post, as they had to show off their new charms.  With all dog photo sessions, you always get some good bloopers too…




A girl, and even a dog, can’t have enough bling bling!

A Dogs Personality Is Priceless

If anyone saw me with our dogs, they would know that they are loved. Sure, some times they act up, or act “like a dog” and need correcting, but for 99.9% of the time, we have the best well-behaved dogs around.

They get their treats after we finish our meals, that is how we roll.  We finish dinner, clear the table, and when we turn around, they are both waiting directly under the treat jar on the shelf.  It is cute to see each and every time, and never will that scene of them turning their heads to see if we saw them sitting there patiently waiting for treats ever get old.

I love noticing all of the differences in personalities too between Nikita and Bella.  Nikita has this knack of being so anal about “things she wants” that for some of the “things” she wants – she will bark at it, while other “things” she wants – she will just sit there and stare at it until I come over and give it to her.

For example, ever since Nikita was a little puppy, I have always let her play with the empty paper towel roll until she rips it up, then it goes in the garbage.  Things never change, as she still loves the paper towel rolls, but now, when she sees a roll (even when it is full of paper towels on it) sitting on the counter, she “wants it” and she will sit in front of that counter and stare at it until she gets it.  (or until I can’t take her staring any longer and have to put the full roll of paper towels in the cabinet)

Now Bella on the other hand, I could write a huge list of all the things that she likes, and one of them is always stealing a toy right out of Nikita’s mouth.  Yep, we have about 50 stuffies here, but she wants the ONE that Nikita is playing with, always! That will never change. Bella grabs that toy from Nikita, does a circle around the kitchen, “boops” Nikita on the head as she runs past, and so on.  Each and every time like clockwork.

I always wonder how dogs get their little “antics”, as each dog has their own “style” and personality.  No one teaches them these silly things, so how do they know how to do them?  Like, who taught Bella how to dance on her back legs?


One thing I do know for sure is, that Bella absolutely loves her new winter coat I got her.  She has been wearing it for a few days now and she loves it.  When she see me reaching for it, she knows she is going out.  But the most amazing part of this, is that you can actually see “happiness” on her face when she wears this red wooley jacket. I love the wooley collar too on her sweater as this makes the sweater even cuter! I mean, she actually lights up and has an adorable spring in her step, kinda like a “hey everybody, look at me” as she prances to the backyard to poop!


I got Nikita a new doggie sweater to wear and it fits, but it’s a little tight under her armpits, so I might have to tweak the sweater a bit.  I was going to take it back for a refund, but I think I might be able to fix it for her to wear.  Nikita’s sweater is the type that you have to pull on over their head and then maneuver their legs through the leg holes.  I don’t like these styles, but I wanted her to have a nice sweater too.


If any of you crafty sewers out there have a pattern for a dog coat that will fit a large dog like Nikita, please email me the pattern or contact me so you can mail it to me!  (Nikita is about 70 lbs)  I would like to have the type of coat like I got Bella (see photo), but one for Nikita.  Bella’s coat is done with velcro straps.  One strap goes under her belly, and one goes around her chest, and it is on in seconds.  Trying to wiggle on a sweater that you pull on over their heads is too hard to do.

So what cute personalities does YOUR dog have?