Exceeding the Limit

SNOW PILE2 2-5-14

We are past the breaking point, and have exceeded our patience with all of this snow. Yep, we got dumped on again, and will be getting more before the weekend too, not to mention that our temps are going to drop in the single digits again. Β My body has has been stretched to the limit with the amount of shoveling and snow blowing and has not yet recovered from the snow we got two weeks ago, as I have pain in my upper back and arms.

SNOW PILE3 2-5-14

The once beautiful thing called snow, has now turned into something that I dread. I am dreaming of seeing green again some time soon. I know it exists under all of this snow and I can’t wait to see it. I had to dig out our lights today as they were completely buried in the snow, not to mention that I always dig out spots in the yard for the dogs to potty.


It has been quite an interesting week so far, as I painted our half bathroom to freshen it up, shoveled snow, played outside with the dogs many times, shoveled more snow, designed some new wood tombstones to sell on our eBay store and cut out some samples, and tried to rest in between. Who knows what I will find when I wake up tomorrow, but I am sure that I will have to shovel again.


NIKITA 2-5-14

All I know, is that we have exceeded the limits of our patience with this white stuff. It is winning the battle.

SNOW PILE1 2-5-14

30 thoughts on “Exceeding the Limit

    • Hey Thoughtsy! If I did not dig out little potty areas for Nikita and Bella, they would never be able to poopie! Our snow is so high in the yard, that when Bella jumps in it, she disappears! (BTW, when’s your due date?)

    • Oh thank you! I think WE are all sick of it and ready for all this snow to end already. This has been such a loooong horrible winter! We can’t wait to garden again and be outdoors.

    • I am not sure that you would want all of this snow. It might sound like a lot of fun, but it’s not! It is so high right now in our yard, that the dogs can’t even run and jump in it.

  1. Wow, sounds like a productive week. I know what you mean about the snow thing. The only thing saving my old muscles is that we are in this condo. Hang in there, go to your gardening place πŸ˜€

    • Be glad that you are in a condo and don’t have to deal with it! I know you two would rather be in a house, but at least for “this” winter, be thankful that others are shoveling for you. Now, on top of my sore muscles, my asthma is acting up really bad and I ran out of my inhaler. Oh well, if anyone finds me on the sidewalk, hopefully they will stop. (BTW:the comments section is back to normal now – yeah!) πŸ™‚ Believe me, all we want to do is walk outside and garden, but that ain’t happening any time soon. Hugs to you!

  2. Mom and I watched out the window while the snowblower guys worked. We wonder how people can work so hard and be so strong. We are lazy and spoiled. We say prayers of gratitude and protection for the people out there doing their jobs so well. Now our snow is covered in ice and has turned as hard as cement. I walk on top of the ice with my little chicken-feet. It’s scary, but I climb the ice mountains and look down on Mom like I am king of the hill.

    Love and licks,

    • The city workers here are doing their best to keep our roads cleared. I know I have kept up with the snow removal, hence the reason for my achy muscles, but you have to keep up with it. If you don’t, the snow just piles up and it is harder to remove it, especially when the snow gets that ice on it. Some of the people over here don’t do their driveways, and then they wonder why they get stuck in their drives! I bet you look so adorable walking on top of the icy snow with those little chicken-feet! King of the Hill is how us doggies roll when it snows!

  3. Is it wrong that I want to jump in your big pile of snow and do some snow diggin’??! Maybe some pawsome snow zoomies?! WoooooHoooo! just let me know the next time it snows and I’ll come overs and dig ya out! BOL
    I hopes you get some warm weather soon!!
    Ruby β™₯

    • Hi Ruby! Oh no, it is not wrong at all to want to dig in the snow piles! Nikita and Bella do that all the time. Nikita likes to dig more than Bella, but Bella just does zoomies all over the yard. Nikita finds the biggest snow pile and digs and digs and digs until she hits grass, then Mommy has to tell her to stop! Today, our temps dropped and it is only 4 dgrees over here right now. More snow is on its way for the weekend. Ug.

    • Hi Betsy! I know that a lot of people will be happy when we see the snow to start to melt, but that stupid Groundhog told us we have six more weeks of snow. I got those flowers at Pat Catans! Each stem was about five bucks, but it makes for a beautiful arrangement!

  4. Ugh, I’m with you about the snow. And we don’t have nearly the amount of snow you have there!
    But Reggie loves it! He runs around leaping like a deer between all the snow drifts. How about your doggies? Do they enjoy the snow ?

    • Oh boy oh boy, Nikita and Bella LOVE the snow! Even though Bella is much shorter than Nikita, she still runs around in circles when it snows! I am dead to the world today, trying to recover my muscles from all the snow removal! Ouchie! Now, we will be getting more by weekend. Grrrr.

    • Snow stinks! πŸ™‚ I like our little bathroom. I wanted to paint it a cute color, but figured I would just use what we had on hand. White goes with everything! Stay warm!

    • Hi Easy! Thanks! We are dreaming of Spring too and we can’t wait to garden again! We’ll be starting all of our seeds indoors pretty soon, so at least we have something beautiful to watch instead of all this yucky snow! πŸ™‚

  5. Poor you, all that snow, it looks dreadful. What is the world weather up to? Here in the UK we have been deluged with rain, just so much rain that there are floods everywhere. the government have held emergency meetings to discuss the floods and how they can help. whole areas of railway have been washed away. the country is having a terrible time and in Australia they were have 40+ degrees C, so extremes all round, when will it end?

    • I agree with you, that something is up and the reason behind all of these crazy weather moments we’re having. I know that we personally have not seen single digit temps like this in a long time. We are wondering when it will end too. I think yesterday I hit the wall in my frustration with the snow.

    • Aw, keep complaining…..it makes you feel better! The cold temps are hard to deal with and I feel bad for the dogs paws as they freeze too quick. I watch them like hawks in this cold to be safe. Stay warm and bundle up in one of those beautiful quilts you made. (I love that last one you made a lot)

  6. Goodness, that is an incredible amount of snow. Although we loved seeing and experiencing snow whilst on holiday in NY and Washington in December, I have to be honest I was longing for the green of South Africa and Johannesburg by the end. I hope it starts to let up soon.
    Robyn (mom to Wally & Sammy)

    • Hi Robyn, I know what you mean. It is like when you go visit someone. You get all excited about going, but once there, all you do is dream about being home. The low temps are hard to deal with. We’re running out of places to throw all of our snow. Since we live so close to our neighbors, we are right on top of their houses, so snow removal gets tricky. Today, I am resting. πŸ™‚

  7. Wow Valerie, I am sorry your having all of this crap snow. I really do understand your frustration, and wanting spring to come so badly. Maybe you two should try to move south? 😦

    • I knew you would understand my frustration. I think I was standing outside in the driveway yesterday and screamed on how much I hate snow. I am waaaay past the point of dealing with all of this, and yet, they tell us that we have another snow storm coming this weekend with below zero temps to boot! I give up! We’re moving in with you guys!

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