Bye Bye January

Thank God it’s Friday, and it’s the last day of January too. Where in the world did the month go? I am actually happy to see the calendar heading on over to another month, as that means that we’re closer to Spring and better weather.

NIKITA BACK DOORI am sure that old groundhog is going to tell us that we’re in for another six more weeks of Winter, figures. Mother Nature has not been that good to us lately.


It has been so cold lately, that I can’t let the dogs out for too long to play, so we make the best of playing hide and seek inside, chasing each other all around the house, playing tug of war with the toy of their choice, and practicing all of their tricks for a treat.



Never do we ever run out of ideas for photographs, and this week we had a lot to snap. Nikita and Bella have been on deer patrol, and run from the back door to each window in the house, just to see where the deer are walking.


We have not seen much of the deer lately as I am sure they bunked down somewhere due to the extreme cold, but the temps rose this week and they are all out in full force looking for food. I feel bad for our neighbors bushes, as the deer have munched on each and every one of them. Even our own front bushes have been munched on as we find hoof prints in the snow right under the windows.


I am glad to see the month end already, and if you joined in with us on the 52 Week Money Challenge, you should have $15 in your money jar right now. How the 52 Week Money Challenge works, is for whatever week you are in, you put that amount of money in the jar. Example: Week one, you put $1 in your jar, week two, $2, and so on. By the end of the 52 Week Money Challenge, you will have saved $1,378! You will be able to pay off any Christmas expenses next January, or pay off a credit card with what you saved, or even take the money and go on that vacation you always wanted, but did not have the money saved for it. Whatever you choose to use the money for, you have saved for it this year. It works, and I hope that all of you have joined in with us and are saving along the way!

18 thoughts on “Bye Bye January

    • Turkeys? You have turkeys running around? The deer here are out of control. Every year there are more & more of them running in herds of about 10-12. It’s crazy! I am sooo ready for flip flops, mowing the lawn, & gardening already! We just got dumped on with MORE snow last night & again today and I am so sick of shoveling it!

      • Glad to hear you are working at home today. I am working on a heart attack shoveling the snow over here! Geez. It has not stopped since I woke up this morning. I can’t cheat and use the leaf blower on the snow today as it is too heavy, so I gotta pull out the huge snow blower & that is a workout for me!

  1. Goodbye and good riddance to January!! It was not a good month this year, just too darn cold for our taste!
    I keep thinking about the money challenge, I wanted to do it but kept forgetting to start. I think I will go start it right now!

    • Hi Jan! I hope by now you got yourself on track and started the money challenge! Once you get going, you remember every Monday to put your money in your jar! I agree about the weather, it has stunk here too! The artic temps are a killer and today, we are getting dumped on with MORE snow again.

      • I did! I found a jar and got myself caught up to the current week. I just need to add your badge to my website still.
        We got dumped on with snow today too! Which is at least better than the arctic temps, but those are probably not done with us yet this year either!

      • Yippy! You started the challenge! Way to go! Now believe me when I tell ya that it will be hard to keep on track each week, but once you get into the habit of adding to your jar, it will be easy. Glad you caught yourself up, and that is another good thing too, as if you miss a week, you just catch up (again)! Make sure you tell all of your friends about the challenge, so they can join in too! Yes, please do grab the badge and link it back to the challenge post I did! have fun! I know, this snow stuff has to go. We got dumped on yesterday really bad too and I spent the day cleaning up the drive. My muscles are so sore today.

    • Oh JoAnn, you really need to do this money challenge! Today, make yourself do it!!!! On my blog post, click on the link that takes you back to the page where you can printout the money chart. When you put a little away each and every week, IT IS EASIER TO SAVE money this way!

      Do it today and catch yourself up to where you are supposed to be in the challenge…we just ended January, so you should have $15 in your jar. When you complete the 52 weeks, you’ll have $1,378 saved! Good Luck!

  2. Uhg – deer do so much damage to home shrubs! The deer are apparently practicing for next summer’s munchings of your garden. Electric fence, 1/4 inch plate steel around garden, 12 gauge shotgun… No deer issues. πŸ˜‰

    • Believe me John, we are putting our thinking caps on about what kind of high fence we can erect this year to keep the deer out of our garden. I feel bad that the deer have munched our neighbors bushes down to nothing. Did you notice in that pic on how brown the bottoms are and only the top of the bushes are green. They can only reach up so far! Now, I just noticed that the deer are now eating our other neighbors bushes too! A few of them were standing in the driveway just ripping the branches off. Their bushes should have been wrapped in burlap over the winter and this would have prevented this. I agree though, an electric fence is a good idea.

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