Merry Christmas

Santa in Sleigh Happy Holidays

From all of us at Nikitaland, we wish you and your family a Merriest Christmas and wishing you all the best in the New Year!  We have had another wonderful year of blogging, and have met some of the most wonderful people in the world.  All of you mean the world to us and we hope that we continue to share our love & wonderful stories from our own lives.  We know that at times, each of us can get busy with life in general, and we understand, as we all have our moments of stress, and work/life balance.  We want you to know that we appreciate all of you and love the bond that we share.  We wish you all the best in the new year!

We drove around last night and took photographs of all the Christmas light displays we could find, and what we located was stunning.   I could not wait to get home to view the photographs that I had taken, and I played around in my photo editor and actually added “snow” to some of the photographs to add that special holiday effect.  The photo below is a local fire station all outlined in white lights with the most beautiful tree standing next to the drive.



A few of the light displays were animated and you could tune your car radio into a certain channel to listen to Christmas music as the lights danced to the music.  Nikita sat in the back seat of the car and watched the lights with us, while munching on some treats.






When we returned home, our own Christmas lights looked so bland compared to the wonderful light displays that we saw, but we love our lights none the less and always smile when we see them turn on for the night.

Our House Decorated

While we were watching one animated light display, Santa Claus actually showed up and I snagged a photograph of him on the sidewalk.  I went over and asked Santa to say hi to Nikita (and if you know Nikita, she hates that jolly guy in the red suit) and Santa walked over to our car to say hi, and Nikita started growling at him from the back seat!  We laughed, as we knew what she would do.  (silly dog)

Red Christmas Trees

Santa on Sidewalk

Nikita Meets Santa

We hope that your Christmas is merry & bright and you wake to find your stocking overflowing with gifts!


13 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

    • Yeah! We are so glad that you got snow! It’s snowing here again and we are supposed to get another winter storm on Wednesday. Time to get shoveling again! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  1. Your home looks awesome. There was a house on our Candy Cane lane with musical lights too, wow people go all out. Merry Christmas Valerie to you and yours. It’s been a pleasure getting to know you. Hope Santa is good to you. Cheers

    • Not many people go all out with lights, but we did find a few that did! Our decorations are just perfect for us and we love them! Makes the house so festive for the holidays! It is snowing here again right now, as the snow is coming down in those HUGE big flakes. Looks so pretty! We also just heard that we are going to get dumped on again on Wednesday with a huge winter storm, and they said that “Boxing Day” will be renamed “Shoveling Day” here! Happy Holidays to you & your family! We love you guys!

      • Sounds so pretty with the snow and lights and all. You’ve painted a perfect picture. Then there’s the pups and your sweet man to share it all with too..have a wonderful day and thank you so much for your warm message. I think you’re just so sweet, hope Santa spoils your boots off. Cheers K.

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