When Gardening is just a dream…for now


The new year has just arrived, we’re covered in snow from head to toe, and we anxiously await the gardening season, as the 2013 garden catalogs start arriving in the mail.  Every time I head outside to the backyard with the dogs, I stand there in the cold waiting for them to (ya know), and I look at our snow covered raised garden bed.  Our garden bed is completely covered in snow, as sad as it may be, but I hear it calling me from under all that cold white stuff.  Our strawberries are buried under the safe bed of straw we laid before the cold hit us, and we hope that they will produce for us this year.  We planted them last year and knew that they would not produce in their first year, but they grew big and strong through the growing season, so we hope they have a good chance at coming back.  


We know that we have not had much snow for our season up until the day after Christmas, when we got hit badly many many days in a row, and we know that we will not see our last bit of snow either, as this season seems to last so long.  And, when we get up to that day called Ground Hog’s Day, we always know that the outcome will always be “six more weeks of winter”, as that is always the case.

Nonetheless, day dreaming of gardening is huge with all gardeners as we sit and wait for the weather to start clearing up, the soil starting to thaw, and that last report of a frost warning to arrive for our growing zone.  But, before all of that happens, most gardeners start their seeds indoors.  Since I am chomping at the bit to watch our little seeds starting to emerge from the soil under the warm grow lights, I planted a few Romaine Seeds yesterday in a Figi water bottle.  I cut the top off of the bottle and filled it with our good garden soil and dropped in a couple of Romaine Seeds and covered them up nicely.  Now I wait.  The seed pack said it would take at least 10 days for germination, but I am watching the top of the soil every time I walk by the water bottle!  LOL  



Last year, we had some of our plants not do that well, like our beans, zucchini, and cucumbers, but this year we will correct those issues to ensure our plants will produce.  We knew our beans were in trouble from the start, but we kept hoping that they would produce.  As for our zucchini, we would have had an abundance of them if it were not for the damn chipmunks who ate the seeds (while in the dirt), or the chewed the plants when they sprouted a little.  But this year, we are going to fix that issue by placing water bottles over the spot we plant the seed so the chipmunks can’t eat them.  (you just take small water bottles and cut the bottom of the bottle off and then remove the cap so air can get in)

Sifting through our Burpee catalog and other gardening catalogs surely makes a gardener drool, as they dream of the day when they can walk out to their garden and pick some fresh vegetables for dinner, and can enjoy a nice salad with home grown tomatoes & cucs! Ah, the joys of summer are only a few months away, but being able to wait for its arrival, is another thing.  I just can’t personally wait for the days when I can walk outside in flip flops again – gosh, I miss that a lot.  It’s going to be a long winter, bummer.  

What are you going to plant in your garden this year?  


5 thoughts on “When Gardening is just a dream…for now

  1. You really got nailed with the snow, so good thing you’ll have those colourful and seductive garden catalogues to drool over until you can get going in your own lovely garden. It sure looked pretty and tidy…is that a red/white/blue American solar light tucked in there? I guess I will head to the garden centre at the end of May and pick out my annuals for summer pots. There is a public garden I considered looking into but my hubby was worried if we moved, it’d be inconvenient to look after. I need a yard, I miss it so much. Great idea with the water bottles to discourage the squirrels…little rascals. They’re so darn cute but do make short work of your seeds. Can’t wait to see what you do out there this year.

    • Yep, that is in deed a patriotic solar light in the garden. Found them at the Dollar Store last year. In 2011, I tried also for the first time “container gardening” for cherry tomatoes and they did fantastic. Produced me enough tomatoes for a season of salads, perhaps you could do some container garden plants this year???! Roy and I worked really hard last year on our garden and we were proud of it, yet also a little disappointed when some of the plants did not produce well, but we need to work on our soil composition this year and all will be good. Last year, we planted cherry tomatoes, beefsteak tomatoes, big boy tomatoes, cabbage, leaf lettuce, head lettuce, cucumbers, red peppers, green peppers, zucchini, and beans. This year, I think we’ll plant celery (for my stir fry dinners), and I’m changing up to Romaine Lettuce, and we are going to try Juliet Tomatoes too. Our neighbor planted 2 Juliet Tomato plants in his garden and they were so huge and produced hundreds of tomatoes! P.S. – Did you also notice the handmade american flag hanging on our fence? I made that from old pieces of a pallet! Drooling over our garden catalogs is a great past time until we can actually get our hands in the soil!

      • That all sounds awesome Valerie, I did notice your flag on the fence, how clever! There’s so many great projects with pallets. I have in the past done container gardening, but there is nary any space on a very tiny patio out back. I opted for flowers to pretty things up. I don’t think I’d do one too big in a new home, we do enjoy to travel now. I should think a couple of pots might do though. 🙂

    • Last year was our “first time” gardening, and like I said, we had some plant issues, but we learned and that is what it is all about. It was a lot of work (and I won’t lie about that), but seeing a huge plate of fresh picked tomatoes is priceless, and not to mention delicious!

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