Colored Ice Balls


I saw this idea on Pinterest awhile ago and I just had to try it.  It’s a simple idea to add some color and fun to the outdoors during the winter – make some Ice Balls!  You could make a bunch of them and set them on your front porch or steps, or line your sidewalk or drive with them!  Anywhere you place them, people will wonder how you made them!  Just one word of advice, make sure the ice has completely frozen before removing the balloon! I found out the hard way on what happens!

How to make Colored Ice Balls:  Grab some balloons (I know that everyone has some on hand somewhere in a junk drawer) and put a few drops of food coloring in the balloon first, then pull the lip of the balloon over your faucet and fill with cold water.  Carefully pull the balloon off the faucet and tie.  Shake the balloon a little to mix the food coloring.  Then, either set the balloon outside in the cold, or place in your freezer.  Once the water has frozen, remove the balloon and find a neat place for it outside!



Like I mentioned above, make sure that the water has completely frozen before removing the balloon, or you will watch your food colored water run right out of your balloon, like I did.  Try this out today, and let me know how your frozen balls turned out! LOL


15 thoughts on “Colored Ice Balls

    • I thought you would like those! Someone also told me that you could also put tealights in the colored ice balls too, and yes, the balls would melt a little but they would glow too! I LOVE crafts, don’t you?

    • I think that these would really look neat sitting on a railing somewhere. I was amazed at the bubble designs inside the balls that it made when the water was freezing. I will definitely be making these again.

  1. I am soooooooooooooo doing this!!!! Getting some food dye tomorrow! My bf will think this is SOOOOO COOOLl, lol. Thanks for this! I’ll let ya know how it goes! Hey by the way are you on pinterest? I just started like a day ago, and really not sure exactly how it works, can we friend each other there or something? Anyways on pinterest my name is kirbysdawgblog.

    • Yes, I am on Pinterest too! There is a link to it on our blog. I am new to it as well and am learning along the way. I can help you as long as I know the answer, as being a newbie, I don’t know much about Pinterest, but absolutely LOVE it! I can find so many interesting things on there! I do know, that when you do a blog post and you want to PIN IT to Pinterest, you must put a good photo at the top of that blog post, as that will be the photo that Pinterest picks up for your “pin”. Let’s stay in touch and we can learn together!

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