Taking Care of Our Future Produce

Nine days. It’s been nine days, from a seed to a little sprout, that’s all it took. Well, for some of our plants. Each seed we have planted has some sort of action going on with them, each germinate and grow at different rates.

ZUCCHINI 3-15-15

Obviously, the zucchini plants are growing up nicely! They are already getting secondary leaves! At this rate, I will be transplanting them into bigger pots soon.


The cucumbers are standing at attention and coming along nicely too. Secondary leaves are starting on them as well.


I love watching our little tomato plants grow. I love how they go through so many stages and right now, they are in the lanky stage, but they are coming along nicely. I love that the stems look furry, but my favorite part of growing tomatoes is when I touch the leaves and get that “tomato” smell aroma!

PUMPKINS 3-15-15

I think our pumpkins have taken some drugs! OMG, I can’t believe how big they have grown in nine days! Geez!  Big secondary leaves have already formed and they are definitely ready next week to be transplanted into bigger pots!

ROMAINE 3-15-15

Finally, we are starting to see little baby Romaine sprouts popping up! Oh how I can’t wait to watch them grow!  We planted Romaine lettuce for the first time last year, and definitely loved it! Romaine is so much better than regular leaf lettuce for sure! If you have never tried growing Romaine, you should consider it!

CELERY 3-15-15

Today, we got our first sight of some of our celery popping up. We love celery! This will be our first time ever that we have attempted to grow celery, so this will be quite an adventure for us.  I remember when we first tasted a celery stalk from a gardener friend of ours a few years ago, and when he told us to taste it, it tasted like it already was lightly salted. It was so awesome to munch on that piece of celery that day, and we have always wanted to try growing some of our own, so this year will be an awesome adventure.

We still have more plants that are coming along, germinating at their own slow pace, but that is how you roll when you start your own seeds indoors. Everything just does not pop up at the same time, they all grow individually, at their own pace. And, like I have mentioned before, we always plant extra seeds just in case some of the seeds don’t germinate, but if all the seeds do, then we’ll have extra.

Nothing is wrong with having too much fresh produce, right?

29 thoughts on “Taking Care of Our Future Produce

  1. So exciting!
    BTW, we were at a restaurant the other day and one of my girls saw a squirrel out the window. Immediately, all three were standing or kneeling on the booth to look out the window at the squirrel. I immediately thought of you and your dogs. Yet another example of how children are so like pets! Fortunately mine didn’t start barking!

    • Now that is a great comment! Best comment ever! “At least my girls didn’t start barking at the squirrel!” I am still giggling! Did your girls see the squirrel on my post? Thanks for thinking of me! You are too funny, not to mention awesome too!

    • I had to replant a few more cabbage seeds, as they never germinated. It is a learning process, but lots of fun doing so! I am still working on your seed markers too!

      • some seeds don’t germinate. How long do you keep your seeds? I find 3 years is about the limit for possible germination. I am going to plant seeds tomorrow…if I can get it done then. I’m itching to start Valerie.

      • I think we have used seeds for about that same time, but some times it is just easier to say “we’re buying new ones” just to be safe. As for the seeds I save from our flowers outside at the end of every season, I keep them until they don’t sprout anything any longer!

      • You use your seed too! I do that for my veggies…never thought of flowers….great idea. My favourite plant is phlox but I have never looked for the seed. I save Sweet Peas…last year was a bum year for them both here and in the nurseries they were hard to find in nurseries. What sort of flower seeds do you save?

      • I LOVE Phlox too! I don’t have any in our yard though. I have saved about a million marigold seeds and I am planting about 72 seeds tomorrow! Marigolds are good when planted around a garden because they keep away bugs. What does a Sweet Pea look like?

      • They loo like the vegetable peas…the vine. Except instead of white flowers…there are different colours and the sweet pea scent is enough to knock your sox off. A lovely smell. There are very few sweet pea scemts in things like candles, diffusers etc. I don’t know why….everybody I know loves sweet pea. Perhaps the smell is expensive to duplicate.
        I have never liked marigold but usually have 2 or three big flowered marigold…of course I don’t like the scent either…like the bugs. I wouldn’t mind saving that seed as it DOES keep some bugs away but it doesn’t seem to do anything for the bugs in the air…I’m thinking of these worms that get into the cauliflower and broccoli.

  2. Squeals!! That is so cool to actually be able to ‘watch’ your food grow. What an experience. My grandpa was a farmer but I never met him. Mom has told me stories of his garden and the awe of it is amazing. You definitely have a green thumb my sweet friend. 🙂 XOXO – Bacon

    • My thumbs are normally good and dirty when I am gardening, the dirt covers up the green! LOL It is truly fun and exciting to plant a tiny seed and watch it grow into a huge plant where you can pick food from it! I am still amazed at the whole process!

      • You are amazing to be doing it AND catching it on film. That is outrageous and so fun to watch! Please keep showing the pictures. XOXO – Bacon

      • I plan on it! What a lot of people don’t know is how I baby each and every plant when they first start. Some need just a drop or two of water, others need more. It is tender loving care that I provide. What is really exciting, is when I take them out to the garden and actually plant all of them! I usually have a “talk” with the plants and tell them “that you are on your own now”, but I will be here if you need me. xo

      • Aaww!!! That is so adorable. Mommy says that her dad used to talk to his garden too. I’ll have to see if I can find some pics. XOXO – Bacon

  3. Wow that’s impressive, what a great start! We don’t have any window sills or places where we can start plants indoors near windows, and until we weed through (no pun intended!) more “stuff” that’s been dumped on us, we don’t have surfaces where we can put plant lighting and seedlings. So we’ll end up planting some things mid-May (the only safe time here) and others we’ll have to buy in pots, already started. I’ll be interested to see how your veggies do throughout spring and summer. Hope you have a nice, big yield!

    • Have you ever looked at our last year garden posts? If you do, you can see our garden all nice and planted! You can actually make yourself a table top PVC holder for a grow light! Look on Pinterest and you can see what I am talking about, then you can start some indoors too!

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