Confrontation with a Laundry Basket


        It was a typical day, Mommy scurrying around doing housework, which normally includes laundry, and unfortunately, this basket come out into the open.  I hate this thing for some reason.  I remember this basket when I was smaller, and I still hated it, probably because I had no idea what it was, and because Mommy used to put me inside it.  I wonder if that is why I don’t like it, but I do.  Well, Mommy took out all the clothes and put them away, and left this thing to roll back and forth in the living room.  Of course, when I came around the corner and saw it – I went into action! 

I growled, barked, even stuck my butt up in the air to ward this thing off, but all of that did not work.  It was still there, taunting me with its woven plastic sides and ergonomic handles.  “This thing has got to go” I thought, but thinking it away was not working.  The worst thing too, is that my squeaky ball rolled over next to it and there was no way I was getting too close to this thing to get it.  Grrrr, I am upset.   But, Mommy always comes to the rescue and picked up that horrible basket and once she did, I ran immediately to save my squeaky ball.  Phew! 

Q:  What do you have around the house that bothers you?  I have many things!  Even a towel hanging on a clothes line bothers me for some reason. LOL

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