Oh Snap! It’s My Auntie’s Birthday!

Me & My Auntie

What makes someone special?  Well, I’ll tell you… it’s all about LOVE!   It’s how you treat someone, how you show that you care, how you talk to them, how being a good listener is a good thing, and the unconditional love that you receive.  It’s all about LOVE – period.  If you can tell someone that you love them, then you should not have any problems with showing them, as this should be a natural thing that comes from deep inside you & from your heart.

Today, is my other Auntie’s birthday.  She is loving and kind, speaks in a kind voice, and shows me all kinds of attention when she visits!  She plays with me & sometimes she may hide a toy or two in her shirt to try to fool me, but I always know where my toys are, and I find where it is hiding.  That’s what we do, that’s how me and my Auntie play.  I have so much fun with her as she chases me around the house doing laps like we were training for the Olympics.  She also has the knack for picking out just the right toy for me – ones with lots of squeakers in it!  LOL 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNTIE – I LOVE YOU!   Always remember that I love you not for what you buy me, but for all the LOVE that you show me, that’s what it’s all about.  If I could get you an award, it would be for “The Best Auntie In The World“.  Have fun on your birthday today while shopping with Grandma! 
Hugs & Kisses,

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