All You Need is Love & Wood

I love working with wood and being creative. This year I am planning on building us a nice wood & steel legged table so we can dine outdoors when we cook out (which is all the time in the summer).  Once I get the table finished & stained, I will purchase four black flat-seat stools for us to sit on!  Here is the photo I found on Pinterest that inspired me:


If you have not checked out my DIY Tables Board on Pinterest, you should take a peek and see what I am pinning!

I had an old wicker table and two rockers that we used, but the years of use took their toll on the chairs, and finally the wicker table will be thrown out this year as it basically fell apart. This is what prompted me to start wondering what we were going to do without a table, and I thought “Hey, I could build us one!”  And that is what I am planning on doing.  Of course, I will do a blog post on how I build it so just in case you want to make one for yourself, you’ll have my directions!

While I was searching on Pinterest for DIY Tables, I also ran across a neat industrial side table made from wood and steel and I thought it would be perfect for my printer or perhaps a cute little table for us to use by the fire pit. The use of the metal on this table has many possibilities as you can make the table as high or low as you want, just by cutting the steel. And, by staining the wood top any color you want, it can match all of your decorating needs. When I make mine, I will definitely be adding some protective pads to the bottom so it does not scratch the floor! (this project came from Lowe’s Creative Ideas and if you visit my DIY Table board on Pinterest and want to make one for yourself, you can click-thru the link for the directions)


Now, with those projects on my list to make this year, I wanted to show you what I made for our front door. Since I love wood, and I love my Evolv Jigsaw that cuts through wood like butter, I created a wood LOVE to hang proudly on our door.

I started off by printing out each letter on an 8×11″ piece of paper then cut them out and taped them together. I then traced my design onto a piece of wood.


Next, I had to pull out my drill to cut a hole big enough for the saw blade to slide into to cut out the inside pieces like inside the “O” and a few other places.  I always cut these out first because the wood is stable and in one piece.


Then I just carefully go to town and work my way around each letter cutting with the jigsaw. Trust me, this takes a lot of time to hand cut and you have to have a steady hand doing this.


Once the entire wood LOVE has been carefully cut out, I pulled out the sander and spent about an hour or so sanding in between all the nooks and crannys.


The photo above shows the LOVE before it was sanded with all the rough edges, and the photo below is completely sanded.


For the one I have on our front door, after I sanded it, I vacuumed off all the saw dust and painted it black, then did a quick clear coat over it. I then tied some nice red tulle to the top and hung it!  


So what do you think of my wood LOVE?  I know it took me a lot of time to make this, but I really love the end results!  Oh yeah, we also left a red flood light outside from Christmas time that shines on the LOVE at night to light it up for Valentine’s Day.

Hugs & Kisses!

28 thoughts on “All You Need is Love & Wood

    • Oh boy, would I LOVE to do that! I am working on some Halloween tombstone designs right now that I am going to cut out of wood to sell on our eBay store. I am always keeping myself busy over here!

  1. You’re the gal with mad tool skills, that’s for sure. I’m not a big fan of industrial style myself, but I seen rooms were it looks neat if everything is spare and paired down. BTW, did you know your comments are listed all weird in visitor view? It’s like your replies don’t line up under the message…WP glitches I guess. Your door decor project turned out great, as always. Have a super duper day

    • Hi Easy! I always knew YOU were craft too! That is so funny that you said that you like the smell of fresh cut wood – – ME TOO! I have also wanted to make a pallet chair in some bright colors for the backyard.

  2. I am so impressed by your skills. This turned out really well. It reminds me of the original Love postage stamps. Well done! I most now go look at some of your other projects. Can’t wait till you get going on the table.

    • Hi Alys! Once our weather breaks here, I am heading to Home Depot for all the supplies for the table. I can’t wait to try to make that smaller one too, as I can see many places to put one! Have you noticed that the “industrial look” is a big thing now. I finally hit over 7,000+ pins on Pinterest, so I have lots of ideas to look at!

      • Hey Alys, I noticed that as well that the industrial look is catching on. People are using old strange items for tables and they look so cool. I noticed in a few catalogs that I get that the industrial style is “in”. Hey, maybe an industrial library is in the future!

    • Aw schucks, I’m blushing! (and thank you) I can’t wait for Spring too 1) just to be able to wear my flip flops again, 2) can’t wait to get back in the garden, 3) can’t wait for warmer weather already! We are due for a new table and like I mentioned, “heck, I could make us one” since our wicker one is being tossed this year. The size of it is unknown on how big I will make it, but it will be big enough for a few people to sit around it. 🙂

  3. I love it! You did an amazing job. I love being crafty with wood and sawing/sanding projects. It’s such fun! I can’t wait until we move so I can finally have space to do some of my Pinterest projects.

    • Move over here by me! We would have tons of fun working on craft projects together! I love power tools! Pinterest has definitely inspired me to make that table! Man, I can’t wait for Spring to get here already.

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